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Veronica Vain interview

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It is always exciting to see new performers enter the scene especially when it is someone who generates much buzz from both the mainstream and adult press. These performers, fair or not, have added pressure on them from the skeptical media. Veronica Vain, the former Wall Street intern, has what it takes to succeed since her game plan is to learn about the industry as a performer and then, shift her energies to the business side of things. She is a visionary who feels that the best parts of adult porn has not flown by in the rear view mirror, but is attainable straight ahead. It's about adapting to change and making the mainstream more attainable like product placement. We should be bullish for her.
Hi Veronica, why did you decide to enter the adult industry after having a successful job on Wall Street?
I was an intern working my way through the ranks and I could have had a successful full time offer to start a successful career. I can jot it down to I like sex and I like business. I like to innovate. I like to be a part of a very innovative effort and I think that it's starting to happen in the porn industry. The industry is very much business as usual up until now. I think there are some interesting things that are coming out that I would like to be a part of and I would like to help promote. When I was leaving Wall Street and thinking about porn, I wasn't actually thinking about being a performer. I was thinking about being part of a business angle. And then, I thought it would be more helpful to me if I was a performer and knew all the companies, knew the ins and outs, could learn about what the pros and cons of different business levels are, and maybe see if I could bring something to the table or help be a part of something new coming to the table. So, that was the major attraction. So, I want to capitalize on that and try to make a successful career out of it, both in front of the camera and behind it.
Who are some of the adult performers who you admire?
I really love Kayden Kross obviously. I've always admired her. That was before I even really knew many performers. Mercedes Carrera I've been speaking to online. She's really smart and sexy and we bonded nice. I like her a lot. Lisa Ann is very genuine and sweet. I like everybody. 
How did Evil Angel contact you for your first adult scene?
It wasn't really Evil Angel. Everybody was contacting me about my first scene. Kayden contacted me and Evil is Manuel's distributor. So, they (Evil Angel) lucked out with that since I decided to go with Arrangement Finders and with Kayden and that's how it worked out.
How did you feel shooting that first scene with Manuel?
I didn't seem to notice the cameras except for the part where I had to sort of open up to them. And I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really exciting, and different and adventurous and I wasn't nervous at all. I felt pretty comfortable.
How does your family feel that you are an adult performer?
My mom is pretty supportive now. She sees that I am getting into it more than just a performing angle and she's proud of how I went about doing it. And have the balls to do it and my boyfriend loves to watch my porn and can't wait until I make more content. All in all, pretty good.        
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?
How long it takes to make a movie.
What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?.
I like masculinity, and dominance, and decisiveness. And an overactive libido. Consciousness about his health and well-being. Both mentally and physically.
What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?
Oh God. I don't know. I'm not a man.
Many adult stars are animal lovers. Are you one of them? Are you a cat or dog person?
I have two dogs. I have two shih tzus yorkies. So, I definitely classify myself as an animal lover.
How were you as a kid?
I was always a rule breaker somewhat of a trouble maker, but also really nerdy and studious. I was an only child.
What are your hobbies and interests?  
I like video games and fitness and sex. Pretty much things like that. To further my business objective, I really like RTGs type of games. I'm gonna start a Twitch channel. I work out three or four days a week...weightlifting...and squats. I think that all women should do. And, then I have a lot of sex.       

What is your shoe size?
What is your dream scene?
My dream scene is to get Monster Energy to sponsor me having sex and I want to be all over every tube site on the Internet. That's my dream scene. I also want to do gang bang scenes eventually.
You are very comfortable showing off your assets on social media like Twitter. How did you become so open?
I think stripping helps a lot. It's not like I was always open. I would say I was still pretty open even as a teenager. And then, stripping just sort of magnifies that cause I just looked naked in front of hundreds of people every night so what the fuck do I care. 
How have the fans treated you thus far?
They have been very nice. I've gotten some fans who have been sending me stuff from my wish list already even though I have barely any content. People are always tweeting me everyday telling me I'm beautiful.
Interview by Apache Warrior 

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