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Vicki Chase Is the XXX-Rated Latina Queen of Porn

By Rob Perez


When it comes to Latinas, few are as spicy hot as Vicki Chase. Besides being a magnificent performer, she’s one of porn’s most approachable performers as she is a fixture at many of the adult expos, as well as traveling around the country feature dancing. Her showcase title V For Vicki, directed by Jonni Darkko was recently awarded virtually every major showcase award, proving that Vicki is among the elite, best of the best performers today. V For Vicki showed what a sexual being Vicki is. Vicki's double anal scene is without a doubt one of the best scenes shot in 2014; a perfect, textbook example of how double anal scenes should be shot. Few can handle the massive anal poundings Vicki has endured gladly, and she’s come a long way from being the go to Latina actress for many big budget Digital Playground films at the beginning of her career, to being the girl to call when one needs a terrific anal scene.

2014 was a big year for you. How would you describe the year you had last year and what else can we expect from you in 2015?

2014 was an amazing year for me because I got to do what I like to do and enjoy doing. Not only that but I got my own showcase, V For Vicki. That really just put the cherry on top of the year. It was something I was told by Jonni Darkko that he wanted to do and I remember thinking, “Oh my god, we’ve got to get this done then.” [Laughs] So he was all about it and shot it within a week. I didn’t work as much in 2014 but I did some shoots of course. I’m still in the biz, I’m still working as much as I can. We shot that showcase in a week and it turned out to be an amazing project that I’m so proud of. And in 2015 I was honored with the awards for V For Vicki. So I feel like I still have to prove even to this day I earned it, I deserved it and I believe I do that with every scene that I do. It’s been a very crazy year so far. I’ve been working so much and I’ve been dancing so much. Those are the fruits of my labor I guess. [Laughs]


You started off 2015 winning a bunch of awards especially for V For Vicki. Were you surprised by how well the movie was received by fans and critics?

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I was confident doing it, I remember that. I knew going in that I was going to kill it. I was just going to do what I do, enjoy myself and work with Jonni, and just make it happen. Just make magic happen and that’s what happened. I was very surprised by how well it was received by the critics considering it was done in such a short time. There were so many other showcases last year as well so to have mine be picked as the winner was unbelievable. I was shocked and I was happy to say the least. I was ecstatic.


Two reasons I believe it won so many awards . . . the tease sequence was one of the best tease sequences of the year and your double anal scene had to be the best double anal scene I’ve ever seen.

Wow! Oh my god. Thank you. It was really a spontaneous thing too. That was not the plan going in. The plan was DP for sure and I was so ecstatic about that. So when two of them went up there I was like, “Hey, there’s two cocks in your ass. Are you OK?” [Laughs] I’m like, “Yeah, I think so. It can go on.” [Laughs]


Sometimes those spontaneous moments are the hottest.

Yeah! It’s just how I am, how I work.


Is Darkko the kind of director that lets the performers duke it out or does he stops the action and says, “We need to get this in and that in” while shooting the scene?

He lets them duke it out for sure and he’s just there capturing it all with his great eye. If he feels like he needs something then he’ll say it but if it’s all going good and he’s getting everything that he wants, he just rolls with it.


I read that you miss doing acting which you did a lot more of in the beginning of your career. Are there any feature films or parodies coming up that you’ll be starring in?

Definitely. I had an opportunity this year to do a little bit of that in Wicked’s Massage School Dropouts. It was fun. I had been out of the acting game for a while. That’s one to lookout for and hopefully there’s more to look forward to this year and in 2016.

You did a great job in Digital Playground’s Fighters.

That was a big one for them. The girls were awesome and they actually even learned how to fight. Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross were like tough women who were boxers and it was a cool little story for sure and I got a nice part. I love Robby D for that. It was awesome.

What would you say is one of your best acting roles?

I would say my favorite would have to be Leverage by Digital Playground. I had more of a juicier role in that. I was playing Jesse Jane’s nemesis basically. [Laughs] It was definitely something I stepped into and I’m so happy and honored to have been a part of that.

Not only are you one of the best performers today you’re also one of the hottest Latina performers today. What Latinas do you have a girl crush on?

There’s so many new Latinas. They’re popping out of nowhere so that’s awesome. One that comes to mind is Vanessa Veracruz. I got to work with her a couple of times. I worked with her for Reality King’s We Live Together. She’s a Mexican girl like me, very beautiful and stunning girl and she only does girl/girl. She’s hot but going back, Vanessa del Rio I’ve just been turned on to lately. Like whoa! [Laughs] She’s the real deal. I look up to her. It’s OK to give in to your sexuality. I love her for that. And someone I miss is Anne Marie Rios.


I’m still waiting for someone to make the ultimate Latina lesbian orgy with you, Missy Martinez, Tori Avano and Bridgette B.

Yeah, that sounds amazing. Wow! So many big titties. [Laughs] Whoa, yes. Hook it up. I worked with Missy not too long ago. She’s a hottie. It was for a feature film of hers that’s coming out soon. Look out for that.

You’re a fixture at many of the conventions. Why do you enjoy traveling to them during the year?

I get to meet the fans, one on one. I get to tell them what’s hot, my experiences, I love talking to them about whatever movie they’re interested in talking to me about, and also seeing everybody. It’s like band camp. [Laughs] Your fellow co-stars that you love and you’re happy to be with and spend time with. So it’s always a good time.


Follow Vicki Chase on Twitter @VickiChase, and on Instagram at Vicki Chase.



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