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Someone who needs to be on your radar screen is TS Savannah Thorne. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has the full backing of her mentor and best friend Transsexual Performer of the Year Jessy Dubai. This lady also has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Savannah knows what she wants and goes for it. Her interview is an insightful look at how she became a trans lady and how she eventually met her best friend. Life is a road of surprises. I think Savannah will exceed expectations as her career progresses.
Hi Savannah, it is going to be great to see you progress in your career. Why did do decide to enter the adult industry?
Well George, I feel like my answer to this questions is very boring compared to many other that you have gotten I'm sure, but the reason why I've always fantasized about being part of this industry started at a very young age when I used to sneak at 2am to watch those soft-core porn that used to play every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the tvs in Brazil. And being a 12 years-old boy that wanted to be a girl, seeing those passionate and sexy movies and the amazing bodies that the women had and how passionate and desirable the men on the scene made them look just made me wish I was like them or in their place. Free, naked, sexy and not afraid of their bodies.
So you could say that the reason that pushed me to fulfill that dream was to feel free, unafraid of my nakedness, and to make everyone that watched my movies feel like that young little boy did...Turned on, curious and charmed.
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry thus far? 
I would have to say that the biggest surprise thus far for me about the adult industry would have to say that before I got my feet wet in it, I thought that all the models were going to be jerks, snobs and stupid people. And I'm happy to say that every model I've met has stolen my heart one way or the other. They are so passionate about what they do, they are super fun and interesting, they are extremely nice and many of them do this because they want to not because they can only use their body sexually and not mentally. Most of them go to school, own their own business or plan all their careers/publicity themselves, etc.
And that has to be the biggest surprise I've encountered thus far, because the stereotype of the industry tells us that all of the models have daddy issues, are stupid or got in it for horrible reasons. Which I'm sure their are a minority out there that that is true too, but I'm happy that everyone I've met thus far in my career absolutely love and treasure what they do. Just like I do.
How did you meet Jessy Dubai? What are your thoughts about your dear friend?
Oh my!!! That's a lovely story lol.
Basically we hated each other at the beginning before we actually knew each other and I'm sure she was ready to fly to Boston and cut my throat and send my body to Mexico or something like that. It all started when I was dating my ex-boyfriend for a year. The last month we were together we were having issues cause he was cheating on me with some girl that I didn't know who (Jessy Dubai) so we ended up breaking up which was horrible cause he was my first love and my first boyfriend. Anyways, about 7 months later I hear back from him and I was extremely happy about it cause he made it seem like he wanted me back and at that moment I thought "it is true if you love something let it go and if it comes back it was meant to be" and there he was texting me saying how much he missed me and blah blah blah. A couple weeks go by of happiness till one morning at 5am he calls me and when I answer I hear this woman's voice telling me to back off of her man that I have no business talking to him. At that moment I didn't even know how to react besides to apologize and say I had no idea he was with someone.
So time goes by Jessy and I started talking and we basically bonded on the fact that we were dating the same asshole and that what he did to me while I was with him he was doing to her while dating her. So my "love story" was the same as hers. And that's basically how Jessy Dubai and Savannah Thorne became sisters. 
I absolutely adore her, she's the completely opposite of me, but it's like they say... that opposites attract and we add and balance to each other. I'm happy to say that we've became more than best friends, we've became sisters. And having such a star mentoring you  is an honor.
What did you do before you entered the adult film world? 
Before I entered the adult industry I was stuck on a job that I absolutely hated as a Catering Coordinator for events. It was just not what I wanted to do at all, but I was "comfortable" with it cause it payed the bills so I just sucked it up. But it wasn't till Jessy Dubai pushed me outside my comfort zone to pursue my dream that I freed myself from it. And that's basically the only thing that changed, I'm still going to school like I did before to better my English and now I'm actually on a career that I absolutely love.
What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?
That's a easy question, and I know it will sound so freaking corny, but in my opinion the three things that makes Savannah drool over a man is:
Confidence (I know cornyyyy) but is so true once a man shows me he has confidence I get lost in it. The second is style, you are not 13 years old anymore. You need to know how to dress. And by that I don't mean wear a suit everywhere (even though I have a thing for guys in suits) but know how to dress appropriately to every occasion with your own twist, I'm a fashion girl so you have to have your fashion idea too. And third is height, and the reason why height is such a sexy thing to me (to an extent) is because I'm 5'11"  and I wear heels all the time so I like to have a guy that can be as tall or taller than me in heels which is so hard to find but that's not a rule if a guy is shorter than me and doesn't feel threatened by it and shows confidence... I'm hooked. 
What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?
Easy!!! Big ass big boobs!!!
I'm just kidding. When it comes to women the same traits apply. Confidence is a must and sense of style. Physical attributes I'm very specific when it comes to girls (go figure) but I like tall girls just like me.

When did you decide to transform into the woman you are today? 
I always dreamed about being a girl since I can remember, I just never thought it was possible. Being raised in a farm for about 10 years and being so out of touch with the world, coming from a extremely Catholic family never gave me the opportunity to learn anything about the GLBT community or that it was possible for me to go from being this hairy smelly boy to a gorgeous feminine girl at all. Until I watched ANTM Isis King on TV and started researching about it and that's when my whole life made sense, I was born to be a beautiful woman. So when I was 22, I stared my transition. And now almost 2 years later, I've never been happier even though I still have a long road in front of me to go before my transition is at the place where I want it to be. I don't regret anything.
How were you as a kid? What is your ethnicity?
Well I was born in Brazil. My mother is Brazilian and my father was from a Russian family so I'm half Brazilian half Russian (even though I never got in touch with my Russian culture sadly).
Growing up was extremely difficult for me because I was taught at a young age that the person I was was wrong. That I was a boy and therefore I needed to act like one even though that wasn't me at all. So having so much negativity about who I was and getting in so much trouble when I showed people my true self, I started to became a very quiet, depressed little boy. One thing that saddens me the most is that for as long as I remember, I hardly talked to anyone even in my family and I had so many dark feelings of just ending that thing that was supposed to be my life. But thankfully I stood through all of that and now take strength in all those horrible years to never let myself or anyone I know to feel like that ever again.
What are your hobbies and interests? 
I have so many hobbies and interests is scary. I basically do everything at least once to see if I like it or not and then go from there. So right now my top hobbies and interests are video games and books (yes I'm a little nerd and I love it hehehe), movies and nightclubs, yoga and hiking, and all those fun girly things like shopping, spa, hanging out with my girlfriends and talking about boys.
Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets? 
I'm actually a dog person. but I have a little kitty, go figure. But I want to get a cute little puppy soon to make company to Skittles.
I just like all pets and animals (except snakes they freak me out badly).
In your personal life, who do you like to date... men, women, or trannies?
In my personal life I'm more attracted to men. But I wouldn't be against dating a woman or a TS if they treated me right. It's all about what the heart wants and how they make you feel. And sometimes my fishing pools gets bigger with variety:)
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer? 
All the sex I get to do!!! But seriously I think so far one of my favorite things about being a adult performer I would have to say is the attention and all of the cool people I get to meet. Even though I just started, I already have a bit of fans that support me and give me all the love someone would need. So yeah my favorite thing is my fans.

What does your family think about you being an adult performer?
Well the only one person I'm really close with in my family is my sister and she gives me all the support I need. My mother and I were never really close and she never really supported any of my decisions (to become a women or to become a pornstar). And the rest of my family is back in Brazil so I'm not a 100% sure how they feel about it. And I never met my dad so that's one less to "worry" lol.
But that didn't stop me, as long as that's what I want and what makes me happy, the only person who can stop me and motivate me is... myself. 
What is your shoe size?
For those with foot fetishes (me lol) I'm a size 10.

Are there any films that you are working on right now? Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?
Right now I'm working with Jessy Dubai in my portfolio and by helping her in all her new projects. I will be learning valuable skills that I know I will later use. So if anyone wants to see what I'm up to and all my videos and photos you can just follow me on twitter and I'll be posting everything there so my fans can check everything out at @savannahthorne1
Or they can also see my progress on Jessy's website jessydubai.xxx
And I hope they have as much fun with all my work as in having doing them.
Interview by Apache Warrior

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