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I Love Natural Tits Too!

Elektra Rose Blog Series

Elektra Rose

So I got some nice tweets and notes after my first XCritic Blog, so glad that there are those of you out there who appreciate natural breasts! I love them too! So.. even though I grew up in New Hampshire, I now live in LA, on my own.

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What’s a typical day like for me living in LA? Well, first off, I kinda hate living in LA: the traffic, all the people, the sales tax – again, the TRAFFIC! My family is all back on the East Coast, so I came to California not knowing a single soul, and it’s basically the same after 10 months. Pretty much everyone I've met here is just a dude trying to get into my pants.

I've always had an extremely hard time making friends with girls, I grew up with one close friend and she was the only person I hung out with outside of school. I was extremely shy all the way up till I graduated high school, believe it or not, the kind of shy were you couldn't pay me enough money to stand in front of the class and say ten words. I think sometimes I'm still that shy girl. I don't really go out much; I'm not into the whole party scene. 

So my day basically goes: sleep, eat, gym, ex-boyfriends, Netflix, read etc.. I don’t have a set schedule at all when I'm not shooting. When I am, then I have to be up and ready at a specific time. I’ve never really been a morning person but somehow living on my own has made that easier. I never hit snooze on my alarm anymore.

I've got a shoot today, so I'll post more soon. Thanks for following my special blog here and remember you can follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/TheElektraRose and Instagram https://instagram.com/theelektrarose/          

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