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OK Guys, Here's Some Sex Talk

Elektra Rose Blog Series

Elektra Rose

I just heard from the big cheese at XCritic that my blogs have been doing really well. THANK YOU all so much for following along with me. I'm trying to answer as many of your questions as I can, the best way to get a response is to tweet me at @TheElektraRose. Sometimes I'm traveling or on set, but I try to respond as soon as I can.

Ok, the most common thing I've been hearing from you guys is you want me to talk about sex. I couldn't lead with it! Gotta have some sort of tease :)

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The first time heard what sex was was from one of my friends when we were in 6th grade (I was 12) and from that moment on I wanted to lose my virginity. I would lie in bed at night playing with myself in the dark, long before I knew what porn was (not that I ever masturbate to porn, I put it on to turn me on and then I’d shut it off and masturbate).

Well the years passed and I hadn't even had my first kiss. That didn't happen till my 16th birthday. This boy H. and I went to the park after school on my birthday. We just hung out talking getting to know each other better; he bought me an iced chai from the local coffee shop. He told me he was no good for me and we spent the next 15 minutes arguing. I was getting ready to leave (I had dance class that day) I picked up my things and as I tried to walk away, he swung me around and kissed me. And I mean he Kissed me, I can still feel his tongue in my mouth. I ended up giving him my first blow job too. He told me I was  going to hate it but I absolutely loved it, and still do.

Although, the experience probably wasn't very enjoyable to him…Word of advice to guys out there: never try to finger a girls asshole for the first time while she's giving her first blow job ever. I mean, unless you like the feeling of your dick getting bit. After that, I wanted to just have sex with him, too, I had done all my other “firsts” with him, so why not have him take my virginity too? Catch: he didn't want to fuck me because I was a virgin but…His friend E. would. Yes, I basically got pimped out to lose my virginity. At that point, I didn't care. I had four years of desire welling up inside of me ready to finally be released.

So we cut school early one day (they were having the Homecoming assembly), so no one would notice. I went back to H.’s with his “girlfriend” and the guy I was fucking, E. E. and I fucked on H.’s couch while he in his “girlfriend” were in the other room. MOST AWKWARD SEX EVER, but I mean what can you expect fucking a guy you don't know. I think to this day I've said maybe five words to him in real life, and that’s being generous. 


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