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The XCritic Interview Veruca James

By Rob Perez


2015 AVN Performer Of the Year nominee Veruca James may come off as hard on camera—and she has certainly proven herself to be one of the most hardcore performers in adult today—but she is an extremely intelligent woman who is not only sexy and sexual, but smart and approachable. She had a lot to say, from the state of porn today to hot banging sex, proving that Veruca has all the B’s you’d want in a woman—beauty, body, boobs, butt and brains!

Are you currently promoting anything?

I’m always promoting my clips4sale store which is all content I produce, all fetish content. I just launched a creampie specific store because I do not shoot creampies on camera. It’s kind of a cool place where people can see me do something that they can’t see me do anywhere else. I also have a website, verucajames.com.

What do you feel is the most pressing issue facing the adult industry today?

It’s kind of a mixture of two things, internal and external. The biggest external issue is how to get people to pay for porn. Budgets are dwindling. People barely have enough money to pay to make a movie and pay the talent fees, much less everything else that’s needed post-production and for the actual production. DVDs have been dying for the past few years and it just continues to get worse. We’re seeing the rise of different kinds of Internet-based content like Clips4Sale. I think the reason why the fetish stuff, Clips4Sale and the camming stuff actually is still making money is because it is so completely unique. It’s a very unique experience and it’s not something you can find on the tubesites. So people can’t get it for free; not as easily as they can get all of the mainstream porn that’s all over the tubesites. Everybody knows that. So that’s the biggest thing to me and we see it. Performers do have really slow months where we barely work. You talk to your friends and it’s not just you, it’s everybody. People just aren’t producing as much.

Internally, I think the big issue going on right now which is not necessarily a negative thing but the big issue in the industry for me right now is, I’m on the board for APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee). It’s an organization for performers by performers, and we help to promote health and safety standards on set and in their personal life. We work on education; so STD education as well as education on how to properly manage your finances, doctor resources, and we also have been working on the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) legislation and working with OSHA so that performers can be protected by the OSHA legislation with actual standards that makes sense for us to still be able to do our jobs. That’s a huge thing because it’s never happened in porn. it’s completely new.

It’s unprecedented.

Exactly, and it’s long overdue. Performers have needed to have their rights look after. They’ve always needed it and haven’t really had it, and because the industry is thought of as “underground” per se, performers didn’t always feel like they could go to OSHA, and they were being kept on set for 18 hours and there was no toilet, there was no water and things like that. But performers, just like every other worker, has the right to a safe and reasonable work environment.

Going back to the external issues, because of the slow months you go through have performers per scene rates also gone down in general?

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Let me think about this for a second. Personally, my rate hasn’t gone down since I’ve been in the industry. I did my first scene in 2011 and started performing fulltime in 2012. So I’ve always been in the kind of downward spiral of porn. [Laughs] People talk about the glory days of porn where everybody could make as much money as they wanted because there was so much porn being produced. I feel like after 2009, 2010 things changed. So perhaps from that period to now, there could be a slight difference in rates for . . . producers might feel a little bit more sensitive to a girl wanting to ask more for something. In my experience it’s stayed level for me. Also, because I’m a Spiegler and Mark represents me, he charges the same rates to all the companies all the time, no matter what. So other girls could possibly be taking cheaper scenes in months when they’re really slow. I do know that that happens.

You fully deserved to be nominated for performer of the year? As a performer would you say it was a long road to climb to be seen as one of the best performers in the industry right now?

I kind of look at my career and describe it as the girl who came in and didn’t make a huge splash right to the top. I think of Bonnie (Rotten). Bonnie came and took the industry by storm. Me, I had more slow and steady where I came in, I built up a big variety of work with the types of scenes that I do. So I would say yeah, it’s been kind of a long road. There’s still so many companies I haven’t even shot for.


Evil Angel recently released All Stuffed Up where you’re featured in a DP scene with Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. Vicki Chase recently told me it was her favorite scene she’s shot so far this year; how amazing was it shooting with two of the best Spaniards in the business?

It’s in the top 10 or five favorite scenes of my career. Toni and Ramon are two of my absolute favorite performers and I really like them personally and I’m genuinely attracted to them. When I found out Toni booked me for it and it was going to be a DP with the two of them, I was like “Oh my god, it’s like the dream team!” [Laughs] I was so excited and it was really fun. They work so well together and they have a really smooth motion. It’s crazy. It’s almost like one mind with two dicks. [Laughs]

Why do you love being DP’ed?

It is this overwhelming feeling of being filled and fucked at the same time, and it triggers the orgasm anally and vaginally back and forth. It’s a feeling of also being like out of control and being helpless in a way. You’re just being fucked and forced to orgasm. [Laughs] It’s hard to explain to a guy because you could never understand the feeling. [Laughs]


If a civilian woman ever had the opportunity to be DP’ed, would you recommend they go ahead with it?

I would say yeah, for sure. My first DP was in my personal life before I did porn. I think the type of woman interested in a DP is going to be a sexually comfortable woman. You have to have had at least anal. Don’t make that you’re first time doing anal because you’re going to be very overwhelmed by the experience. You have to be comfortable with the feeling of anal sex and then, and then when they put the dick in the other hole and you’re like, “Holy shit, it’s not going to fit. Now I’m going to be impaled.” Now that I’ve done porn it would be very hard to convince me to do a DP in my personal life with civilians only because I am so very spoiled by male talent that know what they’re doing and make it really easy for me. I’ve done DP’s with the A-list talent and the C-list talent, and there is a big difference.


You did a blowbang in Facialized. Was that one of the hottest scenes you ever shot?

Yes, definitely yes. It’s just really hard to compare blowbangs to other sex scenes because it’s so different. If I had to choose between blowbangs and regular sex for the rest of my life, I’m obviously going to choose regular sex but I love blowbangs. The novelty of them is super fun. The idea that you’re getting all these dicks off . . . I’m a giver so I love that. I get really excited turning somebody else on. That gets me off. I get off on other people getting off on me.


So during a scene you’re thinking of a thousand people watching you and jerking off?

That’s interesting. During a scene I’m not thinking about anyone but who I’m fucking. I’m not imagining the camera. So I would say it’s more, if they were there I would be getting off on them jerking off.

Are you naturally dominant? Could you be submissive with the right person?

No. if you look at all the fetish scenes I do that’s all playing a submissive role. I understand submissive really well and I enjoy being submissive, submitting to someone who continuously dominates me. So I understand the mentality. In the fetish community I think I’m most well-known for being a submissive. And mainstream porn sees me as more dominant. I guess I just play a sub really well.

Your gangbang for Zero Tolerance, Veruca James No Limits, was amazing. How do you mentally prepare for such an intense sexual scene?

It’s kind of funny because those scenes don’t make me nervous. I would say it’s more, preparing my body for it. making sure I get a lot of sleep, taking really good care of myself. It’s the same thing as an athlete going into a marathon, you’re going to prepare your body to push itself past normal limits. So you want to be in tip top shape so you can handle it so you don’t have much recovery afterwards. But a lot people think that about multiple guy scenes with a girl and want to know if we were overwhelmed. I really am not overwhelmed by a lot of dudes. For some reason it doesn’t scare me. I’m like “Yeah, bring it on. I will take on all of you.” [Laughs]


What scene or movie do you feel was the one that really was the turning point in your career, the one film fans and critics realized Veruca James is going to be a huge star?

If I had to pick just one it would be the DP I did with James Deen and Ramon Nomar for William H. in Wet Asses. That was the first big company that shot me for a DP. I’ve done them before for Kink and Dog Fart, but that was the first time I got to display what I can actually do, what kind of performer I am and how much I can do. That was shot in late 2013, and that’s when people started noticing, and William H was like, “How have I never shot you before? You’ve been in the industry for two years, how do I not know who you are?” That was a big thing. Also, when I did the blowbang for Mason in Facialized. Those two scenes happened within a few months of each other and that was a huge one. That one was a really big deal because I was the only one booked based on fan voting. I hadn’t promoted that. I didn’t even know she had done that. People were just requesting me and she never shot me, she didn’t know who I was. She told me during the interview the fans wanted me. That was a big deal because a director saw that I do have a big fan following. After that Mason booked me more and other people saw what I could do. And they see I’m willing to take 10 loads on my face. [Laughs]


I’ve read in interviews you love having public sex. Do you continue having sex in public?

Not as much as before. Actually, probably just as much as before because now I film it and put it in my clips store. Honestly, there’s a lot of outdoor places in LA but Chicago happened to be a little bit easier. It seems weird but I think because of that conservatism people aren’t paying attention as much. People aren’t expecting that you’re doing something like that. Here in LA you can’t walk down Hollywood Boulevard with a professional camera without someone stopping you and asking if you have a permit. So I would like to do it more but it’s funny. I just feel like I don’t go out too much. [Laughs] Maybe I’m just getting old.

What females do you connect with sexually the most in the business?

I’ve done some awesome scenes ones with Dana DeArmond. I’ve worked with her maybe five times. Our scenes are always incredibly intense. Dana and I are friends in real life so it really is genuine lesbian fucking, not just two girls who are paired up and not even know each other. I feel like it gives it kind of a different feel, at least for me. We would fuck anyway. [Laughs] And I’ve done some really awesome ones with Abigail Mac. She’s so hot.


Follow Veruca James on Twitter and Instagram @verucajames

Website is verucajames.com

Her clips for sale store is http://clips4sale.com/57381/

Tumblr damonandverucajames.tumblr.com


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez





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