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Lily Ivy Interview

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Lily Ivy

One of the things we've been very good at over the history of XCritic is having a keen eye for good talent. It all started when we first met a young, stunning,, Tera Patrick and knew right then and there she was going to be a star. Over the years we've championed young up-and comers who became legends (including: Teagan Presley, Alexis Texas, Skin Diamond and more). To that end we've decided to start a series of young up and coming performers who we feel have a real shot to make it big. These performers don't have a huge body of work behind them, but we feel that they have a bright future.

The first in this series is newbie Lily Ivy. As many new perofmres, Lily got her start as a Cam girl, something she did in college to make some extra money. Now she's taking a year off from school to dive head first into the adult industry, and we have her very first interview:

Where are you from?

Southern Pennsylvania.  

What made you decide to get into the adult entertainment industry?

MyFreeCams opened the door for me to the adult industry, my agency that I currently work with found me on there!

What have your experiences been camming? What's the best thing that's happened camming? What's the worst?

Camming is amazing for the most part. It's hard work... it really is! People will tell you that you can just sit there & look pretty but you can't. People come for the looks, they stay for the personality. It's all about being creative with your hustle while developing actual genuine relationships with your members. Which I love.

That's my favorite part... you really do meet some members who genuinely care about you. And the empowerment of a female community to lean on (AKA the other camgirls) is also amazing. The worst part is the freeloaders. Some people don't understand what it means to respect sex workers. It's out form of income, & we work really hard. Some people with internal issues with come in & do whatever they can to tear you down but in the end that's their own issue. I'll move on. 

Are people surprised when they find out you are a Philosophy major? Or ever get "what's a smart girl like you doing in Porn?"

I'm actually a psychology major! But yeah, I get that question all the time. Even by people in my cam room... they'll ask what I'm doing on the site & I just say the same thing hahaha. I don't think an interest in psychology & a women's choice to show or cover her body really correlate with one another, do you?

Lily Ivy


How do you plan on balancing college and porn?

I'm actually taking this year off to focus on myself & expanding my career. I'm really scared because I know so many people take time off & never go back, but I'm already taking junior year classes at 19 so I think I deserve a break. Next year I'll most likely go back & take online classes. I hate school with a passion to be honest, but I love psychology so I want to follow through. Even if it takes longer than expected. There's no race in life, I need to remind myself of that sometimes.

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How did you pick your performing name? What significance does it have for you?

I wanted someone nature-y so that's how I came up with Ivy! Lily kind of just sounded pretty in front of it. I think it has a soothing way to it if that makes sense. It's pretty in my opinion, but not necessarily significant. 

What was the first scene you've done? Who was it with and how did it go?

I'm only doing solo right now, but I just worked with x-art for three days & had so much fun! I'm thinking of doing g/g & b/g exclusively with them & then continuing to expand my solo career. They're going to Spain soon so I may hop on board! The b/g stuff would only be with my man, but don't worry... we have lots of chemistry :) 

What's your favorite thing you've done so far in the adult industry? What's your favorite scene/movie/studio?

I'm too new to pick a favorite! I'll let you know in the future, but working with x-art the past few days was amazing like I said. I'm just in love with all of their work. It really is "art", it's all so aesthetically pleasing & passionate. It's hard to look away. 

Lily Ivy

How different is the industry than you expected? What's been better, what's been worse?

I didn't really know what to expect to be honest hahaha. It all kind of happened so fast. John (my agent) flew me out to LA a month or two after I started camming for a weekend, I then left to study in Italy, and now I'm back again.

I would say the best part is how often I get to feel beautiful & I get to express myself while doing it. Feeling sexy & powerful can take you a long way in life & that's what awesome about the industry.

People will try to say adult models are being exploited but if they really looked up the definition of exploit it's actually the exact opposite. The worst part is ignorant people on the outside who know nothing about the industry yet try to beat you down consistently. Models don't deserve that...humans don't deserve that. Everybody should feel free to work doing what they love. I wish everyday could empathize in that sense.

Lily Ivy

What's your favorite thing to do sexually? What's the craziest?

I guess this is where I'm supposed to say "I've had sex in a church" but I won't lie...that would actually do the opposite of turn me on hahaha. I used to try to convince myself I wanted to be free to date casually &  go from person to person to try to experience as much as possible, but passion is my favorite to be honest. Nothing is better than sex with the person you love, and I love the feeling of familiarity & being comfortable with a partner (I have a Taurus moon to thank for that)... knowing what the other person loves & giving that to them selflessly. It's awesome.

But yeah, as far as crazy goes, that term is subjective hahaha... I love being teased when I shouldn't be. Touch me under a table when your parents are across from us. I also love to be spit on a lot. Cover me in as much as possible please. Also, I really like to sit across from someone and touch myself while they do as well... such an amazing way to tease & be teased.

Have  you ever had sex with someone you've cammed with?

No, but I have plans to cam with some girls in the future! ;) 

Lily Ivy


Who is on your wish list for scenes and what would you like to do with them?

Kenna James is my roommate in the model house currently... she was actually my girl crush in the industry before I met her, & now we're friends, & she's such a sweetheart. I told her I'd do my first g/g with her :)  

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to be outdoors, travel, do yoga, spend time with friends, read about astrology, & work to expand my spirituality. I also love working with animals... I'm a vegetarian & won't ever go back to meat! I'm much more of a mountain mama than a city girl... I want to watch a sunset overlook a volcano & see a lot of stars afterward. It doesn't take much to make me happy, I really appreciate the little things in life. 

What are your goals in the industry?

God... that's hard to say! Right now I want to expand my solo career as much as possible while I do some exclusive g/g & b/g with x-art. I'm most slow to warm up so I think starting off with them is a great idea & we'll see where it goes from there. I'm a very determined person so I plan to go as far as possible but on my own terms. We'll see! The future is exciting!

Are there any porn stars who are your role models? If so who and why?

So many it's hard to choose! I just love seeing females in the industry not only love their work, but speak out against ignorance. Beauty is amazing, but brains impress me... empowered women who care. If that's you you're a role model in my eyes.

Whats something that your fans don't know about you that you'd love them to know?

Oh, there's a lot! Let's see. I can lick my elbow, that's pretty cool. I think it's because I'm a fairy. Before I was in the adult industry I was a camp counselor, such an amazing job. I miss it so much. And then after I was a jimmy john's delivery driver... that's what push me to start camming hahaha. There's a ton to know about me... just ask. I'll probably answer :P

How can people best follow you? Twitter/FB/Site/Etc?

Twitter is best (lilyivymfc), my Instagram is nakedbl0nde, & my MyFreeCams name is LilyIvy

How can studios book you?

[email protected] or just through me as well ([email protected]). I'm interested in fashion modeling & whatever else as well.. not just adult :)

What's next for you? 

Right now I'm trying to work out this deal with x-art and if it goes well I plan to go to Spain with them in September, come back to LA for some more solo shoots, & then also travel to the Caribbean with them as well. So exciting.

- Interview by Chris Thorne

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