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Layla Price Is The Undisputed Gauntlet Girl

By Rob Perez


One of the most exciting and energetic performers today, Layla Price has been responsible for making her many fans regularly drop big sticky loads with every scene she performs in. Her big white butt and her very explicit sexual performances have gotten her plenty of notice so it was only natural that Diabolic Video release its first title in several years with Layla as the center of attention in her first showcase title, The Gauntlet Girl. From hot g/g action, to Layla satisfying her endless oral cravings, to her filthy flaccid proof gangbang, this is really only a taste of the sexual being that Layla Price is in real life.

In The Gauntlet Girl you do a tremendous gangbang scene. How intense was it shooting that gangbang?

It was really intense. Let me break it down for you. Just letting the fans know, this is no ordinary showcase. We shot the whole movie in one day. We did the solo, the g/g, the blowbang and the gangbang all in one day. I did my g/g with Daisy Ducati, a newcomer but a very beautiful girl and a very energetic performer. After we did our g/g the three guys came in and I did a blowbang. And then after that, after they all came on my face, a bunch of porn guys came in and they all fucked me in my holes—my pussy, my ass, my mouth—and they came all over me.


Is there double anal/double vag in the scene?

There is no double anal/double vag. It just didn’t happen. I was open to it. With double anal/double vag you just never know. I’ve done double anal/double vag before but it just didn’t happen that day. We just did the gangbang and that was great and all I guess. [Laughs] But the double anal/double vag just didn’t come up but if it happened, I would’ve been down.

Who directed this film?

Mike Quasar. He’s a character, he’s really funny. He’s a lot of fun to shoot with.

How excited is it to have your own showcase with Diabolic Video?

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It’s an amazing feeling. I’m really happy Diabolic shot a whole movie around me. Basically how they came up with the idea, my name got tossed around because I actually know the guys at Diabolic. One of them called me up and said, “Hey, we’ve got this idea. Would you like to do it?” A lot of people in the industry think of me as this sex machine. I can go on and on and on. They asked me if I could handle four scenes in one day and I was like, “Fuck yeah! Why not?” So we just did it and I was really happy and honored that I did the scene. It was great, the fans loved it. I actually sent a few copies out. A lot of fans requested the movie from me. So I shipped it out and they were like, “Wow, that was amazing.” I put my heart and soul in it that day.


During the blowbang, did you cum? Which was more intense sexually, the blowbang or the gangbang?

Oh yeah. My thing is, I’d rather suck dick and give a guy a blowjob than have sex with a guy. I love sucking dick, I love giving blowjobs. I’ve met girls who don’t like it and I’m like, “How do you not like it? A guy eats your pussy out, how do you not return the favor?” I just love it. I love giving head. I think it’s amazing and I get off on it. if the guy pops then I’m happy. Any girl that doesn’t like giving a blowjob there’s something wrong with you.


When did you realize you had this oral fixation?

Probably when I was very young. I was in middle school or high school at the time when I had an oral fixation because I loved it. I love deepthroating, I love getting sloppy and wet. Some guys would get grossed out by it because I don’t have a gag reflex. I would throw up a lot of spit, I’d get really sloppy and nasty. Some guys didn’t like it, some guys were into it. so I just loved it. I just love sucking dick. Guys would say to me even before porn, “Wow, you really know how to suck dick.” It’s a compliment.


You are also in Gym Cuties from Aierose Entertainment. Are you an avid gym goer?

Yes I am, I go to the gym a lot. I try to go 3-5 times a week, depending on my schedule and depending how I feel. So I try to go as much as possible. I got to keep myself in shape in this business. I keep myself in shape either at the gym or I’m fucking somebody. That was a really great scene I did. I was really proud of that scene. It was a lot a fun.

For a white girl your ass is big. Do you get a lot of attention because of it?

Yeah, I’m actually known for my ass in the industry. That’s what I’m known for is my ass. Lately I’ve been losing a little weight and I’ve had people tell me, “Don’t lose your ass.” Don’t worry, I’ve always had an ass. I weigh 132 right now but when I was 110 pounds I still had a booty on me. It wasn’t as big as it is right now but it was big for my size. My ass isn’t going anywhere, it’s always been with me. [Laughs]


What other big scenes do you have coming up we should be on the lookout for?

I do have stuff coming out. I don’t want to jinx it because I’ve just been booked . . . I haven’t shot them yet. So I have some good things coming out. Shooting-wise, the James Deen/Erik Everhard scene will be a hot scene. It’s coming out through Reality Junkies, DP My Wife With Me. I think that’s coming out late summer or early fall. That’s going to be a really hot scene. I ended up doing double anal/double vag in that scene. Whenever I do double anal/double vag. I can’t have a director calling me to do double anal. I got to be vibing with everybody. I gotta have a good energy. With James and Erik, I got along great with them. They had a good energy and I felt so comfortable with them, it just happened. It was a wild scene and I think you’ll love it a lot.

Check out this hot exclusive photo gallery of Layla.


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