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Abella Danger -- It's A Dangerous World!

By Rob Perez


If one's sexual aura can be considered lethal, Abella Danger should be registered as a lethal weapon. Whereever she goes, this sizzling performer turns heads and get boners going, and she's only been in the industry for a year. With 2015 already being a year packed with plenty of first rate newcomers, Abella is without a doubt the standout starlet of 2015. All Access Abella Danger from Airerose Entertainment will merely be a taste of what this sexually exciting performer can do; we're already looking forward to what Abella will do and we predict Abella will continue to "bang" out even more thrilling sexual performances in the future.

Congrats on your showcase, All Access Abella Danger. What was your immediate reaction when Airerose wanted to shoot a showcase around you?

I honestly was really confused. I didn’t know why out of all the girls they had previously shot more times and all the girls that they had seen, why they wanted to give me a showcase movie after only shooting me once. I think that was my initial reaction.


What firsts do you do in your showcase feature?

I had my first double vag. It was also my first time working with Lexington Steele.


Was having two cocks in your vag sexually intense?

Double vag, oh my god! It was really, really intense. I believe at one point in that scene I was shaking so much. They started laughing for a second because I was just shaking, looking around because I didn’t know what to do. I was in such . . . I don’t even know what to even call that. [Laughs]

 Were you having an orgasm? Was that what it was?

I think it was because I had all these endorphins running down my body. Toni had just made me cum so hard and he was choking me at the same time. I think I might have passed out for a second but then came back. [Laughs] It was really intense and amazing.


Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas have worked together often over the years. How aggressive did the scene get?

I had marks after the scene. Like marks after getting my butt spanked so hard. Honestly, it was a really intense scene but I try for all my scenes to be that way. It’s just easy when you have Toni and Ramon there.


They know how aggressive to get with the girl.

They’ve worked with me before and they knew I definitely wanted it really, really rough. It was a necessity. They knew exactly what I wanted them for?


Before porn did you have threesomes?

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No. I actually had my first threesome in porn. I had sex next to people, like I’d be fucking here and the girl would be sucking some dude over there. But there was no actual interaction.

You also lost your anal virginity on camera. Who was that with?

Yes I did. It was with Keiran Lee. I did a lot of preparation for it, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t just walk in there and hoped that it fit. I was living with Spiegler at the time and I would be like, “Goodnight. I’m going to stretch my ass now,” like almost every single night for two months straight.

What scene was fun to do? Which was your favorite scene?

I can’t pick one. I’ve already tried. Every scene has something completely incredible, to me at least. Every scene I felt like I did something that made me a better performer.

You did a scene with Phoenix Marie who’s a lot of woman to handle even for veteran performers. What was it like working with her and did she dominate you?

Oh my god! [Laughs] It was really special working with Phoenix one on one like that just because I drooled over her a lot before being in porn. I used to watch her porn and thought she was the hottest. I’m a blond obsessed bitch and I just thought she was the perfect woman. Like her and Nikki Benz. And then getting to work with Phoenix and having this chemistry was just awesome. The whole dynamic of the scene was just her teaching me to be her in an essence. Basically putting me through the test.


Who fucked you better, Lexington Steele or Manuel Ferrara?

I can’t really give you a valid answer. Manuel gave me anal and I love anal more. When I do an anal scene I get all my holes played with. With Lexington I only did vag. That’s the only reply. And I’ve worked with Manuel so many times. I love working with him. He and James Deen are my two favorites so I’m biased. [Laughs] But I love Lexington. I want to do my first IR anal with him. We’ll see. My answer may change one day. Who knows?


Can you handle all of Lexington's dick in your ass?

Oh, I think I can. Not yet.


Is this one of your favorite films you’ve shot so far?

Most definitely. No doubt about it. It was such a good environment to be in, shooting for Derek Dozer. I was just able to do what I wanted, come up with a concept for the scene, the wardrobe, what it was going to portray, what side of me he was going to show. Every scene has something about me involved even if it’s in the most subliminal way.


Is a gangbang still a fantasy scene for you? When do you see that happening?

I’m going to do a gangbang in 2017. In 2014 I did an IR. In 2015 I did anal. For 2016 comes another one, and then in 2017 comes another one. I did more in 2015, I did double vag. [Laughs]

So baby steps in a way?

Yeah. Honestly it’s just to be shooting for a long period of time.

Many of my fellow critics believe you will be the Starlet of the Year. How important would it be for you to win a bunch of awards such as Starlet Of the Year or Best Showcase Title?

If you look at my first interview ever it was the same day I met Spiegler and I had only five scenes under my belt. I went into AVN and I said I see myself winning Performer of the Year. This is written in the article. It took about 4, 5 months for that interview to come out and I was like, “Wow, I sound so narcissistic and conceited and so confident.” But then I thought, “What’s so wrong about that?” I talked to Peter Warren at AVN about it, “Why can’t I be nominated for Performer of the Year?” He said, “That’s never going to happen. You’re too new.” And honestly I feel like that’s pretty fucked up. [Laughs] I thought about it afterwards and I thought, “Fuck. I must have sounded so conceited telling Peter this. But then I thought that I shouldn’t feel bad because it’s what I feel. It’s just my opinion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be true.

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