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Guest Blog: Dr. Donald Davidson

Why the Dallas Fun Police make it more difficult for women to connect well with others

Why the Dallas Fun Police make it more difficult for women to connect well with others and find happy healthy sexual relationships. 

The Dallas Fun police includes Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas, the Dallas Women’s Foundation, and Jacquilynn Floyd of the Dallas News. For the rest of the article I will refer to them collectively as the fun police.

To start, one really must wonder if these people let any sexual fantasy enter their minds as they scoff at sexual expression, sex ed seminars and sex toys. Based on Nancy Friday’s work, My Secret Garden, I surely bet you all these women have “dirty” sexual urges like all other women. Yet the fun police would rather feed the brainwashed middle class more of the same repressive language, which portrays sex and the celebration of sex as an unfortunate by product of the act of conception, instead of, joining in the celebration of fun and joy that sex between consenting adults is. All while they sit in a city already full of strip clubs.

Lets quote our dear Jackie

“There’s little doubt that the three-day Exxxotica will be a great big ol’ smut fest that unapologetically celebrates the objectification of brainless sex and female bodies.”

What’s wrong with a good sex Jackie?

What’s wrong with beautiful women having beautiful sex?

What’s wrong with adults expressing themselves sexually and people learning from it?

What’s wrong with sex toys?

What’s wrong with women being sexy and empowered in their beauty?

Did these folks ever stop to think some of these porn girls might work out, have healthy eating habits, and abstain from drugs to keep their bodies looking and feeling great. Maybe some of them even have businesses, educational pursuits or amazing personalities as well! I know, its crazy – women can be powerful sexual creatures AND cool members of society. But according to the Dallas Fun Police they better keep those dangerous vaginas in their pants, lest they incite civil unrest. Someone ought to dust off the mayor’s cock for him and take Jackie’s vagina out of whatever museum it’s sitting in. 

I would like to remind the general population to never let the misguided Fun Police make you as a man or women feel it’s bad or unnatural to want to explore your sexuality. The Fun Police would like you to keep eating the propaganda society is feeding you to keep you inline and following their conservative dogma, instead of you finding out that a little fun and sex is actually a harmless good time. I mean hell, the five areas of wellness they teach in college even includes sexual wellness. But don’t let sexuality and sexual education come near Dallas! 

(Also, I am slightly offended because she did not mention male bodies, and I look quite good naked too Jackie, how rude.) Maybe had she bothered coming she would have seen that a huge number of folks there were couples looking to spice up their sex life.

Let’s clarify something. Sex is sexual.  Not obscene. Lets not forget that. Sex is the one thing that everyone on this planet has in common.

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Maybe if the fun police had spent some time like I did in medical school in the medical examiners office doing autopsies on suicide cases that blew their faces off with a shotgun, murder and rape victims, dead babies, or people that hung themselves in the woods and weren’t found till weeks later they would have a better perspective on what is actually obscene. Maybe if the fun police had used a giant razor blade to cut the dead skin off of burn victims like I have while wearing boots up to my knees because of the all the blood, maybe if they had seen the abused kids like I have they would really know what is obscene. I assure you its not hot girls having sex or couples learning about sex. Where is the outrage from the Dallas fun police about the programming on television where murder and dismemberment is the norm? As usual the fun police have their guns pointed in the wrong direction. Don’t let the people have fun at a sex convention, but let them watch murder, rape, torture and violence everyday. They should stop perpetuating the fucked up notions about sexuality which have clearly caused them to have hang ups in their own sex lives.

Larry Flynt did a demographic study on the readership of Hustler – he found a bimodal distribution in his readership - the lower class and highly educated both bought his publication. It was the mindless middle class whose sexual aesthetics were trampled. The mindless masses who are most easily manipulated with religion and other repressive measures. That middle class is the target, and that mindless middle class I’d warrant is also the easiest electoral base to manipulate and appease.

Religion and government have long suppressed women and now lets examine why:

What is wrong with hot, steamy sex? What is wrong with fantasy?

That’s what you have to ask the Mayor of Dallas, the Dallas Women’s Foundation and Jacquielynn Floyd of the Dallas News. 

What would you like people to do with their sexual urges?  Have sex with their couch?

Let’s examine how the repressive nature of the leadership in Dallas harms women’s abilities to have successful, happy sexual relationships and connect well with their partners.

Ever since the girls are little they are told to not have sex for fun in one way or another. Don’t be a slut! Like too much sex (done safely) is bad for you? You must wonder why the fun police slut shame women so hard to not be sexually free? And remember, the worst shaming of women that have a lot of sex comes from other WOMEN! Now why is this…. No one will say the answer out loud but the reason for slut shaming is that the conservative women are trying to sell themselves to the man who will pay the most for them (marry them). Mothers don’t want their daughters to be known as a slut because her ‘value’ will go down to prospective buyers (husbands). Now, why do you think women hate on girls that have sex freely… because their sexual freedom lowers the value of what those repressed women are trying to sell. The men can have fun sex with these liberated women without having to “buy” her through marriage. God forbid! Thus the sexually repressed women hate sexually liberated women because there sexual freedom unbalances the sexual economy.  These are the undertones the Fun Police communicate. They perpetuate the idea to women that sex is something not to be done freely or be celebrated, it should only be done if you are getting something.

 The repressive nature of the Dallas leadership actually does women a huge disservice to have this faulty social programming built into them as they grow up and explore their sexuality and have relationships. They must always over come the ideology that sex is not something to explore and revel in. Women and men that are well socialized and that have had real world experience dating around and experiencing lots of sex are much more fun well rounded people. They know what they like and don’t like. They know how to connect and make friends with people. Repressing women from expanding their sexuality only serves to create women that have hang ups on connecting with people and hang ups on their own sexuality. Those hang ups actually make it much harder for men to start relationships with women.

The other MAJOR point that must be made is the blatant disregard the Dallas fun police have for the first amendment to even TRY and censure events promoting sexuality. That is dangerous. That is not cool. 

In closing, to any gentlemen in Texas that is having trouble connecting with women and is not happy with how their life is going – write me an email and I will do a free 2 day workshop with one of you on how to be a healthier and more successful, attractive person in all areas of your life (including with hot women) in honor of the Dallas fun police who wish to stigmatize normal sexual behavior.

About Dr. Donald Davidson

Dr. Donald Davidson is a graduate of VCU School of Medicine and James Madison University. Davidson completed his intern year of general surgery residency at VCU before completing a year of Emergency Medicine research at the University of Arizona. Davidson currently holds a California medical license. As Founder and President of the Dr. D Lifestyle, an upscale men’s dating and life coaching service, Davidson has coached men from around the world to be more “awesome people and lovers.” To do so he follows a model from the book he is publishing covering how men can improve their self confidence, grooming, fashion, dating and sex skills. He also shares many of his own stories from his colorful dating and sex life. Davidson has brought on some of the biggest names in the adult industry to help men develop good conversational skills and improve their swagger.  The Dr. D Lifestyle offers live in person dating coaching as well as web-based distance learning programs.  

 Prior to founding his own dating company, Davidson worked for as an instructor for multiple dating companies, learning much from other professionals before starting his own venture.  Davidson has been heard on Sirius XM and written about on Vice.com among other media outlets. Before becoming a ladies man and finding self improvement Dr. D hadn’t kissed a girl in years while he was bunkered down in the library studying, but his since been with 100+ women. You can learn more about the Dr. D Lifestyle products and services here: www.DrDLifestyle.com 

For more info, go to www.DrDLifestyle.com.


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