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Riley Just Being Riley

By Rob Perez


However way you have enjoyed watching Riley Reid on film--either as a sweet teeny princess or a vivacious vixen with a wild sexual side--you ain't seen nothing yet. In Being Riley, Riley not only performs her first on-screen anal, but she performs anal in each scene including a hard charging double penetration scene that's got to be seen to be believed. We've all waited for it and not only is the sex simply butt-kickin', Riley also performs impressively acting-wise in this feature film/showcase. For those expecting to just see Riley tease all her talents are on displayed here. Tushy.com has released a feature with really amazing, hardcore gonzo sex that it could be in the running for anal and feature film nominations. Who would've thought Riley Reid of all people could be an early favorite to be a strong nominee for a plethora of anal sex scene awards but she could very well be on a stage come awards season thanking her butthole for not clenching up and allowing us all to watch and enjoy an impressive anal debut by one of porn's most exciting and best performers. It's just Riley being Riley and XCritic had to catch up with one of our favorites ever to discuss Being Riley.

Your acting in Being Riley is terrific and before we discuss the showcase, do you have an acting background and do you see yourself doing more acting, more feature work in the future?

I have never acted before. I took drama in high school. I was always a little bit of a class clown. But I wasn’t a part of any plays or theater. So I don’t really have any acting experience. I honestly never considered myself an actress even still today. When I got into porn I got into porn for the sex. It’s the genitalia that helps me blossom. Like that’s where I feel the most confidence. Just being in porn forces you to do some kind of acting. After four years I picked it up a little bit. When I first started, memorizing lines wasn’t necessarily the easiest but now I don’t even need to read the scripts the night before. I sit in the makeup chair, I read it, I get the whole idea of the plot, I grasp it, and I learn my lines so fast. It’s really cool. My brain I guess works that way. Maybe in the future I definitely wouldn’t ever turn down the opportunity, unless it was something I wasn’t interested in, but if someone contacted me and wanted to put me in a film or TV show or be a part of Sleeping Beauty XXX, that’s totally something I would love to do. I don’t always get the opportunity. I started feature dancing this year and every time Stormy Daniels has her auditions I’m out of town. I’m taking next year off from feature dancing so I can get these opportunities. I would really like to try for more next year to see if I can even land a role. Everyone tells me I’m a natural. “You just get it.” I did Daddy’s Girl, and I always feel when I play a character I’m still myself. That’s how I feel but when I did Daddy’s Girl, it really brought me out of my element. She was this crazy ass girl but it was so cool at the same time to get into this crazy creepy mode.

Everything about Being Riley was terrific from the acting to the sex, direction and editing. This could be nominated for best anal title and best feature film since it has gonzo style anal sex but it also has a strong plot and convincing acting. I thought going in it was going to be a gonzo, all sex showcase, not a feature movie.

It really was. It was 100% more of a feature. From beginning to end, it’s not just me dancing and shaking my butt. [Laughs] I appreciate you saying all of that.

Would you had done an anal scene for any other director or was Greg Lansky the one and only director you considered doing your debut anal scene for?

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I wasn’t really considering doing anal. It was only in the last couple of months my body has changed and felt the desire for anal play and everything like that. I was first approached by Hard X out of the blue. They contacted my agent, Mark Spiegler, and asked if I would be interested in doing an anal showcase. I told him just for shits and giggles get pricings. I was only just playing with the idea. I told Spiegler I’m not interested but shortly after Hard X had contacted Spiegler, Jules Jordan contacted Spiegler, and then Greg contacted me. I’m really not an anal person in my personal life because I would’ve been doing it by now because I do what I love. The whole title, Being Riley, is so suitable for my story. When Greg contacted me with Tushy, I went “Whoa” because this is something I would actually consider. I have my own website and I even told Spiegler, “If I ever do anal, I’m putting it up on my website.” To me that was the most efficient, beneficial way that I could draw the most traffic to my website. Why not have something super exclusive on my website and also have the way I would like to have anal sex. I love Mason and Jules Jordan and how they work but for my body and for my type of anal sex, I can’t handle that. I can’t handle that kind of hard fucking. I see that Greg is at Tushy and I was just like, “That’s me. If I was to do anal for my website, for anybody, for Mason for Jules Jordan, that’s the kind of anal sex I would want. When I saw Tushy.com’s stuff it was like perfect timing. Just recently my body has changed and he has this website. With Greg I can honestly say every piece of work I have done with Greg Lansky, I am so confident in it. With Greg he always gets me looking my best, my performances for him are amazing, he plays Cupid so well. He pairs me up with people I have real sex with. He knows how to match me, he knows how to make me sexy. So when he contacted me about it, I honestly would’ve not done it for any other company except Greg’s. We have this awesome chemistry and the work we do together I feel is always my best. Tushy was exactly the kind of anal sex that I needed. What my body can handle at this point is that soft, passionate anal sex. It’s still hardcore to an extent but it’s not that . . .  RAWR anal. [Laughs]


Could you ever have imagined you being nominated for best anal sex scene? Is that something you ever imagine would happen?

It’s really crazy. I never thought I would ever do anal. The fact that I’ve even done it; the fact that my body has even become aroused by the idea, anal was always something I was afraid of. I cringed. I liked watching other people do it. But when it comes to our bodies some people have their own thing. Some people are ticklish, some people aren’t. It was that kind of thing for me. I was like, “I will never be that person.” But after being in porn for four years and having a director say, “Now lick her ass, now finger her ass, now tickle her ass,” it just got to the point where my ass was like, “Hey, don’t forget about me. I’m over here.” I can’t remember what set I was on but when I felt that frustration that somebody wasn’t playing with my ass and my ass was like, “Hello?” I was shocked. This is crazy.


I’ve seen scenes before Being Riley where your ass was fingered. Is that something you enjoyed having done to you?

It was something I started to enjoy this year. We started filming Being Riley in June or July, and it was honestly this year that my body had changed so much. Before I didn’t mind it. It wasn’t uncomfortable or I wouldn’t have done it. I’m doing this because of the visual effect . . . he’s playing with my pussy which is what I cared about. Ass was just for the fans. My ass can handle a finger.

How long did it take to film Being Riley?

I believe we started in May and then we finished in July. It was a three month process. I didn’t want to rip my asshole apart because it’s a lot of big dicks. [Laughs] We did it like that so my body could have a little break. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t ever something that was just too much for me. Greg is such a sweetheart and he’s so caring about me and so understanding. He never pressured me for anything. So it was really cool the way he was able to set it up for me. Even Spiegler was understanding. I went to him and said, “After every anal scene, give me two days off just to make sure I’m OK, take a bath, go get a massage if I need to.” [Laughs]


Did you practice anal before making this film?

I loved the idea of losing my anal virginity on camera but we didn’t do that. I did have two different guys fuck me in the ass before. The first guy had a seemingly average cock and then it was a super average cock. It’s not like I was practicing with big dicks like Manuel Ferrara’s or Mick Blue’s. But I still practiced, enough to tell that it was something that my body was willing to experience. That’s what the main focus for me was, to try it at home just a couple of times. And it was only a handful of times and I was like, “OK. I’m not a crazy anal whore where I can do all that stuff but at the same time it’s not something I could say ‘No, no, no, no.’” Like, never again. [Laughs]


Was this a quick decision on your part or did you have to think about it when the opportunity to shoot your first anal scene came about?

No, I totally thought about it for a while. Greg and I did a lot of negotiating because I told him my biggest thing was, I wanted it for my own website. That was my plan. I was like if I ever was going to do anal, I want to be able to get the most out of it. And I felt that would be putting it on my website. So I could tell my fans, “If you want to see Riley’s anal, you have to go to her website.” In the beginning I would do that and then later on I was thinking I would shoot for other companies. I wanted to just take advantage of that. So I told Greg, “If I’m going to do it for anybody I would do it for you but maybe you could shoot it for my website and I pay you.” [Laughs] That was my whole deal. He ended up negotiating a contract with me where on September—I haven’t shot it—but on September I was able to release my anal scene on my own website. So he negotiated a contracted with me very well so that I still had the opportunity to shoot something and release it on my site without having to wait until next year. We have it set up so that I’m not shooting anal for anyone else except my site and him until this February. Even then I’m not going to shoot it with anyone else because I wanted it to be either Tushy or my website for the first six months because I want some type of exclusive content on my website that’ll help bring a big draw of people.

Despite having practiced anal before filming the movie Mick Blue, who did your first on-camera anal with, did it hurt or was it uncomfortable?

Yeah. I had told Greg I wanted all to be on camera. He wanted to do stills first so that he could ease me into it. I thought that made sense to get me warmed up first. I chose Mick Blue, I chose all the performers except Aidra Fox. Greg thought Aidra was the perfect fit which I 100% agreed. So the reason I choose Mick to be the very first one was because his wife, Anikka Albrite and I are best friends. We have this intimate relationship. So I knew choosing Mick Blue was going to be the best performer for me because he would be extra careful. With any first time girl Mick is just an amazing performer. Whether I was his friend or not his friend, I knew he would treat me extremely well. I just knew he would be somebody I could fully trust without a doubt that would take really good care of me. He was the person I knew he would be so perfect for. At the same time he has a really nice sized dick and he’s not huge. He’s not Manuel Ferrara but he was still a really good first person to try this with. While we were taking stills we were easing our way and it took us a little bit. My asshole is really tight. [Laughs] I had to go put a buttplug in and stretch it out a little bit, then he put his cock in and I went in thinking it was just going to be a physical challenge circus act kind of thing. It was so much more than that. It was so extreme and I felt vulnerable. I had no idea it was going to put me through the mental rigger that it did. It was all good but it was so crazy to allow myself to be so vulnerable and not even realizing what a mental challenge it was going to be. I cried a little bit but they were tears of joy thinking that “Wow! I just did that. I just put myself through that.” I allowed myself to explore this and it was crazy. It was so crazy. It was about where I could take my limits and what my body is willing to do. It was amazing. The first scene was the only time I had that mental challenge. After that I was like, “I can do this, no problem.” But it was such an intense emotion, I’ll never forget it. It was amazing.


The scene with you and Aidra, were you even very nervous doing girl/girl anal with her and did she give you any anal pointers during the scene when you fingered her anally?

I was so nervous. Actually, that was the scene where Greg finally said, “Riley, just finger her ass!” [Laughs] I don’t really finger girl’s asses or anything like that. I don’t have any experience in that. I’m not an anal person myself. I’m still learning it. I’m like, “Which direction do I even put my finger? I don’t want to hurt her.” I didn’t know what I was doing. [Laughs] It was funny but then Aidra just grabbed my hand and stuck it in. Give me your pussy I can handle that. It’s such a new territory for me.

Were you able to pick Erik Everhard and James Deen to do your first DP? How sexually intense was that scene for you to perform in and were you nervous?

No. The first anal scene was the one I was most nervous to perform. The rest of them were like cakes and waffles. They were so easy and I was so down. That one and the Rob Piper scene were the easiest for me. We shot first the Mick Blue scene, then the DP, Manuel and then Rob Piper. The DP scene was the most fun and that one was the one I was most turned on about. Honestly, it wasn’t even supposed to be a DP. I didn’t even realize it. I didn’t even know girls had anal sex with two guys without putting one in their pussy. Two weeks after I shot it Spiegler contacted me about Hard X wanting to shoot a showcase around me and shooting my first DP. I told him I already did a DP and he was like, “What?! You weren’t supposed to do a DP.” It was something that I wanted and I wanted Being Riley to show my first IR anal, my first DP . . . luckily Spiegler got Greg to give me some extra dollars for doing the DP because it wasn’t supposed to be a DP. Bu that’s what I wanted. If I’m going to have two dicks in front of me for this anal movie, one’s going in my ass and the other one is going in my pussy. That’s what I want to do. It was amazing. I personally am glad it happened. It was also my last opportunity to work with Erik who’s now living in Europe. So I’m taking full advantage of that cock.


Now that the question of when you’ll be doing anal has been answered, what’s the most common question you get asked now? What haven’t you done yet in porn that you’re being asked, “When are you going to do this?”

As of right now a lot of people are excited about the anal but a lot of fans have their two-cents to put in. A lot of people are not the happiest about the fact that I did it with Tushy.com because it is a lot more softcore anal sex scene. It’s not Mike Adriano, it’s not Mason and it’s not Jules Jordan. A lot of people were like, “Why didn’t you do it with Jules Jordan? Why didn’t you do it with Mason? Why didn’t you do it with Adriano?” Everybody is like, “It’s too softcore.” Which really hurts my feeling because I’m not an anal whore. Please respect the fact that I’m still learning. It’s been four years and I finally felt that my ass was ready. I can’t handle all of that. People also want gangbangs but what people are most requesting is to just do it with other companies and get it shot another way and not in a feature, soft passionate style.

For guys who like hardcore anal sex scenes I don’t believe they’ll be disappointed in this movie at all.

I thought so as well. And maybe my ass isn’t gaping wide open but I don’t think it can. [Laughs]




Check out Riley’s website reidmylips.com

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