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Natalie Star Interview

The adult camming industry has had enormous growth in recent years. One of the main reasons why it has been so successful is on account of companies like Flirt4Free. So, it was not a surprise that the leading sex toy company Fleshlight wanted to create it's own Cam Star Collection. Now fans can pleasure themselves with a Fleshlight toy to one of their favorite cam girls. One of their new toys will be of Natalie Star's delicious vaginal playground. Now, guys can get off knowing how cam superstar Natalie feels inside.
Hi Natalie, I am so impressed with your adult career. Now, you have a two year deal with Fleshlight. How did they contact you?
Thank you. That is correct. I recently signed a two-year contract, and I am now an Official Fleshlight Model.
To my knowledge, Fleshlight has been working very closely with Flirt4Free in developing the first ever Cam Star Collection.
The first model was based off of a viewer's choice voting system. The next 4 were hand selected by Flirt4Free and Fleshlight to represent this Cam Star Collection.
I was one of those lucky 4.
What are your thoughts that so many men can feel your pussy with their own Fleshlight toy?
I am actually tickled to death at the thought of this, as I have been a huge fan of the Fleshlight product and many of the stars it has molded to date.
The thought of being listed with such high profiled performers Christy Mack, Asa Akira, and Tera Patrick is an honor to say the very least.
Have you already been molded for it? 
My mold is currently being made and will be available 1st quarter of 2016.  
What are your thoughts on these Fleshlight products which makes fans feel a bit more connected with their favorite adult stars?
The fact that Fleshlight recognizes that the adult industry is leaning more and more towards cams as technology advances, and is willing to put out a Cam Star Collection is huge.
You have to remember that cam fans watch us more than they watch TV. Knowing that they are now going to be able to feel us is only going to be able to heighten the user experience.
How long have you been in the Adult Cam Modeling Industry?
The last week of October made 6 years in front of the camera.
Why has webcamming become such a huge part of the adult industry? It has grown so much since you started. If I was a hot woman, I would webcam.
Your favorite adult film does not ask how your weekend was. Your favorite performer is usually only available to those willing to stand in line at the Adult Conventions. As web performers, we not only ask how your weekend was, but we invest just as much time in getting to know the fans as they do getting to know us.
As technology advances, the cam industry is constantly changing. The more high tech we become, the more realistic the experience is becoming as well.
You were featured in Playboy in February. How did you feel being featured in this iconic publication?
Outside of it being a huge honor to be featured in Playboy, I felt it was a huge accomplishment as well. It's one thing to be recognized as a performer. However, being recognized for my accomplishments both in front of and behind the camera means even that much more.
What are your thoughts on Playboy not having any more full nudity models anymore? Do you think it is a good or bad business idea?
I believe Hugh Hefner knows what he is doing, and a man of his stature should never be questioned as to why he is doing anything.
It is great that you are one of the Teddy Love Bear models. What are your thoughts that a woman can snuggle and get off by one of those furry creatures?
Teddy Love is the Teddy Bear that loves you back. This little guy is not only adorable, but boy can he make you feel amazing in all the right spots.
Whether you are single and looking for that special cuddle buddy or in a relationship looking to give your girlfriend/wife something fun and original, I assure you that Teddy Love is the gift that keeps on giving.
Why did you link up with the Teddy Love Team?
I first saw Teddy Love at the 2015 AEE convention here in Vegas. A few months later, their web designer contacted me to do a photo shoot with Teddy Love for their website.
I later met Robert Harmon of Teddy Love at ILS (International Lingerie Show) here in Vegas. This gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk, at which point we began to network.
Can you tell us about your work with Kiiroo?
In my opinion, Kiiroo is one of the most amazing interactive products on the market to day. 10 models were hand selected on Flirt4Free to beta test this product on their network. Once again I was hand selected as one of these 10.
The feedback from the fans has been amazing, and as we all know, it's their opinion that matters most.
I feel fortunate to be apart of what Kiiroo has built. 
Do those toys really get you off when your fans control them so far away?
I have tested many adult products on the net over the years. Fan controlled products tend to come with many pro's and con's. V-stroker for example was designed with the idea that the fans could control different variations of penetration. This includes everything from depth and speed to customized stroke patterns.
Unfortunately, as cool as it sounds, V-stroker in my opinion was a huge flop. For as cool as the concept was, the machine was bulky, slow, and came with a number of software glitches that detoured many fans from wanting to partake in the experience.
Kiiroo however is designed for the fans to feel everything I do to tell, making it more about them and less about me. This has turned out to be a huge success on Flirt4Free's network.
As for what gets me off, you have to remember in the cam industry, each fan has different wants and needs. At the end of the day knowing that I am able to please each of them in their own ways is what satisfies me the most.
Tell us about your company Major League Cams?
As seen in Playboy, Major League Cams is one of Flirt4Free's top ten grossing head hunting companies. As with many other companies on the net, models often apply and find that they are left to sink or swin.
Major League Cams however does just the opposite. From the moment they apply, to the minute they log on, my staff is available to help them every step of the way.
Over the years I have learned that everyone motivates differently. However, it's finding out what motivates each one of them that determines their level of success.
Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to work with some pretty amazing models. Together we succeed.
How often do you webcam in a week?
For as busy I am, I still try to log on and lead by example. I get on cam 5-6 days a week from 11am PST - 3pm PST and then again from 8pm PST - 12am PST.
My day to day routine is pretty solid: Emails, Gym, Cam, Emails, Calls, Cam, and if I am lucky 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
Are there any websites or future projects that you would like to promote?
My official fan site is NatalieFuckingStar.com
There my fans can find my photos, blogs, films, and my "call me" button. (which is usually on 24/7)
For those who would like to interact with me on a day to day basis off of cam, feel free to follow me on Twitter @NatalieStarLive
Interview by Apache Warrior  

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