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Amarna Miller Interview

Amarna Miller
When we featured Spanish Beauty Amarna Miller on the front page of our 2016 AVN Coverage we never expected the huge response.  "Who is this amazing woman?!?!" one reader emailed us. "Wow, Just Wow!", said another. While Amarna was on our radar screen with a stand out performance in Cum Inside Me 2, we had no idea how amazing a performer, and all around person she is.
We've interviewed litterally hundreds of porn stars over the years and we haven't been more impressed. Seriously, Amarna Miller has what it takes to become a major porn star, she's stunning, talented, funny, cute, smart, and all areound awesome. 
XCritic's publisher Chris Thorne sat down with Amarna Miller for one of our favorite interviews we've done in a while!
Where are you originally from?
I was born in Madrid (Spain) but I've been travelling around the world since I finished the university. At the moment I'm based in Los Angeles, preparing myself to give a huge step in my international career. I've been six years in front of the cameras but here I'm a complete newcomer, which means that I've to work hard and show to the North American porn industry that I'm worth it! 
What made you decide to get into the adult entertainment industry?
I'm very sexual and since I can remember I've been interested in pornography. Being part of the industry was something I had in my mind (Certainly more as a fantasy than something that could become real.) so when I turned out 18 I sent a lot of emails to the Spanish companies that I knew to see what they could offer me. I wasn't happy with the answers I receive so I decided that this wasn't for me.
Parallel I started my university degree in Fine Arts and I discovered what would be the passion of my life: photography. I used to take nude pictures of my friends and soon that style developed into more erotic/pornographic scenarios. When I looked at that pictures I could only thing: This is what I want to do as a model! I thought that other girls could be in my same situation and that maybe I was discovering a niche in the market.
By that way I created my own porn production company (Omnia-X) when I was 19. My first porn shoots where shot by me and distributed by the company so I had complete control of what I was doing. About one and a half years later an Australian company (Abbywinters.com) approached me and asked me if I wanted to work for them. I looked at their website and I loved it, so I flew to Amsterdam and shot a lot of scenes for them. The experience was amazing and since then, little by little, I started shooting for other people until I found myself in the mainstream porn industry.
Five years after my first shoot with Omnia-X I decided to close the company. Now it's my time to be in front of the cameras but I'm sure I'll continue directing in the future.
Amarna Miller
What was your first scene? Who was it with and how did it go?
My first scene was a solo for my own company so it wasn't very exciting in terms of anecdotes. I was already posing as a model and the videographer was a friend of mine so I felt very comfortable in front of the camera. When the scene was finished I could only think that I wanted more of that!
When did you make the move from Europe to the US?
The first time I came to live in the US was during my university years. I won an scholarship to study in the Santa Fe university of art and design so I moved to New Mexico for one year until I finished my semesters. When I went back to Europe I could only think in coming to the US again! 
Last January I finally decided to cross the ocean again to try to work in LA. It was a big adventure and I was pretty scared, but I found my agent and I got lots of bookings so when I had to return to Spain in April, I was sure I was going to come back soon...And that's what I did! With the excuse to participate in the Burning Man Festival, I arrived for the last time in August of last year, and since then I've been living in LA.  I love this country and I'm very happy to finally be able to stay!
Amarna Miller
How does the US Porn biz differ from the European?
There are so many different things! The main thing is that I personally feel the US porn biz more organized. Here you have the APAC, the FSC and a lot of organizations that represent the performers and fight for our rights. In Europe that doesn't exist at all, and working there I feel more vulnerable.
The other big thing that you have in the US is the Pass database and all the strict regulations regarding STD test. In Europe we have not had any big issues in terms of disease transmission (Excluding that case of syphilis that almost break the industry a few years ago) and people is not taken this matter as seriously as in the USA. Many laboratories still perform the ELISA test rather than PCR, for example. And most of the producers accept 30 days old STD tests instead of the mandatory 14 days old test that you use here. I feel that the european biz is still being developed, and I hope they take the US as an example.
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How important do you think Camming is as a performer? What's your best Cam story?
I think it can be interesting to create a big fan base, specially if you're starting in the business. And in the other hand, once you're an established performer it's an awesome way to keep a close relationship with your followers while having some stable money coming every month. It can be risky to have only your shootings as an income. 
My best cam story? A couple of weeks ago the internet connection of my house was SUPER slow because of a storm so my FPS rate was very, very low. It felt like performing in stop-motion. At some point we stopped doing dirty stuff and we were just talking to the camera, in a sort of improvised podcast. People loved it and they kept tipping us even if they couldn't see anything. In the end that developed into a paid AMA (Ask me anything) and it was very fun.
Sugar Instant
You're doing live shows with Sugar Instant, how did that come about? How are they?
They are awesome! By far one of the best webcam companies I've worked with. 
I feel respected as a performer at any point and they always double-check everything with me. Every time I finish a show the owner sends me a message with his impressions, and that sort of personal communication is very rare to see in the industry. 
I hope I can keep working with them for a long time!
What's your favorite thing you've done so far in the adult industry? What's your favorite scene/movie/studio?
Wow, that's a complicated question. 
I really enjoyed my scene with Marcus Dupree, Mike Angelo, Ian Scott and Nikita Belucci for "Rocco's perfect slaves 6" (Directed by Rocco Siffredi for Evil Angel). On that video I did my first squirting EVER. My face is amazing, a mix between extreme pleasure and "WTF is going on?".
My favorite studio...there are too many! I really love Evil Angel and I hope I can get more bookings with them soon.
Amarna Miller
How different is the industry than you expected? What's been better, what's been worse?
I started in the business so little by little that I didn't really have any expectations. At the beginning I was just having fun, and getting paid for something I could do for free! And when this became my full time job I was already producing which means that I knew how things worked on the inside.
The best part of porn? The freedom. Getting paid for having sex. The people that I've met through the industry, and the travel!
The worst part? The constant fight against society to prove that I've brains even if I've decided to make a living because of my body.
What's your favorite thing to do sexually? What's the craziest?
This is going to sound cheesy as fuck but my favourite thing in sex are kisses. A long, deep, intense kiss can make my panties wet faster than any crazy double penetration.
I'm really into BDSM so I suppose that can be "the craziest" thing? I really don't like to use that kind of adjetives because I feel I'm stigmatizing parts of my sexuality that are as normal and natural as the others. I don't think that being suspended by ropes is crazier than fucking someone in a normal, heteronormative way. But answering your question: I really like electrical play, shibari, chocking, gagging...and I've a lot of fetishes, like lycra swimsuits, military outfits, cotton panties, high heels or schoolgirl costumes.
Amarna Miller
Who is on your wish list for scenes and what would you like to do with them?
I really, really want to shoot with Manuel Ferrara, his accent turns me on a lot. And I'd love to repeat with Toni Ribas, because he's a fellow spaniard and we haven't got the chance of doing a full scene together. And in girls, I want to shoot with Samantha Rone, Dillion Harper, Cassidy Klein, Elle Alexandra, Adriana Chechik, Misha Cross...Oh god, I want to shoot with everyone.
What do you like to do in your free time?
A lot of things! I'm a hyperactive workaholic human being so I can not stop, even for a second. When I'm not working I love to read, especially poetry and graphic novels (just finished "Transmetropolitan"). Besides working as a porn actress I also write for some magazines such as Vice or playground mag, so I spend a lot of my free time writing ... last year I also published my first book, "Manual de psiconáutica"! I also love photography and being behind the cameras so I have always some crazy project in mind.
I am growing an orchard in my garden and I take care of the stray kittens of my neighborhood, I love animals but because of my lifestyle I don't think I can own a pet. I'm obsessed with permaculture and if everything goes as I'm planning, later this year I'll be in NM taking classes for sustainable architecture.
I also love to cook, and in my spare time I research about new recipes. Lately I'm learning a lot about fermented food! the last thing I did was kombucha tea and kimchi (fermented cabbage). I love to build things and I am redecorating my backyard.
My latest hobby has to be with cars. Just two weeks ago I bought a wonderful Volskswagen vanagon (the hippie van for exclencia) in which I intend to travel around US in a bunch of crazy roadtrips, so I'm reforming it from within. I removed the rear seats and I'm building a frame to put a bed. My first trip will be to Louisiana, this next April.
Amarna Miller
What are your goals in the industry?
I could say that my main goal is to have fun and enjoy what I'm doing (Which is 100% true) but sincerely I would be very happy if I ever win a XBiz or an AVN award.
Are there any porn stars who are your role models? If so who and why?
I really admire how Sasha Grey and Stoya have managed their careers, but if I've to mention a role model she would be Katja Kassin. She is an incredible person who has worked hard for what she wanted in life. And she has reached her goals, which is something that most of the people can't say.
Whats something that your fans don't know about you that you'd love them to know?
I'm usually very open about my life off camera so if anybody wants to know a bit more about the girl who exists behind the screen...please, read my blog! I write every 2/3 days and I'm always talking about my opinions towards the industry, my crazy trips, and how a feminist can change porn from the inside. And a lot of things that are way funnier, I promise! (http://www.amarnamiller.com/?lang=en)
How can people best follow you? Twitter/FB/Site/Etc?
The best way is through twitter or through my website, I always answer the comments and I'm more that happy to receive feedback from my followers.

How can studios book you?
Through my agency (ATMLA) or using my email [email protected]
What's next for you? 
Enjoy all the new experiences that are going to come as a result from moving to this country, travel around the US and work hard to show everybody that I'm a good actress to shoot with!

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