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Holly Hendrix--Rock and Porn Superstar

By Rob Perez


We met porn superstar Holly Hendrix at EXXXotica Columbus recently. While she’s been in the business a short time, she’s made a huge impact on the business already. That’s why us at XCritic have no problem dubbing Holly a porn superstar! With anal being her sex act of choice, expect Holly to raise the bar on anal sex scenes in the future. And, expect to see Holly make a clean sweep on every major best new starlet nomination come awards season. Holly is a performer who should definitely be on everyone’s radar.

What do you feel makes you unique, stand out from other porn girls?

I think I stand out a bit from other porn girls, clearly because I believe I am the smallest girl in porn taking huge cocks in her ass, 99.9% of my scenes!


If you were given the opportunity direct your own porn, what would you like to see, who would you cast in it?

Anyone who knows me knows my love for group sex, especially those with more than one cock. I would lean more towards LegalPorno type of style, and only hire girls who aren't very "limited" in their work. I need girls who are willing to do everything in the book to shoot for me. 


How would you describe your relationship with the fans? Have any become friends? 

I have many fans! I definitely single out my most loyal, and respectful fans from the others. My fans are everything to me, my biggest boost of motivation. I like to have relationships with my fans; they deserve to know a side of me that's different than just that girl on screen. I have become good friends with only one of my fans, I will seriously message him like he's a diary. 


Do fans often expect more of your time than you can possibly give them?

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I believe so, most fans anyway. Many people do not realize that our job isn't as easy as it looks, and free time is limited. I do try my best to make time to reply to emails and DMs that stack up so quickly! 


What are some of the nicest fan experiences that you’ve had?

I love gifts, cards, and lovely little messages in my emails. But what really gets me most is the time spent on me. I've had a fan write the longest article just about me. Long paragraphs describing just my asshole and how magnificent they believe it is. I just believe when one dedicates so much time into another person, it proves they care for you. The same fan also baked me a cake (my favorite kind of cake ever) on my 19th birthday to send me a picture of it, and it was a cake with my face on it! I was so touched by the effort and time someone would take to make a cake for me. 


When you’re not Holly Hendrix the porn girl but just you, how would you describe the real you? What are some interests, hobbies you enjoy?

When I'm not getting down and dirty for the camera, I am probably getting down and dirty off camera. Let's be real! [Laughs] I do have interests outside of work. They include playing guitar, singing, cooking, writing. I listen to music so much, I love singing to my favorite songs. I love rock, I love hard rock, I like music I wouldn't even mention in an interview because I don't want to scare anyone. [Laughs] I love to shop; show me the closest thrift store (even if I made a million dollars a day, I'd never lose my passion for thrift shops).  I am a sun-slut, I enjoy being outdoors, I love to sit in the sun for hours at a time. I go to the beach a lot; I'm always at my pool. I'm also a huge marijuana consumer. I can say that's also an interest. I take weed seriously, and I love finding new glass and new strains to smoke. Marijuana is the only drug I consume. 


Other than deciding to do porn, what have been some other major life changing decisions you’ve made that have shaped the person that you are today?

Well, I've grown into a stronger woman. Yes, very life changing. Before porn, I believe I was weak. Not weak, but definitely not nearly as strong as I am today. I don't hesitate to speak up for myself. I've matured and bloomed like a rose. I feel like I'm on a different "level" than many of the girls I come across in this industry. I can't relate with hardly anyone, I don't have a big porn girl "clique" because most girls I meet just seem so sad all the time. Always complaining about money or drugs, or their boyfriend. I feed off of these people's negative energy and it gives me every reason to be even more positive than I ever was. I don't want to see myself like them. I am so headstrong about this career; I've grown so much since I've began. I can, now, clearly see the path I am on, and the destination which I want to reach before my days in porn are over. 


What are some things you won’t do in porn? Do you have any limits?

I have no limits in porn but I can say that I do not prefer cream pies (vaginally OR anally). I'd rather taste cum, I'd rather have cum in my eye than inside my pussy. I really can't explain to you guys "why" I feel this way when it comes to cream pies. [Laughs] Just not my thing. 


How far do you want to go in porn? What are some goals you have you wish to accomplish while you’re still in the business?

As a performer, I plan on being in porn movies for as long as I can. I have an idea of when that might be, but I can't be too sure, I can't determine the future. I will have done everything I can possibly do on camera. Everything I've wanted. Once I am done performing on camera, I do want start a porn company. 

Follow Holly on Twitter @HollyHendrix_


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez

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