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Dangerous Curves--Bunny De La Cruz

By Rob Perez


Probably no other BBW had more fans anticipate a comeback than Bunny De La Cruz. She made a huge spalsh in the industry over the last half of the previous decade, then left abruptly. But she's back and she's "bigger" than ever. When people ask what BBWs have made the biggest impact on the industry, Bunny's name always comes up. Her old fans know what an awesome performer she was. She's back to show her new fans how it's done old school style. It's for this reason Bunny has earned dangerous curves status!

Have you always been a big girl?

Since I hit puberty lol I started developing butt thighs and boobs and yes I've always been quite thick

Before doing porn did you do anything adult related such as stripping, camming, modeling, escort, etc.?


Had you always thought about doing porn or being in the adult industry?

I actually never had thought about it. My family kept me home a lot and very covered up when I was out due to developing early. So growing up I was very uncomfortable with my body.


When did you first become aware of BBW porn and was that when you thought you could do porn?

When I started BBW porn wasn't really a thing yet. There were some bigger women in the industry though. I worked for companies that shot many different types of women. 

Were you nervous or excited when you performed in your first scene?

I was soo nervous omg lol 

Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

Tony D, Jordynn Luxxx, Sophia Rose, Tarzan


Who’s on your porn wishlist?

Hmmm, so many yummy choices. Shane Diesel, Sara Jay . . .

What would you say was one of the hottest scenes you shot and with who, and can you describe it a little?

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Well since I've came back I’d have to say it was my scene with Mandy Majestic and Puerto Rock. They were really fun to work with and it was Mandy's first time going down on a woman on camera so it was exciting.

How often do you work?

Well I'm trying to work on building my website right now so I'd say I'm trying to shoot at least one week a month. But there is so much more work to be done than just filming.


What’s the best thing about being a big girl in the business? 

Well, I love to eat and don't have to diet 24/7 because our curves area appreciated.

Because BBWs tend to represent real women, do you have fans especially female fans say you’re an inspiration and how does it make you feel you’re kind of a role model?

 Well, it feels great honestly. It's so nice to hear that I've made someone be able to look in the mirror and love and appreciate what they see. 

Your scenes are always hot. Do you arrive to each scene prepared and down to fuck?

Yes, I come prepared and ready to get down and dirty.


Do you orgasm in every scene?

Not everyone but I sure try. I mean that's the best part of this.

Who are some other BBWs you get along with really well?

Since coming back I've met so many amazing women that I'm still getting to know. 

Because you are a big girl, do you ever have self-esteem issues because of your size?

Well, I think we are all our worst critic but I'm not unhappy with my body.


When it comes time to take your clothes off are you ever self-conscious about it?

 I worry more about camera angles. [Laughs]

Are you very comfortable being naked? What’s it like having a job where you can be naked at work?

I actually love being naked especially being bottomless. It's so comfy. 

How do you feel about the word fat?

I feel like it's just a word at the end of the day that really shouldn't offend anyone. 


Were you active sexually before porn and can you describe one of your hottest sexual encounters outside of porn? Is your sex life as wild as it is on camera?

Yes I was. It was probably the time my friend (a hot stripper with a fat ass) took her clothes off and then mine, and gave me head while my ex watched. And my two other hot friends were doing their thing right next to us.

What kind of guys in general are you into and what do you look for a girl? Are you with girls in your personal life?

Guys-I like very tall and facial hair is a plus. 

Girls- a pretty face is very important to me. Yes I am with girls in my personal life.

How should a guy approach you if he was interested?

With respect ! We are just  regular people at the end of the day. Oh, and please wear some nice cologne. Smells attract me or make me run away. [Laughs]


Have you done feedie videos or any other type of BBW type fetish scenes and are you open to doing them?

Yes and yes.

What’s some sexual fantasies you have yet to fulfill? Are you willing to do gangbangs, anal, DPs; what haven’t you done yet sexually that you really want to do?

There is still so much I want to do. I'm so excited. I can't wait to experience new things and people. I will be doing some new things I haven't done exclusively for my site.

Where do you see yourself in the future porn-wise? What do you ultimately want to accomplish?

Launching my site, some more awards, traveling and shooting in new places. Just enjoying the experience and seeing where it takes me


Any final words you’d like to say to your fans reading this in XCritic?

Really just thank you so much to my fans. You guys are truly amazing and just so dedicated. To see someone at the BBW convention that I met so long ago at AVN was pretty cool. I hope you guys stick around; I have so much more to try and to explore and film. You won't regret it. 


Follow Bunny on Twitter @BunnyDeLaCruz69


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez

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