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Derrick Pierce, an XCritic Insight into the Man, the Director, the Performer

By Don Juan DeMarko

Derrick Pierce

Question number one good sir. Now I am pretty sure you have had this question asked many times, but for the sake of our readers who may be discovering your amazing work for the first time, how did you land in this industry? I would love to hear this one from a man of your background.

Derrick Pierce: The background is fairly simple, I dated a girl who was in the in the industry and started doing girl/girl. I ended up meeting a lot of people and after probably close to a year of her being in the business and me still doing martial arts and being a trainer outside the business, she told me, “Um, you kind of need to start learning this business. You need to learn how to light.” So I begin to start inquiring how to start learning to light a scene. I began asking a lot of people in the industry, how do you make your money, how do you do what you do, then…give me your job. Lol. As you could guess, people were like: “Yeah,…….fuck you.” lol. It was then that people began to start offering me performing gigs. I said to them: “I’m not really a performer, I’m more like the guy who watches this stuff. I am just here off in the corner, I am not that guy” So I went back to my girl and I told her: “Look here are the offers, don’t shoot the messenger, but this is what it is and this is what they offered me when I went looking for advice.”  So my girl asks me, “Can you do the job?” Of coarse every guy sees something like this and says, “oh, I could totally do that, piece of cake.” Not knowing what it really consists of. So we sat down, we talked about the money, we talked about the performance side of things, the schedules. We talked about things like having other people in the room while you are filming. So when I went to my first gig, I was a bit more prepared for those exact things and that is pretty much how I got started.

Derrick Pierce

Now, being a martial artist and a hell of specimen in terms of your physique, I can imagine you have a work ethic that is unparalleled in this industry. I would love to know, what has this industry taught you about discipline? Has it shaped you into someone who has even more respect for this industry than when you first came into it?

Derrick Pierce: This business…it makes you hungry. That is probably the best way that I can describe it. The business, it makes you move. Because if you don’t, you become stagnant and nobody hires you in this business if they do not see you. It’s not even that it is a personal thing. It is not that they don’t like you, or that they do like you, or anything like that. It just has to do with being seen. I know many friends of mine over the years, being a director, I will see them after I finish a movie, I will say to them, “SHIT! I did not hire you. Sorry, I forgot.” So if anything, this business has taught me to be more diligent. At least in terms of the way I function. Because if you become that person who is waiting to do this, or waiting to do that, that is exactly what you are going to be doing in the industry…..waiting!

Can you tell us about you personal training from a business stand point. I have to say, I admire a man who continues his pursuit of success in what people call our “secondary lives.” It takes so much to be successful in two career paths. I simply would love to know all the details that motivated you to excel were you have in the fitness world.

Derrick Pierce: Well, as of late. My newest venture into the health is going to be an indoor boot camp: That should be open between early and mid February, which I am really excited about, because the companies online marketing program is mentally stimulating and just visually amazing!

It is safe to say, few know the true art of performance like the male actors in this business. As much as I do enjoy your work, my favorite aspect of you in this industry is your acting ability and numerous ventures with Axel Braun. What is it about acting that you enjoy the most? Do you find that it takes just as much to become Derrick Pierce as it does the roles he plays?

Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce: You know I don’t really have a huge gap between who I am and who Derrick Pierce is. You know, there might be versions of both that do separate the other in terms of what I do online and my social media feeds and things like that, that are more Derrick Pierce than they are me, but I think for the most part it is the same person. So it is truly not a huge stretch with either, with either capacity. As far as the acting goes, I have always been drawn to acting and things like that. I am SAG eligible, I have been SAG eligible for many years, I use to be in SAG. I also have acquired a main stream manager at this point in time and we will see what happens in this upcoming year, so this is a cool way for me to continue to be creative. I dig the activity, I dig the acting itself. I always thought it was ironic, that in this business, that I actually get recognized for acting. I enjoy being the bad guy, taking on the bad guy roles, because the bad guys get to have all the fun! Lol.

You have been in this industry since 2004, is that correct? In all that you have seen in this industry, I would love to know what has changed in good ways or bad ways? I would honestly love to know where you see the industry in 10 years? Will you still be apart of it in some form? Perhaps as a director? A writer, an investor?

Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce: No, …..I have been in the industry since about the end of 2006. So going on just about ten years, yes. I think if there is one thing to say about the adult business, no matter what time it is that you reference, it is, that the industry itself, is always an innovator. It has to be! We have such small budgets in the overall scheme of things, we simply do not have money to waste. We do not have time to waste. We have to be the most technologically advanced form of delivery for entertainment there is in the world. We have to be the best that we can, whether that be simple things like VOD or online. It can be innovations like the use of HD in many forms. We have to be innovative, just like with download speeds. It simply streamlines what we do and then it lowers the bottom line, so that we are able to deliver the content that we need to deliver to the fans. That’s the point, where this business is always the one to watch when it comes to that type of advancement of progress. It is everyone who watches us, from mainstream entertainment among others. From a technical standpoint, they absolutely watch everything we do. Because they want to see how it works with us first before they are going to go ahead and invest in it. For instance, digital video was done in adult way before it was ever done in mainstream.

You are a man of many talents. I have discovered that you not only hold down two jobs as a performer, you are also the host of a radio show on Playboy Sirius Radio? My goodness man, do you ever sleep? Where do you find the time to do so much? What is your favorite thing about being on their airwaves?

Derrick: Well, first off, I was a host of a show on Sirius XM with Kylie Ireland and it was called the Friday Night Three Way. We were on every Friday night, we had a pseudo on air relationship with each other and we would invite a third person in, usually a girl every Friday night. I would for the most part recruit the guests and Kylie would set everything up. But the irony about that whole show was that Sirius XM and a guy named Daryll, who use to be the station manager, they never wanted the show. They wanted Kylie to do a different show. Kylie demanded to do the show with me, so they said fine, you do it. They did not really produce it in a sense. They simply turned the mics on and gave us the air time and said, what ever happens, happens. It’s all on you two. If it fails, fuck off!…Well, it didn’t fail, it was one of their top rated radio shows for that time slot every week and the shows got better and better as time went on. We probably had some of the most diligent guests they have ever had on the air waves. I think at one point, we were even beating out Howard Stern replays.

Derrick Pierce

Being how much of a veteran you are in this industry, I would love to know, what goals to have remaining to achieve? What is it that keeps Derrick Pierce hungry and wanting to continue to perform in the adult industry?

Derrick Pierce: Well, …I think now that I am in a position where I can pick and choose some of the things that I want to do. I do not have to do every job that comes along. I have shot for pretty much everybody, probably done more that 95% of the guys that are in this business. When I came around originally, there were no guys shooting with tattoos. They had nothing heavy like I had. There were also no other bald guys. There was one other bald guy and his name was Mark Davis, so in the beginning I met a lot of resistance. Even Brad Armstrong, who is a very close friend of mine now, when I first met him, he said to me, “Honestly, you can do the job, but quite frankly, I’m not a fan of tattoos. If I had a spot for you, I would definitely use you, but don’t hold your breathe.” I honestly appreciated that and was intrigued by that because of how honest he was. He did not blow smoke, he did not string me out and give me a bunch of bullshit, he was just straight with it. It intrigued me because fast forward some years and I have been in every Wicked big budget film that there is out there, for like four years, five years straight. I guess the tattoos really didn’t matter after they got to know me.

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I would love to know, with as much success as you have had with Axel Braun, what is it like on an Axel Braun set? I would love to know what separates his film sets from the rest?

Derrick Pierce: I will both praise and admonish Mr. Axel! lol. I think that the attention to detail that a majority of his movies have, is simply amazing! I think that is what separates his sets from most other people's parodies in the industry. I think that is what has made his comic book series so amazing. It is because they have really spent the time, effort and energy on costuming and like minded people who will do their best to adhere to all of those things that make a production like his. I think what he brings to the table, is simply things that fans want to see done. For instance, when I did the Wolverine movie, fans wanted to see Deadpool be Deadpool, not left kind of wondering, "eh, that is kind of like him a little bit!?!" What ever that takes, that is what Axel brings to the fans and he does what ever it takes to bring that out in his cast. With that being said, Axel is not the easiest person in the world to deal with. I would consider him a friend of mine, we have an amazing working relationship, I don't do anything to piss him off for the most part, so that he never yells or gets mad at me, but I have seen him do it. His days on set are grueling. We are talking 15 to 20 hours days as a norm. That is Axel, he needs to get what he needs to get. There were a few films of his that I thought were not up par and I I told him that you put a piece of shit in a box and you sold it. Axel said, "No, that is not true...come on Derrick, come on!!" Him and I talked about it and he and I have that repport with each other and we can agree to disagree, but I think for the most part, he does care about what he puts out and that is what makes his parodies so epic.

Derrick Pierce and Jessica Drake

Now, I know this is a hard one and performers are always tough to choose what work they like or even watch of their own. I think the X-Critic readers would love to know, what film defines Derrick Pierce? What performance is it, that when everything is said and done with your time in the adult industry, that you will say, that scene was my best, that time, on that set was what I think is my best work.

Derrick Pierce: There is two. The first is a film that I directed for Wicked called Tough Love. That was my feature debut when it comes to directing. I got three days on that movie, which is unheard of when it comes to Wicked and a first time director and his first movie. I wrote that movie, I wrote the original, then I re-wrote the entire script. I directed it. I did all of the fight choreography. I trained Jessica for that movie and I trained a few of the other girls. I starred in that movie. I shot two sex scenes in the movie. I did all of my acting obviously and I handled most of the background stuff. That movie was a huge exercise in what never to do again. Brad Armstrong, he does that kind of stuff and I have no idea how he does it. It is beyond complex how he does all of that. For me, I almost died, you know what I mean? It was so mentally time consuming. Brad was my director on that and he said: "when your directing, I'm walking away from the table, because I do not want anybody for one second, to ever say that I directed this movie for you. This is your job, this is your movie." ...and that is exactly what I wanted. We had an amazing crew, I had Brad, I had Barret Blade, David Lord. I had such an amazing crew working with me that helped me make that movie and that film, which was off the beaten path so to speak. It was dark, it was exactly what I wanted to shoot and it ended up winning some X-BIZ awards, which I was extremely happy for. The film was an exercise in growth for me. The second film was the Magic Mike movie for me. Which was probably the most fun I have ever had shooting a movie.

Derrick Pierce

Tell us what getting nominated for Male Performer of The Year means to you. Can I be as so bold as to what film do you think put you over the bench mark with voters to get nominated so the fans can check it out and see you work, the magic that got you this prestigious nod?

Derrick Pierce: I have never been nominated for performer of the year before from AVN. It has been ten years and they have never nominated me. So there is that. lol. But, putting that aside, I spent some time at AVN this year, at the offices. As a performer, you develop some pretty big dispositions. I'm sure through the years Don, you have heard the rhetoric. All the stories about advertising, it is all about the dollars, they give awards away. I can tell you I had my eyes open to a lot of those I thought to be true and were not. I do not think it is bought, I think it is legitimately voted on. I do think that is does have something to do with marketing yourself and marketing for the company, in order to gain more marketing and advertising space. I have explained it and justified it over the years, as you guys got to understand. You guys are looking at an icon, like Manuel, or a performer like Mic Blue or Ryan Driller, who are all extremely solid performers in their own rights. When it comes time for them to be seen, well Manuel happens to shoot for Jules Jordan, Evil and Brazzers. All of those advertise at AVN, so when ever one of their productions come out, those movies are making it across the desks of the people who are reviewing these films. So when they see Manuel has seven scenes released this month and Mic has five and I have two and that happens every month, they do the numbers and things may look a little askew. When the truth of it is we probably shot close to the same amount of movies, it is just, some of the companies I shot for, they are internet companies, so they do not get the face time across an AVN desk, or things like that. So if you constantly see, the same people over and over again, it is just going to be in your brain that they are doing better than the next person. It is not necessarily that they are better, it is perhaps that they have more opportunities to view them. I think hat will make them more inclined to vote in that direction and sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not. I do not always agree. I looked at the list this year and I chuckled a few times. Now you are talking about pieces of what Male Performer of the Year is.

Derrick Pierce

If you ask the gonzo guys, they will tell you, it is the guys who can do double anal, or DP's, or what ever it takes to make a crazy scene. If you ask a feature guy, we do a lot more acting, we will tell you, it is performance, plus acting and being available. It is all in the perception of the activity as well. It's not like sports where there are stats. You can make the argument in Football, well it is AFC versus NFC, it is a different caliber, etc. It does not matter, the numbers are the numbers. Touchdowns and yardage, equals, touchdowns and yardage. You can't get that in adult, it does not transition that way. It comes down to a personal preference. What some people think is an amazing film, others may look at the same film and can not stand it. You can not argue that, you know what I mean? I look at guys like Ryan who won the X-BIZ award last year and I was very happy for him. He was someone outside of the box that people voted for and people do not realize people like him and I, we do not get to pick who we work with, we move our schedules from a Tuesday to a Wednesday in order to shoot. We do not have that luxury of telling a studio, "Hey, I feel like working out today, lets move things later on down in the week." That is why I was so happy for Ryan, I really was. Even though it was not me, I can see that they did a real look at who is who and what they did and they went with a truly legitimate choice.

Now, I’m sure all the ladies want to know, did you ever strip when you were getting into the industry at all? I heard you have a deep love for choreography and you really stole the show in Magic Mike film, so I am simply curious as to where this passion came from? How did it evolve in the adult industry?

Derrick Pierce: I taught hip-hop when I was young in my early twenties and I was a legit dancer at that time. I have always had an affinity for music and dance and I can't sing for shit. So dance was truly the next best thing. That is kind of where that all came from. I do love performing in that capacity and the ironic part about that whole movie itself, is all of the guys killed it. They really committed. Even a guy like Tony Martinez was saying, "I don't know if I can do this." Then he went out there and went for broke and simply murdered it, because when they literally did not fall flat on their face like they thought they would, he stepped up the tempo and went 100 miles an hour and did an amazing job and he was not a dancer. All the guys committed and all the guys were into it. Every guy in that film was trying to diet and eat right and all this stuff and I was saying to them, "we shoot naked all the time!" All of a sudden, because we have to dance, we are like in Superman mode. We are all trying to look the best, be the best, so we can go on stage and look the part. It was a really funny thing to see, everybody's take, it so serious. Of coarse, my background in dance, it was helping everybody else and everybody put in the work and everybody got into the choreography and it brought out their best. 

Derrick Pierce

I don’t think the male talent gets a due justice with how well they keep their look and physique. For all us fellas looking to get into as peak a shape as you are, what is your secret to success. What is the biggest key factor in staying in as good a shape as you have?

Derrick Pierce and Jessica Drake

Derrick Pierce: The one thing.......what you eat. I can not express enough how important what you eat is to being in top physical condition. There is no question about it, that if I had to pick one thing, it would be what I put into my body that determines how well a person can look and feel. I have to tell you Don, I love food, but watching what I eat has always been something that is key, because if I did not watch what I eat, I just might be an utter fucking cow, because I really enjoy cookies and pizza, froyo, stuff like that. My trainer and I, So we work out a deal and I basically meal prep all of my stuff and we kill it that way when it comes to training. It's the food man. I mean, I train more or less, five to six days a week and I maybe take one to two days off and I do my best to push it, which is sometimes not as easy when you just have had back surgery.

I had back surgery about six months ago, I had a discectomy.  I had a ten millimeter herniation. So within a six months time period I was able to get back on the horse, get back to training and do my best to stay in shape. I think that the only reason that I was able to recover so quickly was because I was already in pretty decent shape to begin with. But I have to tell you Don, at this point in time, I'm not even working out to look a certain way exactly. That can be a good by product of working out, but now that I am 42, I am more concerned with being healthy.

You know, you get to those points in life and say, "geeze, I can still stand up in the morning, that's amazing." I spend the time man. I hired a trainer. Yes, me, I hired a trainer, not because I do not know what to do obviously, it's because I love the grind and what it comes down to is being accountable for your activity. If you have someone else there telling you, "hey, your not busting your ass!" That leads to something! Sometimes if you only have to answer to yourself, getting in shape and staying there can be very difficult. 

All right, now some porn questions. I have to know, out of all the people you have worked with, was there that one special someone that you never got to perform with, active or retired that you simply would love to shoot a scene with? I’m simply dying to know, what persona in this business caught Derrick Pierces eye and his intellect?

Derrick Pierce: ...........ooooooohhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmm. Thinking....... Somebody that I have not worked with that I would want to. I never did a scene with Nina Hartley. I have done a scene with Amber Lynn, but I have never done a scene with Nina. I would die to do that. This is a hard one Don, because I have worked with a lot of people. lol......I think that has to be the one Don, it has to be Nina Hartley.

Derrick Pierce

Now, I think the more a person is in this industry, the more they grow in many ways. I saw, that when I was researching you, that your amount of BDSM films seemed to grow more and more abundant each year. Kink in all forms fascinates me and I would love to know, is this a passion that grew with the help of the industry over time? Or is this something that has always been apart of your sexuality?


Derrick Pierce: I would say yes to all of those questions, because I think that the industry introduced me to that part of me. It was something that I think that was always inside of me. I think I have always been fairly aggressive, but the industry has helped me articulate it, to make it into somewhat of a craft. I enjoy it for sure. It is an enjoyable activity because it's not just sex. The fucking is the easy part, you stick it in and you go. When you can pry someone's brain without really ever touching them, that creates a different sort of dynamic between the two of you.

In closing, I would love to know, you being a man who has done so much in this industry as far as productions go, what would be your perfect film? If you had an unlimited budget, what type of film would you make? Who would be the stars? Where would the film be shot? What is Derrick Pierces perfect film if he had the means to create it, no questions asked?


Derrick Pierce: I actually would like to make a really good thriller. You know, maybe something that is a cross between a film like Eyes Wide Shut and The Killer Instincts kind of movie. I like things a little darker. I want a film with some grit, something where it is not all fluffy. I want to shoot something that has real legit sex and not just something that is about penetration. You know it is about two people really vibing together. Right off the top of my head, I can see myself shooting in this really dark fucking parking lot, two people fucking between two cars, that kind of stuff. Something public, almost like a bathroom, then I see real sourcy lights, a master bedroom, some very, very realistic type stuff. Definitely more dark and racy, as opposed to fun and light hearted.

Derrick Pierce and Adrianna Luna

The last question I have to ask goes with your adult site. I would love to know what is it that makes FuckingPornstars.com the hit that it is? I myself love the fact that you mix in such realistic scenarios in your scene. I am sure you have heard this before. I have talked to directors and they have said, "you can't put real sex on film, you just can't, it isn't sexy." What is it about your site that guided you in such a direction? Derrick, I honestly hope you continue to produce the content you do for your site, I really do.

Derrick Pierce: First off, I wanted something that was legit and I have been in this business a long time and I have fucked a lot of girls off camera over the years and I said to myself, "Why can't I just record, what we don't normally record?" I figured, why can't I go to, let's say, Mercedes Carrera and say listen, if we were going to fuck off camera, I would probably text you, right? It would definitely be after a scene, right? She would say yes, that is exactly how this would go, cool, I am going to do exactly what we would do normally do and I am just going to fucking film it.So I will take the camera over to your place, we will talk and bullshit just like we would if we were picking each other up to fuck. It would not be stupid, it would truly be exactly what we would do if we were trying to fuck each other. Once and a while, I will shoot a scene, where I am legitimately saying, I would want to fuck this girl, she was nice enough to agree to fuck me off camera, but I am just gonna show it all for the world and you the fans get to come along for the ride. So good luck and enjoy it! lol. That is really what it is for me Don, I just wanna fuck and put on this unique show and be able to have a digital record to how it all really went down in the long run. There were no extreme angles, there were no set directions, like lets do one leg up and you have to act around this position, or the lighting has to be perfect for this angle and shot. My site is, get over here, let me eat your pussy and I'm gonna record it from the best angle that I can find, but my priority is to eat your pussy. lol....and that Don, is exactly how I have always shot it. Now the irony of it is, I have nothing to do with the production of the actual site. That is PUBA. I just shoot the content and Ivan and I sometimes shoot it together, sometimes I shoot it myself. I just recently saw the layout. I told them, I don't edit, I have no interest in it. You tell me what is working and I will shoot that and that is simply what we do They take care of the look and feel of the site and I take care of content of the site and that is simply how it is done Don, end of story! I am going to continue to keep going forward. I certainly will not say that it is not fun, I'm not quite done with all I have to do in this industry. I will be shooting less in the future, but you better believe that I am not done, but if my projects gain the ground that I hope they do, I will be shooting a very select amount of scenes. So we will see what the future holds. 

Fans, Didn't get enough Derrick Pierce? Check out more of him here:

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www.starfactorypr.com/derrick- pierce-bio.html



www.Instagram.com/ DerrickPierce


www.fitnessinnovationtraining. tumblr.com

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