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Brandi LoveŽ Is More Than a MILF


Brandi Love The Candidate

Hi Brandi,

It's an honor to be the one at Xcritic.com that gets to come up with questions for you and see what makes you who you really are. I'm going to ask a few of the questions you'd expect (and I'm going to avoid some that I'm sure everyone asks), and I'm hoping that I'll come up with some that will showcase who you are as a person. Please, let me and all of your fans peek behind the curtain and give us some insight into who's behind the persona we all enjoy so much. Many people think of you as the "hot mom next door" that "bangs teens" or "teaches sex". I have some questions that need answers: what does the "Mom" do when she's not banging teens or teaching sex?


Q: You've been in the industry for a decade now, and luckily for the fans; each year you seem to do more titles than the year before. Is that something you are actively trying to do, or are more fans discovering you and clamoring for more?


A: This is a much more provocative question than some might think at first glance.  In my opinion there are three reasons for the escalation in my number of scenes.


a.  The Maturation of the Adult Industry:  I came into the adult industry as "woman" rather than a "girl" at a time when it looked like the internet side of the business was poised to take over.  The barrier of entry to starting a web based company was incredibly low & this space was initially run like a frat house vs a business.  The web initially hurt the more traditional, "video" side of the business. There were fewer shoots taking place as the industry tried to figure out where it was actually going. As the dust settled and solid business practices prevailed I moved from just shooting for my own site to shooting in LA for the "video" companies. To this side of the business, I was new,  a "web girl" and in my 30's. It took some time to build relationships and a solid reputation. The shoots built slowly but surely over time.


b.   My Agent & Strategic Plan: Nexxxt Level Talent Agency has treated my "brand" as a business. At the end of each year I meet with Jonathan & Andre at Nexxxt Level to strategically plan for upcoming year.  I'm a make a plan / work that plan kind of girl. Together we work to develop creative ways to grow the brand while staying true to my personal kinks.  It's the first time I've had a team as dedicated to my career as I am. That makes a big difference.


c.   The Fan Base:  I have a slowly growing & unique fan base. I love them dearly and in turn they love me back! Again, as the industry has matured the decision making process about who and what to shoot has become driven more and more by demand. I'm humbled to have such a loyal and vocal fan base. If they weren't actively showing their support through purchases, views , comments etc then I wouldn't be getting booked for shoots.


Q.You've been in quite a few threesome scenes, including a featured title this year "Meet the Batemans". Do you prefer threesomes, or is that the luck of the draw?

A: I would not say prefer, however I have had the pleasure of being paired up with some great individuals. The key to a hot threesome, or any combination, is chemistry. Every time someone is added to the mix you increase the chances of depleting or increasing that chemistry. I have no idea how I have been so lucky but the passion and cohesiveness in the group scenes I have shot has been of the charts.



Q: AVN has nominated you for MILF Performer of the Year again, the Fans have nominated you for Hottest MILF again, AND you are nominated in two XBIZ categories. What's it like to feel so loved?

A: It is insane! Of course it feels amazing and I am honored to be recognized by both AVN and XBIZ. It would be a career highlight to win one of these top awards. That said I have the daily reward of having the support and affections of my fans… #LoveTroopers. 


Q: Do you have any desire to move behind the lens and direct?


A: I never say never but at this time, my focus is on being the best performer I can be *wink*.


Q: I've seen the press release for Sweetheart Video's upcoming political thriller "The Candidate" that you are featured in alongside a star-studded cast. In case your fans haven't heard about it yet, can you give them some juicy tidbits about it?




A: I am REALLY EXCITED about the upcoming feature/release with Sweetheart Films entitled The Candidate! This project pushed me way outside of my comfort zone, forced me to set aside my personal political belief system and genuinely consider the alternative. It was challenging and exhilarating! From what I've seen of the edits,  it's as engaging as it is steamy! I don't want to be a spoiler so lets just say that The Candidate is an erotically charged political thriller pulled from current events. I play the candidate vying for the presidency while embroiled in scandal and drama! My love interest also pushes adult entertainment to new levels. To work on such a smart and passionate movie with a cast of some of the industries best, the benchmark has been risen. Thank you Sweetheart Films for making " The Candidate." I hope the fans love this movie as much as I do.


Let's move on to some non-industry topics so fans can get a sense of who Brandi Love® is when she's not on-screen. Feel free to digress here, if you have any things you'd like to get into besides the random "speed-dating questions" my fingers pulled out of my head and into this email.

Q: What kind of pets, if any, do you have?


A: I am an animal lover for sure. My whole life I have never been without pets. Currently I have three dogs and a cat who thinks she is a dog. I am definitely at my limit ( well my husband is lol!) until I am in a position to add an outdoor family. I would love to have alpacas and goats someday!


Q: Do you cook, and if so what is your signature dish? Can we have the recipe? If you don't cook, what is your favorite dish and who or where does it come from?

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A: I am absolutely a foodie! Delicious dishes are my weakness. Add a great wine to the meal and I am in heaven. That said I am not a great cook. I have great respect for those who have the talent but my "best" dishes are brownies and egg sandwiches. Neither of which need recipes lol. Some of the best meals I have had in restaurants have been in Italy. At home I am lucky to have married an amazing chef.  Since it's football season here is my husbands recipe for gumbo … one of my favorites!




1.   Make the Broth:





shells from 1 pound + shrimp

Excess Fish Skin

1 49oz chicken stock

6 carrots, sliced

4 onions, quartered

1 bunch celery, sliced

3 bay leaves

1 whole garlic, sliced

1 bunch fresh parsley

3 cloves

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 tablespoon dried basil

2 tablespoon dried thyme

1 Beef Bouillon

1 8oz clam juice

add all to pot and simmer for 2 hours. Then strain and add 1 49oz box of seafood stock.


2. Make the Roux    

ROUX  :  

a.  Melt 2/3 cup Earth Balance w/ olive oil butter substitute

b.  Add 1 1/4 cups Quinoa Flour slowly and stir constantly until it is thick as frosting

c.  Add 3 cups of water and continue stirring for 15-20 min until the mixture turns light brown.

d.  Set the Roux Aside for later.



3.  Make the gumbo

a. Add 6-8 tablespoons + olive oil to pot

b. Chop the following:

Chop 3 sweet onions

Chop 1 red onion

Chop 2 Shallots

Chop 3 green peppers

2 jalapeno peppers

Chop 1.5 lbs fresh okra

Dice 4 Vine or Roma tomatoes

Chop one whole fresh garlic

Chop 3 carrots

Chop 1 leek

c.  Add this mixture to pot and saute for 20 min until all is tender

d.  Add 1/3 can tomato paste and cook for an additional 5 min  ( Do not add more than this amount of tomato paste )

e.  Add the seafood stock & Roux

f.  Add 2 tablespoons old bay

g.  Add 1 tablespoon Emiril Bayou seasoning

h.  Simmer this for 40 min + until tender.   

I.  Remove from heat and let cool for 30 min +

J.  Puree the mixture in the pot

K.  Add Seafood & sausage  ( Shrimp , Real Crab,  Scallops , Fish, spicy sausage )

L.  Simmer for 12-15min

M.  Season with salt, pepper, thyme, and tabasco seasoning to taste.

Serve over Rice


Q: Do you have any pet peeves, and if so, what are they?


A:  Well I suppose I have a few. I don't like when people don't finish what they start.  disorganization, laziness and attitudes of entitlement make me crazy. Other than that I am pretty easy going :)


Q: Tell us about the item(s) you absolutely can not live without.


A: Since people aren't "items" I would have to say chapstick, bottled water and my hiking boots.


Q: What's at the top of your movie and song playlists?


A:  That's a tough question! My music & movie tastes are so varied that my list would look a bit schizophrenic lol! Musically my playlist consists of everything from Tool, 80's pop and country to Classical & 2Pac lol! My movie favorites cut across a genre's as well  ranging from Full Metal Jacket and Braveheart to Ratatouille & Shawshank. My all time favorite however is and may always be Band of Brothers.


Q. What makes a person attractive to you?


A: I am most attracted to people who are comfortable and confident in there own skin. For many figuring out who they are and what they are supposed to be doing is a lifelong adventure. I am always impressed and enjoy the energy of those who have figured it out. I am attracted to intelligence and a sense of humor as well.


Q:  Finally, what are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2017? Personally, or professionally? Are you looking to stay in the adult industry exclusively, or perhaps branch out to mainstream cinema?

A: This past month I met with Jonathan & Andre at Nexxxt Level to strategically plan for 2017.  Like I had mentioned I'm a make a plan / work that plan kind of girl so the strategy remains focused on my personal "Bucket List". I want to continue to push my scenarios and performances to new levels & have my sights set on nominations outside the MILF category .. so stay tuned!  Actually .. that would be a good question for your readers .... what categories should I shoot for in 2017 and what would it take ( other than anal LOL )?


Outside of adult, my husband and I have a growing real estate development business as well as a health and beauty product company that is starting to take off. So we are always incredibly busy … and I prefer it that way!


Bonus Question:

Q: Does it ever bother you that perhaps some of your fans just want to see you naked and never wonder about who you really are as a person? Obviously some of us wonder about these things, hence my attempt to balance the questions between professional and personal.


A:  Wanting to see me naked is flattering. I'll be sad when they don't lol! The only thing that bothers be is when some people equate being a "pornstar" to being "dumb" or "less".  For example, in response to my sports tweets, I will from time to time get things like "No one wants to hear your thoughts on sports. You're just a pornstar shut up and put a dick in your mouth".  I'll admit… these trolls do get under my skin a bit more than they should lol!


Q:  Please, let all of your fans know the best way to reach out to you. Are you an avid tweeter, facebooker, snapchatter, 'gram'er, periscoper or "whatever else" may have become the hot new thing since you started this Q&A session a few minutes ago?


A:  I really enjoy Twitter as a platform for communicating with fans & I'm on there often!

My Twitter is @Brandi_Love

Instagram @lovetroopers

Those are the best media platforms to catch me on.




I would like to thank you for your time letting us peek into what drives the beautiful woman off set as well as on. Thank you for all the amazing scenes you've appeared in, they seem to just keep getting better!





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