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The "Brooklyn Way"

An Xcritic sit down interview with the always intrguing Brooklyn Chase

First off Brooklyn. Thank you for sitting down with me and Xcritic for this interview. The thing I love to hear most of all from performers, is how they got into the industry. I have found there is truly no one standard way that anyone achieves anything and I simply would love know what got you in the door of this amazing business.

Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase: Well Don, I had actually only worked retail and I had been working in a retail environment, well I should say running a retail pharmacy for about nine years. I was just ready to do something else, I was miserable, I hated my job. So I started looking around online and first, maybe I thought I could be a stripper, or do something else along those lines, because I so wanted to have fun. So one day, I eventually came across and add for the first agency that I ended up working for. It was very vague, I thought that it was porn, I was not really sure, but I said to myself, "That could be really fun!" When it came to things that we do for work I thought to myself, why not paid to do something that I have already been doing for free. I wasn't shy about sleeping with strangers or anything like that, it just sounded like something that I could have a lot of fun with. So, I contacted the agency and I think I spent three hours in this ladies office, asking every question that I could possibly come up with. My first couple of shoots ended up getting booked right there and I actually chickened out. I said to myself, "Maybe I can't really do this." I got really scared and then decided maybe I should just do one shoot. It was such a blast, it was so much fun. After that first shoot, I was not scared anymore, I wasn't nervous, I just wanted to be a performer.

Brooklyn Chase

Now, I would love to know as a performer, what do you prefer in the industry, a film that has this long story, amazing set up and unbelievably talented cast like lets say an Axel Braun feature. Or do you prefer the role were you are simply just cast in this purely sexual romp, were you just get ravaged by multiple people and it is all about the sex, like let’s say a Jim Powers series like “The Seduction of” series from Devil’s Films?


Brooklyn Chase: You know that is a really good question. I don't know Don if I have a preference. When I shot that first scene, I remember what I was nervous about and that was to speak, what I was going to say for my lines in the scene. They called action and I simply froze, because I had no idea what to say. I remember saying, "I'm not an actress." That is what I was nervous about. I wasn't nervous about the sex, I was nervous about speaking and now it is one of my favorite parts about performing. I love when there is a script. I love doing multiple takes of parts of a scene. I loooooove getting to do the acting part.

One of the funnest times is shooting a parody, parodies are fun and features are fun. But I will admit, sometimes you are just in the mood to "get to it" and shoot an adult "gonzo" style scene, where there is no intro what so ever. So I think, the fact that I get to do a nice little mix of both, is part of why I still have such a good time. Because I really do, I equally enjoy both parts.

You know, my very first nomination, was for best actress at AVN, so it is funny to me that what I was so nervous about in the very first shoot was the acting part and now it is truly one of my favorite parts. So I think, I truly don't have a preference. I like them both pretty equally.


I have heard that you are attending The AVN Awards and Expo here in January. What are you looking forward to the most about the convention and part two to this question, I always like to tell fans that there is nothing like a convention when it comes to meeting the stars they love and support, can you tell us something about the conventions you have been to that would perhaps give a fan who is sitting on the fence, a nudge as to  whether or not to attend AVN? Why they should these fans go and experience any convention?


Brooklyn Chase: Well, I think that one thing that people are always surprised about, is how nice most performers really are. Everyone should know we are just normal people, everyone at a convention is just cool. If you have a favorite performer, you are very well more than likely going to be able to sit down with her and have a conversation with her that you would have never imagined that you could. I think that is the common thread of the people in the industry. Most of us are very laid back and just kind of go with the flow when it comes to life and you get to experience that when you go to a convention. It's definitely an experience, I have been to AVN man times and I can tell you that it is amazing. I'm really excited about that. I really like meeting fans and I think it still blows my mind when I hear people say that they are a big fan, or that they came just to see me. Things like that just still humble me. I sometimes have to look behind me just to make sure that they are not talking to someone standing behind me. It is still so weird too me, even after four years. I just have to tell fans this is the ultimate experience, especially if you have a performer that they are really into. Meeting a performer in person takes it to a whole new level. When you get to realize that they are just as cool in person as they are on film, I really think it makes the whole porn experience a little bit better.

 Brooklyn Chase

Now, being as I have worked as a writer and been in publishing for years, I have heard through the grapevine that you are an avid reader? I am just first off, dying to know who is your favorite author and second, being as you have a site that has just come out a few months back with Ivan Puba and I know Ivan only works with people in the industry who have the greatest of creative desires, I’m dying to know what your hidden artistic talent is, do you write? Do you paint? Do you sing perhaps?

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Brooklyn Chase: Hmmmm, so I really don't know who my favorite author would be. I really like James Patterson. My favorite type of book is one that involves crimes. I love crime books, right now I am reading The Girl On a Train, which is supposed to be really good, I just started that. I really read anything, I truly love those suspense mysteries that involve crime, murder, you know, that sort of thing. To answer the other part of your question, I am very crafty. I am actually in the process of planning a couple of parties for people. I have a craft room at my house and I love just putting things together. I do a lot of paper crafts, banners, pictures and t-shirts, you know, all sorts of things like that. It is something I have begun exploring the last couple of years. When I really got into planning parties, I realized how much I loved decorating. I love decorating my house. I love going to a thrift shop or ordering something on amazon and than changing it, or painting it, or simply refurbishing it in some way, making it work perfectly for my house. That would be something I would consider artistic. I certainly don't sing, lol, that is for damn sure. I don't paint so much, but I do love refurbishing things and creating things with them. For instance, when it comes to birthdays, all my birthdays cards are hand made. Actually, every card that I send, no matter if it is an anniversary card, or a get well soon card, they have all been hand made. I even tend to make my own envelopes. I go through at the start of the year and make a bunch of birthday cards and different things. I have a really good time doing that.


So you are saying, you like to basically get things that most people would not see a beauty in and you add a certain level of zest to them and revitalize that beauty?

Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase: Well, I have noticed that when I am decorating my house, I have this vision of what I want and it is near impossible, when you come up with an idea to find that one thing that is on your mind and match up the right color and the right whatever. I will buy things just to simply make my vision come alive and make things a perfect fit for my house.


Now, you started in 2012 if I am not mistaken? Going on your fifth year in the business, is there anyone that you are simply dying to work with that you have not had a chance to? I am talking performer, director, production company. Who or what, is on Brooklyn Chase’s adult film wish list?

Brooklyn Chase: Oh yes, well first off, I have never shot for Axel Braun. I would love to be in one of his features. As far as performers go, I would really like to work with Brandi Love. I think she is amazing and I love her. I have met her and I think that she is a great person but I would love to do a scene with her. Um, when I think of producers and studios, I have done some things for Wicked, but I have never had the pleasure of shooting with Axel. I think that would be very cool.

Here is one thing I have been dying to know about you since I learned a little about you from a friend. You have worked in a field that a lot of my friends and family have. You were successful, you climbed the latter and then made the change to the adult film industry. My question is, with the work ethic you have, with your intelligence and business sense, how has the adult industry helped you to grow as an independent woman? What are the things when it is all said and done, that you will take with you forever from this amazing business?

Brooklyn Chase: The number one thing that I am going to take away is,.... well, I guess you could call it self confidence, but it really took getting into the industry for me to realize, that the old cliche saying of: "You can't please everyone, so just make sure that you make yourself happy" is so true. I know that when I gain weight, people tell me I'm fat, when I lose weight, they tell me that I am too skinny, or that when I dye my hair blond, that I was better as a brunette. It really was kind of a wake-up call for me over the years, that you need to make yourself happy. You can't care what other people think. You can not put too much stock into other people's opinions, because no matter what you do, someone out there is not going to like it. So the number one thing that I am going to take away from my time in the industry is just a new self confidence. I doesn't really come from this, but it is nice to have fans tell you that you are pretty or what ever, but it comes from just really realizing that no matter what, somebody is not going to like what you are doing and once again, that you have to make yourself happy. I think that I have discovered a bigger motivation in order to become successful. When you have an employer and you are getting a paycheck every two weeks, you have to go to work, it's not an option, you have to go. When you are self employed, you have to want it, you have to want to be successful, you have to want to do the things that make you successful. So you have to get up and go to the gym, you have to do this and that and I think this industry has really helped grow my work ethic, because I know that if I slack, good things do not happen, you can't just cruise, you have to put in that work in order be successful, or you have to just get out. I think when you have a normal job it is easier to just skate by and be there everyday.

Rock on doll, I really wanted to hear that perspective from your side. Having friends in the business, one in particular who was a fashion model before she got into the business, she said the same things, that she was always being told to lose weight and that she was never good enough no matter how hard she worked. This business gave her look a big thumbs up when she crossed over. I think the critics of our industry really do not know how much confidence and independence a woman gains in a positive way from the adult entertainment industry. I really like that you shared that with us, because I truly respect those performers who gain something grand from their time in the business.

Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase: Well one of the things that I tell new person entering this business, if they ask, it is that your job is to get re-hired and that means a lot of things. It means showing up on time, it means having a good attitude, it means being prepared with the things that they asked you to bring. It means knowing your lines if you have a script, because if every company only shoots you once, your time in the industry is going to be very short. So with that said, all of that translates into putting on a great performance and I think it comes across to whether or not you enjoy what your doing. It is about having fun, but there are so many more parts to it than just showing up, having sex and then going home. It's about being a professional, even though we are in an industry where a lot people really bat an eye to things, I always tell performers, you have to be a professional in all that you do.

One of my favorite films of 2016 of yours was from a great person in the business, one of my favorite people actually. That film would be Oil Overload 15 and that person would be Jules Jordan. I love Jules Jordan, the company just caters so much to the performer and their films are always so well edited, the scenes always shine. What was it like making this movie and what is it like making a Jules Jordan film? My all time favorite of your films with them, was Orgy Masters 4 and that film was simply astonishing and after that I was just dying to know what it is like on a Jules Jordan set from your perspective?


Brooklyn Chase: Well I think that like you said, Jules is very particular, he knows what he wants. That film was shot by Chris James who I really enjoy shooting for, because it is so fun on set, it is very laid back, but you also know what is expected of you. You know that you are shooting for Jules, you know that you gotta bring your A game. That scene was fun for me, because that was the first time that I had ever shot with Manuel Ferrara. I had never worked with him before and I had been waiting for a long time to work with him. That was simply a very fun scene and I got to work with Blair Williams who is so beautiful. It is also one of those gonzo scenes, where there is not a whole lot of intro and you don't have this build up to get into things, you just start working right then and there. I think we went through ten to twelve bottles of baby oil. lol. It was definitely an exercise in what to do. It was like acrobatics trying to not flip yourself off the couch and to not fall off of each other when you two are the only things you can hold onto. So it was very challenging, but still, it was like playing on a slip and slide with all your friends. lol. It was great performers, it was a great crew, because you want to shoot for a company that cares about what the end product is going to look like. They absolutely have the best make-up artists, so you feel that you look good and that comes across on screen and you have a better time when you know that the end result is going to be beautiful. It makes it that much more anticipatory to work in a scene when you know things are going to turn out that way.

That is awesome Brooklyn! May I as, what goals do have left to accomplish in this amazing industry? Once again, I picture you as a woman with a battle plan and all that you have accomplished, your films, the companies you have done pictorial work with with, the magazines, the film companies, what do you have left to achieve that you have not already?

Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase: Well a big one that just got crossed off was my website and that was launched at the end of August. That was a big goal I had been working towards. Eventually I want to maybe produce, I'm really kind of use to using my website as a spring board into that and choosing who I want to work with and choosing what I want the shoots to look like. I want to try and be a little more edgier with my website too, because it is not something that I get to shoot a whole lot. I usually do a lot of the "girl next door" kind of things. So I want to use my website once it catches on with the fans, as a spring board into producing my own things and having more of a vision and eventually, maybe one day, there will be a Brooklyn Chase Productions, or something like that. Because I really look up to people like Lisa Ann, who took their career and their fan base and they transformed it into this great production company. That gave her a very long career and that is truly what I want as well. So hopefully one day I will have my name on some productions.


That would be awesome sweetheart. You know, the term in the industry is a "lifer." I could picture you doing that, especially now that I know how much you enjoy decor. The one thing I can tell about you, is that you are a writer and a creative thinker. You know, in the publishing world, the way that you can tell that a person is a writer and fit to be an author, is you ask them, "Who is you favorite author?" If they have just one, nine times out of ten it means they are not a writer, because anything artistic takes a very "busy" mind as we come to call it it in the industry, someone who is always thinking on their toes. You have that. So I would love to see your first production. Oh my goodness, I can imagine the script and then what the set is going to look like. Damn!

 Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase: Yeah and you never realize how much more goes into those things. I have always cared about how a production came out, because I want to present myself in the best way, but you really realize once you start shooting your own content, you pay so much more attention to everything. I am talking everything, from what people's make-up looks like, their outfits to what the set looks like. It is a lot more stressful, but it is really fun to have that control over it, so I am excited to maybe branch into that one day.


What is the person behind the character like? How much are you similar to “Brooklyn Chase?” I ask this because performance, especially acting is the hardest craft to master. You must always become someone else convincingly in order to be successful at it. So my question is, how similar is the person behind the character to the alter ego?


Brooklyn Chase: Because I enjoy the acting part and I am just a very "go with the flow" person, I am just me. Sometimes I just watch the behind the scenes segments that companies do on youtube and sometimes, somebody will ask me a question and in my mind, I think about how I would answer and then if Brooklyn Chase would say the same thing. It kind of reaffirms my judgement on some things, like when I am Brooklyn and I am that character, I am still very much me. My personality is just like my "alter ego." I am friendly, I am care free and that is just who I am. I think that comes across in my scenes, because I am having so much fun. I am not pretending to want to be there, I do want to be there, I want to enjoy myself. You know, I think it is fun to put on a different hat and play a different role, but I think in the everyday scene, the Brooklyn Chase that people see, is really me, I just go by a different name in my regular life.

I closing I just want to say thank you so much again for sitting down with us here at Xcritic and would you like to say something to the fans and readers to end out this amazing interview before the start of AVN?

Brooklyn Chase: Oh absolutely. Well the biggest thing I want to tell the fans, is for them to come out and check out my website, which is www.BrooklynChase.com Which is up an running and was launched a few weeks into the mid part of August. It is literally four years in the making and I have been working very hard on it, especially in the early part of 2016. I was just super excited to have it launched. I hope that everyone understands how much that I appreciate them. I always try and make sure to let my fans know how much that I love them and try to reach out to them as often as I can. As a performer, I would not be successful without the support of fans, without people watching, without people paying for their porn, without them telling me what they like to see me do, or who they like to see me perform with. I just want to tell them that I really appreciate their feedback. I take every opportunity that I can, to just thank my fans for simply being my fans. Because I would not be Brooklyn Chase without them.

Don Juan


What a gal ladies and gents. I can tell you, of all the people I have interviewed, never have I met such a focused professional performer and woman. Brooklyn was by the book in the most sensual of ways. This woman's business savvy simply had me not wanting the interview to end, but alas, all good things must come to an end. You will be able to see her at the Adult Video News Convention in Las Vegas, January 18th through the 21st, at the AEBN booth and at the CamSoda booth. Talk about double your fun! If you can't get enough Brooklyn Chase, be sure to look for her here at Xcritic, I'm out peeps:


On Twitter at: @Brooklyn_Chase

Her coveted website: www.BrooklynChase.com (On the PUBA Network)

SnapChat: MsBrooklynChase

Ner Brazzers Profile & Scenes: http://www.brazzers.com/profile/view/id/1951/brooklyn-chase/





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