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XCritic Interview: Roxie Rae

"A Woman a Step Ahead of the Future."

Roxie Rae
We began with simply trying to bring the fan a slice of fetish erotica with our SnapChat takeover and the lovely Roxie Rae. What transpired afterwards was a great conversation with one of the innovators of this industry. A woman who is taking productions to a whole new level, with girls who have the sexuality and sensuality to bring the fans to their knees no matter if it is a cam session or one of her wonderful fetish videos that showcases everything from humiliation, to her patented foot pleasures that have made her a name in the industry. I was fascinated by what the beautiful blond brought to the table, so I figured what better person to showcase to you our readers than a diamond in the sea of fantasy that is this industry we all love. So without further wait: Roxie Rae ladies and gents.
XCritic: How did you get into the business. I would love to know the lengthy story of how you were discovered, how you got yourself into the amazing business that is this industry.
Roxie Rae: I always knew I wanted to be in the adult entertainment industry since even before I was an adult. I used to tell people I wanted to be a stripper when they asked what I wanted to do. Of course, it was always laughed off but I was serious. I started dancing at 18 and danced to the age of 24 when I discovered Fetish. I got into fetish really by mistake when one of my girl friends asked me if I'd like to do a shoot with her. It was a tickle/foot fetish shoot and I was all in. I had experienced doing fetish in private rooms in the club but never formally until I attended my first shoot. Once I did my first tickle and foot fetish shoot, it was over for me, I knew this is what I wanted to do and was meant for. I proceeded to book more and more while I continued to dance, I wanted to get my newbie name out. About 6 months after I started shooting and working for everyone possible, I decided it was time for me to open my own clips4sale store. My first store was The Foot Fantasy!!! all based on foot fetish which I had found a new love for. Once opening that site I realized there was no reason for me to be at the strip club anymore. I filled my time with shooting for my sites with trade, paying models, and still doing paid work for other already established producers and was eventually able to quit dancing.
 Roxie RaeXCritic: I would love to hear about the woman behind the character, who is she? What was it that led her to this amazing industry and of course, we would love to hear if fetish was something that has always been with you, even before you broke into this industry, or if it was unlocked by a lover or a person of closeness in your life.
Roxie Rae: I was raised in middle-class America, in the suburbs, very normal and oppressed. Adult was never something that was encouraged but was always something I was enticed by. I had no idea of fetish until I broke into the adult industry as a dancer and from there my knowledge and experience in the adult industry increased rapidly. I have always been curious and open minded and I fell in love with the glamour of it all. When I happened to get into fetish mostly by mistake, I had no idea how much love I would come to have for it. Maybe it was twitter or the shooting or the models, or all of it combined but I quickly realized this is where I wanted to be. I've always been outgoing but relatively normal as a Florida girl, I enjoyed the beach, the sun, being blonde, and baseball before my love and appreciation for fetish became what it is today. From the start I always felt supported by the fetish community even when I was just a newbie all the way up until now and the support just continues. The fans are the best, I must say.. I don't receive hate from them but always encouragement and it gave me a purpose and motivation to be a part of this amazing industry.
 Roxie RaeXCritic: If you could name your favorite aspect, or genre if you will of fetish for the readers, I think that is something that everyone finds fascinating, no matter if they are a part of the fetish scene or not. What part of this amazing thing we all call “fetish” appeals the most to you in your personal life, what part speaks to Roxie Rae and perhaps always has.
Roxie Rae: It's really difficult to pick a favorite part of the industry for me. I love love love everything I shoot! I have made my name big in Foot Fetish mostly (It's what I am most known for) but I never thought being a non nude fetish model, that I could become so popular. I won break through model for FootNight in 2012 and in 2013 won the title of Miss Footnight and my love for Foot Fetish just kept growing from there. I do incorporate Foot fetish into my personal life and there's nothing hotter in my personal sex life (In my opinion) than to have Foot Worship come into the bedroom with me.  I have a passion for all the fetishes I shoot! I feel like if I don't like the fetish or am not a little bit into it, I can't shoot it. I like doing the things I enjoy: Pantyhose, Foot Fetish, Bratty Humiliation and much more. I am the girl next door, I have been my whole life and now it's translated into my work and has become my reputation in the industry, fittingly. Shooting wise I love to lick feet, especially of every girl I have had come shoot for me and wedgies is another fetish I have complete fun with. I do have the #1 Wedgie store on clips4sale and am always in the top spots for the Foot Fetish categories on C4S as well. I think the passion for shooting the fetishes I enjoy translates into my clips.
 XCritic: What is the Florida “kink” scene like? Being as most of our readers span the entire United States and our writers and reviewers also come from all four corners, we would love to get an insight on Roxie Rae’s territory. What are the things that have made the Sunshine state the go to place for most things adult? Bringing things like Fetish Con to the region?
 Roxie Rae
Roxie Rae: The Florida kink scene is huge, whether it's from strip clubs, to fetish, to traditional porn, there is a huge market here for it all. I feel like I fit right into it and while I don't do dungeon parties I do attend fetishcon every year. This year coming up in August will be my 6th fetishcon. I totally enjoy getting to mix and mingling with the greats in the industry and it's nice that fetishcon provides a safe and fun place for us to all interact once a year. I am an exclusive model to Clips4Sale and being that they are based here locally and sponsor Fetishcon, it has provided me with opportunity to be more involved and be able to interact with their company. I am very fortunate to have such a great company in my back yard, so to speak. Without them I might not be where I am today.
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XCritic: I would love to know how has this industry, how has being a producer and handling all the design and layout that comes with your website, your scenes and all else, shaped you as an independent woman. I don’t think that people ever get to see these good stories of strong women like you in the business. People who grow something out of the beauty that is erotica and kink. I think in all honesty, this is the hardest business to be successful in and performing in erotica takes nerves of steel and shapes us into even more craftier individuals if we allow it to. I would love to hear how things have shaped the lovely Roxie Rae?
Roxie Rae Roxie Rae: I've always had passion, it can be bittersweet at times but when it comes to the adult industry my thirst for more knowledge and experience has never ceased. I love learning and growing with the times and evolution of Fetish. Each aspect I perform in has increased my experience and love for adult. Every role I put my self in, whether it's being a model, a producer, or a performer, extends my appreciation to new levels. Every part I take on requires time and patience to learn and grow but I can never get enough! I always want to climb, to know more and to do more and I like to think the mountains are endless because the climb is so enjoyable. To become successful it takes a certain drive and let's face it, you have to LOVE what you do, it's how you keep your interests and focus on your goals. I think my success in the industry is due to my insatiable appetite to keep growing, learning, and building. I believe having quality models, content, and positive energy is key to continue expanding myself and my brand.
 XCritic: Tell us some of the things you see the industry. What is Roxie Rae’s critique on where the business is and where do you see things going as a whole, not just for you but the industry in general. Do you see fetish becoming more of a household word in the future? Do you think that sexuality in our society will help it to become more than a taboo? Or do you think that the taboo is something that makes it the special thing that it is?
Roxie Rae: This is a loaded question (can I say that?... in the best way... lol.) I get really excited when I think about the future of the adult industry. I am proud to be a part of it, and watch the evolution of our community. We are in a millennial time which I see as more tolerant, efficient, and accepting and with this brings a positive change to our not so talked about industry. I see more and more, that the models are expanding into production and the direct contact we are able to have with our fans enables such an interactive and entertaining experience. The platforms we promote on give us instant access to what's wanted, needed, and going on. I love seeing the technology advance and the freedom increase. There's still a divide of course between civilian and industry but the gap is becoming decreasingly less and less every year. I feel it's only a small matter of time before the taboo and hush hush "secret" of the industry is eliminated almost all together. I am never embarrassed about what I do, or who I am and love to educate people who are not as familiar with the subject. As Industry, we are the only ones who can break the stigma of our reputation by continuously improving ourselves as individuals and a whole.
 Roxie RaeXCritic: In my first article I ever wrote about kink, I typed a piece that was about how fetish does not have one true definition. That so many things can be a person’s fetish. For instance, to me, certain aspects of my writing, my photography, can be interpreted as a fetish and I think few ever see those types of talents as being a fetish. My question to you is, what is your definition of fetish? Do you have some deep passions like writing, drawing or anything along those lines that could be defined as your interpretation of fetish? Maybe something that simply eases the stress of a long day, or just makes things turn into a whole new light on days and times that require such a release and getaway?

Roxie Rae: This is a really good question and surprisingly one I have never been asked before. I don't know if I have a solid definition of "Fetish." To me a fetish in the sense of the word for what I do is something exciting and fun, something someone enjoys, I've always seen it in a more positive light. I think it's beyond the word itself, I agree with you it is a passion but I think more than that it's something true within us as individuals, that contributes to our happiness and sanctification; fulfilling us within ourselves. I think it's healthy to indulge in the things we as individuals find bring us happiness or relief and it also enables people to be more self-aware. I don't think there is a standard definition for this broad word more of a specific interpretation to each being. Roxie Rae

XCritic: What is your favorite thing about producing, performing? I would love to hear about those amazing times you have had on set or behind the camera. What has been your greatest experience you have had since becoming a part of this amazing industry in both forms.
Roxie Rae: My favorite thing about producing and performing is hands down the fans. The people who enjoy the entertainment and those who support us in any way they can, make us what we are. There is nothing more important and they are my very first favorite thing about the industry. I love being able to communicate directly and interact with them through social media and on my sites! The fans make my job really the best in the world.
- Of course my second favorite thing about modeling and producing is being on set! I love to ham it up for the camera while modeling, I always have so much personality that is waiting to break lose out of me. As a producer, I love to think of ideas for content and get to act them out or produce them for my Clips4Sale stores. Both being on camera and behind camera give me the ability to be creative in diverse ways and both are so fulfilling. I love seeing models bring my ideas to life or getting customs from fans and making their fantasies a reality. All the models I work with are unique and we have so much fun in so many ways when we get to shoot! I have built some amazing relationships with girls all over the world because of this industry and the opportunity has been endless. I mean really, what's not to love? I get to laugh everyday, be silly, and girly and so much more - I can't imagine my life being anything else!
- It's so hard to pick a best experience. I really can't narrow down to 1 experience or even 10 and that speaks volumes to me about how amazing my time in this industry has been. I can say I ALWAYS enjoy conventions, I have done 3 AVN and 5 Fetishcon conventions so far and plan on doing more. Something about getting to be in the same place as my peers and fans all at once gives me so much pleasure! I work at the Clips4Sale booth every convention I attend doing demos and signings, taking pictures, and promoting and I think getting it all at once live in person is really very exciting and fun for me.
Roxie Rae


Don Juan DeMarko

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Twitter: @Roxie_Rae
IG: @RoxieRaeFetish
Paysite: http://www.payroxierae.com/
Email: [email protected]

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