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XCritic Interview: Kiki D'aire

"A Converstaion of the Business, Family & Love"

Don Juan: To start things off, I would love to know how you got into the business. I can imagine you have been asked this a billion times, but I would love to hear the nitty gritty about how you arrived in the big beautiful world of adult entertainment.

 Kiki D'aireKiki D’aire: Well, my mom was a stripper in Memphis at the Gold Club. Lol. One of my boyfriends had wrecked my car and I needed money, so I went to work with Mom.


Don Juan: That is beyond bad ass! So that bastard wrecks your car, you gotta find a new fucking way to pay for some shit, so that is what led you to it.


Kiki D’aire: (As she is laughing) That is the really condensed version but that is essentially what happened. I was really curious about dancing for a long time and when I found out that my mom was a dancer, it was kind of like the excuse for me to say, “Fuck it, I am going to try it!”


Don Juan: So, did this have an impact on you growing up and I mean in an effective way? Did you get to watch your mom get all dolled up and see her put on her beautiful make-up and become glamorous for the crowds?


Kiki D’aire: Well, my parents were divorced and I did not really see my Mom, for a lot of my teenage years. So, when me and my Mom finally did reconnect, she was dancing and for quite a while, we actually worked the same shift at the Gold Club. We worked the day shift together. That was really kind of eye opening. Lol. I had never really thought that at 19 I would be dancing on stage with my mom, getting stoned in dressing room with her. Lol. Yes, that totally happened.

 Kiki D'aireDon Juan: Dude, I fucking love it. Because in a sense, I don’t give a shit what any fucking critic says, it gave you time with your mom. It gave you time to spend with her, time to bullshit and have fun. Those are things few get to do in life.


Kiki D’aire: Well, it was definitely different. My Mom does not drink hard liquor. We have had a rocky relationship over the years and obviously now that I am a grown up, it is a lot easier to understand why certain things were the way that they were. It took a long time to get over that. We were getting to know each and getting close in my 20’s and then some things happened and I walked away again. A couple of years ago I almost died. I went into the hospital with sepsis and I spent two and a half weeks being pumped with all sorts of medicine and I got better obviously. I had an ex that got into my phone and called my mom during everything at the hospital and we reconnected. It is tough you know? Because you love your parents but they drive you crazy at the same time. I love my mother but she drives me nuts. 😊


Don Juan: I feel ya darlin’. I am on the same boat. My mom is as crazy as they get and I truly think that is something none of us have the guts to admit. So I honestly see where you are coming from.


Kiki D’aire: My mom is truly a great person, she really is. There are just certain things that just make you go Ughhhhgghhhhh! There are times when I just want to walk up to her and smack her upside the head and tell her, “you are older than me, what the hell is wrong with you!” It is truly a part of life.

 Kiki D'aire

Don Juan: Boy you said it all right their doll. It is a truth of life.


Kiki D’aire: I think that anytime you get close to people, you have kind of a love hate relationship. Her and I, we are best friends, we are sisters and we fight like sisters. But I will tell you one thing, at the end of the day, we can call each other every name in the book but if you dare do that in front of us about the other one, oh no, no, no, no. We don’t play that.

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 Kiki D'aireDon Juan: I can totally feel that. See, one of the truths in life I believe, is that when you know you have found your true one and only, it is when you can fight with them. Not that you yearn to fight with them but you can fight with them, they can fight with you and at the end of it all, you feel that regret and sorrow and pain because you love them so much it hurts. The fighting part is how I think you find one’s soul mate. Lol. If that makes any sense.


Kiki D’aire: I can totally see where you are coming from with that. See, my one statement on love, is that love is choosing to care for someone, even when you dislike them. Because it is difficult, it’s really, really hard to stick it out when things are not going well with somebody. If you can do that, then you have someone really special.


Don Juan: I love your philosophy darlin’ it is the truth too. Because relationships are a mixture of tough times and good times.


Kiki D’aire: Oh, absolutely. It is about finding compromise. It’s about the actions that one takes. It is not a noun, it is more like a verb. It is about action. I mean it is hard, it is really, really hard. I have been blessed with long term friends with benefits. I have been blessed with that for years and years. But when it comes to boyfriends, oh my fucking God! Lol. I might as well just be like, “listen, I’m never gonna call you my boyfriend, I am just going to call you my friend, that I fuck. If that all works out, then maybe at some point, maybe we can consider the whole boyfriend thing." Every time I start calling a guy boyfriend, shit just hits the fan.

 Kiki D'aireDon Juan: HaHa, with you darlin’ I can imagine, because I always say the gals in the industry have it the hardest. It is not because you guys are performers, it is not because of the colorfulness of your souls. In all honesty, I think it is the hardest thing for a beautiful woman who understands her sexuality, that is scary to many, many men in this world.


Kiki D’aire: It is tough, it is very difficult because men have rather fragile egos. I am sure that is going to offend some people and you know, if that offends you, then sorry, get the fuck over it, it is true!


Don Juan: Fucking’A! lol.


Kiki D’aire: You know men tend to have these rather fragile egos. They tend to think of their women as “theirs” and when you have this beautiful, sexual being that shares rather intimate things with the world, it’s tough. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a man say to me, “You know what? I love you, I like who you are, I am never going to try and change you.” Then, three months later they say, “I love you but you gotta quit, I can’t handle your work.” 


Don Juan: HaHa, right sweetheart, I can only imagine. See what bugs the piss out of me when it comes to the career of a performer, even the gals who are in the business just starting today. One of my friends in the business, she only shoots girl/girl at her man's request and hey, I get it, you can do whatever you want to in a relationship. I took him aside and I said dude, if you think her being with a girl compared to a guy is not cheating than you are blind to what love really is. You allow her to have another girl and not a guy and you don’t see what is the obvious because you get to enjoy the other girl too. For you to be that egotistical and for you to limit what she can do on camera, that is stupid! She is still cheating and she is missing out on adding so much to her acting portfolio in the business.

 Kiki D'aire

Kiki D’aire: It is funny you should bring that up. I had a guy who wanted me out of the business but he wanted to use my name to help propel his business. He wanted to be able to fuck around but heaven help if I even thought about it.

 Kiki D'aireDon Juan: Something I have always wanted to ask you as a performer is what was the world like when you left the business to pursue your college education? I read that you danced before you got into the industry and I think many women join the business to pursue an education. The thing I find so interesting from my best friend having recently retired from the business after a twelve-year stint and changing professions, is that the shell shock of entering the “normal world” if you want to call it that, is like getting a bit of a surprize of a lifetime. If your willing to share, I would just like to know what it was like for you?


Kiki D’aire: That was kind of a by-product of a relationship. I essentially met a man in the early 2000’s. I fell really hard. He came from a very wealthy family and he wanted me to quit. So, I did and I went to college and I got a degree with a minor in classical studies. Back in 2013, he stood trial for embezzlement and he was convicted. So, I was really glad that I never married than man. American Greed actually did a story on him that came out this past year. So, I actually took part in that.


Don Juan: Cool, I gotta see this. I love all things Kiki. You are actually one of my favorite performers. You are actually a world class fucking actor. You can act and that has always impressed the hell out of me.


Kiki D’Aire: Awwwwwww, thank you so much, I really appreciate that. You just don’t know how much I appreciate that Don, because it has been really funny the last few years, I have done a million non-sex roles, to the point where literally I have been to the point where, seriously, does no one want to see me fuck anymore? You know? Because I have been called so many times to fuck! It is so bizarre to me. At the same time, I love it, because that was one of my passions in the beginning of my career. Being able to actually do features, I had to build a character, so I am grateful for all those non-sex roles, no matter the if they don’t really pay shit. HaHa

 Kiki D'aireDon Juan: Lol. Oh, darlin’ I know. That is the thing I would love to see. I would love to see you in a nice big colorful role, were you get to act your ass off, because now getting to talk to you for the first time, you can always tell a good actor by the tone of their voice. You Kiki, you sound so normal. I mean normal, being as you are such a good character actor, you really sell who you are playing.


Kiki D’aire: Thank you. I really appreciate that. It’s really cool. There are so many things that I have gotten to do acting wise that I am really proud of. There are so many other things that I want to do. I mean, it was kind of a running joke that I wanted to die in a horror movie. You know, it was on my bucket list and one day, I am trolling Craig’s List, in the gig sections and I meet this director who is doing this low budget horror movie that he is going to take directly to the Philippines, or some strange place like that, lol and he hired me and I got to die in a horror movie! I was like “YES!” HaHa


Don Juan: Fuck yes! How can one get a hold of this gem? I wanna see Kiki!


Kiki Daire: Let me look in my e-mail, I will see exactly what the reel that he sent me is a part of. But yeah, it was awesome! It was so funny, because the director was like, “wow, that was the worst fake cocaine snort that I have ever seen.” I said, “well you said this was kind of a low-budget horror movie, didn’t you?” HaHaHa, because I am playing this drug addicted hippie where you know she is gonna die, so why not ham it up you know? He was like, “all right, fine!” lol. It is what it is.


.......end of part one. Stay tuned dear readers, the interview is just heating up. In our second part, we discuss the performers Kiki has always had a crush on, what it is like to go to bed with Kiki and being swept off her feet. You don't wanna miss this.

Don Juan DeMarko

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