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Joe Filippone - Mainstream Actor Doing Porn Cameos

Joe Filippone

Hi Joe,

I think you are an excellent candidate for an XCritic interview. Here at XCritic, there's a lot of concentration devoted to the "It girl" of the moment, or a fan favorite "MILF"; I'm trying to concentrate on performers with different areas of expertise, be it behind the scenes or in front of the camera. With your diverse industry-related experiences, I think you fit that bill rather nicely! You'll notice that I like to ask "non-standard" questions so that readers can learn things about you other than when you started or why you got "into the biz". So, without further ado, let's find out who you are!

1. The IAFD has only one title listed for you, Kay Brandt's "Forked". You were nominated for an XBIZ award for that role, which was fabulous! That aside, my research indicates that you've appeared in other adult films. What are those and why aren't they credited?

JF: Haha. That's funny. I didn't even know I was on IAFD. Thanks for letting me know that's awesome. Yes, I was nominated for the XBIZ Award for Best Non Sex Role performer for my role in Forked which was a huge honor. I loved going to The XBIZ Awards; it was my first time and had a blast seeing people I had worked with on other films there. That was actually my first time being nominated for a porn award for my acting, I've actually been nominated for gay porn awards for my writing. I haven't won any porn awards yet but that's the ultimate goal. HAHA.

To answer your actual questions, I have no headshot up there because I didn't know I was on the site. I'll have to see if I can add it as well as my other credits and get my IAFD looking like my IMDB haha. Honestly, I don't know why I wasn't credited for my other films. Maybe the director or producers were worried I would get mad having my name on the site since I was a mainstream actor? I'll have to see if I can add my other films as I am really proud of the work I've done in the industry. I actually have one of my films listed on my resume and it's on my IMDB as well; so far it's the only one of my films that's on IMDB and all of my clips are on my YouTube channel for promotion and my managers actually want me to add three of the clips from my films on my Actors Access to help get more mainstream auditions!

Besides my Forked my other films that I've done non sex roles in are:
Safe Landings also directed by Kay Brandt and released by Adam and Eve; this is the one that's on my IMDB. This one and Forked are the ones that my managers want my clips posted on Actors Access.
Slut Squad directed by Marc Weston and released by Hustler
Creepy Peep Show 2 directed by TarantinoXXX
The Magic Vagina also from Marc Weston and Hustler
Barely Legal 154 from Marc Weston and Hustler
Prison Lesbian from Marc Weston and Hustler
Blowjob University from Marc Weston and Hustler
Naked from Kay Brandt and Adam and Eve

2. You are currently involved in another Kay Brandt film. Can you tell us a bit about that?

JF: Yes I recently shot a non sex role in Kay's new movie Naked which, like Safe Landings, is based off her upcoming book. I don't want to give too much away about the plot but I play a crew member named Lori. Mia Li, Logan Long, Small Hands and Shawn Alff played the other crew members and were so amazing to work with. The five of us got along really well and were really vibing off each other and playing off each other really well. It felt like we had all been friends for years and had worked as crew members for years. By the end of the shoot everyone on the real crew were calling us The Scooby Crew or just The Crew to refer to us. I really hope that we can return as The Crew in other Kay Brandt films. I think the audience is really going to love us and enjoy what we did.

We filmed in Chatsworth in an amazing location which was literally on top of one of the Chatsworth hills. We had beautiful views and scenery all around us; I posted pictures on my social media. We did experience a downpour though for about two hours but luckily that happened after we had filmed some stuff outside so Kay was able to film a sex scene inside a tent while it rained. I joked that my acting made Baby Jesus cry and that the sex scene that was filmed appeased him because it actually stopped raining as soon as they were finished filming that scene. It did get windy and cold at night and after the sun had set but I love being on set and filming that that stuff doesn't bother me. I would rather be acting, getting paid to act and be in an amazing movie working with some amazing performers, and deal with the elements then slaving away at some boring 9 to 5 job or doing something I hate for money I can't even live on. You know what I mean?

3. I know you write some erotica, does being on the set of adult films help as a research tool or did people behind the scenes think maybe you could offer some valuable input on the story and asked you to come down and check things out?

JF: You know besides Kay I don't really think anyone in the adult industry knows that I am an erotica writer. If people on set I ask but it doesn't really come up that often. People on set seem to be more interested in my job as a mainstream actor. I did tell Kay that I was a fellow erotic writer when I first emailed her about auditioning for Safe Landings and I don't know if that bonded us or made her more willing to take a chance on me and let me audition but no one in the industry has ever asked my input on stories or writing or anything. And honestly that's not my place to tell another writer how to write and I wouldn't unless they asked me.

As far as using set as a research tool they do say that writers what we know so a couple of the books I am working on now do take place in the adult industry so I am able to use my experience on set as a way to make sure my books are authentic to how it is on a porn set because I think most people who aren't in the industry have a lot of misunderstoods about the performers and what the sets are like. When I tell people how it is on a porn set and how the performers are they are shocked; especially the straight guys.

4. Many people, especially casual porn viewers, often are under the impression that "porn stars" are just that. Too often, in my opinion, they don't realize that many performers have various skills and talents besides having sex on film. You are a prime example of that. Your resume includes being an author, a working film actor, you do live theater, voiceover work, and more!

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JF: Thank you for the compliment. Yes I think that's one of the reason I wanted to get into the industry and bring awareness to the industry. I have always been friends with people who were porn performers, strippers, escorts, sex workers and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I think people are surprised at the level of acting talent a lot of performers in the industry have and I think that's one reason why features and porn with a plot are so popular right now. So many performers either have a theatre background or did mainstream acting before getting into the industry and a lot are in acting classes or take improv or want to be mainstream performers. Not to mention the musical talent of so many! I'm shocked how many are musicians, singers, are in bands. And then there's the number of them that are writers; novelists, non fiction, sex writers, writers for Huffington Post and other news outlets. So yes, porn people are a very creative group and, I have to say, I think a lot of them are more creative and more talented then a lot of mainstream performers.

5. I initially thought that my first exposure to you was in Forked but I've found out it was probably in a Carl's Jr. commercial, or perhaps the horror film "Smiley". I think I saw that one but my mind may be trying to block its memory. I'm pretty sure many others that have seen it are also trying to erase it, as it's horribly panned by critics and audiences. It's often called Candyman for the twitter generation. How do you feel about that experience?

JF:  Haha. That's funny that you bring up the Candyman reference. The scene I did for TarantinoXXX's film was his Candyman parody.

The Carl's Jr commercial was a lot of fun to shoot.I got to eat fries and chicken fingers during the shoot. About ten takes of eating. Needless to say I didn't have to eat dinner that night. I remember the audition and callback was a lot of fun. It was a group of us in the casting room just doing an improv about a concert we had just saw and we were supposed to be hanging out in a Carl's Jr after the concert. I had actually eaten at Carl's Jr with my neighbor who is an amazing hair and makeup artist the day I got the call from my agent that I had booked the job.

But back to Smiley. I remember when I booked that. They didn't tell me the name of the movie or who was in it. They just said it was a horror movie that had a YouTube star in it and that I was going to be playing a creepy guy on a webcam. We shot in The Valley, Van Nuys I believe it was, in a small studio. They told me that I was going to be a guy on a webcam and they wanted me to dance like a creeper and make creepy faces and gestures. They put on music and I remember just dancing in front of the camera and doing the most perverted creepy things I could think of for about an hour or two. We would dance and then they would put me in a different shirt and dance again and a for a few takes they had me shirtless just to have options.

I don't even know if you can see me in the film or where I show up as I haven't seen the movie but I do remember when I saw the IMDB credit for it I didn't know what it was and actually thought it was a miscredit or something. It was only when I read the full credits list and recognized the casting director's name I was like "oh that was that thing I did where I danced for the webcam." HAHA. I've been very lucky in both my mainstream and porn career. I have some awesome stories and have been a part of some interesting things playing, always, interesting characters and doing interesting things.

6. As a multi-faceted creative type, which creative outlet do you enjoy the most? Writing, stage acting, film, voice work? Do you seek out one more actively than another, or do you just walk through as many doors that open as you can?

JF:  I walk through whatever door opens. I haven't been able to write as much as I like because I've been really busy with acting and my acting class but I want to get back into it. I actually really miss writing and creating characters and worlds and stories.

I've actually been aggressively pursuing my more professional voice over career. I just signed with a voice over agent and have already had some really fun auditions. So I'm just trying to do my admin and reach as many voice over casting directors and directors as I can and let them know I'm here and ready to work. Plus voice acting has always been my biggest passion as an actor and where I feel the most comfortable and where I think my talent as an actor lies. I would be satisfied with being one of those voice actors who only does occasional on camera or stage work. I've always been fascinated by voice actors and I always wanted to be a cartoon character. Plus I love how much video games have evolved. I've done two video games so far and want to do more but I'll never stop pursuing on camera and stage work. I just want to act and keep being a working actor.

7. I lived and worked in SoCal during the heyday of Glam Metal on the Sunset Strip. Between the Punk scenes and the Metal scene, we kept ourselves busy doing one show or another. A few years back, I drove The Strip while vacationing. Sure, it was daylight, but it seemed like a ghost of its former self. You live in the area now, was that my imagination, or has everyone in the music industry packed up and moved to Nashville? Do you think the film industry has changed at the same pace?

JF:  I think there are still many musicians in LA but yes LA has changed a lot. The Strip has changed, and it's probably changed even more since the last time you saw it. They are building a ton of expensive apartments and condos along it now! But I know plenty of musicans that are still living and working here in California.

I think the acting industry has changed with the fact that there's now a lot more competition for jobs. There's so many more people trying to be actors that we have to work even harder at auditions to get jobs and keep working. But there's also a lot more opportunities. We have Netflix and Amazon and Hulu now and all the cable channels. Even YouTube is doing scripted series now! And you also don't have to live in New York or LA to be a working actor. I know a lot of people who are living in Atlanta or New Orleans or Texas or Chicago that are working consistently and able to pay their bills and rent just by acting. I even know actors and casting directors, who were very successful here in LA and who worked all the time that are now living and working in Atlanta. So that's been interesting to see.

8. People outside of California often picture every resident lying beachside on a daily basis. Are you one of those people that find time to relax by the ocean, or are you one of the masses that spends half the day moving at a snail's pace on one of the clogged freeway arterials?

JF:  HAHA. Yep that old California stereotype. Well I don't drive so I'm very rarely on the freeways thank God. I actually don't go to the beach that often just because I am a workaholic. I love to work and need to work so if I'm not at an audition or on set or writing then I'm doing the business side of acting; sending emails, postcards, packets so I can keep getting jobs; reading the trades to see who and what is casting etc. I usually only go to the beach if I'm visiting a friend down in Orange County or if I have an audition in Santa Monica then I'll make sure to go and visit the ocean and say a little prayer of gratitude that I get to do what I do. But because I am such a workaholic and so, thankfully, consistently busy you'll very rarely find me just lounging on the beach. I just don't have the time for that right now. Plus I can't just relax and do nothing. Even if I go out of town on a "vacation" I still bring work with me. I'm a very New York actor in that regards and I think that attitude I have about acting and my work is why so many people think I'm a New Yorker. I've even had people-mostly New Yorkers- come out and flat out call me a liar when I say I'm not from New York.

9. Night Owl or Morning Person?

 JF: Both actually. Just depends on how I'm feeling. I like to stay up late and I usually wake up early. I don't always get up and out of bed early but I'm usually awake by about 7 or 730 unless I've had a super late rehearsal or a night shoot. But even when I have to wake up at 4 in the morning for a 6AM call time I have no problem getting up and ready before the sunrise.

10. When you aren't pursuing or working on, a professional endeavor, what are you doing?

JF:  Haha. Well like I said I'm a workaholic so I'm usually always working or pursuing work. But when I do "take breaks" I do the usual stuff I guess. I like going out to dinner or drinks with friends. I like dancing so I'll go out with friends to a club and dance. I do play video games but I'm really bad at them because I'm focused on the voice acting and not really paying attention to what's happening. I like going on road trips with friends. I'm a big reader and have a huge book collection; I live next door to a used bookstore which is very dangerous haha. I also enjoy hiking and going on walks and just being around nature.

11. In "Forked", you get to help Mercedes Carrera complete one of her dishes. You seemed genuinely excited to do that. Do you cook at home, or was that all just part of "the act"?

JF:  Both. Forked was fun because there was no script It was all improv which I love. I was genuinely excited to help and be there as I had never done anything like that before. And since I was her "man slave" I wanted to show that excitement and try to embody how I thought a "man slave" would act. And apparently it worked since I got the XBIZ nomination for it and a lot of people in the industry and outside seemed to like my performance. You don't know how much I fanboyed out when Kay posted a clip of me in the show and all of these porn actress from The Golden Age were saying I was adorable. That was a nice compliment.

I do cook at home but not that often. I just don't have the time and a lot of times after being on set all day or after a day of auditions the last thing you want is to cook. Plus I'll get distracted with work and forget I have something on the stove or in the oven.

12. What are your personal and professional goals for the remainder of 2017?

JF:  Wow. Great question.

Professional goals: To keep working. To increase the number of auditions and bookings I get. To do more mainstream and porn films. To continue with my acting class and get better and stronger as an actor. I definitely want to book some more commercials. I've had a lot of auditions for some voice over series and to dub anime so I definitely want to book at least one of those gigs. I would also like to do more TV as well.

Personal goals: To continue to work on myself everyday. To learn new things every day. To grow stronger as a person. To learn from past mistakes and not repeat them and to be the kind of person that people want to get to know and the kind of person that others can count on and that when others talk about me they do it with a smile.

Bonus Question: I've noticed your hairstyle flip flops between long and short. "Back in the day", I sported long hair and totally regret chopping it off for professional reasons. I believe it required more daily maintenance but far fewer trips to a salon or barber. Which style do you prefer to wear?

JF: I don't really prefer one over the other. Everyone thinks my hair is important to me but it really isn't; I don't have any Leo in me and Leos love their hair. My hair grows really really fast though that's why it's usually long. And not just the hair on my head but my body hair too haha. But there's not one style I prefer. Plus I love experimenting and trying new styles. I've had really really long hair; past my shoulders. I've straightened my hair. I've had really short hair. I've even shaved my head and been bald, for a role, and have had cornrows.

Finally, let the XCritic readers know how they can get more of Joe Filippone. where can they find your writings, your comedy, your acting? Shout out your social media accounts to the masses!

JF: You can find me online. I post links to my books and what I'm doing on all my social media. I'll also post links to by my books. I write under a few pen names.
People can see my acting credits here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2063780/
Some of my books can be found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Joe+Filippone
Here is my incest series for those who like taboo erotica: http://www.lotscave.com/ebooks/author/fetisha.php
And this is the last book I released: https://www.totallybound.com/book/the-thirteen-acts
People can also follow me on social media. I try to respond to every message and Tweet I get:
Twitter and Instagram: @JoeFilippone
And I have clips of my work on my YouTube channel if people want to check those out and subscribe to my channel: www.youtube.com/thehiphopjoe

JF's PS: Forgot to mention two things.  I did a series for Playboy TV called The Truth About Sex directed by Jon Hotchkiss

And I have a blog thats been on hiatus for too long but was nominated for A Grabby award and multiple Cybersocket Awards called All The Porn Thats Fit To Fuck. I wanna bring it back from hiatus.


Thanks for taking the time in helping us at XCritic try to let people know that porn performers are real people too!


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