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XCritic Kink Series Part 1: Lisa Lux

Welcome to the World of Financial Domination

In the BDSM Lifestyle, there are many kinds of kinks that one or more tend to enjoy in their own private time. BDSM, the known acronyms for bondage/discipline - Domination/submission - sadism/masochism, is one of the most misunderstood subcultures in modern society. In this three part series, I will be exploring the world of three women who are called “Fin Dommes “or Financial Dominatrix’s . Each one has made a name for themselves and has carved a place of honor within their own niche with iWantClips.

When the majority of people hear the terms "Bondage”, "Domination”, or "Sadism" they immediately get an image of whips, chains, paddles, nipple clamps and other enjoyable  props. It’s very hard for some to see past the "kinky sex" stereotype to the deeper meaning of the mental and emotional aspects within lifestyle.  Thanks to movies like Secretary (2002), The Story of O (1975), Belle Du Jour (1967) The Submission of Emma Marx (2015) they have each opened a small window for those that live the “vanilla” life who  are curious about the lifestyle.

BDSM is more on a emotional level rather than physical because of the deep levels of trust that are required between the Dom/Dominus/Master (M), Domina/Domme/Mistress(F) and submissive/slave, pet, money-pig and the complete surrendering of power to another person being  the Dom/Domme. Domme and Domina are short forms of the word Dominatrix.

Welcome to the world of financial domination, or “findom,” where men and or women get off on giving money, gifts ranging from the extravagant to the most mundane who enter into online and real life relationships with a Dom/Domme or Master/ Mistress who lead them in elaborate games of degradation, humiliation, and of course in some cases sexual pleasure to which is the most priciest of all fetish that one can indulge in.

That is where these three ladies come into play... I had the extreme pleasure in speaking with three very strong woman that have made their niche in the lifestyle, that has them wanting for nothing and being taken care of financially by their fin sub/slaves.

Let me introduce you Lisa Lux:

Lisa Lux was a kinky, fun and bright college sophomore when she read an ad on Craigslist which intrigued her. It promised she could work from home and make more in a week than she was currently making in a month. She followed the ad and logged on to her first cam site not realizing she had just stumbled into something that would change her life forever. She signed up, turned on her young BBW charms and before long the money began rolling in.

Camming worked well for a while; Lisa enjoyed some of her customers and the new found freedoms that came with extra cash. But, she got bored dancing, flashing her tits, shoving toys in every hole, and being a slave to the disrespectful demands on the other end of the computer.  

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 Lisa didn’t realize it yet, but she craved control and her inner dominatrix was drowning in a very submissive environment. This left her feeling unfulfilled, and before long she knew she had to make some serious changes. She didn’t know if there was a market for someone like her in the ethers: smart, strong, intuitive and tactical, but a few quick Internet searches revealed an impressive demand for sexy female Dommes.

She knew almost immediately she had found her calling. Humiliating and dominating men, while using all of the kink and fetishes they craved, was thrilling. This was exactly what Lisa dreamed of. The more she did it, the more she wanted to do it, so Lisa applied all of her education and experience and began building a brand. 

She started making films devoted to controlling her subjects. She researched everything she could find, sharing her passion on clip sites and phone lines and now, just six years after that innocent Craigslist ad, Lisa Lux is one of the world’s leading financial dominatrix’s. She takes great pride and pleasure knowing she is living the dream she created.

Below you will find that in my interview with Lisa that she is very much the same person regardless if she is with one of her fin-subs or just tending to everyday life… Lisa Lux went from College Sweetheart to Domme in Demand!

What was it about the lifestyle that attracted you to it?

I’ll be honest when I say that from a pretty young age I enjoyed the thoughts of being involved in an unconventional lifestyle. I’d thought about stripping, I’d thought about porn... I just loved the ability to freely express my sexuality and be me. I’d always felt like a very flirty, sexual person and amidst the “normalcy of traditional life” many people have judged and condemned me for enjoying my own sex-positive energy and being. I saw many happy women specializing in eroticism that intrigued me. Being involved in the BDSM and FINDOMME lifestyle was a bit different because my initial encounters with it were that of cattiness and petty behavior and I almost turned away from it because I’m very much a no drama type of person. But I’ve always been a very dominant female all through my school years I had friends that couldn’t believe how shy and sweet I seemed yet how quickly I made men and boys do what I wanted. It was always just fun to see them give me their homework so they’d fail and I didn’t or tell another guy to fight for me and I never really thought of it as being dominant until I was in college and researching the lifestyle and locals to me. But I quickly found my way around the online drama and settled into my flow of how I wanted my experience with online femdom to go and I’ve been very happy with it.

Is your persona the same on and off the webcam?

 I’d say it is to a point. Do I kick men in the balls in person? Yes. Do I put men in their place when they try to be dominant or alpha near me? Yes. Do I dress in lingerie everywhere I go? No. I’m sure most people would see me on the streets and have no idea what I do because I do appear to be very sweet, charismatic, laid back, etc. I do have male friends and occasionally I’m somewhat of a tomboy, I love cars and sports. But I also try to embed a lot of the real me into my dominant personality because for me they both flow together effortlessly and I don’t feel I do act much different from online to real life or the opposite.

How much does a virtual and real life session cost?

Right now my online sessions are Skype for $8 a min, kink for $2 a min anything else can be discussed. My real life sessions differ from person to person and what exactly they’re looking for but it’s a $100 minimum and I don’t engage in person with subs or slaves that just started talking to me. I only do real time sessions with people I trust.

What do you consider the difference between a cash slave and a sub?

 A cash slave and a sub may both like very similar fetishes like CBT (Cock Ball Torture), or CEI (Cum Eating Instruction), or feminization but the difference is a cash slave will also have a FINDOMME fetish. They’ll want to spend on me and buy me things and see me happy and living a spoiled lifestyle and getting everything I want. They get off on the fact that they’re giving money to a superior female that they feel deserves it much more than they do.

 *CBT: Cock-and-ball torture (CBT) refers to the sexual practice of inflicting pain or discomfort on a man's penis and testicles. The scrotum and penis are packed with nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to all types of handling.

 **CEI:  When a submissive is told before he ejaculates that he needs to eat his cum after the experience, it can often present an intense and erotic sense of conflicting desires.)

How do you stand out from all the other Fin Dommes in the Lifestyle?

Well my first thought is I’m an attractive empowered confident female. When you search FINDOM and FINDOMMES you’ll notice many are very beautiful as well, but they’re mostly all petite sizes - not a full figured female. I find that there are many subs that have searched for a curvy BBW dominant for a while, and I’m providing more diversity with my natural shape.

How do you go about “milking” a submissive to get what you want?

 I find out the fetishes they enjoy and the ones they’re scared to indulge in and I twist and tease their minds using that knowledge of those fetishes to lure them into giving me everything I want, more money, gifts, higher clip sales, etc.

How many hours do you put into preparing and developing the ideas for a session?

 It differs depending on what the sub is looking for. I have some that I just develop as I go through the session because I know what they like and it may just be something simple like verbal humiliation with pov foot worship. I have others that I know may take a half hour or so to put together because I have to think about what I want to use for CBT or I need to shop for a specific type of outfit or clothing item, etc

 Thank You Lisa for taking the time out to answer just a few of my questions for  XCritic and it's readers! You can follow Lisa on her Twitter @LisaLuxLive  and on iWantClips Goddess Lisa Lux.

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 of this series!

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