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@GothCharlotte Didn't Want To Wait To Do The Fun Stuff!

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Charlotte Sartre
I got a chance to send Charlotte Sartre (who is known to many as @gothcharlotte) my usual baker's dozen of questions. Her replies are short, sweet,  and to the point. She's not here to fuck around, people...well, she is...but not in that way. Let's check her out!
1. Let's start with your name. I've heard the story behind, but I'm not sure everyone has. Please, tell us a bit about it.
It's my real first name and the last name comes from the writer Jean-Paul Sartre.

2. You're fairly new to the industry but it looks like you are planning on staying a while! While some girls start by dipping their toes in the shallow end of the pool to test the waters, you seemed to have taken the approach of doing a cannonball off the high dive! You came right out of the gates with anal and gangbangs. Was that theintention, or did that just happen? 
It was absolutely my intention. I always liked anal and fisting and fantasized about gangbangs and DPs so why deprive myself? So many girls think you need to wait to do different sex acts but honestly nobody gives enough of a fuck to wait for you to do your first anal or whatever when so many performers are already doing it. And I haven't noticed my career being negatively affected by not waiting to do the fun shit, if anything it's only helped.

3. I've reviewed a number of your movies now, and I liked all of them. However, you and most of the Burning Angel regulars, always take me more time to cover as I find myself busy jotting down notes about new inkwork or piercings. Do you have a favorite piece of artwork 
currently, or do you have something special planned?
I really like my new inner lip tattoo which says "URINAL" I don't really have anything planned right now, most of my tattoos were pretty spur of the moment but I'm sure as soon as I can justify spending the extra cash I'll be back in the tattoo shop very shortly.

4. I liked everyone in A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2. I thought you all played the part very well! Did Joanna approach all of you knowing you'd fit "the look", or did you all beat down her door to get the part?
A while ago I had asked her if she would be interested in putting me in a Wednesday Addams film because I was such a fan of the first one and I had secretly bought a dress just in the hopes of doing a scene like that. Not sure about the other girls as I don't know them very well.

5. Here at XCritic we are aware that Kink.com made a business decision to stop filming at the world famous Armory. How do you feel about that?
I miss the Armory and living/working in San Francisco but I respect their business decision and understand it was necessary.

Charlotte Sartre6. You received an AVN fan nomination for Hottest Newcomer last year. I'd say that is a pretty impressive accomplishment for someone who started out doing what many would consider small niche genres. What did you think when you saw your name on the list?
I thought it was a joke at first because I don't think I have very many fans but I was happy to be included among such prolific people. I told my aunt and uncle and they were very excited for me. It also made me feel less out-of-place at the AVN Awards because I was like, well at least I technically have a reason to be here besides boning people in their hotel rooms.

7. I've seen a BTS interview of you where you discuss some fascinating hobbies and interests. Can you tell the readers a bit about them? (Note to readers: Teen Anal Fuck Dolls is the title that BTS is in!)
I'm really into taxidermy and collecting spiders.

8. You were born and raised in California, is that correct? Did you always plan on becoming a performer or were you just in a certain place at a certain time and it happened? 

Yes I was born and raised in northern California. I've wanted to be an adult performer since I was like 16 but I got lucky with the circumstances.

9. How many of the 50 states have you visited, which ones have stood out in your mind and why?
I can't remember all of them but I've always liked Nevada.

10. Dresses/skirts or jeans when you're just hanging out?
When I'm just hanging out I wear jeans or pajamas. I don't give a fuck about impressing people or looking good.

11. Do you have any pets? Who are they?
I have 8 tarantulas a centipede and two cats, Ripley and Jonesy. 

12. What are your professional plans for the next year or so?
Continue getting ass fucked. 

Bonus Question: What's the most exciting scene that you have done so far and why?
Recently I did a bi threesome scene with my boyfriend Lance Hart and one of my favorite people, Wolf Hudson, who briefly came out of retirement to shoot it. I was so turned on the entire time, it was magical and special.
Twitter/Instagram: @gothcharlotte
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Charlotte. Now that centipede/spider tat makes total sense. :)

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