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Welcome to the World of Financial Domination Part 2

Goddess Indira: An Unlikely Recipe for Success-

Imagine leaving your successful job and moving from a major city to a town with a population of 1,700 people. She was twenty-something and had gone from modeling to working as a medical professional. She dabbled in the dungeon scene but her life trajectory was predictable and predetermined.

Drowning in societal expectations and surrounded by an ever invasive concrete jungle of family, she decided in order to find herself. In this realization, she gave up everything she knew, and everything she had been programmed to pursue, and moved to the middle of nowhere.

She enjoyed her new found privacy and she finally was free to explore her own desires. She found herself drawn to the BDSM community during her personal time and was happy to find it financially lucrative. She didn’t think it could get any better, then one day a client asked if she would film their sessions. She did and loved it so did the client! It dawned on her that there might be someone else out there who would also enjoy it.

She went home and did some research and to her wonderful surprise, there were tons of sites catering to fem and findom,  iWantClips. They ranked higher than any other sites on any other platforms. She signed up and within a few short months, her income, independence, and joy for life grew more than in any of her twenty-plus previous years. 

She makes her own schedule, sets her own limits and can be as creative as her mind allows it. She writes the recipe for joy and her own success every single day!

 1-What attracted you to the Lifestyle?

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 It was not a matter of “what” but rather “who” attracted me to the FINDOMME Lifestyle. I found myself frequenting dungeons after a terrible breakup, but it wasn’t until I found iWantClips that I fully devoted my profession to this Lifestyle. It seemed perfect for me, so FUN, FREE all while being powerful and in charge of MY success.

 2-Do you feel that men more than women in the corporate world are more likely to you to you for a session?

 I feel that if a person is inclined or interested in a particular kink, at any level, sometimes their fetish can be explored further. I do feel that affluent men tend to be more “hush hush” whereas women are fully ready to dive in.

 3- How do you weed out the “game players” from the “time wasters”?

Weeding out “time wasters or freeloaders” is a daily, if not hourly task. As the FINDOMME MOVEMENT grows, so will those who have another agenda in mind. It’s the ying and yang of FINDOM. I don’t "seek out” clients if they are affluent, they’ll usually gravitate toward me if that’s where their path leads them.

4-Are you verified on sites like Fin Dom.Com or on any other form of social media?

I am verified on Findoms.com and have actually had the Site Monitors at FetLife.com “verify” me as well after many Kinksters/Slaves felt I was “too pretty to be real”. Since then, I just let my iWantClips speak for me. I post pictures to my Twitter and IG: @GoddessIndira but at the end of the day, Photoshop does wonders. For me to fake or imposter a clip on iWantClips would be more time consuming than working a normal 9-5 and sounds less petty, too.

5- Do you considered yourself a Pro-Domme or an  Insta-Domme?

I consider myself a Pro-Domme which is new to social media. I mentored under a Head Mistress for three years prior to my three years of solo Female Domination work however I only joined social media last February while gearing up to join iWantClips.

*Pro-Domme- a 'professional dominant' (Domme is the female version of Dom.... both of which are short for 'dominant'. A Pro-Domme is someone who is well known and active in the community and lifestyle and has been for years, They ARE fully trained for real time sessions, fully equipped, skilled and knowledgeable in safety and play.

*Insta-Domme- An Insta-Domme is someone often a young woman who has ZERO knowledge and experience in BDSM [email protected] They are new to the scene and are using the "Domme" term to take advantage of unknowing submissives and putting them at risk.

6-Is each fin sub easy to control?

Each submissive or fin slave is unique just like every person has different quirks. At the end of the day, we are all people; they just happened to have a kink/fetish that has been considered “taboo” by traditional society - although I think that is changing. But to answer your question, you need to know your “submissive” to truly learn their triggers and how to dig deeper into the psychology of an often fragile and vulnerable mindset and exploit that in order for there to be satisfaction for both consenting parties.

 7-What was the most humiliating form of punishment that you had to bestow upon a submissive?

The most humiliating form of punishment I have given to a submissive was to make him eat his own feces. He would not stop calling…Every morning he  would call begging for my feces. So, I told him “You want to beg for a piece of [email protected]%? Beg by eating your OWN [email protected]%”! He did. He even wanted to impress me so bad, he came on it and then ate that too. The psychology behind the erotic fantasies of each man and woman is fascinating.


Thank You  Goddess Indira for answering a few question for the XCritic readers and for showing us a brief glimpse into the Lifestyle!


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