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Welcome to the World of Financial Domination Part 3

Supernal Goddess Ashanti: The Power of Divine Intervention


Exposed to and fascinated by the fetish and BDSM lifestyle early in life,Supernal Goddess Ashanti was a curious individual. In her adolescence she often found herself sneaking around to watch porn and inadvertently stumbled upon the fetish and BDSM kink scene. It was the complete opposite of “traditional “porn which titillated  her, because in this world the women were the dominant figures.

The empowerment they showed resonated for Ashanti. She fantasized about becoming a dominatrix one day and dominating men herself.  Then, life happened, and like most of society, Ashanti was shaped by the mainstream media and found herself drawn to modeling as she grew up. She was a natural beauty, gaining personal empowerment earning income with her good looks.

 As her career took off, Ashanti  used  every social media channel to help expand her visibility and fan base by posting photos and glimpses into her daily life. One day, completely out of the blue, a fan messaged her asking if she would dominate him. It all came rushing back. Ashanti smiled, intrigued, fascinated and excited.

She replied to the fan affirmatively and through him was reintroduced to the world of Fetish, BDSM, and Kink. Only this time, she was an adult, and  it was an entirely tactile and heavenly experience. One thing led to another and the blossoming Domme soon had a client base that included some of the most powerful celebrities in the world but there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to reach all the men who were craving her.

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The Internet led Ashanti to iWantClips, a site dedicated to model worship and Findoms. She opened her own store and began producing, starring in, and selling her own clips. Over the years her childhood fantasy became her brand. Today she is a publicity model for the popular network and has made over 100 videos for her dedicated fan base of submissive men. 

“Worship her and Supernal Goddess Ashanti will not only control  you, she will love every second of it!”


1- What was it that about the Lifestyle that attracted you?

 I was attracted to the fact that the females were the dominants and in control of men versus have them control me per the patriarchy standards that society has established in order to keep women "in their place" and I always have had a dominant and controlling side to me. On top of that I was attracted to the fact that I could be myself and make money while doing so by being a Fin Domme.

2- Outside of the Lifestyle, are you just as dominating in your day to day life?

Yes, outside of the lifestyle I am just as dominating in my day to day life and often receive feedback of appearing intimidating because of my dominating presence.

3- What was it that was in the Lifestyle that inspired you to become a Fin Domme?

I naturally enjoy dominating men, but being compensated for what comes naturally and not as a forced behavior, is an added bonus. To be myself and to do what I love is rewarding.

4- Do you feel that there is a lack of FINDOMME subs?

Yes and no. Yes because the lifestyle is over-saturated with “Dommes” that many of the “subs” who have accepted their submissive side and are looking to serve can seemingly pick and choose from a plethora of us, so there tends to be a lot of “Domme hoppers”. No - because as long as you are being original and creative with your marketing you will attract subs and even peek the curiosity of some vanilla types who will be genuinely interested in serving regardless of the saturate market.

5-Do you set the boundaries and all limits before a session and how do you  end the session?

Yes, consent is always number one between both parties. Boundaries and limits are addressed in advance set for my safety and to clarify what services they are receiving and exactly what a session would entail. I keep track of the session's time throughout each session by discreetly looking at a clock on a desk or use a timer in other sessions such as foot worship. Just before the clients time has expired the sub/client is advised and asked if they would like to continue the session longer.

6-What kind of twists do you add to your session with the fin sub to make it more real and personal?

I usually keep my twists private, but I do stay aware of what FIN SUBS enjoy and I will use what I understand to engage them and make it more realistic and personal for them.

7-How do you stand out from all the other Fin Dommes in the Lifestyle?

I just stay true to myself and interests, it is easy to want to copy more successful Dommes because they are already successful, but just like any business you have to find your niche in order to be original and successful in order to stand out. I use what I like to think is a unique approach to how I market myself and attract subs, the same confidence that I have in my outside life I bring to the lifestyle as well and subs can sense and seek out genuine and creative Dommes.


 I want to thank Sarah from iWantClips, for allowing XCritic and it’s readers a small glimpse into the lives of these three Fin Dommes that have  made their names very well know amongst others Doms/Dommes in the  BDSM Lifestyle. As with anything involving the BDSM Lifestyle, one should always be careful when it comes to sharing any information online with anyone  who claims to be a Domme..Verify who they are first before you take that next step.




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