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Leya Falcon Un-fucking-filtered


Back in the day, Leya Falcon was a regular contributor here at XCritic. While browsing through the old stuff, I realized we hadn't heard from her in awhile even though we review her movies as they get to us. I felt the need to rectify that situation and so I reached out to her with my usual random baker's dozen of questions. As expected, she came back with some damn good answers. This woman holds nothing back which is one of the reasons I had to touch bases with her (besides, she's a hot porn star - that's what we write about around here, ya know?)

Note: I did not edit the responses in any way.

1. If you were a book what book would you be and why? Would you be available at the library, or would you sit on a serious collector's shelf?

I'd be a very fat book with maybe 15,000 pages because of the experiences I've gone through good and bad are far too complex for a simple third grade level book, I would be a hard cover (because a soft cover could never go through what I have) collector's edition covered in crystals but would also be available to read on the internet because im sure one of those that got their hands on a physical copy would steal it and put it out there for free 

2. Many fans know you as Harley Quinn - but what else is in the wardrobe closet? Do you go to Comic-cons, and if so is there a surprise outfit that the fans can look forward to?

My wardrobe consists of a ton of Harley quinn stuff, velour tracksuit, onesie pajamas, costumes and a shit ton of louboutin shoes with some actual adult clothing thrown in the mix

3. Youtube has a Leya Falcon F-meter on it that was part of the Forked outtakes. It's fuckin' funny as fuck! How many times a day do you normally use that word? Why?

I have no idea, it just comes out but I did read that the more a person cusses the more honest they are so in short it's probably because I have no fuckin filter 

4. Which would you rather see your man interested in comic books/graphic novels or porn? Why?

I'd rather see him into both because that would be a sign he's a well rounded person and both of those things are a big part of who I am

5. I'm aware that you hated eps 1-3 of Star Wars. Does that still hold true and what do you think of 7? Is Disney going to totally jack that franchise up or do you think they can turn it around? And was it just me or was episode 7 pretty much episode 4 all over again?

This still holds true, I loved 7 even though it was episode 4 all over again, id rather enjoy something that's familiar than for them to try to turn the franchise into a shit show like episodes 1 -3

6. You've been nominated by fans for Best Ass 3 years running now. Is there a particular workout you use to achieve that ass that the fans love?

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I have not much of an ass though I do work hard on it, I'm very involved in training on pole, silks and Lyra however I think they like my ass because of what it can take not necessarily how it looks because let's face it, theres lots of bigger and better looking asses than mine but as far as butt sex functionality? You'll be hard pressed to find one like mine that takes what I do yet doesnt suffer from fecal incontinence. Butt sex is my super power

7. The IAFD has you listed as squirting in a movie about once a year. Is that about right? I know squirting has fan appeal to many out there, do you plan on filming more stuff where you squirt?

If I'm booked for a scene that calls for it then Yes, otherwise I've learned to control it for scenes that don't call for it as a courtesy to PA's , the camera equipment and the furniture

8. It seems as though you have been doing more G/G scenes lately, although that could be my imagination. Have you always been into girls?

I was into women before I was into men, I never found men attractive until I was 12 and saw Ludacris on the TV and decided that's the type of man that does it for me

9. I know you are active on social media and you provide content on leyafalcon.com but I'm curious as to why so many porn performers seem to be embracing onlyfans.com? Have you checked it out? What makes it different than the other platforms out there from a performer's

I have no idea, I tried it and it's not my thing. I make a lot more money off of doing custom humiliation/femdom/findom/cuckold videos and Skype. Sometimes I'll do a "vanilla" custom but it's definitely a lot more expensive than something that is femdom/cuckold related

10. Do you have any big projects in the works professionally?

I'm about to finish up my Harley quinn DVD I've been working on so that's too of the priority list right now

11. Give us a good cocktail recipe.
I'm not a big drinker anymore as of a few months ago but when I do have nights where I'm "off the wagon" I recommend shots of Titos vodka followed by drinking an entire bottle of water after each shot so you don't get too fucked up or get a hangover 

12. Burgers or tacos?

Can I have both?  (yes, of course, you can, Miss Falcon)

Bonus Question: Last year you posted a lengthy letter on social media asking for some answers regarding a date rape situation you were involved in a number of years ago. Did you ever get those answers and were they satisfactory ones?
I am now crying after this question as its really a sensitive issue for me but i feel I am strong enough to answer and would be doing a disservice to other survivors if I completely avoid the question. I haven't gotten any answers and I still suffer from ptsd though I have become brave enough to try to finally deal with it and have been going to counseling since November. I will probably never get answers from my rapist, I mean really it takes a real piece of shit to do to someone what corde did to me and I am trying to come to terms with the fact that people that do things like that will never have the balls to own up to it. They don't care about apologizing or explaining, it's like a game, an accomplishment to him that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power and control. RIght now he has the power and control over me for the past 4 and a half years and I am working on taking the power back but it's not coming easy for me and is a daily struggle.
This guy took away not only my right to consent but my right to live a happy and full life without trauma following me, I will never fully get over the trauma though like I said I am working on it. I will never get justice or answers from LAPD either because the father of my rapist has strong ties with the chief of LAPD, the corrupt Charlie Beck how else do you think his father got away with murder? He's got ties in and financial gains to make by influencing the youth through his music (along with many others) to become criminals and end up in private funded prisons in which he recieves kickbacks from the kickbacks the police get. So although I filed a police report, got a rape kit, they collected evidence that matched corde they won't do shit no matter how hard I beg for at least just answers because the government funded gang called the LAPD will let anything this fucking studio gangster snoop and his family slide and it's sickening and especially so since the general public has preconceived notions about myself and my rapist.
The world worships this guys father like he's some sort of role model so of course people are going to worship his offspring as well where then you have a woman in the porn industry that is automatically victim blamed and criticized for coming forward simply because the general public believes porn stars arent really people, theyre just objects and can't be raped. Fuck those people. Fuck snoop. Fuck corde. Fuck LAPD. I've had so much joy stolen from my life from just this one incident and I'm sick of it and pray one day with my continuing to seek counseling and work on myself I can make up for what was stolen from me so hopefully I can help other survivors in the future recover more quickly than I am trying to. I am also holding onto hope that maybe not today maybe not in the next 10 years but one day I will receive the answers and possibly justice I deserve like the women in the cosby cases have been 

Let the fans know where to find more Leya. Shout out you social links!
I would really like to thank Miss Leya Falcon for all of her great responses to the questions my fingers type faster than my brain engages. She's a hell of a sport, and a fantastic performer in this industry. Thanks, Leya!

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