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Vicki Chase Interview - Part 1

"Part 1: A Woman Worth the Chase"

Vicki Chase

XCritic: Now before we start the interview, well, maybe let’s start it here, haha. When we first met in Houston I do believe you were featuring and our mutual friend Morbid Thoughts, he was covering it and holy shit, he told me, you were having more fun than the patrons were at the club.


Vicki Chase: (Laughing in the sexiest way) Did he go? ……. Yes, he did and I think it was at the Show Palace?


XCritic: Yes, he did. I think you rolled in to the hotel at about 4AM with one of the club owners in Houston, me and my primo where outside drinking. So, he walks around and joins our drinking party and he says, “my goodness, Vicki was just taking advantage of all those pretty girls at the club and boobs and pussy was simply everywhere. Along with the licking of such glorious things” Lol. I was like, fuck yeah, that is what I would have done too!

 Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase: …HaHa, yeah, those girls where nice. 😊


XCritic: Ok, so I have been dying to ask you this from day one. Dude, how did you get started in the business? Now, I know you have probably told this story a million times but here is what I want to know, being as I have met your ex a few times, so I want to know, what is it that got you out behind that counter and just made you say, “fuck it!” I’m going to throw caution to the wind and I am going to do this for a living? Which ended up becoming the coolest job in the world and a hell of a choice on your part.


Vicki Chase: Um, I must say, based on the fact that I got to actually get out behind the counter and was actually at a true porn set, in “The Valley,” it was at an amazing guys house in the business that you know as well. At that time, I was this bank teller who was told by one of the performers to just come by to see a shoot in progress. The shoot was actually a blow bang. So, there is about four guys in the room and really, just me and the girl. The talent, she was this petite blond girl, who was all dolled up, she looked happy and was having a wonderful time, going to work on all five guys. I remember just sitting back and being inspired by how much fun she was having. I thought to myself, “she’s having fun, she is making money and everyone on set is so nice.” The thing I noticed on set, was that everyone was respectful, everyone was working. There were people behind the camera doing paperwork. It just simply seemed legit. I did not know that side of porn yet. So, once I did get to see that, I said to myself, “Hey, I wanna try this, why not?” See, I have always been into sex. I love showing off my body and being sexy, so I think this is the right fit and I am going to give it a shot and of course, I had help. Lol.


XCritic: You know what darling? I really dig that, because I come from this derivative where if a woman enjoys any aspect of sex and understands her sexuality equally to boot and gets paid for it, that is really cool. What I always see when I see you, I try and picture the bank teller and then I picture the Vicki that I know and that is really kick ass, especially to know you are doing something that you enjoy. From all the friends I have in the business, especially the close ones, they simply always say you are a gem to work with sweetheart because of how much you actually do enjoy this and I dig that, because you should enjoy everything you do in life.

 Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase: Yeah, if you’re not, then yeah, you are in the wrong place and it is best to move on. I was so at my wits end with the bank. Here I was, counting all this money, I was making pennies in comparison to the money that I was counting every day. I knew that something had to change. I was considering dancing. It was this outlet I saw but there was this part of me that said, “I just don’t know about that.” I thought I was a bit clumsy and I thought there was no way I could do anything when it comes to “pole stuff.” I thought maybe I could take some lessons but before I could go there, porn happened. Lol. It’s funny that through porn, I still got to dance and get my lessons in. HaHa.


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XCritic:  Lol. Dude, I am just dying to know, being a guy who works in the corporate world still and my guess is, when you would show up to work at the bank that you were the gal who came into work in this little sexy skirt with this cute little button up shirt and I can imagine here are all the other gals behind the counter and at the desks saying, “oh my god, look at her!” All jealous and all pissed off at you, being haters.


Vicki Chase: HaHaHa, no, unfortunately I had to wear a uniform. We did get to pick our own little design or whatever. You know, if you wanted to wear the t-shirt, or the sweater, or if you wanted to wear pants. I can’t remember if a skirt was one of the options, I am sure it was, I never did the skirt. I think with me, the thing that most will remember about those days, is that I was very friendly. I was not afraid to vibe with you if you were cool. If you were open to having a conversation and getting to know me, I was very open to getting to know you. So, I kind of had a reputation at the bank for being friendly.


XCritic: I dig it baby, I always dig that you’re an open book. See I think that is why you and I gelled when we first met. Ok, so I will get on to the next question so that we can keep our nice composure going here. Now, you are the woman who does it all. You always hit the conventions with some fucking force. You feature dance and dude, holy shit, I have heard some wonderful stories of people tagging along with Vicki Chase on a feature set. So, let me ask you this darlin’, what do you have left to accomplish in this business, what motivates you to keep performing at the level that you do? What goals does Vicki Chase still have in this amazing industry?

 Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase: Ok, to hit on what you said with staying motivated and hitting things on a certain level, I treat every scene as if it is my last, because truthfully, you never know. So, I am never going to approach a scene and half ass it, I am going to give it 110% because I am just professional and I really enjoy what I do. Now, am I done? No, I definitely still think that there is a lot of mileage left in my tank, I love performing. I would love to see what I can push my limits to. I mean I won an award for doing the things that I love to do. I do feel sometimes that I could never really surpass that but if anything, I just want people to see that I still got it but I am still going to be a true performer. I truly want to do things in the industry that are for the industry. At the moment, I am still figuring out what that is because I would love to give back to my industry. I feel like this business has given me so much. So I think that there is definitely some need for, um…… I don’t want to say structure but I want these girls coming into the industry to have some kind of “bible” you know, something that will show them the things that I did not get the opportunity to know when I first got into this business that I had to find out through experiences. So, do I want to write a “porn bible” for the girls? I guess? I do not know at the moment. I just know, I want to give back to my industry in one way or another.

 Vicki Chase

XCritic: Well doll, this really hits home with me, because I have written and designed in this industry for some time in various aspects and times and it is truly very hard to see a new girl get way overboard with how she lives the fast life. People earning seven thousand dollars quick as a flash and not having the means to pay their rent a month later. I have talked with other friends like you, very close to my heart and that is the thing we talk about, it is having something to show these girls the ropes and how to have a nest egg after their time in this industry is over with.


Vicki Chase: Yeah, I hear you papa. Having something for when you do want to move on and it is easier said than done. I have always said, I don’t think that I am going to be comfortable leaving this industry for anything. I remember in the beginning. I said that I was going to put my money away and blah, blah, blah. It is easier said than done. Don, it is hard to live in LA. It is expensive! But Don, this industry has allowed me to live a happy life and I am still going! I’m still doing my thing. I do feel that if I had a bit more structure from the beginning and invested my money a little more wisely, I would have a lot more now and that is where I feel these girls should definitely have somebody to tell them, to really instill in their brain, that this is not going to be forever, that this is not for everyone and you need to make the best of it. Whatever that means to you but just, …do what you must for you.


XCritic: I feel ya sweetheart, deeper than you know. One thing I will share with you doll. Not to blow smoke up your ass but to speak the truth. With some women, it can come to a point where everybody has "out-shot" you. Where every company, every director has used up every angle a person has. With you, I have had numerous directors and producers tell me that you are damn near almost impossible to out-shoot because of your drive and passion on screen. That is kudos to how well you really do perform. In my opinion, you are a one of a hand full of gals that I think would actually be able to make it 20 years ago when the age of big, huge immaculate production was a big part of this industry and shaped today’s porn landscape. You understand what fans want, you have this look on your face always like you want to be there, you can actually act as well and oh my goodness woman, can you perform!


Vicki Chase: Yes, it is not for everyone. I am blessed that I found a good home in porn and I am actually able to shine. Everybody has a different path in this business. If anything, I always said that I am going to embrace mine. I just really hope I get to experience all the things I look forward to doing in this business before my time is up. Because truthfully, I want to perform in all kinds of productions.

Vicki Chase

XCritic: Well sweetheart, I hope you do not hang it up for many, many years to come.


Vicki Chase: Well, lol, until the boobs start sagging, then I might consider. Lol.


XCritic: HaHa, OMG, babe, there is market for saggy boobs. Women just don’t like saggy boobs. You got to be old and grey. We are both going to be these old and grey motherfuckers still in the business years from now and I still want to see you in this business when I am at one of these conventions old and grey and you are getting into the true twilight of your career. That’s got to be Vicki Chase, that is what I want to see.


Vicki Chase: HaHa, Awwwwwww, showing all these old timers how to get into some positions. Oh my God! HaHaHa.


XCritic: HaHa, we will still be sharing shots. Pre-gaming it at the age of 65 just like we were doing at the age of 25. HaHaHa


Vicki Chase: Oh, you know it!  I would love that! Well closer to when we were 35. lol


XCritic: No shit dude, being as I did not know your age. My guess really was that you were between 28 and 30. That was my guess for your age, no bullshit, or blowing smoke up your ass. I know you never ask a woman her age.

 Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase: Yes, a woman…… her age…. very nice. Ha-ha. In my mind, I still feel as if I am in my twenties and now that I am in my thirties I am like what!?! You asked me what! Lol.


XCritic: Well see babe, you actually look like you are in your twenties, see me, I look like I am in my fucking thirties. Lol


Vicki Chase: No……come on now! It’s all how you wear your heart. If you have a good heart and you youthful in everything you do, that is what is going to shine and come forward. You will always look and feel younger, you really will. But shhhhhhhh that is a secret. HaHa.

TO BE CONTINUED..............


Part Two and Three will be coming soon XCritic readers. Vicki Chase, her and I sat down this day and truly got into such a wide array of stories, emotions and views upon the world. It truly brings me great joy to know that I was able to bring something to the table for fans to see of Vicki that they have never seen before. The next two parts of this interview will have a bit of everything. Vicki and I talk about our massive families, her passions for sex and sexuality. Her view on the ever changing world of social media and adult entertainment. We talk everything from licking pussy, to how if you want to call us lovers of sex, living life and being beautiful and sexy, something that is slutty, than I guess we are just massive sluts then in a world that shames those who like all of us who love this industry. Take it from me, you have not seen nothing yet dear readers, stay tuned............

Don Juan DeMarko



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