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Brett Rossi

XXX Cubed: The Director, The Performer, The Artist

Brett Rossi

Don Juan DeMarko: Of course, thank you for taking time to sit down with us and the loyal readers at XCritic.com Brett,I would love to start things out with your grand return to the adult industry. I think the fans of this industry love to hear how performers started in this business. You entrance into the grand scheme of things is very cool, especially being that you were a fashion model. Brett, I would simply love to know, what in terms of your work, called out to you after you left the business? Was it a passion to be around the people of the industry who truly become like family? Or is it a passion that we do not know about, that made you leave nursing and get back into the land of fantasy? I know you have been asked this before but I think we would love to know, how much of an adult film stars heart lies within production? How much of her personality missed the excitement of getting paid to live out fantasies in ways very few people ever do?

Brett Rossi Brett Rossi: Everyone has their reasons why they start in the adult industry and why they leave (and possibly return such as myself). I started in the industry simply by accident. In mainstream, growing up, I felt like I was pressured to be a certain way of what society deemed "acceptable", but in my opinion those ideas weren't sexy. I was a tom boy growing up and I was never the prettiest in the class... I was flat chested, I had braces and I wore ripped jeans and a wife beater every day to school. I was the varsity goalie for my high school water polo team, I danced ballet my entire life, and I was in the theater program at the performing arts high school I attended. On top of that, I was modeling so I never really did much socializing or dating. When I turned 18, I wanted to be sexy. Hugh Hefner was holding his very first casting call at his mansion and I sort of just showed up... uninvited and I just got lucky they let me in. From there I began doing Playboy radio because the two hosts of the morning show fell in love with my personality. After that came playboy TV and from there I was handpicked by Hef to be one of his painted models at the Playboy mansion parties.


 I still didn't feel sexy, I wanted to shoot with famed photographers like Holly Randall and Tammy Sands. My friend had shot with Tammy and when I asked her to recommend me to Tammy, she told me that I was "too fat" and it crushed me. So after that, I wrote Holly Randall a lengthy e-mail describing why I was determined to shoot for her and what my goals and aspirations were. Sure enough, my email appealed to her, so she shot me and submitted me to Twistys. During that time, I had shot a test to become the next Playboy Cyber girl as well as the next Penthouse Pet and then one day I was contracted by a man named Ronnie Mund, who claimed he worked for Howard Stern. He told me I could easily become the next "Miss Howard TV" and be a guest on Howard's radio show. I didn't believe him until Howard's producers of the show reached out and convinced me to fly to NYC. 

Brett Rossi I took a chance and I did. From there I just sort of "blew up". I become a Penthouse Pet, a Playboy Cyber girl, and Twistys Treat all around the same time. Twistys then decided to make me one of their very first contract girls in the history of their company. 


After my contract ended, I sort of felt the pressure from the outside to sort of get my life together; "Get a real job" I was told, even though at that time I was making a six-figure income and Porn became my career. Eventually I decided I would go to nursing school and I took my entire savings and invested it into school and planned it out so that I could coast for the next several years on what was left in my savings account.


Somewhere along the line I become engaged to one of the most famous men in Hollywood and from there I became a tabloid sensation almost overnight. Suddenly I was being deemed a "celebrity" and everyone surrounding me was a celebrity. Long story short, the tabloids were obsessed with the fact that a porn star was engaged to Hollywood's notorious bad boy. The relationship was volatile and after our break up I thought the tabloids would lose interest but they didn't.


About a year later, I was sitting with my best friend and mentor, Kayden Kross and she was just starting her company TrenchcoatX at that time with Stoya and she convinced me to come back and use my star power to do what no else had the ability to do; use both mainstream and adult to create a brand and a career. So, I did.


Fast forward to two years later and now I am directing, shooting full time again and even doing BG, feature dancing again and even doing stand-up comedy.


So, to answer your question, I came back because it called me. This is my calling and I believe this is the path I'm supposed to take. 

Brett Rossi 

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Don Juan DeMarko: The question I have been chomping at the bit to ask has been surrounded around your directorial debut. I can only imagine what it is like to go from in front of the camera, to being behind it. What was this like for you? How long had you been planning on becoming a director? We would just love to know how long a labor of love this had been for you and perhaps, what those emotions and details were in creating this fetish gem?


Brett Rossi: I have said since the beginning of my career that I always dreamed of directing and when I had the opportunity to do so, I jumped. It was a new genre but I was up for the challenge. As a director you must put your individual opinions of some actors aside and book them because they sell, so that was a little difficult ... but I love the creative process of being able to do what you want and make decisions that you feel are best for the scene and or movie. 

Brett Rossi

Don Juan DeMarko: I have recently begun a new chapter in my career in terms of covering fetish and the more untraditional and truly artistic forms of erotica.

Once again, I find it a very cool thing that you chose something from the realm of fetish to be your first statement as a director. How much of your true personal love of fetish went into each scene? Which of these four scenes contains your most beloved fetish? 


Brett Rossi: To be completely honest, it is all new to me. I like a challenge, so that’s what I chose. I think as a director you should be diverse in all aspects of filming and different genres. 


Don Juan DeMarko: I know that you and Kayden Kross are very close. She is someone who has my true respect.

Not that all performers do not but I think the way that she writes, the way that she left to begin a new chapter of her life and to come back into the business she loves, is an amazing thing.

She did it, all while becoming a writer who documents her adventures in life and in the industry like no other. I would love to know, being as most people keep like minds in their inner circle, do you ever think about publishing something that will tell all about your time and impact in this industry. 

I would love to know, what has created this spark to always be evolving? I know this is a hard question to answer but I think the fans would love to know, where did this portion of your personality come from. 


Brett Rossi: We have never filmed a sex scene together and honestly, I don't know if I could at this point in our relationship. I'm very close to her family and she has become like a sister I never had. We met because she directed me on one of her early films for Digital Playground and someone I was dating at the time recommended that her and I hang out. We exchanged numbers, went on a hike and got lost for 8 hours. During those 8 hours we realized that we both could be very good friends and we just grew closer from there. 

Brett Rossi Don Juan DeMarko: I just recently learned that you followed in the footsteps of your grandmother and became a fashion model to start out your career in front of the camera. My goodness, that is amazing. I also read that you grew up with her and your mother. In this day in age, I truly see the growth of women becoming something the world has never seen. Women are getting to do things that past generations never have. May I get personal for a second and ask, what was it like to grow up in a strong household of women like that? Can you share with us some things of how those ways of upbringing have shaped you into one of the most successful business women in the industry? 


Brett Rossi: To clarify, my Grandmother did most of my "raising". I'm her favorite grandchild because we have a bond that's a lot stronger than others since she raised me primarily. My mother was a work-a-holic, she was young and she will be the first to admit she was a much better mother to my younger brother than to me because she had me at such an early age. She's a strong woman and she was very independent, so I suppose I inherited my work ethic and independent nature from her. 


My grandmother was one of the very first Pepsi Cola models. She will be humble if you bring it up and say, "oh it was just a can". She also worked with Lucile Ball and others. When I expressed I wanted to model, she managed me and ensured that I made the right decisions, but also worked hard and worked smart.


Don Juan DeMarko: I must say, I have a fondness for many places in this industry. I don’t think fans know what it is truly like to see the things that you have. I have a strong compassion for Dan and the Girlfriends Films house. That structure that he has built, created and modified has become something that is turning into a greatness in terms of porn-lore as each year goes by. Many critics have said, you gained your true following from your girl/girl work with them early in your career. You have seen that house far more than many people have in this business. I would love to know, what is your fondest memory of that house? Was there a certain production or story that you can think of, that can tell the fans what it is like to shoot within the Girlfriends Films house? 


Brett Rossi: The majority of my work was with Twistys, I did not work much for Girlfriend films and I've only met Dan a handful of times. Every experience was good from what I can recall, however Twistys is where most of my GG career took off. 

Brett Rossi 

Don Juan DeMarko: All right, I must press the envelope miss Rossi, for I would not be doing my job is I didn’t. Now the next question, I must get a true, solid answer on. We just spoke about GFF. You have been a woman who has reputation to get things done. I hear all the time that you are a mover and a shaker. That is just who you are in this business, always on the go and growing. Now, out of every director you have worked for, who is your favorite to work for and why? This is more of a question not to bash any director. Some people create gonzo with brilliance in two hours of shoot time and some can create a weeks’ worth of fun on a long production that is shot in some exotic location like say Hawaii. You have been there, done that with so many people. What does an actor of your veteran prowess hold the dearest to her heart. What production is it that is the fondest memory for you, that you will have in your mind, front and foremost even after you have left the business years from now and begun a new chapter in the life that is Brett Rossi. 

Brett Rossi Brett Rossi: I don't think it's really fair to answer this question without offending any specific director. I've had great experiences with most directors and not so great experiences with very limited directors. The directors I don't like, I just don't work with. So, let’s just say all the companies and directors I currently shoot for are my favorites. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Here is more of a question and suggestion hybrid for you. I know what you’re thinking, who is this idiot suggesting anything to me. No, what I would love to ask and input, is your true passion for the industry in Glamour Porn. Now if there is one woman who I think could make a film from that genre be something it has never been before, it is you. You are a woman whose glamour and experience as a model has shown since day one with Holly, with Playboy and many others. I want to know; can we expect this trend to continue? The truth is when I think about Brett Rossi, as a writer and a critic in the adult industry, I see that flash, I see that zeal that only a true fashion model has. I would love to see you test out your knowledge and your passion for something so known and passionate to you that I think you could really do something special. I read somewhere that you have lived out so many fantasies on film there are not many left you have not indulged in. Could this become your modern style dream and fantasy, to bring out something you love and create it your way, with your say, with your people you picture in your head?


Brett Rossi: I believe the glamour days of porn are dead, but I also believe eventually viewers will want more depth to their (shallow) porn that is available today. I think the first process to bringing back glamour porn is bringing back glamour girls, by having a higher standard as to who enters the industry and who becomes A-list performers. Right now, I feel like the "A-list" performers, or those who win awards, are those who did the most outrageous scenes. It's a never-ending cavalcade of who can do the most outrageous scene and honestly, that's not what the glamour days of porn used to be about. 


Don Juan DeMarko: This is a rather personal question but I love to hear stories like this of gals and friendship in the business. Now, I am luckier than most writers in this business. I know details that few do about what it is like to perform in the business from people I have loved and been very close to in this industry. One of the most fascinating things is learning about how women form a bond that is stronger than sister hood. I would love to know Brett, who has influenced you the most in this industry, in all these years you have been it? I would honestly love to know, how did this person become so close to you? Was it truly a love at first site relationship or perhaps you both had to start out as competitors and then became something that you never expected. The relationships in this industry are the most special thing about it I think and I would love to hear what a woman like you has to say about that subject and that person in your life. 

Brett Rossi Brett Rossi: I'm very guarded. I'm very friendly, but I'm very guarded. I will be the first to admit I definitely distance myself from 90% of the industry. I have only a few that I can count on one hand that I have ever opened to and taken the time to establish a long, real, personal friendship. Otherwise, I just keep to my own, keep it light, friendly, but I never get too close. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, I guess we can dive into some fan questions but I am going to reach into the bag and try and pull out something that you have not been asked, or at least not been asked in a while. Now, you once said in an interview that you wish you would have done boy/girl a lot sooner. I think we all have things we wish to have done sooner in life. Brett, I would love to know, has there ever been a performer in your early days that left the business that you never got to work with, either male or female? Was there someone that got away from the great Brett Rossi that you would just like to have the chance to wine, dine, ravage and shoot a little adult film with in the morning?


Brett Rossi: I don't see this business as a dating service. I rarely even have a personal opinion of how I see my scene partner. The most important thing for me is if our anatomy works together, some parts just don't go. The second thing for me is, can this person go with the flow or are they hard to work with. Lastly, if we have natural chemistry that's a huge bonus, but I see this as a business and if there isn't chemistry, is this person good at doing their job like I do mine. At the end of the day, this is acting... the sensations and feelings can be real if the chemistry is there, or it can be false. 


I have my favorite scene partners I enjoy working with, primarily because I have established a bond with these people and it's easy and comfortable to work with them. Some, I enjoy working with because we have a great chemistry that is hard to find with in an industry based on sex. 

Brett Rossi 

Don Juan DeMarko: There are few women in this industry that have seen what you have. I know I have said that a lot in this interview and I truly mean that. Brett, were do you see the industry going? No one else I can think of but a hand full of people have known the halls of the Playboy Mansion, know the amazing Randall Family in ways few do and have shot movies all over the world with people that are gone from the business and ones that are still in it. Now that you have become a director. I don’t want this to be dire forecast of a question. I truly love this industry, for so many reasons. If we could pick the brain of Brett Rossi and use her business skills, knowledge and first hand experience to tell us what she sees as the future, does she perhaps see an industry with more acceptance? Or even a broader market for performers to create their own content. I think many people would love to know your view, both fan and industry person alike.


Brett Rossi: I don't know, I just focus on my own goals and my own career and I try not to think of where the business is going. I definitely think the mainstream industry is pushing the envelope a little more, but I don't think they will be entirely accepting of the adult business primarily because of how the majority of the business fits the stereotypes. It's unfortunate that those who see this as a business, those that are good hard-working people, those with a talent for acting are out casted, but that's the price we have to pay for having a young pool of talent that feed the stereotypes of the industry to society. 

Brett Rossi Don Juan DeMarko: Last question and I will let you go doll. For all the things you never thought this business would do for, how has the adult industry changed you as a person? Now I have heard many mixed things from friends and performers over the years of how the industry surprised them. You have always seemed to me like a woman who gets something good out of everything. What is something that we can let the fans in on, that does not give away the magic or fantasy that lies within the adult industry but more so, shows fans and critics of the industry alike, that there are things they do not know about, that help a person grow in many ways. How has the business done that for you as a woman? …… a lover? ……… a person who always been a self-described loner but understands the true strength in flying solo in many journeys in life?


Brett Rossi: The business (both adult and mainstream) definitely has changed me as a person. I have become more guarded, not as trusting, but definitely a harder worker than I ever would have been if I wasn't the one in control of how much I make for a living. I value my personal life more than ever and respect my boundaries of making sure I give my fans just enough but not too much of me. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Thank you so much Brett. It has been a rather wonderful time getting to research a true person of brilliance, beauty and brawn in this industry. Can you tell the fans of any upcoming projects we simply cannot afford to miss out on no matter how big or small? You are simply awesome doll, from all of us at XCritic thank you, till we talk again. 😊



Brett Rossi: I like to keep a tight lip on my upcoming projects, but I can say ... I'll be doing much more stand-up comedy. 

Brett Rossi


Don Juan's Bottom Line:

Don Juan DeMarko

Few have done what this woman has accomplished in this business. When you see where this woman comes from, what she has seen, where she is going, you simply must just take a step back and say to yourself, "is this real?" That is Brett Rossi, something that is undefinable. A performer who truly understands the basis and core of what this business is. We hope you enjoyed this wonderful insight with a performer who is not done by a long shot. Be sure to check out her directorial debut with School Girl Massacre from Deviant Entertainment and also check her out at every opportunity you have on these amazing sites and social media locations.

Brett Rossi Twitter: @ImBrettRossi

Website & Blog: BrettRossi.com




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