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Anna Bell Peaks

"The Realist of Fantasy"

The month of November has been dedicated to the “Girls Next Door” of the adult industry. When thinking of Anna Bell Peaks, one must plainly see that she is truly a woman who does not have one definition. Yes, she has the qualities of that fantasy that lives next door to us, especially in this modern age of more in depth sexual expression and the definition of what is alluring and exotic becoming so much more than one could ever dream or thought of in the past. We sat down with Anna Bell for one of the most candid, real and honest interviews I have ever been apart of. I wanted to discover what is about this “New Age Woman Next Door” that drives us all wild and what I found out, is that this woman simply is as real as it gets, that is the only way I can explain it dear readers. Enjoy, .......


Anna Bell Peaks 

Don Juan DeMarko: …… oh my goodness, my girl always tells me that she cannot even fathom when we had long distance phone calls she is such a “new schooler.” I tell her, “can you believe that once upon a time, telephone’s actually use to have cords.” (We hysterically share a laugh)


Anna Bell Peaks: …… and you forgot pay phones! Pay phones are of an ancient time so it seems these days.


Don Juan DeMarko: HaHa, you are so right! Ok, okay, we are having too much fun, to start, the first question I have, I just can imagine how many times you have answered this and I can guess you get asked this all the time. I just love hearing these stories from the source. How is it that you got into this amazing business?

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Okay, most people love the story, so I do not mind telling it over and over again. I went to college to be a CPA. I got my four-year degree and then I stuck around, and I got my masters in accounting. I took the CPA exam and I was a public accountant for seven years. While I was doing all that I began to make a good living and I started paying off my student loans, because I absolutely hate loans. So, I started working a second job because I am a hard worker and I said to myself, “I am going to make my goals, I am going to pay this student loan off.” So, I started working as a waitress, I did some bar tending, because I could make some decent money and I was pretty good looking. So, I figured that I could make some decent money with tips, so I did just that. It was also something that you could do at night, at clubs, bars and places like that. I would work during the day, then I would work late at night. I would come home and I would be all smoky and I would have to shower, and it was hard on the family because I was always gone. I figured that I would just have to change it all up into something that was a little different. I thought to myself, what can I do to where I can be working from home? Then I thought about it some more and I thought, now how can I work from home but also make a good living doing so? That is when I learned about cam. That is how I started. It was easy, and I got to work from home and I made really good money. I went to a photography studio one day, I really wanted to get some high end professional looking photos. While I was there, the photographer was asking me why I was getting these photos done. I told him what I was doing and that I needed something very high quality for it. He told me that he loved my story, that it was simply fantastic. So here I am, trying to get something really good for web camming and the guy is over here telling me, you should really do porn. He told me, “Your beautiful, you love to cam, this is all stuff that you love. You should do it, so can I have your phone number?” I thought that he was just hitting on me, so I just gave him my number, and I thought, nothing will ever happen. So, three days later, my phone was ringing off the hook. It was everyone from agents to agencies telling me that I needed to sign up and that I needed to do porn, …… and that is how it happened. Then, it took me about a month. I am a business woman, I am a CPA. I am very professional. I thought that it was just crazy to jump into a brand-new life within this wild and crazy industry and do I really want to do it? That thought stuck in my head a while. It all became a numbers thing. I thought, if I can become the best in the industry and I knew that I had a good business mind and I had a good business plan. I had to really sit down and hash things out. I had to figure how much money could I save; how long could I really do this? What will be the long-term impacts in my family and with my career. I jumped into it. I said, you only live once, why not do something wild, crazy snd fun and I have not looked back. I absolutely love, looooooove what I do. I LOVE IT!

Anna Bell Peaks 

Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it. You know, when we got to meet in Denver, the part I love about your story is that this is a passion. This is something that is an exploration of sorts. Yes, in all honesty, a part of beimg apart of this has to do with the love of seeing a beautiful naked woman. The truth is that our paths are so similar that when I see truly successful women such as yourself and a very dear friend of mine, already successful in life, already empowered, knowing what they want and having their act together even before they enter the business, to me that is very inspiring. I said that to our mutual friend the first day you all got to work together. I thought you both were a perfect match for each other because you both have everything going for you already and that is simply one of the coolest things to see. I just wanted to tell you that because this is the first time we have really had to just sit down and talk and I truly wanted to say to you how much of an inspiration that is in this business to many people.


Anna Bell Peaks: I think so too. The honest truth is that there are a lot of people that ask me, “how do I become a porn star? How do I get into this business?” …. And most of the time, I say don’t! I say do not get in. Because you have to be a certain kind of person to really be successful in this job and I see far too many girls who are uneducated and are willing to do anything, because they think to themselves that “hey, if I do anything that they say, then I will get booked more and I will make more money.” Those are the type of people that within six months feel bad about themselves, or that they did something that maybe they did not really want to do but they did it anyways because they thought "hey this could be cool" but later would just feel bad and have so much remorse and regret. I look at myself and I am a grown woman. I know what I want, I know what I like, I know what I do not like. I am not going to put anything on the internet that I am not happy with and I am going to be my own woman and if someone says, “hey, do this” and I am not comfortable with it, heck no I am not going to do it, but I will do this, and it is going to look really hot. I know it will. Because I know what I like, and people want to see a woman be pleasured, they want to see a woman who takes control. They want to see a woman who just enjoys sex as it is, and I don’t know, I do, and I guess it shows on camera. There is a place for every kind of sex that there is out there but for me, that is who I am and I think that the people love to watch that, and they know that everything that I do, I really enjoy.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it! It does show sweetheart in all that you do. It really does.


Anna Bell Peaks: Yay! (She laughs, ever so sweetly.)

Anna Bell Peaks Don Juan DeMarko: The thing that I like about you and this is the truth, being as you have worked with some of the biggest directors in the business that I am simply not the biggest fans of period but being a business man and being a person who works in another industry as well, I understand that there are simply certain things that a person must do to be successful. One of the biggest things I respect about you is that you understand that aspect as well. I think a lot of performers should know that. I totally get that this is something harder for a younger man or a younger woman to contemplate and understand in this business but most of them don’t see that they have a substantial portion of the cards when the industry deals them a hand to play in the grand scheme of things. They truly have more say than they think that they do and that is something I wish I could spread and implant in the mind of all these younger performers in the business. Call me sappy but that is just me.


Anna Bell Peaks: Nope, I agree. When I am on set and I see somebody doing something that may appear as simple as degrading another person on camera it does have an odd feeling that comes with it. I am not into degrading. I think that I am a strong woman, I do not need to have people call me certain names that I just do not like. I don’t want people slapping me around on set. There is a place for that, I get it. There is an industry full of people who love that dirty, that nasty, dark kind of stuff. That just is not me, sorry, don’t book me for it. When I see a young woman come in and they are willing to say, “oh no, I don’t care, it was fun, it was fun.” But do not know their body or know what they are into, because you cannot say yes to everything. Or at some point, it is going to come back to you in ways that you simply will not like or care for your career to be heading. I’m happy with what I do, and I know what I want. I think that is one of the best, most clear aspects of my career. I know exactly what I want.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is beyond awesome Anna Bell. Such a breath of fresh air is that statement in this industry. So, question number two, to get back to this little fun filled interview. (We share a quick laugh and her laugh is a dreamy as she is fans.) You are going to love these ones coming up. I truly put some thought into this stuff. I am an old schooler. I got my bachelors in American History, I attended a public Ivy School and I am just trying to look extra cool in front the “big brain” here. I found it so fascinating that you have your masters in accounting. Numbers to me, I am a big nerd once even a collegiate scholar, are a sign of vast intelligence, beyond anything that most people possess. So, my question to you is, what did you really want to do when you got out of college? Forget the loans, forget everything else. What is it about numbers that made you just want to fulfill that portion of life after college.

Anna Bell Peaks 

Anna Bell Peaks: Very good question. To me, numbers make sense. I have never thought myself to be super emotional. Left brain, right brain, all that stuff. I always figured myself as a very practical, driven, hardworking, numbers, black and white kind of girl. Accounting is amazing. Because you know that you got the right answer because your debits equal your credit. You know what I mean? So, you can prove your answer. Math, you can prove your answer. If you do a division problem, you can prove that you got the right answer by multiplying it and solving backwards, stuff like that. You always know that you got the right answer and that is just the best feeling. I can explain it best this way. You work out something that is very difficult, very complex and you put in all this effort to find the answer and with math, with numbers, you can justify what you have done, you can explain your answer, you can tell everyone just exactly how you got it right. Accounting is just so much more. You take all those things that you have learned, and you must apply it to a situation. So, now you are in a business practice and you must figure out, what is the best type of practice for this company, or this company. You have the stats from other companies to compare them to and you must figure out what their ratios are and what kinds of profit performance that they want to have. Then you must advise that business owner how to proceed, so that they could make their business better. The idea is, when you are done, that you have this satisfaction that one, you gave them valuable information because you are able to prove it and two, that you just helped them to become more successful and I love that. Everything about that answer right there, I just love it! One day I will do it again. When I am old and ugly, and I am out of the porn world, I will go back into some sort of numbers thing. I will never work at a firm again, I think that I will always be self-employed. I love managing my own time and I am hard working, so that I know that I can make it happen. So, I think I am done with the whole firm thing, but I might just start my own.

Anna Bell Peaks 

Don Juan DeMarko: My goodness, you and I have chased a similar path in life. The way that I got into the industry was that I once worked for a design firm in Los Angeles when I was fresh out of college over a decade ago. I did graphic design, CAD layout for engineers and so on and so forth. So, I absolutely have gone bananas over here to know that you have worked for an accounting firm. I guess that is what makes me so intrigued to know about that part of your personality. I think fans share that same intrigue I do for those very same reasons. Being that I graduated from college and all my buddies where numbers guys and I was one of the lone history buffs. I have always been a man who loves theory. My friends being “number guys” they were always on my case telling me, “no, we did not believe in theory a heck of a whole lot because we like our basis to be proven.”  I think that you sparked my recollection of my old college buddies when you talked about a definitive answer to a problem when it comes to mathematics. My friends use to say, “we don’t want any of your damn hypothesis Don!” (We share a laugh again.) I kind of see you the same way if I were to just piece together in my imagination how you are as an educated woman and a numbers person.

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Well, I would agree with them to a point. Because the whole premise of accounting is fact and that you can prove your numbers, you know that you got the right answer because you can calculate things. But there is the whole other realm, where once you have the numbers, you must know what it means and that is where you really get into theory. People, can calculate a balance sheet and they can calculate profits and things like that but it takes a very unique type of person to be able to sit and then look at those things and give you valuable information from it. I don’t know, maybe that is theory or maybe that is still part of the proof but I just love that part of the whole experience. I love that part of advising. I love the taking of information that you know is right and then using it to make better decisions. I use that every day in my career. I have spread sheets with all kinds of numbers and I analyze them all the time. It truly helps me to be a better business person. I will be able to tell, that based off of this type of income that I have made the last six months, that look, this part of my income is growing, or this part of my fan base is growing, and it is most likely related to this, this and this. I in return, can make a more well-rounded business platform for myself because I know my numbers. Know your numbers! Do you know your numbers? Everybody should.

Don Juan DeMarko: I love that. I have worked for a lot of people in the business both big and small. I have always found that analytics are the key to this business in so many ways and most people know nothing about them or even the term. I found it just amazing to see that when I started to work for XCritic that there was such an emphasis by the veteran people and the editors and owners to what analytics are and how valuable the process can be. You are preaching to the choir baby, I loves me some numbers and analytics.


Anna Bell Peaks: Awwwwww, I love it. I like to converse with a like person that is business minded like that also. One thing that I miss, and I love to be able to talk about and it comes from talking with a lot of fans that are huge fans because they know that I am educated. I really think that’s what it is. They say to me all the time “Oh my goodness, you are educated, so I can actually have a conversation with you.” And you are sexy, and you love sex. To them, it is literally like the icing on the cake. The thing I really miss sometimes is talking with people who know their stuff. Because I think as you know Don, it is an industry where it is not your brain that gets you the attention. It is the size of the boobs, or the performance that you have given or something along those lines. So, it is very nice to talk to a like mind.

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Anna Bell Peaks Don Juan DeMarko: Indeed, it is. The thing I knew about you and I heard it from our mutual friend. I love her and her hubby to death. She is someone who knows the man behind the character and her and we met before she even knew I was a writer in the industry. So long story short, when she talks about her Anna Bell Peaks, she talks about how good you are at the presentation of who you are in this business and how well you show that to fans. I was impressed with that because the truth of this business, we are all putting on a show for the fans to see. This is all a part of a grand spectacle of fantasy. I think part of being successful is knowing what is a head of us and what we are up against and I really admire that you have that same outlook in this business as a performer. It is still a business this grand industry we are in, even though we are creating fantasy.


Anna Bell Peaks: That is exactly right!


Don Juan DeMarko: I love how you are walking into all these questions so superbly. This next question I have, has to do with a passion of mine. I love how most people who find their calling in this business and where nerds beforehand. I mean that, because I was a nerd. I love to ask brilliant minds in the industry this. Do you think that there is something to sexuality and intelligence? Maybe there is something that we are missing as people, as to why people who are sexually frustrated don’t have a bit of higher IQ? I don’t want to say dumb people don’t enjoy sex, but I think there is something to sex, sexuality and enjoying them to the fullest extent by unlocking other parts of the brain first. What do you think?


Anna Bell Peaks: Oh, my goodness, that is so good! Sex begins in the mind. It does, it absolutely does. Just like a good tease starts before you ever even begin to take off any clothes. The mind is the most important thing. This is probably the most super important thing about sex. Desire begins in the mind. You can make a man want to fuck you from across the room and you do not every have to take off any clothes, you do not even have to say anything to him, you can just show it in your eyes and it is almost instant. I do not know how to explain it, but I know, and I see it all the time. If you can make that happen and you can make that happen to someone while you are on a web cam who is a thousand miles away from you, in their room, in their bed and you are somewhere else and you are through a camera’s eye making that happen, … that is something amazing! I don’t know how I do it, I just know that when I am turned on and when I give that look, that is what people say all the time, they tell me “you give that look and I just instantly know, you would pounce on me if you were right there.” That is simply how desire begins, in the mind. So, I think that the more intelligent you are the more that you are able to express that outwardly to people that see you, that is what instantly makes them see you different compared to the next person, to just have sex.

Anna Bell Peaks Don Juan DeMarko: I so agree. You know this is a literal question that I was going to ask you. I put you in a category or department in terms of sexuality in this business with Nina Hartley. Now, the reason I say this, it is not just that I love Nina and her hubby to death, they are two of my favorite people in the business. The things that I have always seen with her is that she always talked about positive sexuality. To me, it really comes from discovery of one’s self. I think that knowledge and intelligence, has a lot to do with that discovery. It is about unlocking something that you have within yourself and I don’t think that most people ever do take that time to really see that part of themselves.


Anna Bell Peaks: I would probably agree with that and I know what I want, …. I know through and through and I think that is so helpful when I express it in sex, so I totally agree with that.


Don Juan DeMarko: So, as I was doing a little bit of research I discovered that your first scene was with Lexington Steele. I find that amazing because Lexington is indeed my favorite Wall Street banker. I must ask you, can you take us back to that first shoot? What was it like for you? What was going through your head?


Anna Bell Peaks: Well, my first scene in Los Angeles was with Lex. Honestly, when I looked at that scene and I saw who I was shooting with, I said to myself, “wow, they are throwing me right to the deepest end of the pool and I am barely learning to swim” so to speak. I knew that if I did not work, that I would perhaps get chewed up and spit out and if it goes over great, then this is going to be the beginning of a lengthy career. Because he was such a well-known name, he is super huge, so you have to be able to perform well and that means that you have to be able to take something large, all of that goodness. That is exactly how I felt. I thought they are not wasting one minute, they are putting me right there with the big dogs. I looked at it as an opportunity to show just how much I love it, let me say this Don, I enjoyed the hell out of that scene. What I remember is that everything felt good. Apparently, I can take something big, which is amazing, so thanks Mom! (we share a quick laugh) My genetics enable me to do some amazing things. Oh my, I remember how turned on I was, especially with that fact that we had chemistry. Let me tell you something Don and all the XCritic readers, there is nothing like having chemistry on set, I love to have chemistry on set. Oh my gosh, if you can meet the guy and you can do something that gives you good chemistry on set, that is just going to make that scene just explosively good! I remember, we just enjoyed the fuck out of having sex! It was fun and that is just how fun almost every scene has come to be since then, we just really enjoy it! (This relaxing calm comes over her voice,)


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it darlin’! I have only gotten to review a handful of your films this year and I tell a lot of the fans that it is so hard to keep up with a super star’s year, especially yours in 2017. It is always not as easy as fans think to be a critic. One thing that every single performer has said when they are done shooting with you is that you are simply one hell of a performer and they enjoyed the ride more so than anything. That is truly the one reason why you should be in this industry and that is no bullshit.


Anna Bell Peaks: That is right! Well, sometimes you walk in on set and you are the second scene that is going to be shooting, so there is a scebe going on while you get there. Every once in a while, I will see one where it is not going that great and I say to myself, “why not?” I’ll stand in and fuck that dude! Let me in, because let me tell you, I will do two scenes for this film. (We share a laugh) I love sex Don, let me tell ya! I think there are times where some burn-out happens, there are probably some people who got into the industry for all the wrong reasons and let me just tell you that I love what I do. As soon as that stops happening, that is the day that I am turning it in guys. I will be all done, because you should not be doing this if you do not love every second of it! I think it helps the scene to go better, people perform better when they know that they are wanted. So, if there is that chemistry on set you are going to perform way better!

Anna Bell Peaks Don Juan DeMarko: It always amazes me Anna Bell the work that you put into this business. I really mean that. You seem to be a woman who uses fear to her advantage, as an ally, not something that is a negative. I can tell that in just the way that you do your dialogue on a film. The question that I have always wanted to ask you, what is it that draws more butterflies in you? Stepping out onto the dance stage? Being up close and personal and assembling a dance routine when you feature? Or is it possibly when you are shooting a scene? Maybe like the ones you did with Suicide Squad, a big production with lots of bells and whistles? Or, third choice, meeting some hottie on set or wherever and trying to woo them some more so you can try and take them home?


Anna Bell Peaks: Now, you mean “butterflies” as in being super excited, over the top happy? Or are you talking more like what scares me? I just want to make sure that I am clear on that.


Don Juan De Marko: Well, I guess maybe both. Boy, this is such a hard question to pose to a woman who in my opinion, uses fear as her ally. I guess that is the best way I could have you answer.

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Well, I guess I still don’t know if I can answer the question, so I am going to answer it the way that I think you are asking. When I am on set, I am excited! From the moment that I sit in the make-up chair and they start putting make-up on me, I start thinking of the scene ahead. The mind, it is just the most amazing tease in existence. Because my mind is already thinking, that guy is going to come in and then we are going to do sex stills and he is going to look hot and then oh my God, I am going to be teased because I am going to have to look at him. Because for all this time we are doing this, we can’t have sex yet. We are getting started and we are going to get those pretty girl pictures and I am going to get undressed in front of this photographer. It is going to look sexy and it is going to turn me on. All of this is going through my mind from the moment that I sit down in the make-up chair. It just gets me so turned on by the time I am ready to get in front of the camera, I’m ready to go and it builds my excitement and it builds my energy. Then the guy walks in and sees that, and he is like, “wow, this girl is ready to go!” There is an excitement there. I don’t know if it is butterflies in the stomach, but it is just that anticipation of what you know is going to be amazing. Anticipation is simply one of the best parts of sex. It’s the foreplay, it is the tease and that is what leads up to it and I love that part of sex. I love that part of the industry.

Anna Bell Peaks At the same time, the things that scares me the most, is rejection. So, if you think about feature dancing, I think to myself, what if I were to go onto stage and I get out there and I show up and there is two people by the stage, or nobody is throwing money! Or, the worst thing, you get that vibe that people just are not interested in you. Then you feel rejected as a person. Does that mean that they do not like the way that I look? Does that mean that I am not for them because I am all tatted up? Maybe those guys are not that into it. Does that mean I put on a bad performance? The butterflies of fear are basically that fear of rejection, because when you are out there in front of the public and it is live, you still have that wonder in the back of your head, do they really like me? That is going way into overtime because I am feeling a lot more confident like yes, People do like me! Because every time that I do one of these performances they say how much that they loved it. Know I know that they are going to love it and it helps me to build confidence in myself to go out there and do well.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is exactly how I pictured things with you. The thing I really find fascinating about you sweetheart, it is very neat to meet someone who has a more conservative approach to the ways that they are a human being. Because most fans and critics alike would not think that about industry people. Most people think that people are like me. The extreme left winged crusader, aka extreme hippie. Not that you are not that, I think that is what fascinates me most about you, if you were to put you and I on the phone talking to anyone in a corporate setting, they would never know what you and I do for a living just because how well we can present ourselves in a business manor. I dig that, I really do.


Anna Bell Peaks: That is awesome, and you are totally right, I would have to agree with that.

Anna Bell Peaks 

Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, so I have to get into your ink here darlin’! I am a huge fan of ink. This is a two-part question. So, first part, do you have one artist who has done all your tattoos?


Anna Bell Peaks: No


Don Juan DeMarko: Part two of the question, what is your absolute favorite tattoo? I have read that it is the butterfly but of course, I have friends that are big tattoo artists in the country and they say that every tattoo have a story behind it. Would you mind sharing the story of that tattoo with the reader and if that tattoo is indeed your favorite?


Anna Bell Peaks: Of course. My absolute favorite tattoo is one that I have across my chest, it is the “Judge Me Not” lettering. It is my favorite because it means a lot to me. My favorite tattoo because it is done, and it is very well done across my body and it means a lot to me, is the mask that is on my upper left leg. Because I love the way that one looks. I love the idea of a mask because I am a big fan of Phantom of the Opera and the whole premise behind the Phantom of the Opera is people hide behind masks all the time. They hide themselves from the world and show only the best parts of themselves. Because they are afraid that if someone pulls off the mask, what are they really going to see? Are they going to see the real you? Or are they going to be accepting or rejecting? I think that is just true of the world in general of how they put on their best “face” in order to put their best foot forward. So I love that one but the judge me not tattoo, is honestly my whole life. When I was young, I was not super pretty, I was the ugly duckling, but I was smart. I am a natural blond, so one day, I get prettied up, puberty happens, I am going to college and I am getting my degree in accounting. I am now this pretty blond, I have big boobs naturally, so I start working in the accounting firm and I am constantly the secretary. “Can you get me some coffee?” …. and my answer is “Um, no! I am not going to get you coffee, but I will totally tell you how to keep your business from failing!” So, I would get that all the time, because I was pretty, and I was young, but I knew my stuff and I hated that people would judge me just on my looks. Because I am a smart woman and I could really help these people and it would just bug me a lot. So, I changed my hair color to a brownish red and then over time, I found that a tad boring, so I thought “how can I make this a shred more fun?” So, added a little bit of pink here and a little pink there and that is how I ended up with my fuscia hair. I started as a blond, I went to a brownish red and then over the span of a couple years, I just added that pink to it here and there. Yes, even when I was a CPA, I had this reddish-pink hair. I loved it, because I was young, and I was feisty, I was fun, and it was just one way that I could express myself. So “Judge Me Not” was always my way of saying hey, don’t judge me for what you think that I am. I am all tatted up, so what does that make me? A bad ass? Or, I may be in a three-piece suit and I am a blond, so does that make me a secretary, no. I want you to get to know the real person that lies inside of me, then I want you to judge whether you like me or not. It means a lot to me and that is the story of why it is my favorite.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is so fucking awesome!  I have a very close friend in the business. She is big nerd like us, attended a very prestigious University and she is all inked up like you. I have found through our friendship that the person who wears their passion on their sleeve like you guys do and is always misjudged. I have found the tattooed peeps, are always the most in tune usually with who you are as people. It is so weird how people misinterpret the things and strengths we have by what is on our skin. She is going to be at an upcoming award show and I hope you both get to meet, I think she has a big crush on you too.

Anna Bell Peaks 

Anna Bell Peaks: Aww, that is cool. I hope I get to meet her too, I think that would be amazing.  I think that you are right, I have people tell me all the time, “you know, you are really intimidating.” And here I am like “Why? I am super nice! I don’t bite……... hard!” (We laugh uncontrollably) I only bite if you want me to. I think that is exactly what it is. I have this bad ass look and I tell people, “I really am not but thank you.”


Don Juan DeMarko: You know darlin’ I would love to add a little side note to the interview. I must ask a woman of your wit and nature this. What is it that you think scares so many people, or maybe I should say intimidates people about tattoos? All my friends are inked up and if it were not for the fact that I have worked in the corporate world for very long time I would tatted up from sleeve to sleeve with some pretty pictures. I just would love to know why you think people have that stigma?

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Hmmmm, Hmmmmm, that is right! I think it use to be, that tattoos were something that you got when you were in prison, or if you hid them, then it kind of makes you a slut, or it makes you dirty. All the time it seems like the inked girl is the whore, or the one that will do anything and things along that nature and I am not about that at all. Don’t even cast me in that role, I don’t even want you to call me slut or whore, I do not like the words. I think that they are very degrading to a woman. In this industry, where that is pretty much a “normal” word, I just think that tattoos are sexy, and I think that a woman who has them can be fierce and feisty and it kind of shows that they also have a fun side at the same time. Kind of like being pink haired. Hmmmmm, there is something a little different about this girl. She is no “plain Jane” and she is not boring, now is she? I think that is kind of what tattoos do, they give that impression that she must be a lot of fun in bed. I think it means that you are willing to go out there, that you are willing to try new things to express yourself. All of those things can mean more fun in bed, or a little bit naughtier than the “plain Jane” girl and I think there is a little truth to that honestly, no I take that back, a lot of truth to that.


Don Juan DeMarko. Loving it, because yes, it is becoming more of a common thing. I grew up in a Catholic household and my old man always told me, “don’t date women with tattoos, that is the biggest thing I can teach you about women.” Now a days, in the modern world, I do like dating younger gals, call me your typical idiot male but it is becoming so common to see women with tattoos. People need to get away from past that stigma, that is for damn sure. To get to this next question and keeping the interview rolling. I have always wondered how the industry has helped you to grow as a woman. I know from friends how head strong in this business you are, and I would love to know just how this industry has added something special to a woman like you. I would love to have the critics of this industry hear what you have to say about how this business does have positives to it.

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Hmmmmm, what has it taught me? I would say, …. I knew what I wanted when I came into this business. I knew what I like and what I did not like, I am certainly open to explore and let me say, I have tried new things since I have entered the industry that I really freakin love. One of the things that I have learned is to stick up for what you want and tell them what you really want. Because when you enjoy yourself, it just shows and shines. So, do the things that you love and make sure that the people that you are working with know exactly what you love because it is going to be one hell of a performance. But at the same time, I know not to judge. I have learned so much about what some people like. They might be huge foot fetish guys and they love to suck on toes and they love feet, or they love stockings and what I have found, is that the more that I have seen of all the different fetishes that are out there, the more that I see that people have found what they love. I learned that if holy crap, you love that stuff than you simply own it when it is something that turns you on, because I have a huge pantie fetish and I have no idea why I do. I just know that when I see a hot little pair of panties, it just turns me on immediately and I just want to grab it and I just want to smell it and I just want to touch it. I want to pull it up and down my body, I want to play with it and I want to stuff it in certain places. I just love em! I kind equate that to what other fetishes are that people have. Foot fetishes and things like that. One thing that I have learned is to just not judge the next person. Which of course judge me not goes back to and be open minded to try new things because you can always say, hey that one just was not for me, I don’t know if I will ever do that one again, but you can always try something new and you can always keep this positive open mind. If you have that kind of attitude going in, I don’t think you can go wrong.


Don Juan DeMarko: I whole heartedly agree. Being as I write for a fetish magazine. One of my favorite sayings about that side of the business and sexuality, is that I don’t think fetish has one true definition. There is just so many passions out there you know? The business changes us a lot in that manor. People get to discover new things about themselves. People get to show you things that you never knew you would enjoy, is simply one of the best of things in this industry. So, these next few questions are collaborations with the fans because you do have many of them doll and they wanted to get to know Anna Bell Peaks a little bit more in their own way. One fan wants to know, who do you have a “porn crush” on? What male of female has caught your eye and ever since you laid eyes on them, you have just been dying to work with them?

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Well, my “porn crush” is Johnny Castle. Through and through, I have worked with him several times and every time we work together there is this passion and chemistry and it is just like he is hot for me, I am hot for him. When he walks in the room, it is like Wow! It just hits me, you can just feel the sexual tension in the room. We are ready go! I’m pumped, let’s do this! He is my porn crush through and through and I tell people on web cam, everyone knows that he is my porn crush. We just have good chemistry, we just love to fuck each other. (she laughs with this incredible passion in her tone) That is the fun one! I feel the same way about Ryan Driller, I have only gotten to work with him two or three times and once again, it is like every time he walks into the room, it is an immediate, “holy shit! I am ready to have sex with that man.” He has that same desire and I think when you have really good chemistry, the sex is just explosively amazing. I don’t know a lot of performers by word of mouth or anything like that so that I am dying to work with them kind of thing. So, whenever I meet someone new, I am like, let’s take this one for a ride and we will see how he or she is. Oh yeah, she is a good one. That is just how I take it.


Don Juan DeMarko: HaHa, you fucking rock woman! One of the things that I have always honestly thought about you. I don’t think a lot of performers admit to it, I do not know why. I wish that they would. Another thing that jumps to mind that I have always wanted to ask you, was, as a woman who likes porn, enjoys watching it. I just have to know this, and I am sure fans are chomping at the bit to know this as well. What scene is it of yours that defines your career so far? If you were to retire right here, right now and just call it quits today, what film and what scene would be the one that is the essence of Anna Bell Peaks?

Anna Bell Peaks 

Anna Bell Peaks: Umm, let’s see…. Bang.com and the fetish scene with Johnny Castle.


Don Juan DeMarko: Well, I set myself up for that one. (We begin to laugh)


Anna Bell Peaks: That is by far, …... oh, my goodness, that was a sexual experience I would just want to create many times over. It would be taking my favorite fetish, which is that panty fetish. He come in wearing this tie, I have this big tie fetish as well. I love to see a man wearing a tie, I love to see a well-dressed man. Then, my porn crush, Johnny Castle. It is almost like they set this thing up for perfection. They set this one up so that this one could not fail. So, I am super turned on because of him. I am super turned on because there are panties everywhere. The whole premise of this scene is that he is a fan from web cam and he loves it when I stuff my panties in my pussy, which I really love to do and we play with the panties the whole scene, they are in my mouth, they are wrapped around his dick, they are pushed in my pussy, they are pulled out, I squeeze the cum out of them into our mouths, because my panties were so wet, they were just dripping with cum. The entire scene is just freaking amazing! That is the one, I will tell anybody, that is the one.


Don Juan DeMarko: HaHa, they knew what they were doing when they cast that one didn’t they!


Anna Bell Peaks: Yeah! It was like, ok. We want her, now what does she like? Because let’s put it together and the scene will be good. Somebody did their research. It has to be with Johnny and you need to have some panties.

Anna Bell Peaks Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my goodness, we are going to promote the hell out of that scene darlin’! I shit you not!

Anna Bell Peaks: That was the one and I guess since then that Bang.com started something called a "brand ambassador" and I think that I was the first brand ambassador for Bang.com either that or the second, I cannot remember. They contract you for a scene and you help promote it and you put it all over your twitter page and stuff as part of doing the scene and man, they got it right with that one! They sure did! So, power to them for doing their research and finding out what would make for a great scene, I am assuming that somebody did their research, or it was literally just coincidental that it had my favorite person and my favorite fetish. But if I had to guess, I would say that someone did their research and knew what to look for. That is exactly why it turned out so fabulous.


Don Juan DeMarko: That kicks ass doll. That simply means that those productions peeps did what they were supposed to do.


Anna Bell Peaks: Exactly!


Don Juan DeMarko: Rock on! Ok doll, so in closing, what does the future hold for Anna Bell Peaks? I mean, can we expect you to be stepping behind the lens, or even doing writing for a big studio? I know that you have been doing your own content for a long time in this business. Did you ever think about producing something massive? Maybe even starting your own production company? Directing a few scenes and creating a few films? I could honestly really see something big coming from Anna Bell Peaks in the future. No matter what that is, this guy would simply be dying to see you direct a film but no matter what the future might be, we would love to hear what the future holds for Anna Bell Peaks.

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: Good question. People do ask me all the time. I always figured that I would have five years in the business, or maybe seven at the most. Because I was thirty-three when I got in and I am thirty-six now and I figured by age forty, that I would be too old and ugly to keep going because I don’t know, magically when you hit forty you are going to be old and ugly because you are over the hill. So, in my mind, I always told myself that is how long my career will be. What I have decided is that I could never be an agent and I don’t think that I could ever direct. I’m not creative. You might think that I am creative because I am always in these cool scenes but that is because someone really came up with this neat premise. Now, I know how to talk dirty and I can come up with all sorts of ways to describe just how much fun I am having during sex and how I like your body parts but that is just being educated, knowing words and having a good vocabulary. Then being able to express it to somebody. That does not mean you are creative. I don’t think I could direct, because I do not understand lighting, I do not understand all the different facets of a picture, of a movie and things along that nature. I am going to save that for someone who really knows how. If I stayed in the industry after I retired, I would probably be a business consultant and literally do people’s taxes and do financial planning for them. I would probably be giving investing advice and tax deductions. I am smart with numbers and there are a lot of people in the industry, they do not know anything that they are doing. They ask me all the time; "can I ask you a tax question?" I give those tips out all the time on set. That is where I see myself, more along being in the back end of things on the business standpoint of the industry. I could stand in and be a CFO for a production company or something like that. I would take over the reins and make sure that your business practices are all good and of course profitable. So, I don’t see myself in any kind of creative venue. I have told myself forever that I could never be an agent because I do not have the patience for stupidity, and for drama. (We both bust out laughing) I do not do drugs, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I do not party. This is a business. So, when you are there, you need to do your business and you need to be damn good at it. I simply cannot deal with the drama of young people who just do not have it together. So, I am sorry. That just would not be for me either.


Don Juan DeMarko: I feel you sugar. You know, the reason I asked that style question, was when you really research what fans really do find the most alluring about you, it is that you are real. Your YouTube channel, it is off the chain good. I simply like that aspect of it. You create something unique. This is the critic in me talking, if you were to ask me as a businessman what you hold as your strongest card, it is that you present something real to the fans. I don’t think producers create with that want from fans enough. They do it to where they show you guys as the ultimate fantasy and yes, that is what you performers are but I think the industry is evolving into something different. I think it is evolving into a more reality based theme behind everything it portrays. I don’t know, maybe I am just trying to put thoughts into your head of grandeur, I really respect that aspect of you darling. Whether you realize it or not, you do it well.

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks: I am really flattered to hear that. Because I really do love what I do. I am glad that it shows on camera. I am not a liar, I am just me. That is what I tell people all the time. I love live web cam, because you really get to see the person as they are. It is one of my favorite things to do. In the realm of business, you have porn scenes that you do, you have web cam that you do. When you find yourself at home in the comfort of your own surroundings, you have feature dancing where you get to meet the fans and just really enjoy the sexual life and then there are all the conventions and that stuff. Web cam, I just love it. There are a lot of girls who say that they simply cannot do it. They say that they simply cannot sit in front of a camera and just talk to people. They are baffled like, “what am I going to say?” I tell them, “I don’t know but I can come up with stuff for about four hours at a time.” (we start laughing again.) …. I love playing with myself. So really, you just put me in front of a camera and say action and I got this for the next four hours. I will talk your ear off, I will start touching myself, I will turn myself on and then I will start playing with myself in front of you and get paid for it. It really is just one of my favorite things and you get to be very real. I think you make some die-hard fans that way. Because they see you as you are, they enjoy that they got to know you. They even get to enjoy that part of being a tipper, where they get to control a little bit of what you do. How fast are you going to undress? Well, if I tip you even more, you are going to undress quicker. A lot of times, I do controlled type shows, where if you tip a certain amount, you are going to make my toy turn up faster. That makes them feel more powerful when they are interacting with you, even if they are not really interacting with you. I think the future of porn is a lot more interactive, that is why they are doing virtual reality, because it makes the fan feel like they are a part of it. It is why web cam is such a booming part of the industry because you feel like you are right there with that person. So, I totally agree, it is evolving.

Don Juan DeMarko: You are such a bad ass babe. So, I totally had about fourteen questions and you simply answered like every single one in between each answer you gave. You totally fucking rock woman. I really enjoyed this darlin’ I really enjoyed getting to sit down and talk with you. I just simply looked forward to speaking with you on so many levels and my God woman, you did not disappoint!


Anna Bell Peaks: Well, I am glad to do it. I appreciate you taking the time Don to make a good interview out of it. I will say that the best interview I ever read was an XCritic interview and I cannot remember who wrote it but I even thought about it today and I need to re-post it on my twitter because it is that good and it was this really in depth look at all of the scenes that I have done. You could really see just how much I liked doing what I do in these scenes and it was just a positive interview. So, it just makes me a big fan of you guys, of XCritic. I think very highly of you.


Don Juan DeMarko: As are we big fans of yours. You are simply an industry standard of excellence. Thank you so much for this and you be sure to have a wonderful rest of your trip.


Anna Bell Peaks: Thank you so much Don and you have a wonderful rest of your night as well.


Anna Bell Peaks 






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