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Eva Lovia

"Glamour, Beauty, Independence"


Eva Lovia, known in the industry as one of the best actors and performers who knows the ropes of this business better than many within it's walls. At XCritic, we pride ourselves in bringing you the women of this industry who shine in a way that few ever get to see. If you have never seen Eva's work or met her in person, she is simply a woman who you can tell understands the ways of life that few do. Her films are always big hits, her innovation is something brings together old and new and as she begins to further her own production work he simply had to sit her down for one of the most candid and beautiful interviews with a truly one of a kind adult performer and further more, ....independent woman.


Eva Lovia

Don Juan DeMarko: Eva, I must say this first and foremost I have seen you rise in the ranks over the years. You started in this business when I left to pursue my other. What I remember most back then was that were these stories of this amazing ethnic beauty of Japanese and Spanish decent, so huge for me because I a m a Spaniard and bushido is something that is a way of life for me. No bullshit, I have always held those things very sacred in my being. I have always wanted to ask you since day one, have those two beautiful cultures been a part of where you get your amazing work ethic from? If not, I would love to know where your diligence for arduous work came from? Because every person who has worked with you has said that you simply set the standard for it, especially in today’s industry.

Eva Lovia Eva Lovia: I do think my Japanese upbringing has had a lot to do with my work ethic. Japanese parents, or in my case my grandmother, are very strict and there is no room for anything less than perfect. My mother, who is the Spanish one, raised us as a single mom and always worked 100 hours a week to provide for me and my siblings. I stepped it up and took on the role of mini-mom and have been working my ass off since then. I've always strived to be an independent woman that was self-sufficient. I don't ever want to rely on someone else to take care of me.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, the fire that burns within an adult performer. It is something that few fans ever get to see. It is just not that common it seems to see the woman of fantasy within this business to be shown as the wonderful human beings they are. I have heard through mutual friends that you are very head strong, independent woman. I love asking this story of all the veteran, super stars of this industry, can you tell us about your Mom? I have heard stories, but I would love to hear about her from you. I won’t spoil it for fans, but I can only imagine the influence that was upon you to see such glamour, strength and beauty from the beginning of your life. Making a living on one’s beauty. It is truly the hardest damn thing on this planet to do and stay sane while doing it. How much of what you have learned from her has helped you to stay afloat and successful in this amazing but stressful business of ours?


Eva Lovia: I think all relationships with one's parents tends to be complicated and have many facets. I love my mom, but it was very difficult being raised by her. She was and is a complicated mess of independent, stubborn, and codependent on men. She has always worked her ass off making great money, she has had several of her own businesses which I always admire in a woman; but conversely, she has always let the men in her life dictate who she was and the minute the relationship would end she would tailspin. She did a bit of nude modeling when I was younger, and even was offered work with Playboy. She put a huge emphasis on beauty and how men perceived her. I think there is a healthy way to look at that in a damaging way, she looks the latter, which I'm sure is why I took the higher road, as we tend to learn from our parent’s mistakes. It was tough growing up with a bombshell mom who ran her own business, but I did learn a lot about the art of seduction, I learned that I wouldn't let a man define my worth, and that you can't expect anyone to help you along your way, for that I have to thank her, because it has made me the independent powerhouse I had to be to survive in this tough male dominated industry. 

Eva Lovia Don Juan DeMarko: Once again, this has always been something I wanted to ask you. I found the concept and story of 2016’s Fetish Stories to be truly something beyond enticing. I love the concept of seeing the world through the eyes of women and the “what ifs” of woman kind. A very fascinating subject to me because I personally find that women are the stronger sex. That madam is for another time, what I would love to know is what it was like to be in that film? What where your favorite aspects of playing those roles and delving into fetish with such a beautiful view like Holly presented. Now, this film is one that I love and most do not. I mean that in do degradation to you, the crew or the amazing Holly Randall. I think so many do not know what it takes to create a film. Holly’s eye is something so sacred in this business, it is something that needs no introduction, let’s just say that. She is porn royalty. Can you take us through what it was like creating such a unique take on fetish with such a wonderful creator of art as Holly and getting to star with an actor as gifted as you, in the lovely and talented Aria Alexander.


Eva Lovia: Okay so we are going for full honesty in this interview, right? As lovely as Holly is, that piece was written and strictly outlined by Digital Playground. Working with them as a performer or Director, you don't get very much creative freedom. That being said, Holly is wonderful, and I do think she made the film as beautiful as she could with the restrictions that she had. I loved that fetishes were being brought into a mainstream light and that it was being normalized. I think it is important to show that fetishes can be sexy and fun, as long as everyone is consenting to the whole picture. I was excited to work with Aria and Ramon because I am so extremely turned on by both of them. However, the main issue I had, was the lack of involvement the talent had as to what type of scene we wanted. When it comes to fetishes, the whole point is that someone is turned on by something so specific that is outside the norm. To just toss people into such a specific scene and have that not really be their thing is taking away from the beauty of it. If I were to create something like that, the first thing I would do is as based on the talents particular fetish and then make the scene around that.


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Don Juan DeMarko: As one of the most independent women this business has ever seen. Oh, my goodness, as a writer, I find it the coolest fucking story that you called the industry, the industry did not call you, to get your foot in the door. Beyond amazing darling! I would simply love to know and this one is going to come wayyyyyyy out of left field. What has this industry taught you about love, both good and bad. I ask every woman of “fire” this because I truly believe that the ultimate of lovers exist in this industry. Not because of sex but by other means. It is those “other means” I would love to hear from you about.

Eva Lovia Eva Lovia: I think how one enters the business says a lot about their personality and how well they will ultimately do. Love and porn, that is complicated ha-ha. In my experience the only healthy couples have met pre-porn. There are always exceptions but as a whole, I find that civilian couples, where one of the partners gets into the industry tend to fare well. This is because they have a solid foundation prior, and they enter as a team, also the civilian partner knows their partner not as a performer but a real person. The issue with dating a civilian post porn is that they tend to see your alter ego and not you and it becomes hard for them to separate the two. It is very hard to find a healthy relationship if you work in the industry for many reasons, the lifestyle is not for everyone. You have to travel a lot, you're on set all day having sex with someone else, you have to deal with them getting a lot of attention, and simply people are jealous creatures. I think a lot of performers who date civilians are not sensitive to their partner's needs as well, it's a two-way street. Sex is sex and in my opinion, if one person is having sex on camera it's not fair to not allow the other person to also partake in extracurricular activities. If a relationship isn't equal, it won't last.


Don Juan DeMarko: The worlds that you have seen in your life. Few get to ever see them by the time they are eighty. You have probably seen more by the time you were twenty-five than most do in a lifetime and I do not mean places to visit on a map. Being born in South Carolina, having Spanish and Japanese blood, having begun to work in your first job at the age of fifteen. My goodness, that had to be so difficult for a woman who has such a sexual passion and in all honesty, an understanding of who she is like you. What was it like for you to be a person that had such depth growing up in the South? I don’t want to sound stereo-typical, but it is so wonderful to see such beings of positive sexuality come from areas and places in the human character that are deemed “conservative” or “old fashioned.” This industry and sex in general is something people forget has been around as long as time. May I ask, are you a more conservative person due to where you grew up and the community you were raised in? If so, what is it that you think people misconceive about the strong, sexually strong, independent. conservative woman? Keep this in mind love, I am a man who believes that all of us are united. I am a man who has worked for senators and NFL football players. As corny as this sounds Thomas Jefferson is my hero and I simply wish that we could return to a day where both liberal and conservative, right and left, old school and new school could see that we are all in this thing together.

Eva Lovia 

Eva Lovia: So, I am from all over actually, I was born in California, then moved to upstate NY, and have been in the south longer than anywhere else. I consider myself a country girl. I was raised with horses, always was running around in the woods, exploring the creeks behind them, going to rodeos, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I was very shy growing up, I was this exotic little thing that moved to a small town from LA and everyone picked on me because I looked different. I was raised by a mom other mom’s slut shamed, so naturally their kid’s slut shamed me, even though I was still a virgin. If you're the new kid and pretty, you are automatically a whore, that's just how kids work. I dated a boy from a very, very religious family for almost 8 years, his mom hated me even though I was so quiet, innocent, and again not sexually active. Being a female and wanting sex or pleasure made you a whore, only males were allowed to want those things. I called bullshit on the whole idea, but it took me breaking up with this boy and being honest with myself about my wants and needs. I don't really consider myself conservative per se. I have conservative ideals especially when it comes to business, but when it comes to humanitarian or environmental issues I lean more towards the liberal side. Living in the South, at least the part I am from, isn't as stuck in the past as one might think, there are a lot of people around me that love and support me, there are also people that whisper and disapprove, that's going to happen anywhere. I live in a small town, so most people are aware of who I am and what I do, and very rarely is it ever an issue. Most people are quite curious and chat my ear off trying to get a glimpse into such an unknown world. 

Eva Lovia Don Juan DeMarko: Some of my good buddies from my “golden era” of the industry work in Vegas and run a cool little Karaoke place where the porn stars come to have fun and put on another type of show for the patrons. Now, I have indeed studied you for this interview darlin’ and what I am dying to know, what in the world makes you believe that you are not a good karaoke singer? Your friends have said you are and you don’t believe yourself to be. I can imagine that a head strong woman like you, would not hesitate to show off her singing voice, so we can judge ourselves but one of the most amazing things I find about the female physique, in all my years studying, loving, caring, analyzing and worship, is that the one thing that every single one of them think they cannot do, is sing? Why is that? I come from a family of musicians and I kid you not, I have seen more beautiful voices in the adult industry, at parties, just having fun than I have seen almost anywhere else. Part two of this question is, can you tell us about one of these infamous sessions? Where you were, who you were with and what kind of craziness you were into that night?


Eva Lovia: Let's reiterate something to the readers, I am Japanese. Karaoke is in my blood, my 86-year-old grandmother and I still go to karaoke night at the Japanese Community Center and jam out to some old school Japanese music. That being said, we are both terrible. I think there is the fun in it, no one likes a show off at karaoke, if you go up there and belt out some amazing Carrie Underwood range songs you're an asshole. No one in my family can sing, we were all cursed with no range and a few of us may possibly be tone deaf. That doesn't prevent us from having a good time, I am not shy about my horrendous voice, I sing all the time, but no one enjoys it.


Don Juan DeMarko: One of the biggest things you and I have in common is that we both are huge movie nuts. I am so hoping that there is truly another soul out there in the world who knows as much useful, not useless movie trivia as I do. One of the coolest damn things about you and once again, it is great people in the industry who say this about you, is that you love to present the true beauty of the industry to the public again. My hay day was one that saw the illustrious Vivid girls being shown as the glamorous, beautiful and unique individuals they were. The films of that era were wonderful. Unique stories, shot with such amazing equipment. Do you think those days can ever return to the industry?

Eva Lovia 

Eva Lovia: I am glad some people share my opinion about beauty and porn. I really miss the old glamour days where there were Porn Stars. I consider less than 10 girls in the industry to be worthy of this title. They simply don't exist, and that isn't just the fault of the girls, but the companies won't allow them to exist because they are too expensive, and they would rather some 19-year-old girl from Miami take a load to the face for a few hundred bucks than pay for a gorgeous powerhouse to give a proper performance. I think it is very possible to return to the glam days, but the women must demand it, and some are, and I respect the hell out it because it's not easy. This means having standards and not budging, having a respectable rate, and presenting yourself like a Queen. The rest will catch up and companies will be forced to pay the rates.

Eva Lovia 

Don Juan DeMarko: Part two to this question. The “mainstream” film world seems all too hell bent these days on being safe. There is no originality anymore, it is frowned upon. Making films on established characters is safe so that is all Hollywood does these days. Do you think that maybe the industry could step in? Start to create small budget films, comedies, shocking horror and drama that does not need established stars? I don’t think this is a pipe dream. I really don’t. We already have the X rating. This current world we live in has so much over top bullshit already on the evening news, why can’t we go in and create something that could sweep fans off their feet? We used to once upon a time. Films like Behind the Green Door, which if you have never seen it gives the original Last House on the Left a big run for the most shocking, graphic film that truly has psychological depth and story. I would just love to hear the opinion from such a passionate soul like yourself. Am I truly living in a fantasy world? You can be as harsh as you like to me with this answer, because the things I truly see, is that if a group of people who were literally unknown stars at the time could make a film about the joys of sex and discovery in 1999 and turn it into a 100 million success with only one tenth of the budget. What keeps us from doing the same?


Eva Lovia: We do not have trained actors in porn. There might be two. Mainstream actors spend years on their craft and honestly 99% of porn actors can't hold a flame to most entry level actors, we simply don't have the tools. I think there are very talented writers in the industry and I think with proper training it could happen but let's be realistic, who is spending the time or money to take acting classes? Furthermore, how would you get funding to get into theaters? It's all an approval process, and straight to DVD is always a flop. I think there is a massive difference between adult and mainstream and very few can transcend that gap. 

Eva Lovia Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, I must ask this one and I am just banking that I have found the true adult actor that will give me one of the most amazing answers because I’m thinking you will know I am not trying to step on anyone’s toes or make them feel inferior. Out of all the totally kick-ass, dramatic, comedic roles that you have done in both mainstream and in the adult world what has been your favorite roll and why? I know, you totally want to want to kick my ass after this interview with all these two-part questions, but I would love to know, especially coming one of the most kick ass alpha females I have ever met, I would love to know, which role made you the most nervous? Was it perhaps your first ever scene, or a unique dive into a role and fantasy you had never even indulged in within your personal life? I would simply just love to know which of the bunch was just intimidating as hell. Post script to this question, if you ever were nervous, it never shows, and I mean never, not even in your eyes. It is why I have this deep respect for your acting skills. Not many in this business know that the eyes do indeed talk.

Eva Lovia Eva Lovia: My favorite role has to be O-Ren Ishi for Kill Bill XXX, it was my first big acting role so I'm sure I was not impressive, but I love Lucy Lu, and I LOVE Kill Bill, so it was such a treat to be her for a couple of weeks. She was such a boss and I really loved being such a badass in a kimono.

As far as what scene was I the most nervous, definitely my DP. I had never done one before, so I had no clue what to expect, there really is no mental prep you can do, you simply must just dive in. I thought my heart was going to explode. It was such an invigorating experience.


Don Juan DeMarko: Madam, you are simply a gem. We usually do thirteen questions with Don Juan DeMarko but I have tortured you with so many two part questions, I think I am going to quit before I put you to sleep darlin’! We cannot thank you enough for sitting down with is at XCritic today.

Can you tell us about any big projects coming up in the near future that we simply can’t miss?

Also, a question that I think every diehard fan wants to know. Once you have reached the pinnacle of your acting a career, are you going to move strictly into production, design and all the post production that you simply have one of the keenest minds for?

I would simply love to see you as a “porn lifer” because I honestly see you as a woman who could redefine the term. I truly see you as someone who can turn productions, companies, people and performers into something that they never thought capable. With that madam. I bit you farewell. It was truly an honor.


Eva Lovia: That is a tough question. I don't believe in being a lifer in any industry. I believe in constant growth and evolution. I don't know how long I will be in porn for, I suppose until I am no longer happy in it. Right now, I only shoot for my site with the occasional exception for a project I am truly in love with. I grew sick of how companies treat female talent, and act as if we don't have a say in a scene, hello it's my body I am the only one with a say! So, after years of frustration I decided to stop letting others treat me below what I consider acceptable and started producing content for myself only and it has been incredible. I now run Fallinlovia.com and direct scenes, produce the scenes, market the scenes and have total creative control. It is glorious. I would love my company to continue to grow and to be able keep shooting for it whether or not I perform, until it no longer makes sense to continue. I do hope I can be a great example to other women in the industry or women thinking about getting in and showing them, they have a choice and you can only be taken advantage of if you let it happen. I love porn, I just don't love the companies, so I found a solution.

 Eva Lovia

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