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Natasha Nice

"Naughty Natasha" Feature Interview


As AVN, XBIZ and XRCO all fastly approachwe had the opportunity to sit down with Natasha Nice and discuss her newly nomintated film Nuaghty Natasha from Elegant Angel. This has been Natasha's first spotlight feature in the adult industry. Getting to sit down with this decade plus veteran of the adult industry was something that I had been looking to for a very long time. What came to be is one of the sexiest damn interviews I have ever been apart of and fans, ..... I must warn you,  you better have your sweat rags ready because this interview may indeed get you hotter than hot!

Box Cover Naughty Natasha

Don Juan DeMarko: Well Natasha, you have certainly come full circle in the business. Please, tell us what this means to you, an industry veteran making her return to receive a showcase from a company like Elegant Angel and to be directed by legendary Pat Myne?

Natasha Nice Natasha Nice: It honestly felt like a nostalgic dream come true. I’d seen the impact of Elegant Angel’s showcases throughout the years in my first go-around in this business. I came back and so much had changed! Including Elegant Angel! But that didn’t deter me from idolizing their productions and of course, desiring my own showcase by them. The fact that Pat Myne was a part of it was icing on the cake. As I move forward with my career, I will likely look back on this showcase as a staple of my work since my return.


Don Juan DeMarko: You had a more than a few firsts in this film. Tell us what was the most incredible part about being able to explore yourself sexually when it comes to something you do on screen for the first time, like your gang bang or first IR DP?


Natasha Nice: Well, it’s all about how it feels now isn’t it? My first gangbang was so fulfilling, I can’t lie. Getting fucked is one of the most pleasurable things in life! And getting fucked by 5 guys in all your holes is simply heaven. I got to be more submissive than I normally am when I fuck but that was part of the appeal for me. Sometimes I don’t know how to slow down, but when you’re getting fucked by 5 guys, you don’t need to, you just need to get fucked by 5 guys. It’s incredible. Who doesn’t want to be ravaged by the opposite sex?

As for the DP, it was very sensual. Prince and Rico started out by massaging me with oil and Rico’s cock was right in front of my face as they did it. Then, Prince squeezed and massaged my ass until I couldn’t help but shoving it in his face. I love having a man’s hands touch me. The bigger and stronger, the better. I want to be grabbed obsessively.

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Natasha Nice Don Juan DeMarko: I must ask this beautiful, because the theme of this film is just beyond wonderful. Tell us, how do you relate to your character? How much is “Naughty Natasha” apart of who you are? You have such energy in your scenes, I simply would love to know how much of that is you and how much of it is the performer that lies within your being?


Natasha Nice: Well, Naughty Natasha is not a character. Naughty is a description about my demeanor and Natasha IS me so in fact, I’m playing myself in this film lol. I get your question though because there is a slight difference in the real me versus the me I express when a camera is rolling. Without a camera present, I prefer to be silent to see how long I can take it. On camera, it’s always best to let it out but both scenarios are excruciatingly pleasurable. I cum hard. That’s the real me that I couldn’t hide if I tried.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, can you take us through some basics of the film. How long did it take to shoot? What were the set locations like? They looked like you had some truly amazing places for you to showcase your sexuality at. Had you worked with any of your co-stars before or was that also a first for you in this film?


Natasha Nice: The sets in this film were simply amazing. In general, there is a spectrum of porn locations used, ranging from motel rooms to mansions in the Hollywood hills. Being the obedient little girl that I am, I never turn down a shoot due to location or any other budget constraint, BUT when I get to work on a set as beautiful as the ones in this movie, I feel like such a star. There are always high ceilings, colorful art and bold furniture. If you took a girl home to a place like that, you would for sure get laid! Maybe that’s why they shoot us there! It’s more realistic. (She Laughs ever so sweetly)

Natasha Nice Don Juan DeMarko: What was the day or scene where you had the most fun on set. Now come on my sweet friend. I know you had an amazing time each day and scene and I know the politically correct porn answer is all of them but there had to be one that stood out more than the rest. Tell us in explicit detail, what was that scene and what were the best parts of filming it?


Natasha Nice: Ugh okay fine, I’ll tell you! Well first of all, a very, very, very close second was my threesome with AJ and Manuel because there’s nothing better than dick in your hole with a pretty little pussy in your mouth. Oh God, it’s to die for. That being said, you know how when you sleep with someone new, the first time is the most incredibly explosive? Well that’s what my gangbang was like. I had Tommy Gunn and John Strong with their big ole muscles, Markus with the sexy accent, Mr. Pete with his love of pussy and then there was James Deen talking dirty to me the whole time and making me feel like an obedient little brat. Oh yeah, and they all did me at once. (She laughs again, ever so sexy) It was an enticing experience indeed.


Don Juan DeMarko: Were there any moments where perhaps there was another one of your co-stars joining “Naughty” Natasha in the shower for a little after shoot quickie? I know how a porn set can be sometimes.

Natasha Nice: I’m not saying no and I’m not saying yes lol but I certainly didn’t join porn to be a good girl.


Don Juan DeMarko:What do you want to tell the fans and of course Elegant Angel when it comes to this film?

Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice: I want to thank them for following my work and trusting in my authentic, slutty performances. My fans know I’m not just in this for money or fame, I’m in this to fuck like an animal and I’m so grateful that they, and Elegant Angel, desire more of me. I look forward to working with Elegant and especially Pat in the future. And I’m still waiting on fan reviews of this movie so don’t be shy boys!

Don Juan DeMarko: In closing tell us where we can find you next, what big projects do you have going on? Do you think now that you have had a taste of the even kinkier side of Natasha that we are going to see more gang bangs? DP’s and sex pushed to that alluring zone of fantasy that only true performers of the industry can take the fans? Be sure to send us all your social media and contact info that way the fans know exactly where to find Naughty Natasha at all times. Ciao doll, it is always a pleasure.


Natasha Nice: I have a couple big projects going on and the more I work on them the more I realize they need more work but don’t worry I’ll be happy to share these with you when they’re finished. What I can tell you is that my first and only gang-bang so far is nominated for Best Group Scene at the 2018 AVN awards. Whether I win or lose, I hope 2018 brings tons of gang-bang debauchery and anal pleasure with it!  Don’t forget to check out NatashaNice.com for my latest and greatest! Fans can stay up to date by following me on social media: Twitter (@BeNiceNatasha), Instagram (TheOnlyNatashaNice) and at OnlyFans.com/BeNiceNatasha

Natasha Nice 


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