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XCritic Interview: Abigail Mac Talks "Vampires," Nutrition and Fitness and More

Abigail Mac has taken the adult world by storm since entering the business in 2012. The long-haired brunette’s physical beauty and down-to-Earth personality have garnered her tens of thousands of fans and made Mac a sought-after talent among industry producers.

Abigail kindly spoke with XCritic on the afternoon of December 17 to discuss her starring role in Girlsway’s critically acclaimed feature film Vampires, her passion for fitness and nutrition and other topics.

You can follow Abigail Mac on Twitter under the handle @MsAbigailMac and check out her FreeOnes page here.

Abigail was named the newest Fleshlight Girl in October 2017. Purchasing information for her Fleshlight product can be found at this link.

(Interview conducted by Cass Ashlen)

I appreciate you taking some time out to chat with me today.

Oh, of course! I’m glad that you reached out.

This is the first time I’ve interviewed you, so I’d like to start at the beginning. Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially?

Of course. I was in college waiting tables and kind of figuring out my life. You know - a young girl. And I met someone who was a webcam model. At this point in my life, I had never heard of webcam before. She was like, “How about you just come over to my apartment and I’ll show you the ropes and show you what I do.” I was like, “Alright, I’m open to it.” I was extremely nervous, I was like, “This sounds kind of sketchy.” I just didn’t know anything. I didn’t know anything about webcam, I didn’t know anything about porn. I was pretty much clueless.

So, I went over to her place - I think she was using Streamate at the time. We went on Streamate and did a little girl/girl show. It was super easy, super fun and we were making really, really good money. So, I kind of realized that instead of working eight to twelve-hour shifts waiting tables, I could get on my laptop and just be a webcam model and make the same amount of money or more. So, I signed up for webcam and I started doing that every day, every other day at home, and then I would do webcam shows with my girlfriend as well.

A company called Digital Desire found me online. They reached out and wanted to shoot me in L.A. I did a lot of research on them just to make sure that they were legit because I didn’t know anything about the adult industry. After some research, I agreed to go shoot with them. I came down to L.A. and it was wonderful. They treated me so good. I had done trade photo shoots and stuff like that, but coming to L.A., having a makeup artist, shooting in this beautiful mansion and having all this wardrobe, I’m like, “This is fabulous. I absolutely love this.”

So, when I went back to Oregon, I was researching certain agents in the industry and I found one that I thought that I would like, so I got an agent. And about six months later, I moved to L.A. and I started doing porn full-time. I did girl/girl-only porn for about three years, then I transferred and now I do girl/girl and boy/girl stuff.

You actually answered one of the questions I was going to ask regarding your level of knowledge about the adult industry prior to entering. It’s good to hear that you did your research beforehand.

I did a lot - I asked a lot of questions. I’m still that person where if someone wants to book me, I’m like, “Okay, what are we shooting? Who am I shooting with? Who is the director? What is the concept?” I love all the details because then you show up and there are no surprises. The day just runs so much smoother. Everybody is just super prepared for what’s going on. I am that person. (Laughs)

And you started in 2012, is that right?

Yes, 2012. Because this AVN will be my five-year mark.

This awards season, you are up for XBIZ Female Performer of the Year. Do you like your chances for taking home the trophy in that category?

You know what? When it comes to awards season, a lot of people get really nervous and really excited. With XBIZ and AVN, it’s just nice to be recognized for those awards. But, to be completely honest, I’m not too set on, “Oh, my gosh, I have to win awards,” because my award so far is that I’m such a lucky girl - I have such a huge and strong fan base that supports me. My award is being able to get online and have this wonderful career that I’ve built for myself and these fans who love the content that I create. Getting messages from women, couples and people going, “We watch you all the time. You’ve really helped us with our marriage,” or “You’ve really helped us spice things up.” Being able to help people, put a smile on someone’s face, or even waking up in my beautiful apartment, having all of these things, being comfortable paying my bills and having this life that I’ve been able to create - that’s my award.

So, if I win something at XBIZ or AVN, that makes me really happy that the industry has recognized me, but my fan base has been recognizing me since Day One. And I feel like that is my award. So, it would be icing on the cake, but I feel like I’ve already won in this industry with all my fans and supporters.

Absolutely. I think that’s a great outlook. Obviously, it would be nice to win, but you are happy in life and that’s what is most important.

Yeah, because I’ve won XBIZ and AVN awards before and it is really great. Especially XBIZ, because they’ve really treated me well and done interviews with me and put me in their magazine. I’m going to do their Performer of the Year panel this year and they are really great people. I love working with them. It’s nice to be recognized, but at the end of the day, once you get an award, that award sits on your shelf. But you wake up and the people who support you, that doesn’t go away. Those people are always there going, “Thank you,” or “This is so awesome.” That interaction is always so much more fulfilling to me than a physical award. Maybe that would offend some people, but that is just how I feel.

This past October, you were named the newest Fleshlight Girl.


How did it feel to receive the news that you were going to be added to the Fleshlight roster?

You know, there were a few things in my career that I really strived for early on: I really wanted to do a feature movie for Digital Playground, which I did. And I really wanted to be a Fleshlight Girl - and it finally happened.

At first, I didn’t even really think it was real. (Laughs) They asked me to do it and until I actually shot for them and I saw my name on their website, I’m like, “Well, this is my life. This is real.” So, I was super honored and super happy about it because in this industry, we work and we do scenes, and we get that one-time paycheque. So, not only is this a huge honor, but having a Fleshlight in the industry, this is going to be around forever. This is one thing I have that is residual income that’s really going to help me build a future for myself. So, that’s also pretty amazing, in my opinion, because what else can you do where you have one thing and you can keep making money from it hopefully for the rest of your life? So, that was pretty amazing.

Absolutely. It’s a huge milestone for any performer to become a Fleshlight Girl. And I actually didn’t know that talent received royalties for their Fleshlights. That’s really awesome.

You have it, and every time someone buys your Fleshlight, you get a paycheque for that. I think a lot of girls don’t realize, you get into this industry … yes, I love my job and I’m so happy that I’m able to do this - it’s pretty much the greatest career ever - but I want a future someday. I want my own house, I want to be able to travel. We don’t have a 401(k), we don’t have health insurance, we don’t have these things. So, we need to look at it like, “This is great, but what are we going to be doing in ten years, fifteen years, twenty years?” How are we going to build a nice life for ourselves? We’re humans, just like everyone else, so having a Fleshlight or having your own website and content where you can really build something up if you don’t want to do scenes anymore, you are still able to make money and create a good future for yourself.

You had a prominent role in a major release from Girlsway this year titled Vampires. Can you tell us about the film and your part in it?

Yeah! It was written by Stills By Alan, it was his first big feature movie. He’s done feature movies before, but he hasn’t written and directed his own feature movie. I’ve been working with Alan pretty much my entire career and I remember the first feature movie that he did. We all drove up - it was me, Remy LaCroix, Lola Foxx … I’m trying to remember all the girls that were in this movie. It was a Halloween-themed movie, so we all went up to Big Bear for three days and shot this really hilarious Halloween movie. That was kind of Girlsway’s big “We’re doing features now.”

From that Halloween movie to this Vampires movie, it’s just night and day. Of course, that Halloween movie was awesome, but this, with the special effects and everything that we did - the acting, the setup … I felt like I was in an actual T.V. show or actual movie is how they really took this to the next level.

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The script was really, really amazing, too. I can’t remember if Alan was an English major - I think that he was. But his writing was just incredible. I remember him calling me on the phone and he’s like, “I’m writing this script and I’d really like you to be a part of it.” And I’m like, “Wow, I love working for you guys.” I work for Girlsway almost every month. They are just a great company to work for, and I’m a lesbian-dominant performer, anyway, so I love working for them.

So, I said, “I’d be honored to work for you.” He sent me the script and I was like, “Oh, Alan, this is so incredible.” It was a hundred pages long, but I read it right when he sent it to me and it was so in-depth and so much more than anything I’ve ever read in the industry. He put everything into it.

I was like, “It’s going to be a really intense, hard project, but I think that we can do it.” He wanted me to play the sister of Shyla Jennings. She plays this kind of innocent blind girl and we move to our father’s house in California, who had recently passed. It’s this really cute, quaint California town and we don’t realize that everybody’s getting eaten by vampires. It’s hilarious.

I’m kind of the broey sister who always protects Shyla and we both get looped up into this vampire coven - what’s going on and how can we save this town? I think this is probably one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever worked on. I mean, when it came out, people were so taken aback by it because this is just on another level. I use the hash tag #epicshitonly (Laughs) - excuse my language - but I really feel that this was just a really awesome project that people should watch and appreciate. It got nominated, I think, for 23 awards or something.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, which I thought was great. Not just the acting, but the special effects, the writing and everything we put into this. We were on set, I think, for like four or five days. We got there at like eight o’clock in the morning and a lot of us were there until like four or five in the morning the next day. Everybody who worked on this project put everything into it. All the girls, Alan, Billy, Bree and all these people - they killed it, for sure. So, I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Right. I have to admit, I haven’t actually seen the movie …

(Gasps) Shame on you! (Laughs)

(Laughs) I know. But just based on the trailer, it was something I definitely wanted to speak with you about because of, as you mentioned, the high production values and great storyline attached to the movie.

Yeah. A lot of the special effects they had never done before. So, we’d be looking things up like, “How can we create this effect?” So, we’d go online and research how we could create these effects. I remember we wanted to make something where I was here, and all of a sudden I was here within an instant. So, we would fake run in a place and land in another spot, and while we land, we’d have a leaf blower to blow my hair to make it looked like I jumped from one place to another. We’re like, “We don’t know if this is going to work out.” But then the trailer came out and I’m like, “Oh, it looks so good!” It was perfect and the editors did an amazing job creating that. So, it all came together better than I think anybody expected it to.

Sure. It definitely sounds like a tremendous project.

It really was. And everyone at Girlsway, it’s nice to be able to walk into a situation where it feels like I’m with family because I’ve worked with them countless times and it’s just a very comfortable and artistic environment to be in. So, it was an awesome time.

You are very open as well about your passion for fitness and nutrition. Can you speak about that and where your interest in it originated?

Well, I’ve always been into fitness. I’m a lot more serious about it now, but I’ve always been a girl who would go to the gym. When I was younger, I would go and do sit-ups and things like that. I would still go to the gym every day, so I was fit, but I wasn’t really shredded like I am now.

I remember seeing my photos and I had a little bit of transition in my career where I would be fit and kind of slim, but not a whole lot of definition, and then I would be a little bit thicker. I just wasn’t really happy with the way my photos were looking or even my body was looking. I didn’t ever have a bad body, but I really wanted to have a strong physique. It was just something that I always wanted.

The man that I’m dating is really into nutrition and is actually a holistic health coach. So, being with him has really taught me a lot about nutrition and eating healthy. We’ve always kind of been that way of trying different diets and eating what makes us feel good. So, nutrition has always been a part of my life for about the past ten years.

Recently, for the past three or four years, I’ve been getting into bodybuilding. I started lifting weights because I wanted my body to change and then I just became obsessed with it - not only because of the physical transformation, but it relieves my stress. It’s almost like a meditative effect, because when you are at the gym and lifting heavy, you can’t think about anything else. You’re just thinking about, “Wow, this is really hard. I’m going to get through this.” And it’s just relaxing and it makes you a calmer person. Overall, your life is better and you just feel better all the time. Your mental state is better and your physical state is better.

So, I just fell in love with being at the gym all the time. Really, the looking good aspect of going to the gym is icing on the cake, you know? You get all of the other effects first and then you’re like, “Well, I also look really, really good.” I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever let go of. I think fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle. It’s something that you kind of adopt and you have for the rest of your life. I’m never going to stop going to the gym and I’m never going to stop eating healthy because when you wake up and you feel great, you feel like you look great, it’s an awesome feeling.

Sure. While I was researching in preparation for speaking with you today, I happened upon your YouTube channel and I watched a couple of the Q & A videos that you did. You mentioned in one of them that you and your boyfriend had started a health food vending machine business, which I thought was very interesting. Can you tell us about that?

Yeah. A couple of years ago, my man - his name is Zac - he had the idea to start a healthy vending company. He did a bunch of research, and another thing in this industry: You can’t just do scenes. You have to have multiple outlets of income and you have to do other things if you want to have a nice future for yourself.

He’s always worked on the nutrition side and the health side, doing things like that. So, I was all for it. He looked up different companies we could work for and then started buying these healthy vending machines, putting them in different locations and having a lot of different options - low sugar options, gluten-free options, vegan, or just other stuff that people wanted. We built a business for us both to have.

It’s just great to be able to do other things besides the industry and having other sources of income. But also being able to do things for people where a little kid or someone can actually go and have a healthy snack instead of a Coke, Pepsi, or this crap food. And I think people in L.A. really appreciate having healthy and fun snacks around.

It’s been a great experience and it’s also been awesome dealing with these distributors and being able to have some of this yummy stuff at our house, too, that we can snack on. We’re very healthy, clean eaters, and we can also give this yummy stuff to other people.

It’s a great perk.

It is. It’s an all-round great perk. (Laughs) We have all the snacks. (Laughs)

Right. I thought that was a terrific concept. Vending machines often don’t have the healthiest food. But, if you have another machine beside it with a healthier option, I think that’s a great thing for people.

Yeah. Most places where we put them, the Coke machines, they get rid of those and put in our machines. If you want to get a Zevia soda pop, something with no sugar or something made with organic cane sugar, you can get that. Overall, it’s just better options for people who want to be healthier. And a lot of people in California are into that, so it’s really cool to see.

Speaking as somebody who has been in the adult industry for several years now and established a very good name for yourself, is there perhaps one misconception about the business that bothers you or that you wish you could dispel?

Well, recently, there’s been a lot of tragedy in this industry and a lot of things going on. I think a big misconception is that we’re all - and this isn’t everybody, this is just some people - think that we’re all on drugs or that we all have daddy issues, or that we’re all just really bad people. Kind of that - that it’s just a really depressing industry. And are there some people who are like that? Yeah, there are. Things are stereotyped for a reason. But there are people like me, and there are women and men and married couples who are in this industry because they want to be. This is our choice. Our body is our choice. We’re doing this because it makes us happy. We’re in this industry to create something for ourselves and make a future for ourselves, and we’re not on drugs and we have good relationships with our families.

Yes, I think that is a common misconception. Are there both sides? Yeah, there are. But there are also people that are just trying to live their lives and be good people, build a future and be happy.

Sure. May I ask a few questions about yourself as a person?

Of course!

Can you tell us where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

Well, I was born in Columbia, Maryland and I was raised outside of Baltimore. I have two brothers, an older brother and a younger brother. When I was really little, I was raised by a single mom, and then my mom married my stepfather when I was really little, I want to say six or seven years old.

I had a pretty normal childhood, I would say. And then when I was about twelve years old, we moved out of Maryland and to the state of Montana. And this move changed my life. (Laughs) When we moved to Montana, there’s not a whole lot going on there. So, to have a good time, I really got into hiking, camping, fishing, skiing and doing all these outdoor things, which really made me appreciate nature and the environment as a whole. It kind of turned me into a … I don’t know the term - a hippie or a granola, to where I just loved being outside.

My little brother now lives in Arizona with his fiancée and they are very happy. My older brother is in Florida, and then my dad and stepmom are in Maryland. I get to see them about once or twice a year now.

I’m very lucky. When I was eighteen, my stepfather adopted me and I took his last name. He’s one of the greatest men I’ve ever met and he loves and supports me no matter what. So, having a good relationship with my family is important and I love my dad so much. It’s great to have him in my life. I know a lot of girls don’t have that. I’m a very lucky girl.

Absolutely. It’s excellent that you have the support of your family.

Yeah. I feel lucky to have their support, for sure.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I love to relax. (Laughs) I work all the time - I’m flying all the time, I’m on set all the time. Pretty much my hobbies include eating, sleeping , working out - working out is my biggest hobby. That takes about one to two hours of my time every single day. But like I was saying before, if I get the chance to go hiking or go exploring, travelling to new places, I love going to hot springs - pretty much anything to do with nature is what I like to do with my off time.

How about favorites - favorite movie, T.V. shows, musical artists, etc.?

You know, my favorites change all the time. But movies, I always say Grandma’s Boy because it’s so silly and stupid, and always makes me laugh. I really do love anything that’s comedy, like stupid comedy. Psychological thrillers I really like as well - not scary movies, I don’t like scary movies, but anything that makes me think, I really, really love.

I listen to so much different music. I actually have Apple Music now, which is so great, because you can go on and find an artist that you like and create a radio station that is similar to that artist. I’m really into music exploration, so I listen to 90s music, classical rock, EDM music, underground hip hop - it’s just all over the board. Classical music, acoustic guitar music. I don’t really have a favorite because each day I wake up, I’m in a different mood. So, I can listen to music that reflects that mood, like, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I’m going to listen to 90s existential crisis music.” Or, “I’m feeling really, really great - I’m going to listen to some electronic transcendental music today.” Or, “I’m at the gym and I’m feeling really pumped up, so I’m going to listen to some trap music right now.” I think music you can adopt for every single situation according to how you are feeling.

In your YouTube videos, you mentioned your love of food as well. What would you say your favorite food is?

Oh, man. I really am probably the least picky person in the entire world. I eat most things and love them, which is a problem because I just love to eat.

My favorite food in the entire world … man, that’s probably the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. (Laughs) I do love Eggs Benedict - that’s high up there on my list. I love Indian food so much and I really, really love Mexican food, too. So, tacos are up there.

I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I’m going to go with Eggs Benedict, Indian food and Mexican food as of right now, and next year that will probably be different. (Laughs)

(Laughs) I’m the same way. I don’t know if I have one singular favorite food, either, so I understand.

Yeah. Some people are like, “This is my favorite color,” “This is my favorite food,” “This is my favorite movie.” And for me, I’m like, “This is what I’m doing right now, but in a month or a year, it’s probably going to be completely different.” And it’s always been like that for me.

Is there one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

I don’t know - I share so much of myself on the Internet and I’ve really been really open because a lot of people talk to you about creating a brand. I really feel like you, as a person, your personality and who you are is your brand. So, I’ve never tried to create anything that has not been myself that I’ve put on the Internet. So, my YouTube videos, my Instagram, my Snapchat and my Twitter - they are all representations of who I am and that has created my success, just myself as a person.

So, I don’t know what would really surprise people. Maybe that my favorite thing is not to go out and party and have a good time. I love to just be on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and a movie on eating food. I’m kind of a hermit. (Laughs) But a lot of people already know that. My Snapchat is Iamfuzzyblanket because my favorite thing in the world is to be surrounded by fuzzy things or my fuzzy blanket on the couch doing nothing. (Laughs) But people who don’t know who I am, they see, “Oh, this young porn star. She’s probably crazy and likes to go out and party.” But, my favorite thing if I don’t have to do anything is just to be surrounded by fuzzy blankets watching T.V. or hanging out listening to music and eating delicious food.

Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

This year has been one of the busiest years of my career. And I keep saying, “Maybe next year I’ll slow down a little bit.” And each year just gets crazier and crazier. Of course, I’ve done so many scenes this year for all the major companies.

But also, I’ve been shooting for myself a lot. It’s been so rewarding and I’ve been able to take my artistic expression, and all my thoughts and creativity and put them into something that I’m very, very proud of. So, shooting for myself for my OnlyFans, my many vid sites and all of that, I’ve been really, really proud of. And I think that’s something people are going to be very excited about.

A lot of my fans already support me with that, but shooting my own stuff and being extremely creative and putting my own personality into my stuff even more has been amazing. I don’t know how creative you are - I’m assuming you are an artistic, creative person - but you get up and you shoot something, and you are so proud of it, you are so excited and you put it out there and people just fall in love with it.

I’ll stay awake night because I’m just like, “I want to create more” and “I want to do this more,” and show people what I’m thinking and what I’m passionate about, and hopefully they enjoy it, too. So, that’s what I’m excited to show people more of - all my own content that I’m creating.

Right. I understand - it’s very rewarding to look at something you’ve created and say, “That’s me. I did that.”

Yeah, that’s it. And you put everything into it and when people see it, it’s like, “Wow, this is really amazing.” It’s an overwhelming feeling. So, yeah, it makes me really, really happy. And to be able to create content for myself and have people love it and enjoy it, it’s been a very rewarding experience.

Absolutely. In closing, is there anything else you’d like to say to readers?

I guess the only thing I’d like to say is thank you so much. Without people supporting me and watching me and loving what I do, I wouldn’t have a career. My whole career and what I’ve been able to do is because of my fans, so I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me and loving what I do.

And of course, you can find me online on Instagram (@MsAbigalMac), Snapchat (Iamfuzzyblanket) and you can always check out my OnlyFans and my ManyVids profiles for all my creative content. And, just thank you - you guys rock.

And you are with 101 Modeling for bookings, is that right?

101 is great. I love 101 - I’ve been with them since Day One. I do book mostly independently now because I know everybody. But for side gigs and people who have never shot me before, you can book me through 101.

Again, I want to thank you for taking time out of your weekend to speak with me. I appreciate it and it was great to chat with you.

Yeah, you too. Thank you for reaching out, I really appreciate it.

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day after returning home and I wish you the very best in the future.

Thank you so much. You have a relaxing day, too!

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