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Film Spotlight Interview: Angela White

"The Iconic Woman Takes On An Iconic Role"

As I sat down to speak with this amazing woman of the industry who has grown a brand from across the oceans and continents over the years, I simply was thrust into being a twenty year old fan when I saw this box cover with Angela White as Titwoman. A role and character that only the top stars have portrayed. Here at XCritic, we thought that this was the perfect time to unveil a film that simply showcases a woman in so may ways, that embodies the movement of women, power and the industry in ways we have never seen them, so without further wait, right in time for awards week .......

Titwoman Cover



Don Juan DeMarko: Well madam, the first thing I must ask as we dive deep into this subject of your role as Titwoman is what does Titwoman represent to you as a character and as a woman of great understanding of sexuality and strength within this industry?


Angela White: To me, Titwoman embodies empowered sexuality. Titwoman is an independent woman who is not afraid to use her sexuality for her own pleasure. She understands the power of her woman-hood and she embraces her sexuality to the fullest. 

Angela White (Titwoman) Don Juan DeMarko: I love that answer. I will tell you why. I think that we are in a changing of the guard, or, more so that the empowerment of women is finally coming full circle to the attention of not just this country but the world, especially in our industry.


Angela White: Yes, I agree with that. We indeed have more and more women of power in our industry. I think with the democratization of pornography, well, maybe I should say that the internet created the democratization of pornography and the access to more affordable names of production. The camera equipment, the lighting equipment is more affordable than ever and now people can direct and produce their own pornography. So instead of it being that type of misunderstood void, more and more women are picking up the camera and producing their own content, shooting their own film. There are now more and more women in front of the camera making the choice to own their own sexuality and express themselves on their own terms.


Don Juan DeMarko: Truth be told and how I think this role really fits you darling, I really mean this, to me, what I have always loved about this role, once again, this might be my corniness coming out, I have always visualized this role as the sexy, Terminatrix of character. Almost like she is an assassin. She embodies all those things that have always been reserved for a male role. It has always been the male fantasy. Now, it is becoming women who are showing that they too enjoy this world as much as we do. That they have those same fantasies and I think it is a role like this that shows what women are capable of. When I see you in this film, I kid you not, when I saw those stills, I said to myself, that is the Terminator.


Angela White: Thank you so much. I thought the imagery of that film was about power, strength and passion. More specifically, female power, strength and passion.

Angela White (Titwoman) 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, I agree, the thing that I like to ask you about is, you and I have talked about this before on a personal level. I would love to know; how does this role relate to your sexuality? Is this something that was very close to home, was this an easy role for you to play being how comfortable you are with your own sexuality?


Angela White: Well, it is an interesting role, because it is not a character, it is me if I could start the question again. Some of the scenes in this movie, they have a little bit of the story line and some of them are straight to sex. So, it is so much so this icon of Titwoman and Angela White, because I feel that I am Titwoman. I can relate to this character who is empowered along her journey and is striving forth on her journey towards sexual enlightenment. I identify with a character who embraces all aspects of sexuality and more so, how this character has me embrace all my curves and womanliness which I do. Because also, Titwoman is about the breast, it is about that iconic female imagery of the boob (we both share a laugh) ……. And it has not always been easy to embrace my own curves. I have always tried to love myself but in a society, that always seems to try and make women hate themselves. It is a rebellious act to say, I love my natural body the way that it is. I love my boobs, even though they hang, because that is what natural boobs are supposed to do. I love my breasts, even though they have stretch marks, that is part of being a woman, that is part of being human. So, this role was a good role for me because it is apart of my own story.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, how the trivial things matter in life and you know this, us in the industry, we like to present a fantasy in many different aspects, that is what we do. A truth you really hit home with me is that I have a lot of friends in this business. Like you talked about, many people when they make a living off their beauty and you present your characters as something so dashing that it can be self-intimidating to always reach that bench mark when the cameras turn off. There are so many women who have a beautiful look but because that essence of natural beauty has always been something that mankind has always embraced and put their best foot forward when dealing with how women see themselves and supporting them and each other. I see many people in this business look at their stills and say, “Oh my goodness, I do not like them.” …. I simply say to myself, , “society have changed what we deem as “beautiful” in a woman so much, especially when it comes to curves and breasts that you all are told to always be changing that I just gasp because how can anyone stay sane or look at themselves period when what they do is never enough.” Truth be told, you are changing that Angela in the best of ways.

Angela White (Titwoman) Angela White: Thank you very much, I hope that I can be a positive influence on the industry. I have to say again, the democratization of pornography, it has led for there to be a place, where women of all shapes, of all sizes, they can have a place where they can be free to do what they please and present themselves in a way that will have them worshipped as the goddesses that they are. So, when I talk about loving curves, I am not saying that only curves are important but if you are a thin woman, be proud of that, if you got a big butt, be proud of that, whatever it is be proud of that because every woman has her own beauty. So, if they can embrace that, I think that every woman will feel empowered in everything, not just sexuality.


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Don Juan DeMarko: Amen sister, you are preaching to the choir, I truly believe that as well. To me, one of the reasons I am in this business, is, truth be told, women, ……. Whether it be art, whether it is passion, whether it is intellect, women are, and I would not even call them my weakness, they are my love, my addiction, something that I respect, and I admire so much. Then, you just said it, there are so facets of beauty, to all that is the definition of woman. This simply takes me to my next question because I love the fact that they teamed you up with Alexis Texas. Alexis, she is woman who I have been right next to at conventions and shot all the models and she is right there in the trenches with the media. A woman of that strong sexual magnitude and character, I would simply love to know what it was like to shoot with her? Had you both worked with each other before this project?


Angela White: Well, I requested Alexis for many reasons. I have worked with her before. I had done three girl/girl scenes with her for AngelaWhite.com and one of those scenes was featured with Annika Albright and won best girl/girl sex scene at the AVN awards. We had done a scene that was incredibly popular, and I love, love, love shooting with Alexis. She has an amazing personality and this gorgeous look, and it really compliments mine. With my look, you obviously have the dark hair, the big boobs and she has the blond hair and the big booty. So, with that combined you simply have the perfect combination, so, …. I had to go with it. I had to get her on board because I love her to death, but one thing wanted to do, having shot girl/girl with her, it dawned on me, that I had never shot a threesome with her before. I had never shared a cock. So, I wanted to experience that, and she was obviously under contract with Elegant Angel and this was the perfect opportunity for me to request Alexis and basically do a Titwoman versus Buttwoman and have our forces join together for an amazing scene. Cocks and curves, I simply said to myself, this has to be and oil scene because my boobs and her booty, all oiled up, that is simply going to drive the fans wild! It drove me wild as well!

Angela White (Titwoman) Don Juan DeMarko: That is an essence that I had totally forgotten about. I thin we are going to have to market that thing up galore, Titwoman versus Buttwoman, my goodness, that is every fans dream come true! I simply love this. One thing I will tell fans, Alexis is a gem to her girls and just like you, she does so much for the industry behind the scenes and makes it this beautiful machine of fantasy that it is with her business ways and ability to do the things she does so well. It is due to all those things you do, I forget at times that you are performers. This was the perfect a casting! Like you, she just brings out the best in so many performers. Coming from a critic who loves acting, who loves performance and production, this was simply amazing darling, just amazing!


Angela White: Alexis is another very strong, independent woman. I love that about her. When she walks into a room, you can see that she has this presence that will hold people’s attention. You can see that she is confident, that she holds herself to very high standard and she is not going to take shit from anyone.


Don Juan DeMarko: You too the words right out of my mouth. She is simply strength incarnate in this business. Now, here is another angle of another gem in the business we would like you to describe to us. Isiah Maxwell, he is one of my favorite guys in the business. Him and the Prince, those re my two favorite guys, because I love a bold man, I love a gentleman and I love a respectful man and the fit all those categories. I love them! I would love to know, just from your personal stand point what was it like working with Isiah in this role? Is he as dashing as we all believe him to be in the media?


Angela White: He is truly as dashing as you believe him to be. He is everything you believe him to be, he and Prince as well. They are true gentleman. They are incredibly smooth, lovely and so respectful. It is so nice to do such hardcore, rough scenes with people who are so respectful. Because you know, that what ever they do, it is coming from a place of love and respect and I really enjoyed that DP. Once again, I requested to work with the both before with Isaiah and I had worked with Prince before and I wanted to have them in a combo because I think they are a great mix. The scene is very romantic, it is white sheets and red rose pedals. It is a fantasy of really waking up with me in the morning and being in each other’s arms that turns into this hardcore DP and I love every single aspect of sex, including this one. I love everything from the most romantic, to the roughest and that scene just encompassed it all with the hardcore anal and the romantic tease. It is just a wonderful scene fans must see.

Angela White (Titwoman) Don Juan DeMarko: I absolutely love that. There is a gal in this business who I am very close with. She has worked a few times with Prince and she had once said, and this is what provoked me to look him up and say hello on twitter and pay my respects was that she said he and I are so much alike in terms of how we present ourselves as people and gentleman. I don’t want to say that it is a stigma of this industry that they think most men of this industry are a certain way and that simply is not true. Many of us are gentleman, many of us are lovers of all things, of art, of passion, of women and I really dig that you have worked so much with these guys because truth be told they make one hell of a scene together. It works for all facets of fans and audiences.


Angela White: Yes, absolutely. They are just such good performers as well. It is one thing, they are ….. just …. They are everything! They simply know how to fuck (we share a very big laugh)


Don Juan DeMarko: …… Oh my goodness, this is what my friend had told me, she said, he will just grab ahold of you and he is simply this big, strong Teddy Bear and she loves that part about him but he will just grab ahold of you and grab ahold of you passionately and that is what the essence of enjoyment of sex and sexuality really is.


Angela White: I agree with that 100%.


Don Juan DeMarko: You simply made me just remember I skipped something. There is something that I have been dying to ask you. Because I simply must know. You talked about it a bit when speaking about the oil scene with Alexis. I am wondering, is the oily aspect that is apart of so many of your scenes. Is this perhaps a little fetish that we do not know about as fans and your audience? Are you a little bit more hip to those scenes in comparative to others?


Angela White: I just love the way that curves feel when they are covered in oil. Curves are already so soft, then when you add oil to it and you have another curvy woman that you can press your body against, it is something that just drives me crazy. It just feels too good. It is unimaginably good. It is something that is great to do indoors because it is such a mess if you want to do that at home. On set, you just get this wonderful opportunity to just go wild and make an absolute mess. It is not like you can just soak your mattress in oil. It is so much fun to go onto set, where everyone is prepared, it is a time where you can really let loose and indulge one hundred percent in the experience.

Angela White (Titwoman) Don Juan DeMarko: I love it darlin’, you are simply a gem! This next question I know is a difficult one, but I would really love to hear your opinion on the matter. You, being a woman, who I love the fact that you produce your own content, you direct your own films, you know about sound, you know about lighting and editing. What was it like to work with Dreadneck and Elegant Angel and going through all those aspects. For me, being a guy who has worked in post-production for many types of films and clips. I know how hard it can be to implement your voice into a production. Were they open to letting you have some say in all the creation of this film? If you can talk about it, where they simply open to allowing your creative juices to flow with theirs on such a great project?


Angela White: Dreadneck, was fantastic and it really was a collaboration. Some of the things and ideas you see in the film are Dreadnecks and some of the aspects are Angela White’s. We just brought our ideas together and we made compromises along the way to make it work for both of us. He was always open to suggestions. He was always open for me to say, “hey look at this.” So, I just have to say that working with Dreadneck was an absolute breeze and an absolute pleasure. I really hope to work with him again in the future because he was fantastic. Dreadneck, he made the shoot fun, he made something that we all enjoyed, and it created something that truly had the Elegant Angel branding and a little throw of Angela White in there.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing madam. It is of my honest opinion that it is you empowered women who hold the true keys to success in this industry. I will not blow smoke up your ass, it is a man’s world in many aspects of this business and to know that they are allowing things like the knowledge a woman has that touch of elegance that a man simply does not. For them to give into a woman’s creative mind like yours, one that is so knowledgeable that it is something that can create vast worlds in the land of fantasy. To know that they shared that creative process with a woman of such knowledge in the field, that simply makes my day. You ladies know this business just as well as any of us men do, if not better so bravo to them.

Angela White (Titwoman) Angela White: Thank you very much, I appreciate that. The glory-hole scene, is really where you see my branding the most, because it is very elegant, it is very clean, I showed it so some of the Speigler Girls before it was actually released and they are all amazed, saying, “that is the classiest “Glory Hole” scene that I have ever seen and I really feel like Dreadneck, he really understood my brand and they saw my vision. They say that I did not want to make it dingy and dirty. They went with my idea of something really fresh, beautiful and clean. They built that set just so me. They built that entire thing, from scratch, just for me, something that fit my branding so that I could simply have the best “glory hole” experience. It was my first ever “glory hole” scene and he wanted it to be the best and I think it really fit the Elegant Angel branding as well but he wanted it to feel like Angela White as well and I think that it does.


Don Juan DeMarko: The reason I made that one of the earlier questions, was that I could see your branding and your romantic charm comes out in that scene and those stills. When I looked at that scene, I could only do a quick glance because I am reviewing the film a bit later but that is where I simply saw you, saw Angela White in all her glory! That is why the question I came up with was a little more erotic because I said, “look, she has added in her sexy touch to something already beyond amazing!” You showed that there are so many things that can have that elegance and still be a scene every fan enjoys no matter their kink level. I simply had to know what you loved about it.


Angela White: …… and that was exactly it! It was exciting because, yes, it was my first. Then to know that the entire set in that scene was made for me, that makes a girl feel special. To say, “this space is being created, by the director, for me and is being created to reflect me and my brand” …… then I get to have that additional chemistry in a scene, that extra confidence. Do know that we created something that had this simple contract opposed to this dirty, dirty dick sucking, which I like but I like it do be done in an environment that is classy and elegant.

Angela White (Titwoman) Don Juan DeMarko: Oh yes, that is the Angela White brand. The quintessential beauty of the business, with all that kink added to it. You make things just beyond unique darlin’ and no matter the scene, you make it look beautiful and that is not easy.


Angela White: Well, one of my mottos is that “if you want to scrub a dirty dish, you need a clean plate.” I always think about that when I am trying to organize a scene. When I want to do something really raunchy like a gang-bang, I say to myself, “this is very dirty dish, now lets serve it on a clean plate.” (we share another laugh)


Don Juan DeMarko: I am so stealing that!


Angela White: Go for it!


Don Juan DeMarko: All right darling. In closing, that last question, I really wanted to bring it to you in case I missed on any aspect of this amazing production. What was your favorite part of the sex, of the beauty of the production? What was your favorite part of this film?


Angela White: That is always so difficult to answer and talk about favorites. Because honestly, each scene in this film is different. Each scene encompasses a different part of my sexuality and my sexual being. So, I think it has to be taken as a hole but I do think that the tease in the beginning, where I am looking through the river basin with such determination and I know where I am going and I know what I am doing and I am walking with purpose and I look powerful, to me that kind of angle is a big part of the movie and very much embodies what I am all about as a performer.

Angela White (Titwoman)


Photos Courtesy of: Elegant Angel




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