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XCritic Interview: Lisey Sweet

"Discovering the Depths of Beautiful Mind and a Beautiful Woman"

The parts that make up a beautiful woman are not always just the things we see on the surface. When I was planning this interview with this stunning new blond on the scene, I had noticed that she had these flashes of brilliance on screen that were remanicent of porn legend Debbie Diamond. This woman could get a comotose man to rise from his slumber with just the audio of her amazingly delicious scenes. A lot goes into picking an interview that will simply create something new with fans but will also keep a spark going that is created with the fantasy these women create. Lisey has a reputaion for being one of the smartest women in the business as well as one of the most approachable. When I learned that this woman was a scientist as well as a porn star, I simply had to sit down and meet the woman who had done everything from re-invent herself in her personal life, to jumping head first into an industry most do not have the guts to. I think you will have as much fun as I did discovering that Lisey's passions go far beyond her sexuality and make her one of the most unique new starlets to join this industry in many years, .... enjoy.

Don Juan DeMarko

Lisey Sweet

Don Juan DeMarko: Well darlin’ I think it is as safe as anytime to begin. Now, first things first. I think that fans are going to go bananas when hearing this tale. Please, tell the XCritic readers how you got into this lovely adult industry of ours?


Lisey Sweet: Well, I have an interesting past, as you probably know from researching me. I had always been interested in erotic art, erotic photography, you know, those kinds of things. When I was younger, I always envied strippers and girls who could outwardly be sexy. For a long time, I had always been a professional. I had gone to bars and always tried to cut loose a little bit. I thought it so cool that those women got to do what they do and be sexy all the time. I loved that they got to wear these kinds of clothes and buy these sorts of things that made them look so beautiful all the time. I used to be a bit of a bigger girl and my husband and I, we went through a little bit of a weight lose transition as we moved out of the south and I lost sixty-five pounds over the course of a year and a half. During that transition, we always went to this festival called fantasy fest. This year has been our fourth time attending. When we got back, I think it all began there originally. We were basically letting our “freak” flag fly. There are always a lot of photographers there, taking pictures, posting. I did not know it but the first year we were ever there, they took a lot of pictures of me and they posted them online. Little did I know, a buzz was going around all these online pictures were people were asking, “who is this girl, who is this girl?” So, a year goes by and it begins to get a little bit more popular. I was really kind of heavy at this point, so I decided to trim down a little bit and people asked me, “if you like to do this, why don’t you set up a Model Mayhem account and you can try and get some people to take photos of you.” So I did a photo shoot with a photographer down there. So pretty much, as soon as I set up this Model Mayhem account I immediately got bookings and people wanted to pay me money. I simply was taken back, I said, “they are going to pay me to model?” I got busy, really quick and I was doing this on the side.


Soon I discovered, I was not good at modeling clothes. Take my clothes off me and I am simply in my element. So, I was really getting a lot of practice this way and there was a clips for sale company, this tiny little studio in Atlanta and they had reached out to me and asked if I wanted to do porn? I talked to my husband about it and he told me, “this could be really fun, you should do this.” We both took a step back and analyzed things and said that we both must accept the responsibility of things if we agree to this. We talked about things being on the internet and that anyone would be able to see it. We must really be willing to accept that everybody we know will accept it including our family members, our employers and we must be willing to accept the consequences. It is kind of crazy to think about it now, but it was kind of crazy, but it was a risk that was worth taking, so I did it. When I did it, I was nervous and at the end of it I was like, “this is such a rush!” I could not believe how awesome that was. I loved performing, I felt like, “holy shit, how can I do this more?” So I kept coming back more and more. I kept on making more and more videos.

Lisey Sweet It was then that I started to get popular on social media. I had made this “industry persona” account on twitter. Before I had even gone and done an actual mainstream “Hollywood” porn I had twenty-five thousand followers on twitter. So, I had already gained a following this way. It was then that I went to Fantasy Fest 2016 and a little after that I started cam-modeling and I signed with an agency in LA. I went all in so that I could try it out and the rest is history.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is a cool fucking story! To me darlin’ I do find it so amazing when I run into people in the industry who share a like mind and do take that chance and push their sexuality to the limits. My day job is a little bit of the same, at the least the HR department is, and I have a respect for the performers who so what they do. It is a little easier for a writer in the industry to hide who he is from a world that is so judgmental. I am lucky I get to hide behind a graphic, well not lucky but I should rather say that I have the ultimate respect for you all who had a career before the industry and will have one after because getting in is not easy, neither is leaving but to me, that is a beauty, not a burden of the industry. It is something rebellious is the best of ways and it is something that will forever be apart of your life in a good way, never in a bad way, especially if you are having fun doing what you are doing.


Lisey Sweet: Don, I totally understand what you are saying. I feel like I was doing this as a hobby before and when I figured out that I could make a living doing this, I said to myself, “oh this is such a bonus!” I really do not even feel like this is my job. Everyday that I wake-up I can not believe that I am actually doing this.


Don Juan DeMarko: To me Lisey, I think that what you all do is truly the ultimate of entertainment. I really have a respect for a man who allows his wife to do this. I mean that. Because when you truly look at the larger picture, when you calculate the things like performing in front of a camera, acting, having to at times keep your enjoyment minimal to make the scene go a few extra minutes, that is so hard and in all honesty, it is why you all are the ultimate of performers. I think when a husband sees his girl do boy/girl and he can be man enough to say, “this is work and play and if this is what it takes for you to entertain the masses, to have fun at your job, to enjoy what you do and put a roof over our head. That is all any person can ask for in life.” I think fans would respect that too because I do not think most fans know what it takes to make a production and all that goes into being in front of the camera.

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet: Yes, absolutely.


Don Juan DeMarko: Question number two (I begin to chuckle) So I had heard somewhere that you where going to be a math teacher? That you were going to school in order to become a math teacher? But you hate kids? Me too! (I chuckle again.) I come from a family of teachers, so I think this would be the perfect opportunity for you to share you background of your schooling, well plainly first, if there is any validity to these rumors. I also would love for you to tell the fans about your amazing science background.


Lisey Sweet: That is funny. Well, I graduated high school and I went to this small liberal arts University that is known for dance. I started out as a sports, arts and entertainment manager major and I was always a performer in high school and as much as I wanted to go to college for musical theatre. But, it was not a realistic thing for me to expect to happen and for me. To be able to live that lifestyle you simply must move to New York, you must scrape by doing these things that simply made me not to be around those kinds of people. As much as I loved performing, I was thinking, maybe it would be cool to be a manager of some sorts, so I could be around it and maybe participate in it. I am good at managing, I am intelligent enough that I can really do these things and do them well. As I was going through that major I found out it was boring. It was accounting, it was public relations all these different things that was just putting me to sleep. I was beginning this 101-math coarse and as I was beginning my pursuit, they told me to take this coarse and my instructor immediately saw that I was finishing my exams twenty minutes ahead of everybody, it was simply easy for me. I was hitting every single point, every single question. So my instructor aske me, “do you like math?” … I answered, “yeah, I took a lot of math, I took calculus in high school and I was really good at it. My instructor told me, “well, why don’t I bump you up into one of my other classes and you will take that for your coarse requirement.” He eventually talked me into, well, I did not like what I was doing, and I thought, “that would be really cool to do math.” I started to like what I was doing. I began to take more and more, and I eventually switched to match secondary ed. I decided that I wanted to become a high school math teacher, because I do not know, maybe that is what one would do as a match major.

Lisey Sweet 

I did that for a little while. I got almost all the way through the math classes and a couple of the teaching courses. I was getting ready to student teach and I freaked out. I just felt inside that I could not do this. I just could not be a high school teacher. It was so much, it was the politics and so much more that just pissed me off. I knew that I would get fired, and I knew because I am not politically correct and the main thing for me being a teacher was that I could guide other people I wanted to be more of a guidance person in students lives instead of just the math. I knew that some of the things that I would have told my students about a more realistic life instead of protecting them, like these little bubbles we put them in, to protect them from reality was likely going to get me fired. So, I was taking science courses at the time, it was required as a math major and, turns out, I was also finishing my exams way before anyone else, even the science majors. I really liked biology, so I eventually switched to molecular, cellular biology. I think I switched at three and a half years into my program. I was almost done, and I switched. I simply crammed it all in. I was taking twenty-five credits including twenty credits over the summer. I was working three jobs just to make it work and to pay my rent. I finished in four and a half years.

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Lisey Sweet So, right when I finished, I got an internship at a lab at a University in Pennsylvania for infectious diseases. I did vaccine development, pathogenesis with a variety of different viruses and emerging diseases. That was a lot of fun. I ended up getting hired by that lab and that is the only lab that I have ever worked for. I worked for that same boss and that same lab for seven years. So, we moved from the university to a bio-tech institute in Florida and we moved from that location to a very wonderful university in Georgia. I worked there for almost two years about a year and half before I started to do porn. Some of the coolest things about my career there was that we designed vaccines for mostly influenzas. We were mainly making those type of vaccines. I had started out as a low-level technician and I worked my way up to where in Florida, it was only me and my husband working there in the lab. So, we started over and when we did, I immediately got bumped up to where I was hiring people, I was training people. Then, I got promoted to manager when I got to the university I worked for in Georgia. Our lab had literally grown to thirty or thirty-five people and I was their manager. I had a decent job before I departed the science community.


Don Juan DeMarko: How wickedly kick ass! So, I am beyond fascinated by the fact that you would reverse engineer viruses in order to create vaccines that is totally kick ass, one of the most monumental accomplishments in the history of mankind and an extremely hard task. I am just blown away. The smile on my face from ear to ear.


Lisey Sweet: Yeah, we designed synthetic surface proteins that were universally compatible with making a really good antibody response. So, we were making viruses and doing all kinds of stuff in that field.  We actually worked with H1N1 and is a pathogen that can be very lethal. There were some of the strains that I was working with where if you were infected, there was a sixty percent fatality rate.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is just simply something special. This is truly amazing. To know that the depths of the abilities that performers in this business have, it never ceases to amaze me. Now, switching gears a bit I would love to get into the passionate side of things. I would love to talk about your work. I noticed that you have some Evil Angel Titles under your belt, which I think is totally kick ass, I love so many of the people affiliated with that studio. I would love to know, what are your goals as an actor and as performer? Is there that stage performer in you that wants to see some big budget roles like with Wicked Pictures? Or is it something like a gang bang or a perhaps a showcase that has all the trimmings sex wise that has you chomping the bit to jump into that role?

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet: Well, I kind of want to try a little bit of everything. I would love to do something big and bold with Wicked. Something that is just their standard big production or one of their amazing parodies, because I do have that experience in acting. Evil Angel, they are kind of my bread and butter because I can really be dirty, I can really be nasty. I love looking at the camera and just making it this close-up, intimate, very nasty girl style of scene. I cam a lot, so that is what I am comfortable with and I think that is what represents me as a performer. So, I just recently finished up a gang bang scene with Kink.com and that will technically be my first ever gang bang. That one is going to be my first release and I think that is something just so very cool because I love gang bangs. I really like anal and I really like double penetration and I would love to do a feature showcase that just kind of has me doing everything dirty that I have always done. I really want to work with Greg Lansky one day even though he has kind of told me that he will never shoot me. I really love his work and I would just love to shoot with him even though he said that he won’t.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, I love that drive darlin’ I really do. Because truth be told, no one knows what the future may hold for anyone that is in the entertainment business. I do not think this is an insult by either party either. A new performer and an established director who simply is an artist in so many ways and artist does always know what they want but sometimes a challenge or change of pace can be exactly what puts you both together in ways you both would have never thought.


Lisey Sweet: Well, I do have a certain look and I do get cast a lot of times in this “girl next door” sort of thing, especially when people think that they know me. I have this light, pink, gentle look about me and then I end up surprising the directors by how nasty I am. The directors that bring me back three or four times know. Perv City and Maestro Claudio have shot me four times. I will be shooting with Aidenn Star for the third time. I believe that I am getting something scheduled with LeWood for a third time. I think these amazing directors keep bringing me back because they see, deep down, it is not just an act, I am truly a dirty, nasty girl and these are the things I love to do. (We share a laugh)

Lisey Sweet Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it darlin’ being a woman of fantasy I think one learns that there are many, many various aspects to what that really means. I really dig that fact that you act. I am a huge acting fan and I truly wish to see you in a big budget film and a very deep, gritty role. As I was researching you, that is what I kind of seen. I truly said to myself, kick ass, because I think the greatest part of fantasy is when you see something truly coming out of left field. I think that is the aspect where you can really wow some directors. It is so hard at times to change a director’s mind because many of them are set in their ways and they do not always give into compromise. With you though and the acting background that you possess, I think that is really going to help a lot, because I can already see you wowing the shit out of the first director who gives you that shot!


Lisey Sweet: I worked for Devils Films and I did have some lines. When we got onto set they handed us a three-page script and seventy five percent of it was lines that I had to memorize while I was getting my make-up done and we did two takes, so that they could get two different angles. During those moments, they told me, “oh, perfect, we simply do not have to do another take, we can get the other angle now.” So, they were very pleased and surprised that I nailed the lines and I got them right away. He was amazed, the director said, “I thought you were just talking.” So that was a good moment that truly stands out so far in this early part of my film career. It was cool that my experience came into play and I have not had the chance to do a lot of that stuff, so I am really looking forward to it and I hope I can get out there more and keep doing those types of things.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it, you know even if you do it independently, I am serious, you pursue that aspect, I am serious. First and foremost, you are a very good talker, you know how to speak and that is half of what acting is. I think the look that you have, it is a beauty that simply cries “character” role in a film.


Lisey Sweet: I would like to do something like that. I keep looking for these things coming out and I am looking for the perfect parody where I can be cast perfectly.

Lisey Sweet Don Juan DeMarko: I love it doll, kick ass. Now, to switch gears on you again, the one thing I have been dying to also ask you is, I grew up in Sound View South Bronx, which is considered amongst other things a very blue-collar portion of New York. I see through research that you were from Pittsburg and I would love to know what it was like to grow up in a blue-collar town like Pittsburg. I love that city. I love traveling through there, it is a very fun place to go out and have beers at a pub or hit up the gentleman’s club where you can see some of the greatest feature shows, especially at Blush Gentleman’s Club. There is just something about the people, the city. Tell us your view.


Lisey Sweet: Sure, I grew up a little bit outside of Pittsburg, in a small town two hours north of that city actually. As you can imagine, it is a town right out in the middle of nowhere, where everybody knows everybody. Growing up, during high school, I always felt like I did not belong, and a lot of teachers told me that. They told me, “just hold out a little bit longer, when you get to college, that is when you are going to shine.” It was so nice to finally leave that tiny town. I moved to Pittsburg, you know for me, I had this feeling that I was finally moving to the city. You are right, it is a blue-collar town. I do feel like over time, that it is just very different from other cities and I quite don’t know how to say it, it is just very different. There is a lot of good food and a lot of good beer there I still love visiting. I could not live there again because of the cold and I feel like I was suppressed there a lot because of the get up, go to work, always the nine to five attitude that is always there. I think that is the blue-collar attitude that you are speaking of. People are working these nine to fives just to make ends meat and get to the weekends, then the weekend is gone and they just to this constant cycle over and over again. I think that when I actually finally decided to do porn full time, one of the biggest benefits was that I was breaking free of that cycle of the man telling you to get up at this certain time and go to work. It gets to the point where you say to yourself, “what the fuck am I doing?”


Don Juan DeMarko: I agree with you, because where I grew up between New York and Denver, I saw so many people that can not break out of that shell. I as well have never been your standard nine to five kind of person. I can endure it, do not get me wrong but there is always something that simply did not fit with a traditional nine to five and me and my lifestyle.

Lisey Sweet 

Lisey Sweet: Oh, I know. See, this what I truly loved about my science career, it was that I truly had a lot of variety. I did get to do different things every day, especially when I started managing. Bu that is a whole other thing. It just became something that I just did not want to do anymore. I wanted to do something totally different.


Don Juan DeMarko: Life is truly an adventure darlin’ I think that we are almost close to being the same age. I know you never ask a beautiful woman her age, so I will not do that. The thing that I learned, especially when it comes to the day job, money comes, and money goes but happiness and seeing this big beautiful world, that is what matters the most in life. It is the truth.

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet: Agreed! My husband and I, we have taken a ton of risk to be where we are and sometimes, even now, there are those days where you say, what did we get ourselves into? But, in the end, we do not regret it. It is something that is worth it. The industry is something that can be unsettling sometimes, especially when you know you are not getting a pay check day. It does not matter if I am feeling shitty that day, or if I want to take a vacation day, it is very different and to be doing that for so long and to then become apart of a world of uncertainty and not knowing if someone is going to book you, especially if you do not know if people like you, all while making that effort to ensure people like you when it comes to business. Your monthly income is based on the fact that your fans are buying your product and that these companies are booking you. Just to rely on that, it is kind of unsettling sometimes. Especially when it was so sure before. In the other job, the money would show up every month, it did not matter what you did. It did not matter if you were slacking of at work the last three months. That is very different, and I think that a lot of people who are in porn have not really experienced that, so I think that they do not always understand that.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is a truth beyond words sweetheart.


Lisey Sweet: All these investments and all the trivial things like a 401K and building up a savings to retire. Oh, a retirement it is all those little things are taken for granted.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now that is a truth statement if I have ever heard one. Ok, ok, I feel as if I am not giving you any fun questions so let’s have some fun and give the fans an insight into something I really dig about you. You are going to love this because last question you were talking about beer and food. I am a huge foodie. I would love to know, out of all the places you have been to and seen so far in this great big beautiful world of ours, what is your favorite place that you have gotten to eat at? Part of this question, do you like to cook and what is your favorite thing to cook if you do?

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet: Ok, man……. I am such a huge foodie that is a stab in the heart to just make me choose. I would have to say, a place that is a second home for me in Miami is Key West. We have been there about forty times. We try to go there as often as we can. Most of the restaurant and bar owners, they know us, they think of us as locals. We are really good friends with them down there. It is simply like coming home. Some of the bars there actually have pictures of me in them. I would have to say as far as restaurants go, most of them are concentrated in Key West, so that is where I am going to focus on for this interview, because we will be here all day if I give you my top choices around the US. Let’s see, so Blue Heaven is amazing, they are known for their breakfast and their brunch. They are always busy, so what you do when you get there is you get yourself a Grey Goose Bloody Mary, it is just phenomenal. Then you sit there for the hour or more that it takes for you to get sat. I usually always prefer it to be an hour, because sometimes I will get there, and I tell them, “how am I to enjoy this drink before breakfast?” There food is phenomenal, they have omelets, they have this wonderful surf and turf style omelets along with some eggs benedict that is just beyond well known. People will tell you it is just one of the best breakfasts down there. I love it. They have great cocktails with this great atmosphere. Everything is outside. There are roosters walking at your feet. It is really, for lack of a better word, it is heaven. It is such a wonderful place.


Um, just down the street, there is this restaurant called Santiago’s Bodega. It is literally right smack dab in the middle of nothing. It is this delicious Spanish restaurant and we have tried nearly everything that is on the menu. Every time that we go in, the waiter looks at us like, you guys have been here before haven’t you? We are like, “oh yes!” (We share a cute laugh) We literally live all the way across the country and they still know us. It is so good they have such fantastic dishes, it is really great. I mean we love Key West and the food down there that we have taken literally everyone we know down there. Friends, family, we try to introduce everyone we know to it at every opportunity. So we will set up trips where we bring somebody with us so that they can actually experience Key West and the atmosphere. We just really love it there.


Don Juan DeMarko: You are going to dig this. I am literally writing down on my little tablet of paper, Blue Heaven, Key West, ….. (I begin to chuckle) ….. (she begins to laugh as well.)

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet: Tell the readers that they can ask me all about Key West, but they best be prepared that I am going to be giving them information that is the size of a book.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it, you fucking rock woman!


Lisey Sweet: Oh wait, wait there is one restaurant in Key West I want to tell you about, especially since you are writing things down. It’s off the main island and it is really kind of a secluded restaurant. You really have to save up your pennies to go to this one, it is very expensive. It is a resort called Little Palm Island and you must take a boat to get there. There is this little ferry to have to jump on in order to get to this island and it is such a gorgeous, gorgeous ride. When you get there, you will see it is really this small island, with this resort that has all these hut style bungalows that open up on all sides, which is one of the reasons it is so expensive to stay there. They do have days where they do offer some heafty discounts for Florida residents. This resort can run you up to a thousand dollars a night, but their food is so good. When you reserve their they have a good brunch. We always love brunch, but we have done dinner there and usually when you arrive, they will greet you with champagne and then they menu that they give you actually has your name on it, how cool is that?


Don Juan DeMarko: That is awesome!


Lisey Sweet: Oh, it is so just beyond phenomenal. Then they sit you at a table and if you can get there during sun set, you have this little table that is basically in the sand, that is right along the shore. You can actually get to see the sunset right there off the shore. There are tiki torches everywhere, look up pictures of it, they view is like something out of a dream. There is a little surprise where let us just say there as some beautiful sea creatures that will swim up and try and get food off your table. The chefs, they just hand craft every little aspect of every dish. The cost is up there but you will not leave there saying to yourself, “shit, I spent a lot of money because this is the most incredible meal that I have ever had.”

Lisey Sweet Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, you know good food, good lodging, it is well worth it when it comes in a combination like that. We are going to have to start the Lisey Sweet XXX, foodie network.


Lisey Sweet: I need to do like a blog. (We share another great laugh) …. Now, the second part of your question, you asked if I cook? The answer to that is absolutely I cook. Before I went to college, I had a deep desire to go to culinary school. I really enjoy cooking. Back then, I think I was pretty novice, but I do cook quite often, even though as of late what we try to cook is pretty boring. Everything is low calorie and sort of portion controlled and healthy, so we do a lot of boxed meals. It is just easier. It eliminates me having to meal plan. I think at times we do like to keep our passion for food in full swing, my husband, he cooks too, and he is an excellent cook. Ask anyone who has been to a party of get together over at our house, we definitely fucking cook! We will just always put stuff on the grill, I love to bake. I actually love to make some very extravagant deserts. Even if we are having a little party I will make little individual deserts.


Don Juan DeMarko: Holy shit, I am so coming over to hang out.


Lisey Sweet: I simply love occasions like that. Because I get to go all out and include this super tasty wine pairing that goes just magnificently with a dinner party. I even have everything like the tasting glasses, all the little things that go with it. To me, planning a menu for those types of things is something that is just really exciting to me. I talked to a friend in the business and she said, if things ever slow down, you should so start this topless catering company. I said to myself, “oh god, that would be so fucking perfect!” I think it would be just so cool!


Don Juan DeMarko: That is awesome. I think that something comes along with food and everything in terms of connection with people. Especially love. I have a had a few girls I have dated, and I hooked them at the end of my chivalric chase of them with dinner that I made from scratch. I usually do not take a date out to dinner for the first date. Yes, I will romance her, but I will not take her out to dinner, I will cook her something that I come up with from either getting to know her from telephone calls or messages beforehand as we get to know each other. I simply love to cook as well. I once met back in the day, ZZ Tops travelling chef, he taught me to make this yummy Cajun chicken dish it is so freaking yummy. It is one of my favorite things to make. It totally takes about three hours to prep it.

Lisey Sweet: Oh, that is awesome.


Don Juan DeMarko: God, I fucking love that you are a foodie woman. It is a passion that totally kicks ass. I loves food!

Lisey Sweet: Mmmmm all that talk has me thinking of this great Cajun gumbo that I make.  


Don Juan DeMarko: You have me drooling over here babe. I mean you always have me drooling but I love gumbo and it is so hard to make too. It can be sometimes very tedious to make everything that perfect texture you know what I mean?


Lisey Sweet: I will send you the recipe, it is actually from the friend I was talking about who told me to open up the topless catering company.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, send it to me woman! Ahh, that would be great! The more recipes the better. I could simply talk to you forever, especially since you are a foodie. I tell you what, how about in part two of our interview, we include a recipe for the fans and we talk about some of the sexier sides of food, of the business and your time so far in the business. I can talk to you forever woman and I simply am having the time of my life with this interview……

Lisey Sweet

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