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Ryan Driller Man of Mystery or Just Your Every Day Man

Ryan Driller Man of Mystery or Just Your Every Day Man 

There was a time where the male performers in the porn industry went unnoticed and unappreciated. The men were just tools in promoting the ladies that they worked with; forgetting that without the men, there would be a lot of girl/girl porn, which isn’t a bad thing either. We all know that it is an industry that the women reign supreme getting the top salaries. It was rare that a guy got any credit on the box cover or in the credits of the movie he was in, but that was then.

In today’s market, the men are finally getting the recognition that they deserve and  are no longer the  unsung  performer on the  box cover or that  pretty  face and  hot  bod that we  women  enjoy watching. They have finally realized that it’s just not the “men” watching anymore.

Today’s porn has become more acceptable with couples that enjoy and take great pleasure in watching it together. Like men, the women have their favorites and know which ones give it their all when it comes to have sex on screen. Although it’s hard for the women in porn to blend in, the men have no problem hiding in plain sight.

There are a few names that stand out. Over the course of time, they have made names for themselves and are constantly being book for scene with the top name ladies. One such name happens to be the very Dapper and Handsome Ryan Driller. He is Old School, barely tweets or Instagram. He prefers interacting with people on a one to one basis that living his life through a message board.

Ryan has appeared in over 700 scenes, countless DVD covers, and has worked for all the major adult studios including Hustler, Vivid, Naughty America, Brazzers, Digital Playground, Penthouse, Wicked, Adam & Eve, Bang Bros, and Reality Kings.  Ryan’s claim to fame came when he donned the cape and became Superman, the classic all-American superhero in Man Of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

During the course of my conversation with him, we spoke about his many talents as actor, director.  Ryan is a very down to earth person who is not afraid to speak his mind and to discuss in detail, without hesitation in answering my questions concerning his life in the adult industry.

1-Why Porn? Why did You go into it?

I came into the porn industry because I always wanted too. I had always been interested in it. It just kind of seemed like fun, something that I can really get into and enjoying it. I’ve always enjoyed sex, so ten years ago  I actively  started perusing it and  trying to break into it and  if I  could performing physically and mentally. Ten years later I’m still enjoying it and loving it

2- Do You feel as if You’ll ever burn out?

I always have that though in the back of my mind, that there will be a day that I might “burnout”. Currently this is the  longest career that I have  ever had, this is the longest job I have  ever had and I still  the most fun I’ve  ever had. I told myself from day one that when I didn’t want to go to work or  enjoy it,  that was  the  day that I would just  walk away and that it  didn’t  drag on any  further.

3- Have You ever given thought about directing?

 I’ve actually have directed and I had fun with it but I enjoy being in front of the camera more. In some extent, it’s less responsibility and less pressure and it kind of fun.

4- Can You tell us about your upcoming role in Digital Playground’s Bad BabySitter?

The Bad Babysitter series that I shot for Digital Playground involves were I am a Professor who has been having an illicit affair with one of his students. After I ended it, she took it very poorly and when extra psycho breaking into my house. We were caught by my wife. So basically my role is the Professor, Husband, and Father who has had this affair with my student and that she couldn’t let go.

5- Do You feel that chemistry between you and your co-star is very important?

I do feel that chemistry between me and my co-star is very important. So I do try and connect with them before the scene even though that it might be just ten minutes before being on set and in front of the camera. Here is one of those moments that I want to make sure that it transpires  better on film and that  we just enjoy that scene

6- Have You ever had a girl that you couldn’t get the chemistry going?

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There were a couple of times where the chemistry has been harder to build. It was hardest when he mind wasn’t into it and she was more connected t o the boyfriend at home or wasn’t quite sure, or was second guessing herself in the industry as a whole. So that few times I made them work and the girl wasn’t quite sure that she was ready to be in the industry. We cancelled that scene, it was one of those times that I told her that I didn’t want her to  do anything that she wasn’t  comfortable  with.

7- Has that been a constant thing with the newer girls?

It’s been far and very few in between. I can count on one hand how many times it’s happened in years. So it’s not a common thing or a regular thing. It’s been maybe three times in the past ten years.

8-Do You see Yourself as the King of Parodies?

That was a few years ago.. Roughly about five years ago that we joked that I was something of the sorts. Given that, I think out of the fifteen parodies that I was   nominated at the award show, I starred in nine of the lead roles. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any parody work.

9- Out of all the parodies You’ve done, which was your favorite role?

I’m always going to be the famous “Superman”. It was a childhood dream to get to play Superman, and then a teenage dream to add some sex to Superman, to kind of read between the lines in the comic panels that I’ve read. For me, getting to wear that cape, it really is a thing that you totally  grow into  that role, that it so  much  fun, such a great script. We had a great crew that you couldn’t help enjoy it.

However, two others that I really loved doing Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation, I enjoyed breaking down the Christian Grey character. It was a great role and a great script that we got to play with. Unfortunately we did it at the wrong time and Universal did not agree with the fact that we had done it, they filed their suit.

 I took a lot of pride in that to bring that character to life to which I know so many women all around the world were going to see and needed that character to be what they excepted to see. I had fun with it. I had phone calls  left and right, friends,ex-girlfiends, friends from High School calling me up and telling me that they are reading this terrible book and all they can think of is you as the  guy, like it was kind of  wrong  but  kind of awesome at the same time. So a lot of them were kind of excited that I had done this movie and it was my first foray in my current career.

Our movie came out before most of the cast was done for the mainstream version. There was a good petition going around from a lot of the fans that they were trying to get Universal to even consider using me fully knowing that I was very comfortable with the role and might be able to see some of the stuff they wouldn’t normally see because the mainstream actor might not be comfortable with it, or let’s have some fun with it. I would have happily taken an audition and try to bring him to life. I have to admit that I like Jamie Dornan and he fits the role very well.

And one of the most fun role was doing the Magic Mike XXL' Porn Parody. For being a movie headlined by a ton of guys, we all wanted to have the most fun with it and to bring to the movie everything we could for the women. It’s hard to choose, but these three are my favorites

9- Do You see Yourself as a positive role model for the guys just coming into the industry?

Yes, I do, not because I’m a fantastic performer and amazing anything. I will answer and help the guys honestly and very forth coming and I will guide them. It’s the same with the girls too. I have never been anyone to do something I’ve never wanted to do or pressure something into something that they didn’t need. I won’t tell the guys to so things they don’t want to do or work with companies that they feel they shouldn’t be working with. Men showcase the girls, We are the   Vanna Whites of the industry.

The stereo-type with porn is that we are all a bunch of drugged out, emotionally and mentally unstable and broken people, sexaholics and it’s not true. I tell the guys that you have to be “camera ready” at all times. You never know when that phone call is going to come in for another job.

It’s going to take you at least three to five years before you have enough of a name and a reputation to where you work enough to plan a vacation, pay your bills. I won’t hold back on the  guys “You’re barely  going to make enough to pay your  cell phone  bill” but doing this  job for the  first couple of years, you have to make sure that you are  camera ready, most of your  bookings as a guy are going to come the  day of or last minute. Guy need to put more effort into their appearance so they can get the recognition they deserve.

10- Do You see Yourself as a Sex Symbol?

Jokingly, I say I do and I definitely want people to watch what I’d doing because that’s why I’m doing it. Yes to an extent. Yes I do see people putting me in the sex symbol category. I am a means to that an I know that  people are watching me and I would feel more offend if you weren’t  watching me. Yes I said it.. I  do enjoy it and think it’s fine and it make people happy .

11- What advice can you give to both the males and females that want to get into porn?

The first advice I was given was “DON”T. It’s not that we don’t want you here, it’s because the vast majority of people who think that they kind of want to do it really don’t.  I don’t really think that as open minded and as “Un-Taboo if you will, the industry is being recognized as the vast majority of the public doesn’t like it and it is a mark against you.

Virtually everywhere thereafter and it does take its toll on a person. Performers get publically accosted  all the  time and  not  necessarily physically , it’s  either some  guy  that’s laying it on super thick, not even hitting on her, he is just  pretty  blatantly crossing that line trying to talk to her into  hooking up with him. He has seen you have sex already and assumes that you don’t have to swoon or woo a porn person.

 Then you have those that are Anti-Porn and are against Open Sexuality that are going to get that nose turned upward attitude  from strangers and you get that from the  girls on top of that.

If you want to be a Lawyer, that firm is never going to hire someone who has a history of being a pornstar. Unfortunately, you can create your own firm and be an amazing Lawyer. That’s awesome. Porn can teach you that kind of entrepreneurship but it’s not going to help for something like that.

For the guys, the failure rate for them getting into the industry is 95% and it’s not about performing. It’s about, I can’t perform and you aren’t making any money and barely getting by and you have to juggle all the of it. It’s the same thing where you have a resume and they ask you” What were you doing for the last two years?” and  when a Google search pulls it up there are a lot of  doors that are going to be closed.

The first recommendation is if you have something going, just enjoy your sexuality and have fun with it. Otherwise give it a really hard look. I was 25 when I got into the industry. I had already retired plus I knew what I was getting into.

Then the other advice I have is only do what you are comfortable with. Stick with what makes YOU happy. That’s what’s going to make you do well. Don’t force yourself into something you don’t want to do.

12- With the passing of so many female performers, Do You feel that the Industry is actually doing enough to take care of them, for instance substance abuse, healthcare and cyber bullying?

Yes and No…There are available resources and people, places that are always open.There are options and stuff out there. There is really a network of a lot of people that are willing to help everybody.

There isn’t a Unity, there is no Union so it’s an all for one, So you have that  fear  to  you say “No” because  someone else is going to say “Yes”. No one is pushing drugs or alcohol on anyone else and if you want to clean up there are more people supporting each other with all of the different anonymous groups. Some now would rather go out on a hike than go out to a bar or cook dinner together instead of going out.

Ryan has had a very interesting life in porn and his shining star has yet to dim.  He is one of the few that the companies continuously call for roles and gets the job done. Ladies enjoy working with him. His smile alone can get you swooning and wanting to melt.

He got his start working  as a lifeguard, a bartender, boat captain,  doing radio station promotions and DJ but none stand  out more than his role as Superman and Christian Grey and  of course the Stripper and the Professor. I want to thank Ryan for granting XCritic a small glimpse into his life in Porn and Wish him the Very Best in the Industry! You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @ryandriller and on Instagram @ryandriller .

*Sidenote* Yes Ryan I watched the last Fity Shades and Yeah.. Saw you instead of Jamie.. Could there be a parody in the making.. Hmm ...


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