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Lisa Ann

"The Legend Returns to the Next Level" Part 1

Lisa Ann, she is something that has long been the stuff of legend for new fans in the adult industry. She is a woman who has and never will be forgotten no matter how many years go by, or how many years she stays within the business. Her return was shocking to some people but not this reporter. I was simply seeing what I always have with Lisa, an excellence that you simply cannot duplicate, nor have I seen anywhere else in all the businesses and people I have worked for. I had to find out why she did it, why the queen came back to a kingdom she helped make beautiful again. We start the eXXXotica 2018 convention in Denver Colorado, and Lisa's soon to be completed film from Evil Angel comes out for full release in the days ahead. To find out that she made this film from scratch, with all the love, passion and dedication she applies to everything she becomes a part of, I wanted to have her tell you her story ladies and gentlemen, so without further ado, Part one: The Return

Don Juan DeMarko


Lisa Ann

Don Juan: All righty darlin’ so, I think as you have gotten to see with some of my work that I like to mix things up in a very different manner than most of these guys’ do. I simply have been looking forward to this before we get started. I think that you knew that this one was coming, I simply must start here. The fans, they're enamored, they are excited, they are on pins and needles in the best of ways beyond belief. I have to ask you, what led you back into the business? What brought this majestic queen back and why now? Why Evil Angel?

Lisa Ann Lisa Ann: So, let’s start with what brought me back. I started to travel last year and I started to travel with eXXXotica. First I headed down south in a wonderful event with FleshLight. Then I went to eXXXotica Denver and I kind of got bit by the bug. I had so much fun seeing my fans and I had forgotten how great this was. Because I think there are times, when a person can get in so deep within everything inside of their world were you just need an escape. So, slowly but surely I went to all of these trade shows. I went to Australia twice last year. The people in Australia are the nicest people in the world. The Netherlands are a bit nicer if you can believe that. They were just the nicest people in the world and they were so excited to see me. After hearing for an entire year, thousands, upon thousands of people, they told me, “why don’t you just come back? You look so great! We really miss your scenes.”

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It was all of that I experienced, it just seemed to plant a seed. Throughout that year I said to myself that I would make a journal and I would think things over for an entire year. Now that I think about it, the first moments I actually gave this return a thought, it was December 2016. That is when I committed to doing some traveling. I said ok, why not do some trade shows and see how you feel. For me, I was a little bit more afraid of the industry than I was about my fans for sure. Because the industry retaliated against me in such a nasty, nasty way when I left the business. So that first year, not only was I trying to complete my book, I was also going to court, trying to deal with some very nasty things. I was a little bit more anxious about the world that encompasses the industry, then actually getting out there with my meet and greets and seeing some of my fans. So then a year went by and I started to see things taking place in the industry and I slowly reengaged with so many people, because meeting the girls and seeing the girls at eXXXotica and doing all of this traveling, I realized that I really missed the comradery with some of the girls. Because there are some lovely women within this business. It is just again, I had such a bitter taste in my mouth from when I had left.

Lisa Ann

It was then that I started to talk with some people and discovering what was the missing element was and actually figuring out what that missing element was to me. Then come November and December 2017. We had tragedy after tragedy in the adult business. We lost valuable people and families lost valuable children. There was simply so much heartbreak Don. That was simply the catalyst for me. I knew then that I really wanted to be active somehow. I wanted to make sure that I can keep my gig with Sirius because I love fantasy sports, it has given a new outlet to exercise my brain. I want to have this balance Don, where I can come back and create some products, supply a good day’s work for the talent that I hire and I am talking everyone from the performers to the lighting and camera crew. I have learned that everyone that you do business with, you simply open up a lot of doors with them when working with a performer as popular as myself and to be able to facilitate financially, producing all of my movies. I am able to pick the crew that I love and once again, create a good day’s work for those people close to me to have. It has also been another way for me to get involved.

So, as I was starting to map this out in the beginning, I knew I wanted to shoot my first couple of days back with Holly Randall. Holly Randall, she has been a part of my life, pretty much my entire career because her mom was such a big part of my career.  Her mom, she is definitely one of the most inspirational women that I have ever met. I would say between her and my neighbor Peggy it is a tie between the two for that title in my life and career. She just kicks it up a notch with how dynamic her personality is and how positive she is. She absolutely has no rocks in her pocket, nothing weighs her down, nothing holds her back. It is all those things that have been such a guiding force within me and my financial well being, my mental well being and my confidence as a young girl. Suze Randall was the first person to give me confidence in the choices that I was making. She absolutely worshiped the fact that I always wanted to shoot with these beautiful black men. She simply loved shooting me with beautiful black men. She embraced that and that was in a time in the 90’s when people were not embracing that at all. We still have a very racist industry and we have companies that refuse to shoot interracial, we still have people telling others it is bad for your career to shoot interracial. So Suze was this person within the industry, that I could always go to and voice these concerns that I was having and she would make them seem so arbitrary. She would make me feel like this was just not my jam and that “You are here to do what you want and you need to live the life that you want.”Lisa Ann 

Then, here comes Holly. Her daughter, just like her mother. She has this amazing skill set and she knows the technology more than anyone that I have ever worked with on set. At this time, I did not know what I was going to do with these first couple of days of shooting other than that I was going to be putting them on my website. I was so flattered that without having any updates on my site for years that I still had members. So, I said to myself that at least if all else fails, I can look at this as a giving back to my fans. With that in mind, I just began to plan everything out. I began to look at distribution because I still had connections with the people who use to distribute all my old products. I had not yet had my deal or even began talking with Evil Angel yet. I knew that I wanted to shoot one boy/girl scene, or a bunch of solo scenes and I wanted to see how I felt after the dust had settled after each approach.

So much was going through my mind. I was thinking a lot about if things were going to be very different. I was worried if this was going to change my life in a very negative way. Is this something that I really want to do, and I think that the right way to come back is by producing your own content. That thought gave me the freedom to see that if this was something that I ended up not wanting to do, that I could take things back in a way and not release what I was creating. So, I had that option and I was able to feel my way. I was really able to enjoy the shoots in ways that were different in a good way than in years past. I was able to really reconnect with Holly. Don, it was Holly who shot my book cover for The Life. Holly has pretty much shot all my promo pics since I retired. I just love working with her and I can not deny the fact that I love having another woman on set. That is very empowering to be able to stick together and put out this very beautiful scene.

Now, fast forward to December and here we are shooting this scene and it was a boy/girl scene. I wanted to really shoot with the same guy that I last shot with, who is Isaiah Maxwell, who I absolutely adore. Isaiah and I, we have always stayed in touch since I left the industry. He is just a good, good man with a lot to give to the industry and it is important to have guys like that in the business. I think that having girls work with people like him and have the girls be around someone who has a great positive message like he does that does not look to gossip but become more and more successful with each film he is in. That is one of the things I really wanted to create on my sets and the world that I am living in. I keep reminding people, gossip is such a waste of our time and gossip is just a negative spin of good energy that you could be using towards something more positive.

Lisa Ann So. as we are getting ready to shoot these scenes, it just so happens that I went to the service that Kevin Moore had for August Ames. I have known Kevin for years. He has always been consistently kind to me, he has always been a joy to shoot for and for that reason alone and our history we have had, being that I had been gone from the industry for three years, I had not seen him and August except at the occasional show here and there. I wanted to show my respects. We started talking, a couple of days later, Kevin tells me, I think that if you are going to shoot, you should consider your distributor. He asked me “what do I want to do?” He then explained to me what Evil Angel has to offer. From what he explained to me and what I was able to learn when I went into my first meeting with Evil Angel was that I was going to be getting so much of my life back with how they ran their systems and how they have taken every level of technology and handed it over to the producers, to make it easier to create more content and to be on point with everything from paperwork to DVD cases. They have an incredible website, they have an even more awesome distribution channel. I love to do adult bookstore signings and I knew they would facilitate some signings that took me all over the country to the adult bookstores that are such a big part of the business with us and the fans. I said right then and there, this is a great fit because it is so unusual, it is a different breed of content. Kevin himself, he shoots a lot of the stuff that I use to love to be apart of as a performer. Evil Angel, a lot of their stuff is a very different style of amazing porn. I said once again, I can fit in here. It is a place where I can shoot distinctive styles and that has always, always been my thing, Don. After that first meeting, I thought about it and the fit was just right, I said to myself, “this just feels so right” I like how this adds to the business aspect of things and I feel like I am now that next level professional. I can upload my content from home that night and not be worried about things dropping off hard drives and losing all this arduous work. These things happen, trust me, it has happened to me. It is all that, summed up with how much Evil Angel has to offer the fans. The history of the company. John, Rocco, the part that so many great people have been apart of this company I thought it just the right time to see if I can join their ranks.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 all during the eXXXotica 2018 Convention Denver

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