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eXXXotica Denver 2018: Day 3

"Jillian Janson & The After Party Redefined"

Don Juan DeMarko

One of the biggest traditions in the business is to end a convention at a gentleman’s club. No matter where I have been across these great United States I have always found places that simply have that knack for making a gentleman or a lady feel welcome and intrigued. Platinum 84, located off one of the most famous streets in the country, good old Federal Boulevard is something that has always been synonymous with chasing tail. Now, not to get too nostalgic on you but I can remember since I was a teenager driving up and down that boulevard on a weekend and chasing the honeys in our primo rides, sleek and fresh from the car wash trying to get laid and look cool. Chasing the beautiful women in ways that always required a bit of cunning prowess or game if you will. Little did I know such a place existed in my youth only a few blocks east of 84th avenue off that historic, tail chasing boulevard. I find it only fitting as I drove our beautiful model Ambriel Willow to this cub from the last day of the convention to experience her first closing after party, that we take that right turn onto Federal to begin the party and the fun.

Jillian Janson 

The crowds are always a bit different in Denver. Conventions are always long and hard for the performers and the writers that cover them. Jillian Janson was a model/performer who did indeed make it every single night to see her fans and had on attire and attitude on her sleeve that broadcast her amazing passion and artistry for not just this business but for her fans. Jillian, she was a performer who simply always greeted every fan with a smile and a story. I never saw her smile disappear from her face no matter if the hour was slow or fast. As I sat an observed all this during the convention, there was a part of me that simply was irritable with anticipation and curiosity knowing that Jillian Janson was going to dance to close the event. Jillian had another performer alongside her for the event and was scheduled to go on first as a solo erotic dance act, then as that sexy addition to Flynt Dominic’s amazing flow. Dom, he has long been a guy who brings flavor to this business. Fans were curious to see how this was going to mix as we all passed out cards to after party allowing free access to the club without a door charge. I had more than a few fans want to see Flynt do his thing, for they told me, “Denver does not ever get this.” Being a Colorado resident, I had to agree with them. So, the truth of this set-up was that there was going to be something new for the fans to see. What this reporter wanted to know, was the act as good as Flynt had always told me?

Jillian Janson First off, the staff at Platinum 84 were amazing. As I entered the building with the gorgeous Ambriel Willow, the doorman and manager staff took care of us and every patron after right away and in stylish fashion.

The lovely Ambriel Willow even got to flirt with the muscle-bound doorman who gladly returned the gesture of fantasy and lust.

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As we waited for our photographer to find a parking spot, endlessly circling the lot, a common chore that only the most veteran of club patron knows all too well, we watched sexy half naked women on 5K quality flat screen televisions showcasing one of the last events that the Platinum 84 girls attended. Beautiful woman after beautiful woman kept us more than entertained as we waited for the amazing Peter Dunn and workhorse that I could not do without, to enter the building.

We decided to take advantage of their gorgeous patio area. A place where you can blaze up the finest cigar and enjoy a brandy to go right along with it.

Which is exactly what we did. Once again, the service was amazing and as we were served by this sexy vixen named Porsche Lynn, who had a booty that would have any man or woman begging for mercy upon first sight, we had to take pictures have her and Ambriel play a little bit to tease the XCritic fans. The house dancers were sweet, all wishing to come up and fondle Ambriel Willow until the feature acts arrived.

Porsche Lynn 



As Flynt and Jillian made their way in, we all moved our way to VIP and enjoyed the show. The first attraction was Teagan Presley and her, being one of the most veterans of performers warmed up the crowd in ways that simply go beyond words. She was fast, sexy and sleek. As we all talked about the con and how much fun we all had, I once again was simply beyond impressed with the service at Platinum. The VIP was on spot. Every time I was one sip away from finishing my gin and tonic, the gorgeous waitress had another ready to go. Trying to not get tipsy as I waited for Jillian’s set, I was getting those feelings of butterflies that I think anyone who steps onto a grand stage gets. Jillian, she was stretching to get loose and getting herself psyched for the stage. I could tell she was focused. Our critics may find this a load of bullshit, but the truth was, I could see a fire in her eye that I have only ever seen on the baseball diamond. Myself being a collegiate player once upon a time, I can spot this type of flair and hustle from a mile away. Jillian and I were talking about how much goes into a set and how much it takes to bypass the butterflies to make the show be anything. She talked about the things that go through a dancer’s head. Being anxious, wondering if she looks sexy, if her make-up is right, if she is looking good in all the right places, wondering if this routine will fail. As she exited to put on her attire, I knew that something special was coming.

The opening gig was off the hook bad ass and now, getting to have Jillian close shop and put the cherry on top of this convention was simply amazing beyond belief. I first must jump ahead. We had a little extra petty cash on hand and being that Ambriel Willow was the XCritic spokesmodel, I figured might as well save the last couple dollars, so she can stuff them down Jillian’s G-string. Ambriel was excited beyond belief, being that a few hours earlier, Jillian and Jill Kassidy had taken turns kissing both her ass and each other in a very steamy OnlyFans video that she posted from the convention itself. Needless to say, the girls had the hots for each other and Ambriel was ready to play and of course, I got to watch! Well, the whole club did so once again, you want a reason to attend an adult convention, this is the best I can think of. Two performers hot and horny for the other and one simply waiting to see the show. The music was a perfect mix of hip-hop and in your face style beats. It livened up the crowd and had people flocking to the pole as Jillian began her dance of seduction.

Jillian Janson 

To say that what Jillian did was brilliant is an understatement. What Jillian did was create something that pays homage to every performer who started in this business on the pole, no matter if they are male or female. Telling a tale with one’s beauty, lust and sexuality is something not easily achieved. As I mentioned in articles open, I have seen many, many stage shows and what I see far too often can only be described as a porn star trying to fuck on stage and move fast, breaking so many rules that other dancers see and simply get a little miffed. Why do ask? It is due to something that I agree with when it comes to dancing. I had a performer of the stage explain it plain and simply, “you can not dance like you fuck.” Jillian Janson, she is a woman who truly understands this.

Jillian Janson 

As the booze was flowing and the crowd sized increased, Ambriel made her way onto the stage and received the opportunity to basically tip Jillian with her mouth with this very sleek integration of two performers by Jillian. The crowd was in a buzz and people began to flock to the stage more and more.

What I saw was something so brilliant, it was just a work of choreographed art and improv. Jillian made sure every patron was taken care of and she ensured that her set lasted long enough to quench every fan's thirst. Her attire was sexy, her make-up and hair were the perfect fit for the last dance. As Flynt got on stage and did his thing with the lovely Jillian being the visual impact that brought the lyrics to life, the whole crowd was buzzing. Jillian Janson

The alcohol-infused joy was something that I had not seen in a strip club in a long time. Literally, the performance took people to another world. I kid you not, as Jillian walked off stage and I whistled at her from the table we were all sitting at, you saw this big smile.

You saw a woman who wanted to go round two and simply make the party jump just once more. That is how Jillian was the whole convention, always moving, always filming stuff for her fans. I never saw her not thinking of her fans first and my goodness, did that simply end this convention in the grand way that it started. Every myth has a beginning, every legend has an origin story.


I will not say this is where Jillian’s began, oh no. She has been doing this since day one. What I will say is that this is where the city of Denver was changed forever with this mix of both new threads and old. Jillian putting on a show that simply gave respect to those before her and created a new type of passion for a city that has been starved for an adult convention for far too long.


I honestly can see this convention surviving another run. I really do. I do not know if this city knows exactly what it has with this convention. The one truth I do know is that if the folks at eXXXotica book nothing but performers of Jillian’s passion, caliber and strength, this convention will be getting a “Mile High” for many years to come.

Jillian Janson

Twitter: @xoJillianJanson

Website: JillianJansonXXX.com

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