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XCritic Interview: 2018 Urban X Awards Host Cindy Starfall

Since debuting in 2012, petite Cindy Starfall has continued to establish her mark on adult entertainment. In addition to shooting for some of erotica‘s most prominent brands, the Asian starlet has built a lucrative online business of her own while packing a substantial fervor for the adult industry on her four-foot-eleven-inch frame.

Cindy kindly spoke with XCritic on the afternoon of May 23 to discuss her career in adult, touring the United States as a feature dancer, hosting the 2018 Urban X Awards this summer and more.

You can visit Cindy Starfall online at ClubStarfall.com and check out her official online store, CindyStarfall.net. Follow Cindy on Twitter under the handle @CindyStarfall and find her FreeOnes page here.

Cindy Starfall is represented by OC Modeling. For feature dance bookings, please contact A-List Features or The Lee Network. Publicity inquiries may be directed to Star Factory PR.

(Special thanks to Tanya Tate at Star Factory PR. Interview conducted by Cass Ashlen)

Thanks for interviewing with me today, I appreciate it.

It’s alright - I’ve always loved XCritic!

Excellent. Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you initially became interested - and later involved - in the adult industry?

I originally started because Hustler offered me a centerfold, a feature in the magazine. I had tried out webcamming before and I really liked having an audience. Then, my agent found me, so my career just kicked off from there.

Have you enjoyed your time thus far in the business?

Yeah, I have. You know, I’ve learned lessons and I feel it’s really helped me become a stronger and more confident woman because when I first started in the business, I was very shy. I was always trying to please everybody because that’s how I was raised in my Asian culture. You always make everybody happy - it doesn’t matter if you are happy or not.

I was trying to say “Yes” to everything, but now I have my limits and I know what I’m looking for and I know my brand. I feel like that’s very important in the business because you have to have thick skin - in any entertainment business because there are haters out there. I’ve grown a lot in this business because I’m able to just disregard those comments and just worry about my own business.

I understand you have been selected to host the Urban X Awards upcoming on August 19th.


Is that something you are looking forward to?

Yeah! It’s very exciting. I’ve never hosted an awards show before. It’s amazing because Urban X allows us to have a voice. When you come in as an Asian, you don’t get as much publicity as if you were a non-Asian girl, so there aren’t as many opportunities out there. You just have to keep working at it.

So, I’m happy that Urban X recognizes this and I’m happy to take the stage. I plan to wear my traditional dress from Vietnam. So, it’s going to be exciting.

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That sounds really neat. I wanted to ask how the hosting role came about - did Urban X reach out to you or did you express interest to them in regard to hosting the ceremony?

Every year, I attended the Urban X Awards and they contacted me and asked, “Would you like to host?” Because there aren’t many Asian girls out there. And, I would love to make the Asian community proud. I want to show people that porn stars are more than just an actress - we’re people. They get to see me on stage. I’m happy to announce the winners and just host this fun show.

A big part of what you do centers around two of your websites, ClubStarfall.com, as well as your online store, CindyStarfall.net. Can you tell us about both?

Yes. When I first started CindyStarfall.net, I wanted to create an online store that is really easy and user-friendly to my customer. You don’t have to go to a bunch of websites - everything is all in one place, on CindyStarfall.net. You get photos, you get my movies, you get my webcam shows, phone sex, my worn panties.

Everything you want from me you can find on there. I have collectable items like magazines I have been on or my coffee mugs. Everything will come to you signed, personalized and with a thank-you note to you. So, it’s worth it to shop at my store compared to other stores because I give a personal touch to it.

While you are on there, you can join Club Starfall as well. Club Starfall - you can think of it as a naughty Facebook. It’s social, but it’s very private - nobody knows you in there. All the members can watch my sexy daily video that I post, photos, get to know my life and just see me as a person. So, you can check that out at ClubStarfall.com.

Something that has become a major part of your career is feature dancing. Is that something you enjoy and do you plan to continue with dancing as a primary aspect of your career?

I do. I love feature dancing a lot. Two reasons why I love feature dancing is because I get to be creative with what I do - my costumes, the music, how the show is going to be - and another very important thing is that I get to meet my fans. I love making people happy because that makes me happy as well. You come out to see me and have fun, and it’s not stressful. I don’t like talking about religion, politics or anything like that. When you come to my show, I just want you to relax and have fun.

Also, I get to travel a lot. I love travelling. Going to different states, I’m very honored to be able to do that. So, I would definitely love to continue my feature touring.

What have been some of your favorite cities and clubs to visit?

This weekend, I’ll be coming back to one of my favorite cities: New York. I can’t wait to go back there this Friday. I also have San Francisco coming up and St. Louis.

Really, every club has a different vibe and crowd. I just got back from Flint, Michigan and everybody was telling me, “Oh, it’s so dangerous.” But the security was great, the club was nice and the crowd was fun. I like to adapt to a different environment and it’s fun for me because not every weekend is the same crowd.

Having been a part of the adult industry for some time now, are there any misconceptions about the business that particularly bother you or that you wish you could dispel?

One misconception is that all of us are dumb, stupid. (Laughs) And that is not the case at all. I have met many smart girls, I have met girls who take this as a business. And just like any business, I feel that people discriminate against the sex industry because they don’t know much about it. The only thing they know is what the media puts out - how we are all drugged up and that’s why we do what we do.

I have struggled with my own family - they always ask if someone is forcing me into this. I just tell them proudly that nobody forced me into it, that I did it all myself. And that’s the case with most of these girls - they do it for themselves. Some of them decide to make a career out of it, some of them want to be in for six months and get out and some use the money to fund college. Everyone is different.

For a society who doesn’t know much about us, they should get to know about us. I would like to educate my fans. After all, it’s just sex. Everybody watches porn. It’s like, what’s the big deal? You know what I mean?

Right. I wanted to ask about your background prior to entering the adult industry because I understand your earlier years were interesting and unique. Can you tell us about that?

Well, growing up, I was very restricted. Luckily, I didn’t grow up in poverty. My family had this business in Vietnam and I was able to have a nanny. But you know the saying: “Money can’t make you happy.” Which is true, because I have seen many people who are wealthy and not happy. That’s how I was when I was little, because I was constantly trying to make everyone happy. I listened to the advice of my family, but I was never happy. I didn’t have the freedom to make friends because they only wanted me to make friends with people on the same level as us. And for me, I like everybody. It doesn’t matter if you make less than me or not.

So, I wasn’t happy. I cried a lot and I had a lot of time where I didn’t know what to do because I felt like I was in a prison. (Laughs) When I got to the U.S., I was able to get out and have friends.

My family is always saying that I’m such a party animal and that I do drugs all day long. That’s what they think about this business. But, I don’t. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I’m a strong woman. I’m a strong woman and I do what I do because I love what I do.

Excellent. Is there one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

Definitely what I just said - that I don’t drink or I don’t do drugs. People definitely don’t expect that because when you meet me at a club, I have fun. I really do. I love dancing and I have a lot of energy. (Laughs) So, a lot of the time, people think I’m drunk, but I’m not. I’m slutty and dancing while being sober. And I love it. (Laughs)

Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

I’m coming up with a new site and I can’t wait to talk about it. I’m still working on it and it’s a site where you are able to stream movies that I shoot - I own the content, too - and download the movie as well. So, I’m very excited to launch it this summer.

I own the website and I don’t use any third party company, so you are able to deal with me personally. And I like to keep that because I like to quality control it myself.

To finish up, is there anything in closing you wish to say to readers?

I just want to say thank you so much, XCritic, for always highlighting me and talking about me. You guys write great articles about me. I love that.

Also, I just want to say thank you to my fans for always supporting me. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @CindyStarfall or on my Instagram at @CStarfall. Check out my website at CindyStarfall.net.

Again, thanks for taking time out to chat with me. You have done very well for yourself in the industry thus far and I’m sure there are more bright days ahead. Have a great day and all the best in the future.

Thank you so much.

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