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XCritic Interview: Returning Starlet Emily Austin

Popular Texas-born starlet Emily Austin kindly spoke with XCritic on the evening of June 6 to discuss her recent return to shooting adult films, working with the Bucks Cabaret gentlemen’s club franchise and more.

You can follow Emily on Twitter under the handle @EmilyAustinXXX and check out her FreeOnes page here. To book Austin for film and print shoots, please contact the Society 15 talent agency.

(Thanks to Don Juan DeMarko. Interview conducted by Cass Ashlen)

Thanks for giving me some of your time today, I appreciate it. I understand you returned (to the adult industry) recently, so it’s cool to speak with you.

Thank you so much. I’m really excited for the opportunity.

Terrific. I guess that’s where I will begin: Can you talk about your decision to come back to the industry?

Yeah. I probably left the industry … I think it was the beginning of 2016. My husband actually works for a gentlemen’s club - he’s the Regional Manager for Bucks Cabaret. We have seven clubs. So, when he started opening up more locations, I helped him out. That was kind of my reason for leaving the first time. Now that everything has kind of settled and all the clubs are doing really good, I’ve missed the industry very much, so why not come back?

You are now being represented by Society 15. Was there any particular reason why you chose that agency for your return?

Well, when I first started, I was with OC Modeling. I finished my contract with them. I enjoyed being with them - they were very good to me. I think they were really good for me, being new and starting out. This time around coming back, I wanted to go in a different direction and Society 15, I’ve heard a lot of good things about them - of course, Kendra Lust is amazing - so, I reached out to them and wanted the opportunity to work with them. So, here I am, and I’m super excited about it.

As you look ahead, do you have any particular goals or aspirations in mind for your return?

You know, I do. I’m ready to work with a lot of companies that I never got to work with before. I’m not here to do this for the AVN trophy - yes, that would be something great. But, I feel like I don’t ever want to make it to the top - I just want to enjoy the ride. Because once you make it to the top, then what’s left, you know? (Laughs) I just want to continue to enjoy the ride. When I was first in the industry, I had so many great experiences and I met so many cool people - I’m excited for that again. So, my goal is probably just to have fun and just enjoy it. I’m not sure I’ve thought too much about anything.

You mentioned Bucks Cabaret earlier, and obviously they are a huge chain with a number of establishments. You do a lot of cool things with them - in fact, I understand that this past Friday, you represented Bucks at a charity golf tournament.

I did!

And obviously, your work with Bucks is a big part of your career. Can you tell us about your role with the brand?

I’ve worked with Bucks for about three-and-a-half years and I’ve worked with many other clubs before. The experiences I’ve had with this club have been really awesome. I kind of do everything - I waitress, I bartend, I dance, I travel to all the other clubs and work there. Of course, I’m kind of fortunate because my husband is the Regional, so I have that opportunity - if I want to go work at one of the other locations, I can. He travels so much, so I get to travel, too.

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We’ve been having a lot of features lately - we’ve had Stormy Daniels there. I just have so much fun working there. I was working in the gentlemen’s club industry before I even got into porn, so that’s something that I’ll always have something to do with, if that makes sense. (Laughs)

Sure. Obviously, I’ve heard of Bucks Cabaret before and read a bit about them, and they seem very reputable and professional.

Oh, yeah - they’re the best. Like I said, I’ve worked with a lot of other major corporate gentlemen’s club companies and out of all of them, this one has been the best. And, of course, we are growing and are on the East Coast now. I like to have the best of both worlds, doing porn and also doing dancing. I enjoy it.

Wonderful. If we can go back to the beginning, can you tell us how you initially became interested - and later involved - in the adult industry?

I always kind of knew that I wanted to be involved in it somehow. I started working in gentlemen’s clubs when I was twenty years old and the fascination I had just kind of grew from there. My husband and I have been together almost ten years. We are very comfortable with our sex life and I thought one day, “Why not? I’m going to get into porn.” He was completely supportive of it and it’s made our sex life ten times better.

I don’t look at it as a job. I don’t even look at it necessarily as a career. I look at it as personally, this is something that I love to do. So, I’m fortunate that I have a few people out there who enjoy watching me do it. (Laughs) But, I’m kind of selfish about it - I just really love doing it for myself and my marriage. (Laughs)

Having been a part of the industry off and on for some time now - in addition to being on the feature dance scene and corporate side as a representative for Bucks Cabaret - is there one misconception about all facets of the adult business from those outside of it that particularly bothers you or that you wish you could dispel?

One of the things I always here is that it’s kind of a relaxing job, there’s not really a lot of work involved. And that is so untrue. For both the gentlemen’s clubs and the porn industry, you have to put in your time - you have to work. It’s not going to be, show up and twenty minutes later, you’re done. It’s just not like that. So, when people are like, “Oh, you kind of get a break, you kind of have it easy” - I work a lot. I still, to this day, work in the clubs. My days are twelve, thirteen-hour days sometimes.

With porn, it’s kind of the same way. You have to put in your time, whether it be on set or on social media promoting yourself and your brand. It’s just more work than people think it is.

Sure. You are also very open about your love for animals. Can you talk about your passion for animal welfare and where that developed?

I’ve always loved animals. I grew up in the country and as I’ve gotten older, they are my children. My husband and I have adopted and fostered several animals over the years. All of our animals are rescued. If I could, I would have a whole house full. (Laughs) But, I try to find ways to help - I volunteer, my husband and I donate to charities all the time. We’re also very hands-on - we go to shelters and donate food, donate money, whatever we can. To me, that’s a real passion of mine. If I could, I would open up an animal shelter. And one day, I will.

But, yeah, I love animals. We have three cats and three dogs, so our house is very full. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I could, I’d have, like, twenty. (Laughs)

(Laughs) May I ask a few questions about yourself as a person?


Can you tell us where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

I was raised near Dallas, Texas and I was kind of a nerd growing up. I was in band and I did the drama club. I wasn’t the “hot girl” at all. (Laughs) When I first started working for the gentlemen’s clubs and showing off my body - of course, my husband’s giving me the confidence - that’s when it all came out, my confidence and me feeling sexy. So, I did not have that growing up at all.

I was very shy. And I’m still kind of shy today, believe it or not. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But that was okay - I found other ways to have fun. (Laughs)

How about interests and hobbies? Obviously, work keeps you very busy, but when you are able to get away, what are some things you enjoy?

When I do get time off, I just enjoy being at home. I’m a huge homebody - my husband as well. So, we’ll just sit around, order takeout and watch Netflix. Or, we’ll take the animals and we’ll drive around.

I don’t care to go out. I’m not into the whole club scene because I work in a club. So, the last thing I want to do on my day off is go out. So, we just really enjoy hanging out at home and being together.

I’m such a boring person. (Laughs) Outside of the industry, I’m so boring. But that’s just how we are. He travels a lot for work, and of course, when I travel with him or when I’m doing something for work, it’s nice when you get that chance to be home, to be home. 

Oh, absolutely. When you are on the go all the time and then get some time off, it’s nice to relax. You don’t want to be all over the place, I’m sure.

Oh, yeah.

How about favorites - favorite T.V. shows, movies and musical artists?

My favorite T.V. shows are kind of all over the place. I really like The Trailer Park Boys. (Laughs) I’m watching The Sopranos right now. So, those are my two favorite shows right now.

Music, I listen to everything. I can go from country to rock to hip hop. I don’t have one favorite genre.

Movies - oh, my gosh, my favorite movie would be The Wedding Singer and then Goodfellas, which are two completely opposite, but I like them both. 

Is there one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

Well, when people meet me, the one thing I always get is, “Wow, you’re a lot shorter than I thought.” (Laughs) I get that all the time. I guess I look taller in my pictures, but I’m only like, 5’2”.

Are there any current or upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I’m going out to L.A. at the end of June and I’m pretty booked. I’m super excited about that.

What I’ve got coming up is that I definitely want to be different than when I first got into the industry. I’m a little bit older. I feel like my body is a little bit more developed, in a good way. I have that woman body now.

I just want it to be a little different. So, hopefully the new projects I’m getting will be different from what I was doing, if that makes sense.

Absolutely. To finish up, is there anything in closing that you wish to say to readers?

I’m just super excited to be back and I’m excited that people actually want me to come back. I’ve had a lot of people on social media for quite some time that were like, “We’d love for you to come back,” and “We miss seeing you.” So, I’m excited that people want me to come back and I hope I don’t disappoint anybody this time. And, it will be good. So, I’m just excited to be back.

Terrific. I’m sure lots of folks are happy to see you back and I wish you the very best. I appreciate the time and it was nice speaking with you. I’m sure you will do very well.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your time and having the opportunity to do the interview.

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