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XCritic Original Presentation: Ambriel Willow

"Meet the 2018 XCritic Spokes Model"


Here at XCritic we have always been devout to bringing our fans something they have never seen before and showcasing what is what in everything from toys, to films in the adult industry. There goes a saying, that times all do and must change. Being a company that always believes the fans should come first, we thought what better way to honestly bring you the talent that is within this industry, than with our own pictorials and performer profiles. We are going to be showcasing you the who's who of the adult industry and this will be focused not just on the super star, or the best new starlets, no. This is going to be something that stretches all the way to the cam world and even the independent performer market. For we at XCritic feel that the fans deserve to see every angle of this business, not just one or two. With that being said, our first performer is a brand new starlet entering the adult world, a woman who is only in her sixth month of performing within the industry. She is going to be making some of her first massive leaps within the adult industry soon after getting a taste of what wonderful film producing can be down in Florida during her first shoots that brought her into this world we all  love. So, without further ado, may I present the XCritic 2018 Spokes-Model, Ambriel Willow, in a shoot of my creation, done with the help of contributing XCritic photographer Peter Dunn and my right hand, my hair & make-up gal Mica. Enjoy meeting the girl of your dreams XXX fans.Ambriel Willow


Name: Ambriel Willow

Born: May 26th, 1999

Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt, (Resides in Aspen, Colorado)

Gender: Female

Height: 5’8”

Breast Size: 32 B

Hair Color: Brown

Eye: Color Brown

Piercings: Tongue, Lip, Medusa Lip, 3 in Both Ears, Nipples, Belly Button, 3 In Her Inner Labia

Ambriel Willow 

Ambriel’s Background:

Support Our Sponsor:

Ambriel Willow When discovering talent, more than a few things go through any person’s head who has been in the business for a long time. When I met Ambriel, I was with a porn star friend of ours and we were all getting together to smoke hookah at the girl’s favorite spot to unwind and relax in Denver. To say that Ambriel has passion for what this business is does not say enough. Upon meeting her, we spent about forty minutes sifting through magazines of naked ladies and sharing stories of sexual adventures in and out of the business and what life has to offer in terms of sexual discovery. At that moment, I simply had to find out more about this beautiful woman who was as down to earth as she was sexy, what man would not pursue this correct? We talked about getting into the industry and I had to find out if she could model or act.

Surprises are always something even those who do not admit to their enjoyment, love to a certain degree. When Ambriel told me, she was an actor,  a model and more about the details of her life, I knew I had to shoot her at any cost, no matter how long or pain staking this would be. Her and I came together for a shoot with a Fetish Magazine about eight months after this first encounter. Unlike my work with XCritic, this magazine was one that was purely based on one focus within the industry. This is where I truly discovered that Ambriel had something more than just this want or need to achieve fame, make money and all those things you would deem monetary within the business. I discovered she had a deep passion for sex, kink and fetish. When you see and meet as many models as I do, you sometimes only get the people who want to be in this business for money and fame. Ambriel, she wanted something more, something deeper. I discovered that her love for sex was something that honestly unlocked this beautiful spirit that was within her. I also learned Ambriel has engaged in so many amazing aspects of sex and the minds ability to change it within herself. The fruits of which are this photo shoot that we are sharing with you today. Ambriel wanted you to see her at her most natural and candid, in a way that is her alter ego's manner, to tell you that they are one in the same person, which is not true all the time of performers within the adult film industry.Ambriel Willow

Ambriel’s Words:

“When Don asked to write my beloved fans something about who I am, and what I love about sex, the adult industry, kink and much, much more, I must admit, I was very nervous. I actually went back to the drawing board a few times when I was trying to figure out how to bare my soul to my fans and express who I am to everyone. That is something that is not easily conveyed because I do not think sex is easily summed up in a few words or many for that matter. It is that complex nature of sex and love that makes it so unique and take on so many different views. So, I guess if I had to say one thing about who I am deep down and where my heart lies in this industry and in my personal life, it is within the form of rope bondage. I think back to when I first saw my first rope scene when I was eighteen. I was at a BDSM studio because I had just engaged in the lifestyle to see what it was all about. My Dom, he took me to this BDSM studio and we began to watch a performance.

This performance included rope bondage with the beautiful brunette. Watching the rope slide across her body as she was getting suspended in the air, it did something to me that I could not explain at the time. I began to watch her skin turn color due to the constriction of the rope. Her facial expression, it showed pain and agony, but her body and spirit were floating in this cradle of pain but with this peace surrounding her. I knew right there that I wanted to do that. It was so mysterious to me, seeing this beautiful woman who seemed to have this mixture of pain, pleasure, and solace.

 Ambriel WillowThink of it like this, seeing this production, I got that same feeling one gets when they are getting ready to go to sleep, or perhaps draw a warm bath after a long day where the water is hot but not scorching.

I cannot describe the feeling but what I did know is that I had to feel it myself. It was there that I think Ambriel Willow was born because it is something that has become apart of my life in so many ways since then. I feel almost as if I discovered this new part of me and it was something that I think I have always had within but never how to bring out. It is that mixture of sex, love, passion, lust, pain, comfort and solace that continues to make me look to see where my sexuality can continue to take me.

That is how I discovered my passion for sex on film. As I get started in this industry, I will be looking to always show my fans every part of me but even more, I want them to understand that I will be creating things that I enjoy even more so.

That way, my fans know that yes, I enjoy this just as much as they do. That yes, we all have this type of natural desire to invoke something inside of us that is raw, sexual and burning with desire. That is the true nature of mankind. That is the true nature of Ambriel Willow." 






Snap Chat: AmbrielWillow

Instagram: @AmbrielWillowSphinx

Twitter: @AmbrielWillow

Facebook: Ambriel Willow Sphinx

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