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Inside XRCO 2018

Part 1: The Faces of the Industry

The faces of XRCO. What does that even mean you ask yourself? What is it doing in an article about porn? To be honest, it’s meaning has more than just one definition due to the fact that the 2018 XRCO Awards went off as one of the best that this writer has ever attended. I have seen many things at these awards shows which I am so honored to be a part of. Our industry is not impervious to the same things that plague other award shows. There is hatred, jealousy, and people who simply thrive off of bad vibes. Honestly, though every industry has that, it just seems that ours is the one that always gets the ass end of the stick whenever someone makes a fool out of themselves, leaving the other gallant souls with no press to show off the beautiful things that are within the adult industry. This three-part series is going to feature the winners, the best dressed and all that. It will also feature the faces of the industry both past and present, who simply made this evening come to life in ways that many people expected it not to. From producer and director, to media photographer and writer. I think by the time the club closed its doors and the last beautiful set of legs made their last stride to the door, the faces on one and all were affixed with looks of pure bliss. For that is what this evening was to so many and I am going to show industry critic and fan alike, exactly why that was, as we grant you, the weary reader, an all access pass into the world of porn like never before when it comes to the XRCO Awards 2018.


The Face of a Winner: Angela White @ANGELAWHITE

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Angela White XRCO We must begin with Angela White. Not only because she took home a trifecta of trophies for a 2017 that was filled with boldness at a level that few thought possible anymore. No, it was not just that. Angela, she has created a spark that resonated all through the walls of the Argyle in Hollywood, California. From second one, I think every media person was wondering if she would be there. Myself, I knew she would. Now that may sound cocky but I assure you, my fortune telling is based off something that is more down to earth than a line sight to the stars and planets. No, see one thing I will tell you fans is that Angela is a woman of pure strength, power, and heart. It is a drive that is matched with a wit and intelligence that I have only seen maybe twice in my lifetime and let’s just say the last person who captured my soul and character the way she did upon saying hello, was another of my idols, Mr. David McCullough. Angela is a woman who strives every day for perfection in this industry. She works harder than almost anyone that is in it. She is a woman who knows the ropes of every side of this business and when she steps onto your set, she brings a mind that knows what fans want and an ear that heeds what they ask of her to do. She sees that and sees it for what it is and fans, let me tell you this, that is why her films are what they are to you, it is because she sees what you say even when she can not reply. This comes from a woman who will routinely get up, start planning her day as she gets set for shoot schedule and is editing last weeks scenes for her website as she is eating corn flakes at the breakfast table and talking to her agent with the other free hand getting more work lined up. That is what this woman does day in and day out. She puts forth something that I think few know and even less will ever understand. I hate to talk about what goes on behind the scenes in our business. To me, I am an old wrestling guy, I believe in keeping the fantasy of this business alive, it is what sells movies, scenes, vignettes. It is a tradition that we keep this type of theater alive. It is good for business, but it also helps a fan drift away into that sea of fantasy to escape the real world, which we all need sometimes. This night though, when Angela made it down to the red carpet and everyone from performer, to silly old reporter like me were just running around a packed nightclub floor, just to grab her by the arm and tell her just how much she has inspired us. I watched Angela win award after award due to that demanding work ethic mentioned above that she puts in every day and each time she thanked her peers, she made time for each reporter and she stayed late to thank everyone who made this night possible even though she did not have to. I know without her saying, that she had an early morning because I did too and it says so much that this icon of our industry stayed till almost 2AM so that she could ensure that everyone who made this possible was thanked for their arduous work. That is something that truly defines what a “winner” is no matter how corny that sounds and it is the true example of excellence that makes Angela the legend that she is and a woman who is ushering in a new type of adult production and changing our views on what sex and sexuality really are to the human mind and being.


The Face of the Future: Alina Lopez @ItsAlinaLopez

Alina Lopez 

Call me old school, call me a cranky old fucker, but one thing you can never call me is a bad judge of fashion or character. This night had many people show up in attire that was not fitting for an awards show. I may sound like my grumpy ass grand dad here but for the effort that the people put in to this show, who did not get paid to create the majesty that it was, I find it only fitting that you show up in some kind of dress attire, even if it is casual. Once again, this happens in all forms of entertainment, at every level, with every single age group. Now, this beauty, she shocked me in the best way possible when she stepped off of the elevator and walked in front of the red carpet, the stunning Alina Lopez.

Alina Lopez

I was thinking as I wrote this piece, that I just got done reviewing some of her scenes with Girlsway.com and holy shit, I must be coming off as some obsessed fan with her due to how much coverage she is getting from me. The women of this business, their peace of mind, it means a lot to me and when I began to think about that, it dawned on me that the reason why this beauty is being mentioned in fifteen different articles by yours truly, is how she carries herself within this industry. Alina Lopez was the best dressed, the most gracious of souls and a woman who was enjoying this party for what it is, and she never let that showcase of excellence become anything less than perfect. Her hair was beautiful, her make-up looked as if she just sat on set for an hour and a half and was getting paid to be at this gig. Alina’s dress was so beautiful. It was risqué, but it still did not reveal everything. Leaving the latter up to one’s imagination. This new starlet has been deemed to be the wave of the future and honestly, seeing that she took the time to dress up, get all decked out for the ball so to speak, it earned her a respect from everyone within that building. She also had this mystery about her that all Spiegler girls have. Yes, Mark’s ladies are always ones who have something to offer the business in so many ways but what I think these ladies also have, is a respect for this business I think that Mark instills but that they carry on themselves. No matter what type of character they have, his ladies are always on their A game. This night, Alina shined brighter than them all and I mean that not to create jealousy among the girls in his agency, no. I mean that with the utmost respect to them, because every single one is a gem in this business but to see Alina glow like a firefly in a beautiful mountain dusk and to still be able to stay mysterious during that entire night, I was blown away. She showed me exactly why she is, in this voter’s eyes, the front-runner for 2018 Best New Starlet. It is amazing when you see the future in plain sight like this and she added so much to an aura within the building, that kept going and going as the awards show began.


The Faces of Change: Bree Mills @TheBreeMills and Jill Kassidy @JillKassidyy

Bree Mills 

The awards show had many, many various aspects of excellence within our industry. I do not think any other award show got it correct the way that XRCO did when it comes to rewarding that demanding work that is within the adult industry.

We saw Jill Kassidy win best actress for her role in Pure Taboo gem, Half His Age and we saw Bree Mills win for Best Director (Features.) This was a film that even though I am a committee member of this gallant group, I did not know if they would win.

I was rooting for them both from second one when I first saw this film and when I had seen Bree was creating something so unique with Pure Taboo. This win was so much more than fans will ever know.

It is a moment, that I think will create something that this industry has not seen in a long time. Films that have a depth that people never thought possible within the realms of adult.

Bree, if you ever meet her, she is just someone who will make you stop and stare due to just how much she loves this business and has a true passion for woman and I do not mean in just a vulgar way. She loves the drama of cinema, she simply can not hide her passion for storytelling.

Jill Kassidy, she is a woman who honestly reminded me of Johnny Depp the first time I met her. Now, this is no insult because when I met Jill, I was a little star struck in Denver. Her acting is almost flawless, and she can change like a chameleon into diverse types of roles and characters with just the snap of her fingers. Like Johnny, Jill is Jill. She does not sugar coat things, nor does she ever show this phony side that you do see with many people in all sides of entertainment.

Jill Kassidy


Jill, she is the true definition of an actor. Most actors are very timid and shy. Jill, she is as well, that was the impression that I got from her in the blink of an eye and it impressed me beyond belief.

When I saw this kind of combination of amazing women within the business is what simply made this film possible, I had a smile from ear to ear.

It is something I have always wished possible within this industry. Being that we have the freedom of the X rating, it gives us a license to push the envelope, something that has helped mainstream Hollywood create a type of business model that is no longer shunned or critiqued the way that it was in the 1980’s when shock film and raunchy cinema became a part of their art form normality.

This is a truth no one talks about in mainstream. Bree Mills, she is going into uncharted waters with her new films and every single one of them has this lead that takes you to places that already exist within the human mind, we just did not know it.

These films are sparking inspiration and yes, copy cats with other companies but to me, that is the ultimate form of flattery.

When Bree stepped up to that podium and spoke of her work, it honestly made me see where this industry is going and what it can be with continued hard work.

Every woman in this article made this night so special in ways that they may never know but one thing they also did this night was create a type of inspiration that is going to be felt for years to come and that is something that this writer can not wait to see.

Don Juan DeMarko



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