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Inside XRCO 2018

Part 2: The Faces of Greatness

What is it that brought us into this modern age of sexuality? Is it possible that it is pornography? Triple X cinema? There is a compelling argument that this is exactly what created the acceptance that is here today. Truthfully, what you fans do not know and you are about to discover when reality TV collapses and the new way they are going to shock the masses is by showing the inside lives of porn stars from the past, by showing you where they are, what they have been doing and in most instances, painting a picture of bullshit with cow dung as their brush and toilet paper as their canvas. Now, what I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, is that before you tune into what will soon be a barrage of "mainstream" press acting as if they know the stars we love better than fellow industry members do, let me say this. The adult industry has had far more tales of success, than it has horror stories from the past. You know, every ardent fan of any type of entertainment, hopes one day they can do something of significance in the lives of the stars that touch their very own. To this writer, getting to be there and be apart of a hall of fame induction for the legendary Micky Lynn and being able to give her a hug and tell her just how much her films were apart of who I am, nothing can describe that feeling. The 2018 XRCO Awards had some of the best of inductees, from Kyle Stone, who is hands down one of the greatest actors in the modern era of adult films. Devon, a performer who honestly was one of the corner stones of the Vivid empire. A true porn business machine that created such majesty and super stars which may never be seen again. To witness such greatness all in one room, I had to honestly give it up for those who came before me and tell the tale of just who these legendary faces were within the walls of the Argyle, Hollywood.

- Don Juan

The Cutest of Faces: Micky Lynn @RealMickyLynn

Micky Lynn

 When you think of a legendary performer, you damn well better include Micky Lynn within the argument. Quite possibly the greatest "teen" beauty of all time within this industry, Micky took her look and way of performance, to levels that are duplicated nineteen ways from sideways by every single company in the modern era. To this porn writer, Micky was this first true super star who could be plugged in into almost any role and was able to be paired with any other performer and create a fantasy beyond what anyone knew possible. Micky was one who graced so many “Men’s Magazine” pages, from Hustler and their taboo side to Swank and many many more. These were magazines that were so different then. It was a more radical time in terms of sexuality. In the early 1990’s, I do not think that people were as accepting as they are today when it came to the taboo of sexuality, especially within the adult industry. It was this era, and this performer who helped the public to see things in such a different way.


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Micky is a woman, whose shoots included some of the most legendary photographers, with some of her fellow iconic performers. Her piece with Suze Randall and another certain someone in the business became something of “Porn Lore.” This shoot was something that I think few people new possible and it helped launch both women’s careers to places that both never dreamed. That is what and who Micky Lynn is. Today’s performer sometimes unknowingly follows a model that was created by her. She was someone who could become the glue of a film and the keep the alter egos at bay by the way she simply made things happen with her true love for sex and the business. Micky story is one of hard work and happiness that has stuck with her, even after height of her career. I find it one of the most amazing things, to be able to see a woman that so many idolized and still do to this day enjoying life in the sunshine state, living in a dream home the way that a fantasy girl should. You better believe that Micky still loves to hit the gentleman’s and lady’s clubs as much as you do the fan. Micky loves this business, she loves sexuality and more than anything, she has never forgotten the fans who loved her so much. That is what makes her a legend. That is what makes her hall of fame and when you sit down and think about it, as she is about to make her return to eXXXotica Miami. You see that this woman is a story that is never told in porn. She is the shining example of what this business builds within those passionate souls who honestly put forth the effort of what makes and icon an icon. That is Micky Lynn. That is what this business was built and that is what makes this business one of greatest in the world


The Faces of Drama and Comedy: Rebecca Bardoux @rebeccabardoux & Kyle Stone @thekylestone

Rebecca Bardoux 

This woman, this champion for all actors. One of the first starlets to honestly create what has become a modern way that we see older woman but also, a woman who, by mastering ways of acting, performing and entertaining, has survived the test of time and has evolved herself into so much more. I was lucky once to be able to speak at length with miss Bardoux. Who yes, I also was the biggest of fans, when I was simply only a fan and not apart of this business. There are few people you get excited to meet when you become a part of something in entertainment and Rebecca, she is a woman whose brain I always wanted to pick in the worst of ways and when I finally got to that amazing winter night, I found a woman who is simply the best fucking entertainer this business may have ever seen. I can not go too much into our conversation but what I will tell you fans, is that every character, every role, every scene that included drama, or comedy, she did it for two reasons. For you the fan and to feed a flame that resides within her that only true actors have. Fans this beauty has honestly gone to the ends of the earth for you and what I will tell you about this hall of fame performer, she is a woman who deserves that respect more than almost anyone in this business. The tales she told me of being on the road, attending events and putting on a smile to fans who did not always return it. That simply made my jaw hang to the floor. Rebecca is the true definition of a woman who created such charm, such fantasy and when the lights turned off, she powered down her alter ego and simply went home for rest as thh woman not the actor. That is not easy to do in this business but perhaps that is why she has been in it for so long. She is cut from a cloth of pure brilliance and sparkle. You can watch her scenes today with Rex Borsky fpr example and they will rock your world as if she shot them yesterday and that is simply what makes her, miss Bardoux. The face of amazing in this business that is iconic, legendary and beyond. Seeing her enter that night club, it simply made the lights amp up a notch, for that is what she does and it s why the spotlight foever deserves to be upon a woman who is not only a woman of fantasy but a woman of comedy, drama, prestine and that of pure performance. The best of the best. That is miss Bardoux.

Glenn Francis 

Kyle Stone, the one and only. He is a man who got up and sang to commemorate his Hall of Fame induction. Please if anyone has this video, share it on twitter. This man, like Micky, was a glue that made each film something special to watch. If Evan Stone is Fabio, then Kyle Stone is the Marlboro Man.

That hunk that you are not supposed to enjoy but God damn, when he fills your mind like the puff of that cigarette, you simply must indulge. Kyle, he comes from a breed of male performer that went about separate ways than today’s stars. Kyle's roles, they would make you laugh and make you smile and they could also take you to dark and serious places. You know how fucking hard that is to do with your clothes on? Let aline with them off! That is what Kyle Stone truly is and if that was not enough and boy oh boy is there more to this amazing performer.

Then you got to see this very normal guy get these girls of our dreams and then not only have his way with them but then stop and make you think, hey, perhaps I can do this with the girl down the block someday.

People like to cast doubt, but the truth of entertaining is that you are a psychologist to the masses. Some people only learn about space travel from fucking Star Wars, just like some only know about sex from adult films. Hey, truthfully, that is ok. Many people do. So, if you are the fan reading this, know that you are not some outcast, you are simply just like all of us. One thing you better do, is pay homage to a man that simply created something so real, it stayed with you forever.

That is what makes being this type of actor so difficult and when you watch a role of Kyle to this day, because yes, he is still acting and yes gentleman, he is still slaying the babes, because every performer who I call a dear friend, says he is simply a “ladies man” and some. He is that face of studliness that only his era can speak of. These two, they are the epitome of what a true entertainer is and they always will be. They were a core part of this celebration within the industry and one this is for sure, there may be two Mr. Stones but there is only one Kyle and boy, were we blessed to have him act in our side of the industry.


The Face of Lace, Longevity and Legend: Christy Canyon @ChristyCanyon11

Christy Canyon What can I say about the most iconic performer that has not already been said? Lots! Because what is the bare bones truth of Christy Canyon, there is a reason she is still in this business and apart of one of its biggest sides to this day. She used her brain in a world of boobs. Now that is a sweet irony if there ever was one. She is honestly the best actor this business has ever seen. She still wows us every day on Vivid Sirius XM Satellite Radio and does it with that same charm and spunk that had every fan jumping out a window five stories down, so they could dunk themselves in a pool because she got them so hot under the colar. This woman has seen it all and she will not hesitate to tell young talent exactly what the keys to success are if they listen. When her and Rebecca walked into the room, she made current legends in the making stand and quiver. She made their inner fan boy and fan girl come out in a flash and she did it with just a smile. After that, I did not feel so bad that I was a little shaky when I had first met her. Christy and all the legends, they are beginning these appearances at eXXXotica conventions all over the country, because honestly, the world will never forget them. It reminds me of a story when I first met Jillian Janson and she talked about trying to find good porn to watch before she was a porn star. We talked for hours about Christy Canyon and Nina Hartley and how we could not find anything good with today’s searches. So we turned to Christy's legendary films and performances and my goodness, what a sight she still is to this day. For the women who paved the way for all of us, you are all still as relevant as the day you got into this business. In today’s modern world of digital analytics and so much more, fans from your era, myself included, simply do not surf the chat rooms like the one here at XCritic, because they will find your films, be sent into heaven and not know you are still on twitter, still on the radio, still entertaining because modern technology is oblivious to them. The younger fans, they have never seen a promotion for you. So, when they come across Where the Boys Aren’t and they also do not know where you are either to give you praise. That is where I come in and XRCO. This industry is going places it never dreamed and it is thanks to all of you and when get to see where it is going, you damn well better know there is a spot reserved for you all, right next to the drivers seat. That I promise for this business could not have reached the heights it did without you and I think that as this digital age grows bigger and bigger, you will all find out that legends never die. 

Don Juan DeMarko

Photos Courtesy of Glenn Francis & Gordan at EMM Report

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