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"The Girlfriends Films House"

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The Girlfriends Films house…… a true modern staple of allure, fantasy, and mystery within the modern adult film industry. In the years that this business really began to create steam, change, and a sexual revolution, places like the Playboy Mansion and their clubs began to create this type of grandeur that men could only dream about. That was an exciting time in the world of adult. A time that I think people thought was gone foever.

The GFF House

That was a period when Axel Braun’s father was creating a unique type of cinema and the Mitchell brothers were laying down the bricks, for what modern adult cinema would become. As time went on, things changed, people changed like history always dictate they do and the industry evolved but some things stayed the same.

Ambriel Willow and the GFF House

Today’s adult world seems to lack the places of fantasy that Golden Era seemed to have in abundance. Or do we? As I began to think of what today’s modern porn fan lacks in terms of a place of pure fantasy, I thought who better to ask then the porn stars themselves. Two of the most splendid performers in the modern era are Mercedes Carrera and Mindi Mink. Women who have seen so much in their time within the industry and have shot scenes for many companies along their journey. Both of these ladies were willing to answer my inquiries, as to where the place to be is when shooting an adult film. Both ladies said within a heartbeat, "... at Dan’s house when shooting with Girlfriends Films."


Now, for those of you who do not know, Dan O’Connell is a man who with his partners, built Girlfriends Films much like he did his humble abode. By creating something from scratch that was all his and had nothing but love and passion behind each creation and each design. The girls had told me for many years, that this house was the spot to be. A place where a performer could go, to have great sex and make their own fantasies come to life within the dream world that they chase their desires and goals. I think it is no secret, some performers are in this business for the money alone and others are in it for the sheer passion of sexuality, lust and everything in between. In both cases, neither has a true folly, that is until it comes time to create an adult film. A person who loves sex is always a must for Dan and Girlfriends Films, for that is what Dan wished to always showcase to the fans of adult films. Showing in this business, that there are ways and people that will make any fan of this business, be proud to say that they watch porn. Before we get to that, let’s talk about what happens within the walls of this beautiful property in southern California.

The GFF House 

Now, almost every performer I have ever become friends with in this grand business of triple X has told me the same thing. “Dan’s scenes are ones that I look forward to more than anything.” That is what the amazing Mindi Mink and the stunning Jillian Janson both told me about Dan and how he likes to shoot a film. Now, what I can tell you about my amazing lady friends here fans, is that both women love to have sex. That is a give in.

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Ambriel Willow and the GFF House

It has been something that has been a part of their being since they were very young. Both my porn peeps also have a deep lust for women that is not faked one bit on camera when it comes to an adult scene. Mindi and Jillian are amazing. They love every facet of sex and how it empowers them in terms of fantasy within the human mind.

Confidence is gained and shared through sexuality with these women. I can routinely have a conversation with either and we can talk for hours about what we all love about that beautiful piece of living art known as women and our hyper-sexuality as people.

Jillian has told me that some of her favorite scenes were with Dan at his beautiful home, because she really got to have sex her way with the girl of her dreams. Mindi has also told me that when she was a contract star with the company, she stayed at the house and that every sex scene was shot in one long take, meaning to the non-industry folk, that the woman where told to simply have sex and enjoy it in ways that you would be making love at home.

Mindi has told me a few stories I can not share here because it is a bit too intimate, but let’s just say, the sex you see on film fans, it comes from this living aura within that house that allows girls to show up to set and relax with a glass of wine, in one of the many beautiful rooms within the property.

So, no matter if you bring along a playmate to warm you up before a scene, because honestly, Dan will ensure the performer's fantasy is created first, which can be very intimidating when you are asked, “who would you like to shoot with?” A performer's first instinct is that of panic and whose would not be, these are some of the most beautiful women in the world, all within the walls of this gorgeous property. That is everyone’s fantasy, including a porn star’s.

The GFF House 

The wonders of this house were all creations of the owner, playboy extraordinaire Dan O’Connell. He and his partner created this company and he built the house, out of a true passion for adult films. What I can tell you fans, is that you may wonder if the people behind the camera are loving everything they do. Oh, good lord, yes, they do. Dan and I, we spoke for hours and hours over the course of two days and spoke of everything from our favorite films to our favorite gentleman’s clubs. We talked about old scenes and new scenes. We spoke of visions we both had as to what would be our own ultimate creations within this industry. We even chimed in on a little bit of professional wrestling. Something that honestly showed where Dan's visions of creation originate from.

The GFF House

I think what a fan may be surprised to know, as well as the critics of our industry, is that two lovers of women sat down and talked about why we love women. Not how to con them, juke them, or take them for what they are worth. Oh no, if you think that about the way a production is made in this business, you have it all wrong. We spoke about the passions we have with the girls and how much joy we get out of filming these dazzling beauties and then watching them have fun. One story I simply can not stop thinking about is how Dan spoke in detail of our good friend Mindi Mink having steamy bathtub sex with Scarlet Red. A story that would get an audience member to simply fixate their concentration only on the storyteller. See, I do not think critics get that. We can talk about these types of scenes with the ladies we love, as friends and not have lust be the catalyst of the conversation or the hidden drive behind our passion. We all enjoy sex, beautiful woman and the joy both bring. As do the ladies. We both joked, “if Mindi were here, she would tell you just how much fun that was.” She would, I know this for a fact because I text messaged her right after and was asking about this mythical scene of fantasy. That is what the Girlfriends Films House is.


The property is breathtaking. Surrounded by hundred-year oak trees, tennis courts and swimming pools. As you roll up to the property, every photographer we came with, myself included, we said, we are walking into the “Lamoyne Hotel.” These were men who were veteran eyes of the adult industry, as well as a budding pron star, our very own Ambriel Willow and when you see such majesty, you simply can not do anything but stare in awe. The trees are so colorful and alive and the garage that houses one of the most iconic cars in adult film history stands before you as you get out, not knowing which door the front door is. Both days we were simply could not tell, that is how stunning and massive this house and property is.

Ambriel Willow and the GFF House

It gives you this feeling of true curiosity but not in any type of nervous way, no. You simply want to discover every square inch of this property and every single room was one that outdid the last. If that was even possible. One of my favorites was the master bedroom. A room that had a look over the pool and one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen in my life. It did indeed bring back fantasies from the present and past when it comes to Dan’s unique form of lesbian cinema. Dan will tell you more about the house’s history in one of the first tapped interviews allowed in the Girlfriends Films house that is due out very soon, where our spokes model asked Dan about this amazing mansion of pure fantasy. What we wanted to tell you in this story porn fans, is that even though it may seems like there is not a whole lot of glamour and fantasy in today’s porn world, we are here to tell you there is. This house is something iconic within the adult community. When you go from room to room and you see how Dan makes each one of them a living character within his films, you do get a little sense hyperactivity in the brain. Because yes, this is a house where many of the most dashing beauties in the world come to have sex and fulfill their fantasies. This is a spot where every porn star wished they could stay when they are touring through the sunny mountainsides of sunny California. This is a house that shows the adult world that fantasy is not dead, it is just getting started in this next evolution of sexuality and understanding of such passions and as we take you on a month-long tour through this house. We are going to show you, that there is so much left in this massive world of adult that is fantasy, allure and day dreams and it will be XCritic and Girlfriends Films who brings it to you. Stay tuned, because the lovely XCritic Spokes Model Ambriel Willow is going to be your guide through it all. This beauty is going to show you that there are still places that you can dream of going, where beautiful women await and that the dream that started with this industries creation is far from being dead.

The GFF House 

Photos Done by Chris King @ReelSeductions for XCritic.com




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