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Inside XRCO 2018

Part 3: "The Faces of Beauty"

This awards show, it is one that has such a wonderful history behind it. Few people know that models, not just adult models, they have a life where flying solo is a big part of who they must become. I think it would surprise fans so much to know that these dazzling beauties who make your fantasies come to life, they are some of the loneliest men and women in all the world. Now, pump your brakes. Before you start to drink society's Kool-Aid and assume that these men and women are lonely because they make your fantasies come alive in the form of a film, think again. No, what I think will shock fan and critic alike is that these men and women, they are some of the strongest, the sweetest, the most intelligent people on planet earth. They are people who face fear head on and do it for reasons that most would not believe. I have seen this with my own two eyes many times. Instances where I have been with the girls and we are hitting a club, a bar, a concert, a restaurant get together and men are deathly afraid to speak to them and I am talking about the ones who do not recognize them. Another instance many porn stars face is that they meet someone who falls in love with who they are and not what they are, and it becomes a problem when they learn what they are, that most times they get a beautiful woman to quit, or they steal them from their true passion in life. Yes, it is ok if your passion is love, sex, togetherness. That only makes you human. That is why XRCO was formed. See, so many times back in the day, performers found they had no place to celebrate Valentines Day. So, the powers that be, they decided, let’s create something where all these amazing souls have a place to be on a day when they would be feeling the loneliest of all. That is the lore and truth of XRCO. With that, I have to say in this closing article that there were so many beautiful faces that simply made this XRCO one of the best in many years.

- Don Juan

The Face of Pure Joy: Vicki Chase @VickiChase

Vicki Chase

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Vicki, Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. When she is not enjoying the life of her hometown city, she most always is spreading that cheer everywhere she goes. Truly, one of the most special performers this industry has seen in front of the camera and away from it. Vicki became a five-time winner of the most Orgasmic Oralist and what I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, no one deserved that more than Vicki Chase. She loves what she does, and she has since day one. If you are ever lucky enough to meet Vicki, you will never hear of ill praise to the business ever and this is a woman who I will blatantly say, has deserved performer of the year at least once in her career. That is how damn good she is at making a fantasy come alive on screen and once again, she has since day one. Here I am getting all worked up and what is so funny about that, if Vicki were here writing this with me, I could hear her telling me now, “oh, papa, don’t let it get to you.” This is a family woman who has always been a woman who takes care of everyone around her. She is a woman who stays humble as can be despite the fact I think she knows, she has earned such accolades that she has never received. Just like that Thursday night, Vicki arrived on the scene and instantly kept an amazing vibe going throughout the show. Here she was up in her booth, dancing, laughing, enjoying time with her girls and porn family. She never did not have enough time for anyone and that is something that is much her as her alter ego is. That is the true spirit of what this show was. She was the perfect description for it. Her dress was dazzling and her accessories and make-up to die for. You could tell she was excited to be there and getting to see my mamita win another trophy, it simply did to me, what it did to everyone there, jump up and bow to her for putting a smile of joy all over our faces. That is just what you call history in the making and it was so amazing to see it first hand with a buzz in the air known simply as, …. Vicki.


The Face of the Modern Era: Penny Pax @PennyPax

Penny Pax 

You would simply have to stop and take your ass into the men’s or ladies room and dunk your head in the toilet or sink to see if you were really dreaming after you were to meet Penny Pax and you found out just who it is behind the actor. A woman who can take on any role in the industry came in looking like Julie Newmar reborn she was that striking. That gorgeous red hair and her dazzling make-up, it was so much for the senses. Penny herself simply made her way around the event and made sure that everyone there got to have some time with her. Penny was simply always out and about and every time I ran into her, she was grabbing some bootie, giving someone a hug or telling a joke and making everyone just bust a gut with how she lights up a room with her warm personality. Penny will go down as this era’s most remembered star. I know that is a big prediction to make but seeing Penny this night, you saw that old school class and swagger that you see in women like Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeux, and Christy Canyon. It is something you see in her amazing stare and the way that she can speak about so many things. Penny is in a class all of her own. In the modern era, you are going to find that the amount of content produced will be something that creates die-hard fans for generations to come. Today’s performer puts out so many scenes compared to many eras before when you count in cam shows, independent scenes, and their production work. Penny Pax, even years after she retires, when a fan stumbles upon her work, they will be instantly hooked, and this woman has done it all from mainstream stuff on HBO, to some of the greatest interviews I have ever seen in the business. The woman is one of the greatest speakers this business has ever seen and her sex drive and passion for sexuality is equal to her amazing acting and performance skills. This woman has created every kind of scene there is and due to the volume of performers, it is easy to overlook such a wonderful talent in the business who is a glue as much as she is shining light of excellence for all those performers who dream of making their acting dreams come true. Penny is that proof that your dreams and more can come true with passion and drive. I sure hope this beauty does not retire anytime soon, for the truth of the matter is, Penny, she is going to get the respect she has already earned and when she does in trophy form. That will be a day t truly celebrate again.


The Face of Pure Wonder: Kira Noir @TheKiraNoir and Gina Valentina @GValentinaXXX

Kira Noir 

What can you say about a fucking supermodel who orders French fries and some grub at a massive fucking mixer and still looks sexy as hell eating those fries? Honestly, you can not really say anything, mainly all you do is stop and stare with your jaw hitting the floor because you are geeking out over the coolest sunglasses in the history of mankind. That is the wonder that is Kira Noir. Every person that she approached had open arms and was looking to just squeeze that beauty to death. She is one of the fresh faces of excellence and true blue righteous honesty that is beginning to take this industry by storm in the most positive ways possible. The way that her hair looked, the way that she picked out a very sexy and classy dress that made everyone stop and drool again, it made me see that Kira is honestly in a league of her own in so many ways.

Gina Valentina

Just like Gina Valentina, she does things her way and she loves to be a part of these productions, these photo shoots for every aspect of what goes into it. Gina showed up wearing the true blue, porn star outfit and I mean this in the best way possible.

This is the 2018 Penthouse Pet of the Year, so if she wanted to honestly show up in a frock, we would still be loving every second of it. Gina was creating such a buzz with that beautiful dress and her natural attire. She, like Kira, does things her own way.

She is always doing something that truthfully gives fans, especially her female ones, something to root for and discover within themselves because of how honest she is. That is what these two ladies represent, an era of honesty that you could feel that entire night at XRCO. It was a night filled with so much fun and positivity.

I think we all wished there was a way we could bottle that all up and take it with us after the event ended.

That is what the 2018 XRCO Awards will forever be. Like I talked about in the first part of this series, it is something that is signaling a change that will simply get bigger and bigger and become something no one expected to become so good.

Just like this show. Many thought the turn out was going to be low but honestly when you have such a spark that lives within the performers of this entire business. It is something that latches on to them and follows them where ever they go and becomes apart of everything they do and everything they see. That is truly what this evening was all about. Until next year “Triple X” fans.

Don Juan DeMarko

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