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Ryder Skye

"A Skye Full of Magic, Movies and Mainstream"

Many performers dream about being where this industry veteran has been. Our featured interview this go around will be with a woman who has been there, done that and is still as sweet as the day she entered the business. In the land of fantasy that is Los Angeles, we all know that boring cliché that says five hundred people show up daily, off the fucking turnip truck, all though these days it has modified into a hybrid pickup with loads of kale in its bed instead of the classic turnip. The “City of Angels” does always get that reputation for being a fierce beast, and it is, ask any performer in this business. This lovely lady who we are featuring today, not her though, she may have a different story to tell. Ryder Skye has been wowing audiences and couples for over a decade now and has the t-shirt that tells you where she has been. She has some mainstream acting gigs under her belt that can tell you she came and did what most think impossible. When meeting Ryder for this interview, she showed a class and charm that only comes in adult. We were chatting on the phone as she was getting ready for the AVN House Party 2018. A place that is a must for all starlets in the industry big and small. This is where you go to be seen. After getting to pick this beauties brain for a half hour all I could do is utter one sentence. Thank God she is in our industry!

Ryder Skye:

Twitter: @ryderskyexxx

Website: www.RyderSkye.com

Ryder Skye 

Don Juan DeMarko: Darlin’ I just had to say thank you so much for doing this on such short notice. You are a gem and some and I know you are getting ready to hit the town as we speak, so we will rock and roll.

Ryder Skye: Of course. Over the years, you learn to become skilled at multitasking, especially when you are on set. So, this is a piece of cake. (She laughs so deeply and high pitched, but not this squeaky or quirky high pitch. It is can only be described as exactly how you picture the girl of your dreams laughing and it threw me off almost every question she was just beyond adorable.)

Ryder Skye Don Juan DeMarko: So boring question first and I know you have told the story a million times, but I like to showcase these amazing stories for new readers and fans. Someone turns eighteen every day, three hundred and sixty-five correct? How did you get into this grand business of ours?

Ryder Skye: (She laughs that sexy laugh.) Of course, well it was a funny story. I had been working this really shitty job, well, it was not all that shitty, it was actually a pretty good job in marketing. I was making some really good money doing it too. The thing was Don, I just hated my job. I had also been dancing at nights, just for fun and to make a little extra money. It was from there that dancing led me into modeling. I think the funny part about all of this story, is that I did not think that I could do any of it. I was almost talking myself out of it. A close friend of mine just tells me, “come on.” (That sexy laugh again) … I said fuck it, I am going to try it.

So, one thing leads to another and I am going full fledge into this modeling thing. I am working with a photographer who tells me, “can you lose that top?” I was so comfortable doing this, even though I did not think I would be, so I figured that I like this so much, I might as well get paid for it. So, modeling gigs started coming in left and right and it was not long until after photo shoots, someone came along asking about video and if I would be interested in doing that. So, the exact same thing happened. We sit down, I say, “I do not think I can do this, getting naked on camera.” Then what do you know, my mid changes (that adorable sexy laugh again and I am trying so hard to keep my mouth shut so she can talk.)  ... and I say, “yeah, I can do this.” That is exactly how I got started. It was just something that progressed that very way.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is fucking dope girl. I love that you were a dancer before and I have to ask this because some of my best friends are dancers and I always like to ask this question to true performers, what is more nerve-wracking to you? Being on stage, dancing in front of a crowd? Or when you are on set, getting ready to shoot a scene?

Ryder Skye: Absolutely dancing live! I used to always have this big conversation with whoever was there with me before I went on stage in order to get rid of the butterflies and convince me that I was going to be able to do it, every time.

Ryder Skye Don Juan DeMarko: I find that so fascinating because I would always say the alternative. I always assumed that a performer was more nervous learning her lines, trying to become a character. That always made me nervous when I made a hopeless attempt to become an actor.

Ryder Skye: (The laugh gets short, lower toned and even sexier. I am trying not to sound like a desperate pervert here but Ryder, this laugh. It is something that is the definition of “girl next door.”

Don Juan DeMarko: … So, to get back to the fun stuff. I love a performer who has such a sex-positive message for her fans and her critics. The human psyche, the whole nine yards. I have gotten to work with Angela White before and you carry almost the same style message and I love that. You are a key part of this sex-positive movement that is gaining so much steam. Can I ask you? Where did all of that begin with you?

Ryder Skye: Well when I was in college. I was a part of this movement that was a gender haven. When it came to my own personality, I simply have always been myself. I have never tried to be a part of any other type of group. I simply could only be me. It was being able to be myself that helped me to grow these ideas and run with them. I had always had thee ideas of a sex-positive culture within me. Discovering this myself, it made me want to see other people get to experience what comes from this type of self-discovery. I have always had an idea that no one should ever conform to anything else than who they want to be. Sexuality, it is something that everyone has, why should everyone be ashamed of it? It is something that I would always say to myself, “you are not hurting anyone, so why shouldn’t I be who I am?”

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Ryder Skye

Don, that is what I find to be the best part of this industry. It is also one of the biggest reasons that I am so proud to be apart of it.

Everyone outside of the industry looks down upon us, so getting to be a part of this group of people we all work with, it is something that brings about a feeling of acceptance because we all share these open minds and similar beliefs but most important.

I think we all discovered who we are. You know what I mean?

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, I do darlin’ I know exactly what you mean, and this brings me to my next question for you. Being that you are a college graduate like myself.

Do you see yourself staying within the walls of the industry? When you are done shooting, when you are done creating all this magic. You think you are going to go into something like sex therapy, sex-positive media education?

 Ryder Skye: Well, I wanted to be a sex therapist. It is something that I have planned for. You know Don, being I this industry, I honestly learned so much about what it would take for me to get there and do what I have always wanted to do. There is so much that I have learned that goes into that dedication. There is a lot of work, there is a lot of study and theory. I would honestly say, I would like to, but I also have this goal to bring forth a mental health section of help to the industry. I do not know if you remember this place. When AIM was around, which for those who do not know, it was one of the testing centers. I would love to start a mental health sector like that for the adult industry to help performers the same way that AIM did back in the day in other areas of health. I think that the mental health part of things is just as important as the physical health section of things. I honestly think that there are so many girls who join the industry and they are simply not ready for what comes with diving in head first into entertainment like this. That is really what I would love to do. I know it would take so much for this to happen, but I think it is something that is worth the time and investment. That would be something so good for this industry.  

Ryder Skye 

Don Juan DeMarko: Madam, that is something that needs to be done. I am sorry for putting you on the spot with that one. I know performers are so busy especially one with your schedule and most gals tell me, “mother fucker, I do not know what I am going to be doing ten hours from now, let alone ten years.” (We share a laugh.) I love that you brought up AIM. I love Sharon and what I do miss in the information that was made available to performers when it comes to this industry that they provided them. I remember stories of the girls telling me that there were videos that you would watch while you were waiting to be tested. It was information so valuable, even James and I were talking about it when we were setting this interview up. I think we need that in the industry again. I think that people need that. One of my best friends in the business she wants to be a sex therapist like you did. I think you performers would be amazing at creating that I really do.

Ryder Skye Ryder Skye: I think that you are so right on many levels. See, I truly think that when the girls first get into this business and they find out what it takes to be successful at this level it takes it’s toll mentally on you and most are not ready for that. The girls get a big shock when they see how much it changes your life. I was lucky, when I got into this business I had been through so many levels before it that I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into. There are many factors that when you get into this business, they will hit at you hard and it will be non-stop. There are things that will affect you in a hurtful way and I knew that when I started in this business that I could not let it destroy me. When things get real I knew I had to be ready for it. I think that is what hurts a lot of girls who get into this business. I think most of them are not aware of the things that can happen to you that are bad. That is something that can affect your mind when you are doing something that you love doing and has been a goal of yours for a long time.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh yeah, I could not agree more. Because I think your sexuality unlocks so much about yourself and being in this business, it is something that most people never get us credit for in terms of how we care about each other. Something I believe with all my heart and all my soul is that this business can be a front-runner so being sex-positive and helping this world and country to more accepting of those around us in the community. It may sound cheesy, but I truly believe that. I think people like you and no booty kissing intended, I think you could really be a leader for something like this.

Ryder Skye Ryder Skye: Oh, you are so sweet to think me capable. That means a lot to me. Awwww.

Don Juan DeMarko: You are something sugar. Here I am being the reporter and wanting to know something I have always wanted to know since I first saw you act. So many girls in the business, they get into the business and they talk about, “I want to use this business to jump into the mainstream. You being a real actor and one of the best I have ever seen in this business. I am a big Dexter fan by the way. You being a woman who knows what it takes to be both. What would you say to the girl who says that she wants to use this business to jump into the mainstream?

Ryder Skye: I do not know if this is necessarily a path to going mainstream. I guess it can be. It depends on a lot of factors. There are many angles of this business that can hurt you and there are many that can help you. When I was cast for one of my first mainstream roles, I was cast because I was a porn star. I can think of a few times when I had gone on auditions and the fact that I did porn was something that had casting directors think twice. I can remember times where things worked out in my favor and other times when they did not. So, I guess it can go either way.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is a true statement. Because so many girls in this business, with the YouTube culture and all this instant fame, I think a lot of people entering the business do not realize that so much goes into just starting your craft, let alone perfecting it. To become even a decent actor takes so many hours of investment.

Ryder Skye: I forgot about that. It is so true what YouTube has created. Honestly, in today’s world, anybody can be a star with YouTube. That is the beauty of today’s entertainment world. It does not matter if anyone is hiring, you can do it yourself. It is all about ideas and where you can take them. Shit, it has been a while since I have been on YouTube. I need to get back into that action. (That sweet, sexy laugh again.)

Ryder Skye Don Juan DeMarko: Truthfully doll, I love how you speak a truth that I think few will about both sides of the coin. You got an editor who loves to watch these films not just for the acting but also for how well a performer creates their own brand. I love it when a performer masters that and that they can put themselves into different facades and they can become other people. Fans and critics of the industry do not know, that is part of the fantasy and that is what creation is at its core for the business. I do not think a lot of girls get that at their core. You must work hard at that.

Ryder Skye: Oh, it is a lot of work. Just something as simple as knowing how to make an angle look good with constant changing that is a lot of work and it is a huge part of performing in this business. Knowing what people want to see. Paying attention to those little things about yourself that takes a commitment to yourself. I will go even further, Don. So many don’t know but there is a part of that commitment that takes you to situations when the camera is not on. You have to be able to keep up your reputation, you have to be able to show many sides of yourself to many different types of people. Especially if you want to have a long life in porn. It is very hard sometimes, very hard. To be fair, it is something that you can teach yourself to handle. The more times you face it and you work hard to maintain yourself, it is something that can become a good challenge for yourself. (Sexy laughter again, I just could not keep myself contained any longer.)

Don Juan DeMarko: You have the most adorable laugh, Oh, my God, It is going to be stuck in my head forever now. I love it darlin’! Ok, just a couple more questions and I will let you go party. Now, to switch to some of your recent production work. I have been doing a lot of work on Gamma and Alan’s films. I think you just recently shot a scene for him with Jayden Cole and I love that he put together two, veteran, older women, because I hate that bullshit term MILF. (She laughs so soft and sweetly in the background.) I just love that he put two beautiful women together. The thing I wanted to ask you about being on Alan’s set was what was this production like, especially since you got to ravage Jayden Cole.

Ryder Skye Ryder Skye: Oh yes, that scene was very fun. Alan is always specific about what he wants. Which is kind of nice because you can just be set in motion.

It can be fun both ways when you show up to set and they just let you have at it. Getting to look at the script, you knew that you were there to create something with everything that you did. It was really cool. Jayden she is great.

Alan, he is great. It was one of the first times that I ever did scissoring. I can not believe that it was so many years after that I was experiencing this for the first time. I felt like I was new in so many ways. Jayden was awesome, she was a pro and knew exactly what she was doing. It was a lot of fun.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is kick ass. That says so much about your character. You know, when you get used to something, you tend to lose that spark and that jolt of wonder that you gain the first times you are doing it and discovering not just what you are capable of but how well you can manage fear in other situations. Those butterflies that you have in the beginning. Those new discoveries they make you remember those fun days of fear.

Ryder Skye: Yeah, Yeah. You know porn has always been that way for me. I always get nervous before my shoots and I always have. You have all these worries that are going on in your head. You are wondering, “is the director going to shoot me right?” There are so many things. I am just nervous by nature I just can’t help it. I have a lot of anxiety before a scene. I guess when I really sit down and think about it. I have never gotten used to shooting. It has never become, “just another day.” I am always excited about it. I still love it. I really do, I love my job. For me, I have never had that problem of missing butterflies. There is so much that you always discover, and I look forward to everything that is new with each shoot and each co-star.

Ryder Skye Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, I simply can not wait to meet you in person. The way that you see things in this life. It is so awesome. I have no doubt now why you have seen the success that you have. Part two to this question. Being that you are such a sex-positive woman mixed with this incredible actor. What type of scene do you prefer more? The scenes with long hours going into the morning? Or those amazing gonzo scenes that go right into the fun of the sexual encounter?

Ryder Skye: I really like those long shoots. There is so much that comes with being in that kind of set. Most of the time, your surrounded by all these people who have this artistic vision like you do. I really love an artsy shoot and that is what those sets are to me. I am an artist, so I do not mind being on set for long hours that go into the early morning hours.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wicked cool. I can so picture you on set, pulling that nineteen-hour day and just saying, “hey, I am all good. Just please bring me a sandwich as we wait to get this shot.”

Ryder Skye: You are not too far from the truth. I have had those days. There were a few instances but one that comes to mind right now is a film where I got there at about nine thirty in the morning and I did not shoot my sex scene till about one thirty in the morning. I was very tired, and we ended up getting through it. I told the director, “if we are going to do it, let's do it!” (Cute sexy laugh number one hundred it seems.)

 Ryder Skye

Don Juan DeMarko: So here is you on set. I can see you now. You finish up the sex and now you are doing the sex stills and your eyes are getting droopy. Then I can totally see you telling the crew. I am going to bed in between the stills just wake me up when you are ready to go. In closing, is there anything upcoming that the fans need to see that we simply can not miss?

Ryder Skye: Yes, I have a few things coming out but one of my most recent releases was a very hot scene I did with Filly Films and this gorgeous girl Casey. That is a very hot scene. I think the fans are really going to like that one.

Don Juan DeMarko: Madam, you are simply amazing. We got this thing hammered out in record time. We are badasses. Thank you so much for joining us now you get out there and party your ass off.

Ryder Skye: Thank you so much for having me and I sure will.

Don Juan DeMarko


 Stills Courtesy of: Galaxy Publicity @GalaxyPub & Jared Cleary @JaredJCleary

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