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Ambriel Willow's Thoughts on The Girlfriends Films House

Dan and His House Dan O'Connell and Ambriel Willow

By Ambriel Willow

When Don asked me to take this trip. I do not think that I can explain how I felt in just a few paragraphs. One thing I do want my fans to know is that I was as nervous as they would be getting to step into the Girlfriends Films house. To all my fans and XCritic faithful, I want you all to know I am a fan of their films just like you are. Don had given me a handful of films to get familiar with and you better believe that I did just that. Even before I became a model, I had always watched Girlfriends Films, so naturally, I was very nervous to meet the man that directed all these movies that my girlfriends and I had watched and gotten so horny as teenagers viewing. The scenes are so real. I do not think fans know how real their films are. Women do everything from rubbing their pussies together to tribbing and scissoring just like Dan displays with his camera.

As I entered this house, nothing can describe how I felt. I am a very spiritual woman and this house came alive and spoke to me as I stepped in the door and into each room. I could not believe that I was in this house. When Dan gave us a tour, he told us about how many hot encounters had taken place and it was as if he read my mind when he told me about Scarlet Red. I was a little embarrassed to tell him she was my favorite too and that the scene he spoke of was one that let’s just say, I had a lot of fun watching the girls play.

This was my first time interviewing someone and it is as scary as you would think it is. I mean this is a man, who now that I have become a model in the industry, I truly want to shoot in this house and get a chance to become a Girlfriends Films girl, so I was trying so hard to remember my questions, to make something fun for the fans to watch and I was sweating bullets the entire time. Dan simply made me feel so comfortable. Every time we had a little something go wrong he was right there to tell me that it happens every time and that I was a natural.

No words can express what that felt like. I was so deeply honored to be there and when we went around the house and I was getting naked and posing in every room, I once again felt butterflies. I was so nervous wondering who had been there before me and if they had felt the same way that I did. Every single room gave me butterflies because I could imagine myself having sex with one of my porn crushes in the business and I have a few of those.

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As we wrapped up our photo shoot and our interview I was walking on air and as we jumped onto the LA freeway and I got to smoke a cigar to ease my butterflies once more I honestly could not think straight. I was silent the whole trip back into town from this beautiful mountainside mansion and property. I think Don and the boys thought maybe I was tongue tied and I guess I was. There is no feeling that can describe what happens when you are a fan and you get to go to a place you have always dreamed of going to. I hope that I get to return very soon to show you fans another side of myself within the Girlfriends Films house because my time there, it is a memory that still grabs at me and tries to lure me in like the call of a siren. In the end, I just hope you all know that this was the hardest thing I have ever done, and I am so nervous having you all hear me interview for the first time. All I can say is I did it all for you and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.

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