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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Kelley Cabbana

"Tropical Thunder with a Touch of Triple X"

Kelley Cabbana

You know, few in this world can say that they have chased their dreams the way that they intended to. In most instances, we all must bend in order to find a way to get our foot in the door. Kelley Cabbana, she chose to do things her way and keep doing them even after fate stepped in and granted her every wish. This beautiful gem of the adult business has created one of the most unique websites and brands that some fans may not know exists. Well, dear readers, I am telling you that this blond bombshell may, in fact, be the best-kept secret in porn. This native Floridian she has done what few models have in this business. She is a woman who has been apart of some of the most dazzling shoots in the industry with Playboy among others. She is always looking to grow her brand and honestly, she does it all. Her cam shows are something that created a very large fan following and her means to please her fans has never stopped since that first light shined upon her. So, join us as we discover a bit more about this blond beauty as she sits down with XCritic to talk about her passions and much, much more.


XCritic: Tell us about who Kelly Cabbana is. How would you describe yourself?


Kelly Cabbana: Well, alter ego is outgoing and fun. I have always been told that when I enter a room all eyes are on me. I do love attention and I’m never shy. I love to meet new people and I am always open to a conversation. I love style and fashion it defines me and who I truly am. I have had random people come out and start a conversation with me and I love it.


XCritic: How did you get into the business?

Kelley Cabbana 

Kelly Cabbana: I started in mainstream modeling, where I was approached by Playboy TV to host a show called Foursome. This was my first nude experience on set in front of other people. I felt so confident and comfortable I knew this was for me, so I worked with a PR company and introduced the idea of my own website and cam industry. My fans just wanted to see more, and it really inspired me to give and do more just for them.


XCritic: What is the best part of your work?


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Kelley Cabbana: I think my cam shows where you can spend a one on one experience with me is where my work is best. I love to role play and act so when I cam, I get to play so many roles for my fans.


XCritic: What do you love the most about it?


Kelley Cabbana: It truly is a time where I connect with my fans and their fantasies. I love to be on cam because it allows them to have a connection they cannot get anywhere else.


XCritic: What do you believe has been the key to your success?


Kelley Cabbana: I think I have never given up on my dream. I have had ups and downs just like everyone else, but I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I was not going to stop. I believe just like anything you set out to do you have to be devoted and even if there is a failure, never give up on yourself. I would also inject, I am surrounded by my fans and a team of people that believe in me.

Kelley Cabbana XCritic: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?


Kelley Cabbana: I am a lot like I am online. My personality is really me. I love to shop and eat at sushi restaurants. I love to be with my friends and hang out all day at the pool. I always work out, it’s so important to take care of yourself, this is a must. I have a true interest in UFO documentaries and I love to binge on YouTube or Netflix. That’s me naked in my room on my bed binging for the day,


XCritic: If you never had to work again, money was no object, what would do with your time?


Kelley Cabbana: Believe it or not, I truly would still be a part of this business I love it and I love sex. I would not even think twice. This industry has been so fun, and I have met so many amazing people along the way.


XCritic: Congratulations for the nomination Live Cam Awards 2018: Best Live Cam Model Personal Site and AVN Favorite indie clip star 2018. How do you feel about it?


Kelley Cabbana: I am so honored to have these nominations. The industry is filled with amazing beautiful performers and to receive an acknowledgment is humbling and at the same time, I feel accomplished. If I never win the award, I feel the nomination alone solidifies my hard work and dedication. I’m truly grateful.


XCritic: When did you start your career as a cam model and why?


Kelley Cabbana: It was sometime in 2011 I started camming. I just loved it, once I did it I was hooked. I just knew camming would be the way to interact and grow my fan base. It just made sense to be a part of it.

Kelley Cabbana 

XCritic: Can you please share something people don’t know about you. Do you have any hidden talents? 


Kelley Cabbana: I can’t cook very well I consider myself the sloppy chef. I am a hot mess in the kitchen. But I have decided to learn more and more about cooking. My fans are awesome, they send me recipes and pics of their food. I find it fun and challenging at the same time.


Follow me, Kelley Cabbana:



You might get to see a few naughty sloppy chef photos of me.


Fans, make sure you check out her one of a kind website where you will see some of the most dashing pictures like the ones provided by Kelley and the amazing folks at Star Factory PR There is everything from tales of the industry to some of the most alluring videos you can find on the internet. So make sure you take a visit to:



While you are there, I think it is only fitting that when in Rome, you choose to see all of the sights and sounds that make it the place that it is. Kelley here, she is honestly one who cherishes the simple things with her fans and nothing is better than getting to whisper sweet somethings into the ear of your dream girl, so visit her on Sex Panther at: SexPanther.com/KelleyCabbana you will be treated to something that truly makes this beauty and a true diamond in rough.

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