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XCritic Interview: Syren De Mer

Part 1: "The Call of the Wild"

Syren De Mer, no matter how you say her name, there is one designation you must call her, legend. Now, some like to believe that is an insult in terms of age. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to my admiration for Syren. See, what this beauty has done, is forever change the way we see older women and what they bring to the equation of “fantasy.” Syren started in this business as an independent woman, already knowing the ropes to a certain extent of what was at the core of this industry and lifestyle. If you were ever lucky enough to travel in the right circle, who knows of the possibilities and fun you would have had running into Syren at a swinger’s club or something that has “erotica” as it’s basis of connection once upon a time. One thing that fans know to a certain extent, is that Syren is loved by one and all in this business. At times, even the most kind of souls will break down and speak of something that does not please them with a performer. Not with Syren. In all my years of doing this, I have never seen anyone’s face do anything but light up with a smile at just the mention of her name. She is a woman who knows not the “ins and outs” of sex, well, yes, she does but she is a student at an even deeper level to the ways of flesh, emotion and pleasure. So many people had told me that I needed to meet Syren because we both shared a very similar way of enjoying and learning about BDSM. I myself am a rather “tame” person in my own eyes as to were limits the flesh can take the mind to. I see things more mentally when it comes to fetish and as I learned in this interview, so does Syren. Be prepared to meet Syren on a level that I hope will be as unique an experience for you as it was for me.

Syren De Mer


Don Juan DeMarko: We always love to start off the XCritic interviews with the most boring question that I know you have answered one hundred times before. How did you get into the adult world of entertainment?


Syren De Mer: How I got started. Well, my husband and I had been involved in the swinging lifestyle along with the BDSM lifestyle and way back in the day we had a couple different groups that we were both apart of. One was BDSM, one was swinging, hence more gang bangs than anything else. So, we would host about one gangbang a month for me. Then we would take some pictures and post them up. So, we had been doing that for quite a while and then one day, my husband comes home, and he tells me “I saw in a magazine they are looking for "girl next door" types, everyday women to be in a magazine spread. Would you want to do it?” I'm like, “well sure.” Because I had had a history of mainstream modeling when I was younger, I had done print and run way. I said to myself “well that would actually be kinda fun.” I thought perhaps maybe I could get back into modeling. So, we hired a photographer got professional pictures taken and send them off. Needless to say, nothing happened when we send those pictures off. But for us that is kind of what got the ball rolling. 

Syren De Mer 

It was in and around that time, we were having more parties, we were posting more pictures on our groups. It was from there, that we decided to open a website to get me back into mainstream modeling. My husband was an IT guy, he knew exactly what he was doing in that area, so he built me a website and right about that time frame, I had Seymore Butts contact me. He told me that he had come across me and he loved my look, he loved what he saw, and he was wondering if I would like to join his agency and get into porn? My husband and I kind of look at each other and we went “huh?” What is going through my mind “I am already having sex all the time, you mean I will get more sex and I will get paid for it?” Fuck yeah! So, I told him yes and six months later I signed with Lighthouse, his agency and that was twelve years ago.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is an amazing story. You know what I was just going to say? You were a mainstream model, so no wonder you and Mercedes get along so well. That speaks volumes About you. I am the lame ass, the historian of the industry. Well, at least I am trying to be. I tell so many girls this who are trying to get into the business and use it to catapult themselves and go to the other side of modeling. I tell them, “you think that this business is hard wait to you see the mainstream side of things.”


Syren De Mer: Uh huh, yes. I did not go big in terms of my mainstream modeling, I did more local. Also, I have a degree in commercial photography. So, When I was in school, being in that whole genr,. I was behind the camera and that gave me a lot of opportunities to be in front of the camera. So, that was all in my twenties when I was doing all of that, I enjoyed that, how could you not? It is nit picky, but it is still fun.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, you know one of the little things that I do, you and I have a lot in common in terms of the way that we advertise things within the business about ourselves. I do not like to always advertise everything that is going on, or has gone on within my life in the business. It can attract people who simply do not have their head on straight. One of the things that I do, is a lot of coordination and in production shoots for magazines. I love that artsy side of the business, I always have. Have you ever been a part of a project like that in those terms? Is there such a thing as an "art erotica" piece that has been done by Syren De Mer? If there is, I would love to see that.

Syren De Mer 

Syren De Mer: I don't think so. There is not a lot that I think that has been fully published. At least nationwide. Like I said, most of my modeling was done it was all local stuff in my little corner of Washington.


Don Juan DeMarko: You know I kid you not, You, have given me so many ideas. I am working for a magazine right now and we are looking to launch bigger and bigger within the industry. We are working with some people, with a pretty known well company and here is my dream. I would love to have Syren, the woman who is coordinating tho shoot and supplying the magazine with all her erotic art and ideas with her photography. I think it would be amazing to see you behind the camera and create your own unique piece to show to the world. Oh my God, that would be a dream come true.


Syren De Mer: I would be a little rusty I have been in front of the camera for a very long time. (We both share a laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: No, that says that you have a true passion for this. I love that, because I am and artsy-fartsy guy, I love the fact that you are a trained professional. I love women, I love nudity and I love the combination that both create with artistic photography.


Syren De Mer:I have always been more artistic. I mean growing up, I remember drawing, writing poems, and always just having the mindset with everything that I look at is beautiful. The human body is stunning. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is art. Honestly Don, it is like Greek art, Roman art, all of that, God I just love that. I love the statues; the group paintings and I have always just had that type of personality. Very, very right brained. We will even go on to the adult side of things, the difference between Playboy and Penthouse. Which way do you think that I went?


Don Juan DeMarko: Honestly, before learning this about you I would have guessed that you would have gone with the Penthouse side of things.


Syren De Mer: Really? Playboy I am a total Playboy gal.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: Really? So, we're talking, you love the glamour shoots with seventy lights in it, to just bring out one shot? That would have been you with the glamour? I would have never guessed that before us talking like this.


Syren De Mer: I loved it. I loved the glamorous, beautiful pictures that were in the pages of that magazine. I was not interested in the spreads, the “pink.” I liked the artistic side that Playboy gave its readers.


Don Juan DeMarko: For me, the way that I developed a passion for this businesses. My old man was a mechanic and the first naked woman that I saw, was a miss July 1985 centerfold. It was underneath his tool box lid and truthfully, it wasn't just the fact that this woman was naked that intrigued me. It was the artistic creation of the spread. It was her hair, her nails, her skin, the lighting that made her skin glow it was just awwwww.

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Syren De Mer 

Syren De Mer: Yes, yes, I know just what you mean.


Don Juan DeMarko: There is nothing that compares to that these days I hate to say. I never get to see that beauty anymore. I really miss that I do.


Syren De Mer: Even just the curves of the body, how the light just follows that curve. It is just something that has always caught my eye. Truthfully, I was never into seeing the girls with their legs spread, or spreading their Pussy lips, no, nope, it was never for me. That is not what turned me on. Even back as a teenager, finding my dad's Playboys, I can say in hindsight, that was the beginning of my attraction to women. I did not realize it, but yeah that is how it went.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing! We have so much in common that is the common beauty, ….


Syren De Mer: You are attracted to women too! (We both start laughing.)


Don Juan DeMarko: … right that common place of our discovery of sexuality is too cool. It was that artsy side that gave me the appreciation for women. You are going to love this, the way that I picked up my girl, I was doing something for her for another company and I wrote her a poem, that is how I got her.


Syren De Mer: Awwwwwww, see the world needs romance. You know I am a total romantic type girl. I am a very girly girl. You can ask my girlfriend, she is the first one to ever say “you are the girliest girl, I have ever come across.”

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: That beauty that comes across in your role, I have seen it, you Madam are a very good actress. I love that about you.


Syren De Mer: Thank you.


Don Juan DeMarko: I am the guy in the business, I kid you not, when you are paid to review films and become a critic, after the second year for me, I discovered a passion for the art side of things. If you have gotten to read the one review I have done of yours recently, I love what is called “the reveal.” It is a classic burlesque term from the early 20th century. It described a model removing her clothes in the art to seduction without nudity.


Syren De Mer: One does not have to be naked to be sexy. You have to leave something to the imagination, especially with men. Never put it all out there, you have to leave something hidden. To me that is such a stronger appeal then slutty.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: It is so true. Getting into one of the questions about your productions and that standpoint, oh before I forget, I have been saying your name wrong for I don't know how many years. I was also saying Deauxma’s name wrong for many years.


Syren De Mer: DEAUXMA! DEAUXMA! You kind of look at it and go, huh? (We both share a laugh again.)


Don Juan DeMarko: I was always saying (Suh-rinn) when I would say your name in the past. You hardly ever get to see films, especially five or six years ago, where the models name is being said correctly. So I was always saying your name incorrectly forgive me Madam.


Syren De Mer: My name actually does change the further East that you go. I pronounce it like you have been saying it “Sigh-rinn” And pretty much everybody on the West coast give or take says it that way as well. As you work your way to the East Coast, it fluctuates and starts to change to were those people in New York, Washington DC they all call me (Suh-Reen.)


Don Juan DeMarko: That makes total sense being that I am a Bronx boy from New York.


Syren De Mer: ….. then if you go farther east, Into Europe, then it is (Sehh-Renn) Or there is a couple other variations the pending on the style of Italian or I should I say the accent.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it, now I don't feel so bad.


Syren De Mer: That is ok, I have heard them all.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: OK, now we get to get into the fun questions. I had been thinking of our encounter on Twitter where we spoke of cars and our passion for them. So that is where this question drives from. I was with Dan O'Connell a couple months ago and we were doing a shoot with a model who was working with XCritic and we were in his garage and right when we were, ……


Syren De Mer: Wait, I must tell you this. I was at his house the night before. See, Dan and I are buddies and we are close friends and I just adore that man. He told me, and he was very excited about the interview, about his house, he was telling me about how “Don Juan DeMarko is coming” to do an interview with him, he still has this mentality and this humbleness that he is still a nobody and isn't that just a hoot? 

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love that man! Oh, what a trip it was to meet him. Now you are going to laugh your ass off at this one. I had brought one of my girls and Oh my goodness is she gorgeous, she was actually a runway model, I stole her from that industry and brought her to this one. So, in the background they're doing these bikini shoots and she is in the fountain splashing in playing, having fun in the pool and then here is Dan and I, drinking water, underneath an umbrella, talking about “rasslin.”


Syren De Mer: Or cars, did he show you his cars?


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, he did!


Syren De Mer: The black Ford, did he show you that one?


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, he did more than that. He actually started it up, revved it up. I told him “what are you trying to do to me Dan I may never want to leave this place if you continue this.” (We both start laughing hysterically.)


Syren De Mer: Yes! Yes! The road queen and oh my goodness lovely car collection.


Don Juan DeMarko: You are walking right into my question now. I really wanted to ask you after Dan had told me what goes into filming The Road Queen. I love that the award that you got is in a scene from that film. I don't think a lot of fans know that you were in many of those films almost from start to finish. Did you ever go on the road with them when they were filming any of those movies?


Syren De Mer: No. Many scenes I took part in and were, you know, with that car but I never did any of the actual road trips that they did.


Don Juan DeMarko: Aww, my imagination had been running wild, being that you are a car person.


Syren De Mer: Hey, he is thinking about selling it.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh no, you should not have told me that. Now I have an excuse to pester and bug him some more.


Syren De Mer: I do not know if he is truly serious about getting rid of it, but he has mentioned it to me a couple of times about selling it.


Don Juan DeMarko: I think it is just like you said, Dan when I met him, he was trying to almost pass himself off as this novice, or this amateur. I told him that his films were just so wonderful, the girls every single one that I have met they enjoy shooting with him and shooting at his house, More so than almost anywhere else in the industry. He is simply a staple of the industry. He is one of the good cornerstones of it.


Syren De Mer: I actually give him all the credit to my acting ability. I really must always thank him in so many ways. Truly Don, he played a very big part in furthering and saving my career A long time ago.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is so beautiful Syren.


Syren De Mer: He shot me all the time when I had a poor agent and after a few other dealings but that is another story for another time. I had actually been with a new agent whose heart just wasn’t in it and I basically just ended up using his website to park my pictures. I was doing a lot of work on my own. I had met Dan through a mutual friend and we just hit it off. He booked me all the time and the way that he does his shoots and his scripts, they are not word for word, actual scripts it is adlibbed but when you adlib, I think it gives you stronger feel than just reading words off of page. You get into the characters that you play. Every acting ability that I have, is all due to Girlfriends Films and all the scenes that I have done for that company. Even to this day, I am extremely honored that I was one of the few. I think that I was one of four girls that he took up on stage when her got his Man of the Year award.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: You know, his eyes still light up when one talks about that award and rightfully so. He has done so much for this industry and the girls within it. He deserves twenty of those awards.


Syren De Mer: One of my favorite pictures of us was from that night and it just brings about many happy thoughts and makes me think of him so much.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my goodness, that is so wonderful. Well, he and I since meeting, we have become pen pals and I look forward to writing him all the time and hearing back from him.


Syren De Mer: Oh, how I love that beautiful, twisted mind of his. (We both begin to share a long laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my goodness, yes, I do as well. I mean when he and I where talking about film creation, he spoke about his love of wrestling. The good guys, the bad guys. We spoke about that story and he and I both laughed about the fact that when we both create something, it has this background of professional wrestling in it with the good guys and the bad guys. I told him that I love the fact that these films of his and some of my art, has all been created from memories of a bunch of sweaty men rolling around on a mat together. (We bust out in a long laugh.)


Syren De Mer: Well, where do you think BDSM came from?


Don Juan DeMarko: (Tearing up a bit from laughing so much.) You are just a gem darling. You know, one of the things I was going to tap into was, especially with your passion for the fetish lifestyle was the cars. I simply had to ask this question. When we spoke about cars, it made me think so much about Ashley Renee and her passion for cars. She is a big gear head. I would love to know, where did you develop this passion for modern machinery.


Syren De Mer: My Dad.


Don Juan DeMarko: Was he kind of like my Dad, this big car enthusiast who just got you hooked instantly when you were younger?

Syren De Mer 

Syren De Mer: Well, kind of. There would be occasions where I would tell him, “oh, God, Dad!!!” He would take me to air shows. He loved jets, planes. He would go to a few car shows but most of my memories of “shows” were of being taken to air shows. Every time that the Blue Angels came in, or anything that had something that flew, we would go. I remember those types of shows the most. What sticks with me more than anything about cars with my Dad, was that even to this day, he still owns his first two vehicles. He has his 55’ Chevy pickup and he has his 55’ Chevy Belaire. He was never quote, an “enthusiast” but he is very meticulous, he is very anal, very clean, very organized. Even his pick-up truck, which was his everyday vehicle that he would head up everyday into the mountains with to cut fire wood and throw it into the back of the truck that was the only things a little bit messy at times. Everything else about that truck was kept clean and straight. He was not a mechanic but was a mechanic. I mean he knew everything in and out about the engine.

Syren De Mer 

The his 55’ his Belaire was his baby and he kept everything just clean, original, beautiful. Of course, time took its toll on the car and that is when my Dad did start to and I do not even want to say modify, but he did. He changed the car a bit. He painted it a silver instead of the Chevy blue. He changed the dash, he kept somethings original.

He changed out the interior and he did almost all the work himself. He did the paint job, he did the dash. The only part of that car that he did not refurbish was the seats, the interior, the carpeting. So, I would say that I get that love, that appreciation, not necessarily the whole enthusiast from him.

That actually did not happen until my newest car. But I had many instances where I just said, “yeah, it is just a car.” I just need something to get me from point A to point B. No, my love for the Camero, that had always been there or even just muscle cars I should say. I remember,

I was turning sixteen and my Dad tells me, “well, you are turning sixteen, what kind of car would you like? What would you like to have if we buy you one?” I just looked right at him and I said, “a Nova!” He kind of looked at me and he said, “…really?!?” So, my Dad made sure that my first car was a 1974 Copper Nova. I got that and had it for a short time, the transmission on it was failing, it was slipping through the gears. So that did not last me very long. It was then that I got into a 76’ Camero. Oh, how I remember that car. That one was in the normal Chevy Blue. It was a six cylinder but shit, when I got that car, it was already fourteen years old, it was the early nineties that I had it and I just loved that car.

Syren De Mer 

After that I got into a Centra actually, then I went back to the Camero, yes, another blue. See, the blue, that is definitely my Dad in me. It was all because of that pick-up of his. Both of his 55’s were blue, and it is something that became apart of me. I think about that now and how cool is it that my first two Cameros were blue as well. Every other car was red except for my current one.


Don Juan DeMarko: So, he laid the ground work for a lot of things, didn’t he?


Syren De Mer: He did, he did. So, after I went over from the Centra, I had an 89’ Camero. That one was also a six cylinder. I had one more after that, then had to change some things up due to my career and personal growth within my life but I never, ever, ever, ever got a minivan! (We both laugh our asses off for almost thirty seconds.) … I still stayed somewhat sporty you know, I got a Grand AM. It was a four door of course. After some years past by I had got that itch to get something going again. By that time the Grand AM was getting old and the timing of it all, Transformers had just come out. The movie came out on my birthday and I was by myself, in LA, so I decided to go to the movies and I watched Transformers. I am a big Transformers fan from growing up, so when I saw those bright lights that said TRANSFORMERS! Oh yeah, that did it for me and of course that was their reveal of the new Camero! I was actually able to hold off for a whole year before I bought one. I bought an LT a brand new, 2011, a six cylinder. If I were to get an eight cylinder I would just get pulled over left and right. I had that beauty for two years, then I had an opportunity land in my lap. There was a specific buyer that wanted my car, like literally, my car. I said, “huh, all right?!” I told my salesman, this buyer, “he is going to do everything that I want with MY car, or you are not getting my car!” I loved my car, it was so beautiful. It was an option color, Red Jewel, oh it was beautiful. I loved my car. I had done a lot to it. I put a sun roof in it. It was a six-speed, I loved it! I really did not want to trade it. So, I started laying down the groundwork and I came across my 2013. I said you are going to drive the car up where you are at, you are going to give me zero down, you are going to keep me at the same payment, even though the upgrade was like ten to fifteen thousand dollars more. I told him, “you are going to do all of this for me and if you don’t! Bye-bye!” Let’s just say, I got the car I wanted. It is my 2013 and my very first V8!.......

Don Juan DeMarko 

…… and with that, we conclude part one dear readers. Now, I know what you are saying but trust me, we have not eve begun to scratch the surface of what and who this beautiful human being really is. Syren and I began to talk of cars in more detail. I spoke to her about my Dad and the way that he changed my life and how her Dad was something beyond just the man who influenced her choice of cars in the best of ways. Syren and I began to talk about sexuality in part two and about the things we have seen in the business and were we think things can go. The only thing I can tell you that will make you tune in for part two, is that by the end of our conversation, we had been in the middle of a heat wave and I lost power at my houes, as we were ending our interview and just talking about life and romance. She had me in tears when we were speaking about self-discovery and how BDSM played a part in the way that we both learned how to see life differently, once again in a way that is good, positive and beautiful. That is who Syren is to me now. I went into this interview just as a writer, a reporter and media person. When everything was said and done. I gained a friend and honestly, someone to look up to in terms of how she lived her life with happiness and grandeur, never forgetting who she is and where she is going. Trust me #TripleX fans, part two is going to blow your mind.


Until then, be sure to follow Syren here:

Twitter: @SyrenDeMerXXX

Facebook: Syren De Mer

DreamLover: DreamLover.com/SyrendeMer

OnlyFans: OnlyFans.com/SyrenDeMerXXX


Special Thanks to EvilAngel.com and Girlfriends Films for providing stills.


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