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Sam Shock: The Newest Porn Stud

Sam Shock: The Newest Stud in Porn




 In the World of Porn, Male talents are very seldom noticed by the media and very rarely get noticed or given credit for the work they have done with the ladies in any or all of the scenes. With some of the new guys that are doing porn they are starting off doing Cam work which many are saying that it’s now the “New Wave of Porn”.

One such new name in Porn is Sam Shock; Sam started to do Cam modeling a few years ago before entering into the Porn Industry. His first scene was on April 27th, 2018 and can be seen on Chaturbate.com. The majority of his clips can be purchased through  www.samperfectbody.manyvids.com.

Sam is all over the social media circuits promoting himself but from what I see the most you will see of him will be on his own dedicated site. Sam plans to add an advice section on dating and on fitness and his fans can purchase his clips directly. Sam currently holds two degrees, BS in Software Engineering and an MBA. Sam is already in the process of making his own website which should be up and running by September 16th, 2018 until then there is a waiting list for it, www.samshocks.com.

When Sam isn’t in front of the Cam or on set, you can find him in the gym or at a yoga class. I had the pleasure of getting to know him through his twitter feed @samperfectbody and on Snapchat Sam Shock.

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We at XCritic always enjoy showcasing both sides of the spectrum in the Adult Industry and show our total appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making great porn. I want to Thank Sam for taking time from his schedule to answer our questions for this XCritic interview.

1-How old are you..If you don’t mind me asking?

I'm 30 but I don't like disclosing my age.

2-Why is that..You look great?

I guess I’m used to keeping all details about myself to myself from camming and that is just one of them.

3-How much time do you spend at the Gym?

I'm at the gym 3 hours a day. I do an hour of yoga that's 1 of the 3 hours at the gym . You might be surprised how many male talents do yoga. In porn it greatly helps to be flexible, able to hold awkward positions for long periods of time, and stay relaxed and focused. Any anxiety or loss of focus can kill your boner. We don't just show up and fuck we train physically and mentally too 😊

4- How does filming porn differ from you being on cam?

 It's definitely more stressful. On cam everything is more laid back and fun. Shooting porn you have a whole production that costs thousands of dollars and its up to you to perform well. I definitely prefer the more laid-back aspect of camming, but I also like the challenge that porn creates and how it is always pushing me to be and get better. I've learned a lot of new things and I've done things I never thought I'd be able to do.

5- Do you feel that doing cam brings you closer to your fans?

Definitely. I haven't been able to cam much and even though it seems like my fan base is still growing without the camming, I don't feel close to them. They're more like passive fans instead of active fans. It makes sense though because if you talk with someone live for hours you’re going to have more of a connection than just watching them in videos.

6-Do you have a large following?

 I don't have a large following yet, but I also haven't made any big pushes to grow my following yet, but I will be soon. I've mainly been doing a bunch of pro porn shoots recently so I haven't had a chance to work on getting my name out there and growing my brand and shoots take a few months to be released so I haven't gotten any followers from those yet either.

7- What made you decide to do porn?

I guess mainly to network and build my brand. I was fired from my job so I decided to go all in with camming/content creation, and then it was only one step further to do pro porn.

8- It is being said that “camming” is the “New Porn”, Do you believe that to be correct?

 Yes. Camming may not be as "big" as porn right now, but I believe it is going to be. Porn is still going to be huge but the balance is shifting toward content creation done by porn stars and cammers rather than big studios. And a lot of times it’s easier to sell to customers who know you on a personal basis through camming and social media because they want to support you as a person rather than just buying from a company.

9- How does the content you do on cam differ from all the other guys’ camming?

There are very few guys camming that do shows with girls. And I'm one of the only ones bringing in a new girl (or two) every time. So they get a very unique full sex show every time. I also have a very high quality set up. Great sound, great HD camera and lighting. Also there aren't many guys as muscular as me who also have a huge cock lol.

10- Do you believe that the key to a successful website is the “Right Marketing”?

Absolutely. Content will always be number one but marketing is a close second. Obviously without good content marketing can be very difficult, but the winners are always the best marketers not the best content. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game. If you get your content in front of 100,000 people and 1% like it enough to buy, that's 1,000 people. If you only get it in front of 10,000 even at double that rate of 2% you only have 200 people. Marketing will always be the key to any financial endeavor.

11- Beside being at the gym, what else do you do throughout the day?

I edit videos and I work on my website. I also do yoga. For fun, I usually spend time with friends, but mainly for fun, I consider my job to be fun haha. I mean in a way it is most guys' dream to be fucking hot girls all the time, I just happen to also get paid for it :)

12- How is your website coming along?

It’s coming along fine. Actually creating the website isn't too difficult. Everything I'm doing has been done before, I'm just perfecting it. What's going to be much more difficult is selling the website. Creating promotional material and finding customers is going to be the difficult part. I've already started that process but I need to put it into high gear so I have a good launch on the 16th  of September 2018.

13- What is the one thing about you that doesn’t come across when you are camming?

For the most part, there isn't anything. I'm pretty much just myself on cam. I guess one thing is that people probably don't think of me as an intellectual at first. They see me as just a meat head because of my appearance.

14- You have a BS in Software Engineering and an MBA, what was it that inspired your decision to start doing web camming?

 My ex-girlfriend was a webcam model and I wanted to cam with her. I didn't do it for financial reasons for a few years but eventually, I saw that it would be the easiest way to make money so I decided to go all in and focus on it rather than just getting on every now and then for fun.

15- In the bio you sent me, You stated that you like to “create real content”. In your own opinion, what do you consider that to be?

Like I was saying with the difference between porn and camming, in porn you just met the girl and then they give you a scenario and you play it out. There often isn't much enjoyment for either party. I prefer to make content where both people are just doing it for the enjoyment of it rather then for the camera. I want to record sex not record a scene of people having sex.

16- You have been doing porn for a little over three months, what are your honest opinions about condom use on set?

I've heard that some guys have a harder time getting hard and staying hard with condoms. I've never had that problem, but I could see that being a good reason to not want to use them. Also fans prefer to watch sex without condoms. I had one video where I had a condom and someone asked for their money back because they didn't know I was going to have a condom on. With the PASS system in place, I don't see a need for condom use. Everyone I know in the industry is very professional and careful and they don't have sex with people who are untested. Those in the industry are far less likely to have an STD than the general population.

17-What are your future goals in the Industry?

To make lots of money. Haha. But seriously, I have many goals such as winning awards, but in the end, it all comes down to making people happy. I want to make my coworkers happy by being able to pay them what they deserve which is far more than they're making now, and I want to make customers happy by creating the best content I can for them.

18- Do you agree that when paired up with one of the ladies on set, there must always be that chemistry to bring out the best of the other?

Yes absolutely. That's what separates great porn from good porn. You can see it sometimes where the same two people will work together multiple times, but the more times they work together the better the scene is because they have built chemistry. That's not to say that some porn can be really good without chemistry. I've been surprised how people like some of my stuff even though I didn't have chemistry with the person, but to get the BEST the chemistry has to be there.

19- On July 28th, You posted on your Twitter feed that you were doing your first anal scene with Stella Rae on Chaturbate. As a guy how different is it than vaginal sex?

 That's actually a funny story because it ended up not happening. I guess she wasn't aware of my thickness and wasn't able to take it that day, but we tried . One difference is with anal you can go deeper.With vaginal sex the vaginal is only so long so you often can't fit the whole length, but anal sex that doesn't seem to be an issue. But also in a way I consider that a bad thing because I like the feeling of bottoming out. Out of the two I would say I prefer vaginal sex, but anal sex has a certain taboo appeal to it that I like. Some guys like it because the asshole is often tighter, but I've never had an issue with a girl not being tight enough.

20-Why did your snapchat get banned?

I started getting warnings when I had nudity on my snapchat so I created a private snapchat so that people wouldn't report me, but I accidentally posted one of my nude snaps to my public snap instead of my private so they banned it.

21-What was the strangest thing you have sold on your online store?

I don't focus too much on my store. Probably just because of laziness. I hate going to the UPS store haha. The strangest thing is underwear that I had cum on. I took a video of me cumming on it and sent it to the guy and then sent the underwear in a Ziploc bag. I sell that on my store for $150

22- Are you naturally a very sexual person?

Absolutely! That's one of the reasons I started doing porn. I realized that pretty much all my free time would end up sex-related instead of productive work. So eventually I realized that was my passion. They say if you make money from doing what you love you'll never have to work a day in your life, so I made my hobby my profession.

23-Would you say that the majority of your viewers are more females?

No I don't have many female viewers or followers. If I had to guess its about 10%. And it used to be much less than that. Females are a very difficult market when it comes to porn. I don't know what the reason is, but for the most part girls don't watch porn, and when they do they tend to watch and support other girls. From what I can tell I'm getting more girls than I used to, and I hope that continues. I don't focus on making content for just guys, most of my stuff I would consider to be more universally appealing, and I have plans to make content that is more focused toward a female audience in the future.

Thank You, Sam, for your time and I wish you all the best with your website and your  Camming. I  hope to see you at one of the many eXXXotica's in the future!

Good Luck Sam from all of Us here at XCritic!


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