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Film Spotlight Interview: Kleio Valentien

Squirtwoman: Wasteland

The age of lengthy, lovely and exquisite adult cinema may be finally returning to the shores of the porn world. Elegant Angel over the last three years has really put a great emphasis on creating films that have as much backbone and story as it does curves and sex appeal. Kleio Valentien is the lucky performer who is getting to be the actor extraordinaire who is going to be the woman who gets to be a part of these unique types of in-depth tributes to original Elegant Angel concepts. We had to be able to bring you something that no other media company has in the adult world and we decided who better to bring to you that the star herself of this amazing Dreadneck homage: Squirtwoman: Wasteland. This project is something that offers fans a type of cinematography and artistic appeal as well as a sexual one. This will be Kleio’s first DP and I do not care who you are, that is something that is a special occasion for every superstar in the adult world. What I found so fascinating was that they were going to be creating a world around Kleio. One that showcases fellow male and female superstars in sets that can only be described as Mad Max on Viagra with a pistol. With everything buzzing about what this film was going to be, I just knew that Kleio could give me an insight that no one else can. Enjoy #TripleX fans.

Squirtwoman Cover 

Don Juan DeMarko: Kleio, I love the way that they did the marketing on this film. It is absolutely amazing. I hope you guys are very successful with it.

Kleio Valentien: Yes, the marketing on it was great. Everything I was a part of and to now see the final result has turned out so good. I remember shooting the box cover and it turned out even better than I could imagine. That is how great this marketing campaign and the film has turned out to be so far. The film crew really brought out all the ideas of we all looked to create.

Squirtwoman Cover 

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so cool. The first question I must ask you darlin’ is how did they approach you with this project? How did the concept of taking Squirtwoman to the Wastelands come about in Kleio’s neck of the woods?

Kleio Valentien: Well, Dreadneck the director who has been one of Elegant Angel’s go to filmmakers for years. He came up with the original idea. It was all based on this Mad Max type backdrop. I myself thought it was a great movie. I thought that the idea of people having to live off my “juices” in order to live was such a fun idea. It is something that I think in the beginning we all wanted to see where it would go and we just ran with it and it turned out great. Dreadneck was such a great director. His ideas really created a great movie. I think the fans are also going to love how it turned out.Kleio Valentien 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love it. That cover is so badass. It is one of the coolest fucking shots I have ever seen.

 Kleio Valentien: Oh, it was just as cool to make those shots come to life on site. We actually did everything out in the desert. We did not shoot them on green screen, or a white backdrop. This was truly us on location, outside, battling the elements and it was hot. I mean I am telling you, Don. When we shot all of that, it was hot as hell.

 Don Juan DeMarko: (We both bust out laughing) Oh my God!

 Kleio Valentien: It was, I am telling you! It was great!

 Don Juan DeMarko: That is so badass. I am telling you. I could have made this interview about ninety questions because of all the shit you guys had to have endured while making this film on location.

 Kleio Valentien: I mean, it was about a hundred and ten degrees out there, I believe they said. At one point, when we were shooting outside. It was definitely very hot. There were no showers or any way for us to cool off.

 Don Juan DeMarko: (We both are laughing, me like a loud-mouthed banshee) You know, some of the marketing people with Elegant Angel and the PR peeps, they were sending stuff to me and I was looking at the pictures of the truck. I looked at that still and we will get into this question more later, but I said, is that Tommy’s truck? Ahhhhhhh! So cool!

 Kleio Valentien: Yes, it was. Tommy brought out his truck for the movie. It was so awesome that he got to bring it out. Now, I was even more lucky. I got to drive it in the movie. It was cool, I mean it was so much fun.

Kleio Valentien Don Juan DeMarko: Ahhhhh, that is so fucking cool!

Kleio Valentien: (She is laughing so soft and so beautifully, it was cool as hell. Even Kleio’s laugh melts a person’s heart in a flash.)

Don Juan DeMarko: So, you got to drive “Big Momma” did you?

Kleio Valentien: Yes, I did. I was really great that I got to drive it. I was so nervous in the beginning and then Tommy tells me, “it is a huge truck, you can not really hurt anything.” Then he tells me, “Just go ahead and run over everything it is fine.”

Don Juan DeMarko: That is some funny shit. I can picture you doing that too. I can see him now saying, “fuck it, go ahead and run over everything, traffic, mountains, fuck it.” (We bust out laughing.) That is so hilarious, oh my God. This is one of the things I have always been dying to ask you because you are such a naturally gifted actor. There are people that say they can act and then there are people that can really fucking act like and make it look like a walk in the park. So, how does this role compare to some of your other big roles in the past? This is a film that looks like it fits you in so many ways.

Kleio Valentien: Yeah, this role, it is something that does hit home for me. When Dreadneck told me, he wanted to go with that whole Mad Max theme and began to tell me about Wasteland I did feel a great comfort, Don. It is a comfort when you do get to be a little be a little bit of yourself and I felt that right then and there. It was not really me playing another role Don, no. It was actually me getting to put a little bit of myself into the character of Squirtwoman and this character in the Wasteland. I grew up on a farm so being in the outdoors, having my character must live off the land and have that background I was able to add a lot to the role. I can not tell you how great it was for me to be shooting outdoors. Getting to be in that backdrop, it just added this whole different feel to everything and I am not talking about the desert heat either.

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Don Juan DeMarko: Holy shit, sorry to interrupt doll because you had me at farm because my father grew up on a farm. I now have an even bigger respect for you now than I ever have and my respect for you stretches to the stars doll. See, you are a person, who when some asshole says, “oh, my goodness. It has been a long day at work and I need to rest.” You must be that person that says in your mind, “yeah right motherfucker, you don’t know shit about hard work” being that you grew up on a farm. That is so cool! You have worked harder by the age of seven than most people do by the age of twenty-seven.

Kleio Valentien 

Klieo Valentien: (She laughs that sexy laugh again.) Exactly, I had to basically be outside working before the sun even came up to just water the garden. If you were to water the garden when the sun was shining brightly than you just fry all the plants. I remember doing a lot of stuff like that growing up. I think those things are exactly what made being outside something really fun to play in for me.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wow darlin’ now that is fucking cool as hell. Not to derail our interview on the film at all, you are talking to a guy whose families roots are drenched in the style of blood, sweat, and tears. Most people never get that about farmers. They think that you are the “country bumpkin” who don’t know jack shit, when the truth is, farmers are the hardest working people on the planet.

Kleio Valentien: They are, they definitely are. My family is chalk full of very hard-working people for sure.Kleio Valentien 

Don Juan DeMarko: That says a lot about you. It really does. When we get to meet, we are going to talk about farming, fuck everything else.

Kleio Valentien: Yes, I hope so too. (She casually laughs that sweet low-pitched laugh) It will be great.

Don Juan DeMarko: I came from a family where we would fucking make everything from scratch and that came from the roots of my grandparents who were farmers. When I was young, they made everything from scratch. Family get-togethers were so common. It is so different from city life.

Kleio Valentien: You said it all right there. It is such a truth. I miss it all the time.

Don Juan DeMarko: Hot damn, I could talk to you forever about growing some shit, I am not playing. You rock woman. OK, so to get back on track and delve deeper into production. This film has a wonderful look. It has a look of Mad Max, meets Tank Girl with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models in it. The visuals are stunning. Where did it all take place? Where did you guys shoot this film?

Kleio Valentien: We shot at the Pinnacles. It was a long drive that we had to take out to get there. I mean it was out there in the desert. I can not believe that Angela White showed up, bright and early 6 AM. She was out there, primed and was ready to start shooting. She had to have been up at either three or four. I get up and we head out there to shoot on one of the days and she was a trooper man. She is just beyond awesome. We shot at the Pinnacles and a couple of other places, but that location is the one that will forever stick out in my mind because of how much went on there. One of the things that made it so special, was that there was a whole area that had all these broken-down vehicles that we got to use. We truly took advantage of what we had around us.

Don Juan DeMarko: Darlin’ I am telling you. It was so worth it. The stills alone look so beautiful. It will drive any fan to purchase this film on the art alone. That is how much all that scenery matters. It really looks like you are inside a Mad Max movie and that is fucking kick ass.

Kleio Valentien: It really turned out just the way we wanted it.

Kleio Valentien and Angela White 

Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it. You know, this is how you can always tell a brilliant mind, you always walk into the next question without even knowing what is coming. You, Dreadneck, Angela White. Talk about a meeting of artistic minds. I love Angela by the way. She is simply someone who is beyond words to me in this industry.

Kleio Valentien: She is just amazing.

Angela White and Klie Valetien Don Juan DeMarko: I know, she is literally a woman who works her ass off twenty-four seven, including holidays. I remember, I once messaged her at 5 AM. Geeze I tell this story so much. She answered, and she was editing a DP scene I do believe, she was making breakfast and then heading into set. I do not know how she does it. I told her, “God damn, you ever rest woman?”

Kleio Valentien: I know. She was such a go-getter for sure. She was just amazing on set.

Don Juan DeMarko: I can only imagine what it was like. Now, if you are willing to share I would love to know what it was like truly. Was it this big battle of styles on set? Or did you guys find yourself bending over backward for one another to get the best film made?

Kleio Valentien: Well, with everyone’s differences, we did find a way to come together because there were very different styles on set, not to mention the style of the movie and characters. I truly feel like we all had the same vision in the end and whenever we started talking about everything. Dreadneck was telling us how we wanted how he saw our characters and how he wanted us to portray them on camera. Our characters were to come together for reasons that you must see the film but all of us, Angela, Dreadneck and myself we were all in the same page when it comes to how things played out and I loved it. I think they did as well.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so awesome. I knew that you guys would have fun, I really did. The thing that so many people say about both you and Angela is that your stardom has not gone to your head. People who know the both of us say that all the time about you and the humble ways you always make things majestic for all those around you in the industry. You and Angela are just two of the biggest stars in the world and your both are sweethearts beyond belief. So, it goes to show what can be created with such character.

Kleio Valentien: Thank you so much.

Don Juan DeMarko: Truthfully that means a lot when people can become a unit to piece a movie together. Everything you guys did was just so visually captivating. I mean, you can just watch that film and people will have the urge to make posters of the non-nude stills.

Kleio Valentien

Kleio Valentien: Yes, every still was just so beautiful and I think that is what aided that beauty. Our ability to come together like that. The background, the light, just everything that was there. It was beautiful.

Don Juan DeMarko: It sure is. Speaking of beautiful I have been dying to get back to this question since you talked about it. To see “Big Momma” making a cameo in this film was just so amazing. Can you tell us, what has Tommy done to that thing? It looks like it has so much in it. I must ask again, what was it like driving it? What was it like shooting parts of the film on it?

Kleio Valentien: It was so much fun to drive “Big Momma.” I will be honest Don, when I started out, I thought Tommy was going to say something. I was a little nervous, the thing is so huge. He was telling me not to worry and run over everything because it was so huge. It was so awesome to get to drive it. My DP scene was on the back of it actually.

Don Juan DeMarko: Is that think as massive internally as it looks. It looks so fucking huge from the outside. It looks like Tommy has a full compound inside that beastly thing.

Kleio Valentien 

Kleio Valentien: He does. He has so much. I mean he has a place where you can eat, a place where you can sleep. He has everything in there. It is beyond amazing.

Don Juan DeMarko: Tommy, he has it made. I want to one day just get extremely old and grey and be able to drive something as badass as “Big Momma” around the United States that would be killer.

Kleio Valentien: Exactly, exactly. That sounds like a good time to me too.

Don Juan DeMarko: As we wind things down, I really want to tell you that you are one of this industries best damn actors. I truly mean that. I have always wanted to know, what makes you nervous the most when filming these types of scenes? Is it the sex, is it the dialogue? Is it the character movement and the adaptation? Because you strike me as a woman who does not let fear get a hold of her.

Kleio Valentien 

Kleio Valentien: Well, I just go into a scene trying to portray myself so adequately within the character. The thing that is the hardest is trying to stay within that character throughout the whole sex scene as well. That is something that is very difficult, but I never knew that was difficult at first. Because when you first start out in the industry and you are doing regular scenes you are just having sex for the most part. When you get to that point where you begin to shoot more features and you are getting to play a role or anything along those lines it does make me a bit nervous because of how difficult it can be to stay in character throughout the whole sex scene. I felt that was something that was going through my mind the entire scene. I had to remember to stay in character while having amazing sex.

Don Juan DeMarko: You said it to a tee darlin’ and I kid you not, only the best actors in this industry know that. The thing that is so hard about this business is doing everything with your clothes off and staying within your character's realm of limitations.

Kleio Valentien: It is so true!

Kleio Valentien 

Don Juan DeMarko: That it is, and the fans sometimes never get to realize it is that this is all a production, being put on for their entertainment and nothing more. That is simply how good of actor’s people are within this business. You create a world that people do not even know they are entering many times.

Kleio Valentien: There is so much more that people do not realize.

Don Juan DeMarko: Well, that is pretty much a wrap. Thank you for joining us to talk about this film. Is there anything you want to say in closing to all your fans out there in porn land?

Kleio Valentien: Right now, Don, I am just so excited for this movie that is coming out right now. So much of me went into this role and I want the fans to go out and see the movie, so they can tell me what they think. This film is a big deal for me. There were a lot of firsts and I got to share it with so many people. This is my first DP Don and I am very proud of that. It was so much fun getting to shoot my first DP. Elegant Angel was so amazing. Getting to shoot with him has been something very special as well as shooting with Markus Dupree and getting to shoot with Tommy. They were amazing co-stars to have for my very first time. It was something so good and I just hope the fans go out there and buy it. I want to tell all the fans out there, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Follow Squirtwoman herself:

Twitter: @KleioValentien

Instagram: kleiovalentien

….and do not miss the Elegant Angel Release on the 24th of September. Squirtwoman: Wasteland

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